David Spade: ‘I put on 25 pounds of mystery weight’


David Spade appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ show yesterday. I guess he was promoting his audiobook that came out last July, A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World, for which he might get a Grammy nod. But I also think he was there because he really just likes hanging out with Ellen. They’ve been friends forever, coming up through the standup circuit together. As Ellen noted, his was his 25th appearance on her show. Since it was ‘fun’ visit, David told some sillier stories, like how age is catching up to him, especially around the midsection. David told Ellen that since he’s hovered around 140 pounds since his 30s, he assumed he’d stay that weight and stopped checking. But when he went in for his insurance physical for 2010’s Grown Ups, the doctor’s scale told a different story. According to David, he was clocking in at 165 pounds, which he was convinced was, “25 pounds of mystery weight,” hiding on his person. Only it wasn’t so hidden, which his buddy Chris Rock was happy to point out.

Like I said, it’s just a silly story and as he’s telling it, you can tell he’s doing it more to get Ellen to laugh than anything. But usually when an actor talks about weight, it’s about some drastic weight change they ‘committed’ themselves to for a role. Not David, he’s out here gabbing about “pudging up” and then denying it against all evidence to the contrary. I’ve had this same conversation, right down to shock over the numbers on the scale, even though half my closet doesn’t fit me anymore. I hear you, David – age is a bitch.

As I was looking for what David was promoting, I came across a mention of Warning Shot, which was a violent drama released last month in which David co-stars. You can see the trailer here but like I said, it’s pretty violent so be careful. Good for David. I have no idea if he has any range, I have only ever seen his comedic roles, but I like that he’s branching out. Plus, the movie landed James Earl Jones and Bruce Dern in minor roles, that’s not bad company to keep.




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  1. cannibell says:

    Can totally relate. I’m getting older (the big 6-0 next birthday) and my mom died earlier this year. My clothes are sending me very loud warning signals. It’s also been a rough year for him, with his sister-in-law dying by suicide. Grief, along with age, could be a factor in the extra poundage. Open invite to David Spade: Be my “pudge-down” partner – we can exercise together until the weight goes away except for the part that morphs into muscle.

    • PeggingOut says:

      Ugggh. Weight gain as you age is real. Sitting in meetings all day with food at each one, then menopause and bam—20 pounds! I retired 4 years ago but have had a lot of stress [cross country move, marital discord) so it pretty much added another 5. On. 5’2” frame 😔

      I woke up one morning in early August and said “hey you are turning 60 in 3 months, time to fix this sh!t” to the fact I needed to do something about it. I’ve lost about 17 and have another 5 to go…..but it is freaking hard. Really freaking hard work. And there are no short cuts, and you can’t order it off amazon either.

      • BeanieBean says:

        That’s the kicker, ain’t it? So easy to put on, so much harder to lose as you get older. For the longest time I blamed the new washer/dryer—oh, they’re making my clothes shrink. No, it’s me, demonstrated clearly by the scale at the doctor’s office. Sigh.

  2. anniefannie says:

    I’d been the same weight over 15 years then peri menupause hit and I gained 15 lbs which on my 5”4 frame is a lot! I’ve really started to watch what I eat ( never had to b4 ) and I’ve managed to take off 4 lbs,

    • someone says:

      Me too. Been the same weight for 20 years, peri menopause hit and boom, 20 pounds just added to the middle and nothign seems to get them off..

  3. Chaine says:

    The movie looks absolutely traumatizing! Sorry, won’t be seeing it.

  4. ZigZags says:

    That video with Ellen made my morning. Really funny.

  5. Alix says:

    He’s hiding them pounds pretty well!

  6. Emily says:

    Whenever he or Wanda Sykes are on Ellen, I will watch. It’s always so funny when she has her friends on.

  7. Dorothy#1 says:

    He’s always funny!! Love him

  8. JennyJenny says:

    I really, really like David Spade.
    One of my guilty pleasure movies is “Joe Dirt”.
    It makes me laugh no matter how many times I’ve seen it!

    • StormsMama says:

      I love him so much too

      I read his book book Almost interesting this summer and it was funny and entertaining and just a good read

  9. shirurusu says:

    Haha I can relate to this, I ditches my scales years ago and just decided to go on clothes size, was kind of fine mostly or so I thought, then quit smoking 6 months ago and decided to get scales again just to make sure I didn’t gain too much, and holy moly! I am way heavier than I thought! I weigh 20 pounds more than the last time I was weighing myself, and literally just won’t admit to it myself lol! I still think there was something wrong with the scales ;) And I also found it depressing so I stopped weighing. I don’t think I’ve gained any more but man. I miss my old metabolism!

  10. fluffy says:

    I can so relate. 140 lbs through my early 50′s then boom an additional 25 lbs showed up on the scale. I finally just decided that I have been young, thin, and relatively attractive for a good number of years. Now it’s someone else’s turn. Also I realized that fat people are harder to kidnap, so it’s sort of a self preservation approach to life. I probably don’t have to worry about being sex trafficked either. It’s all good.

    • mander says:

      Chuckle……never thought about the kidnap angle!

    • Dara says:

      LOL, I literally had the same thought as I heaved myself into my car this morning in the way-too-dark parking garage. Good luck to any serial killer misguided enough to try it – they’ll herniate a disc trying to stuff me in their trunk. At which point I can just sit on them until the police arrive. And if I happen to have a hot flash during the commotion, “I’m sorry officers, I don’t know why the suspect is on fire. Is it hot in here, or is it just me?”

  11. Mgsota says:

    My hubby, who turned 48 this summer, still doesn’t really get the whole age thing. He’s always wondering why his body is sore, “something must be wrong” I’m like, it’s called arthritis! And he doesn’t get why he can’t easily lose weight in his mid section. Poor guy.

  12. Xtrology says:

    I was having so much trouble with my stomach that I thought I was lucky to be eating. And then I noticed the extra 20 pounds. That’s not fair. But even more so it doesn’t come off. I feel you David.

  13. Aenna says:

    I love David Spade too! Feeling the pain I bought a talking scale a few years ago, it doesn’t display your weight it just has Mary lou Retton bashing you in a cheery way if you gain any weight….I threw it out my window one morning.

  14. Sandy says:

    I love David, he’s funny sometimes without trying to be, with his perspective on things.