Joe Biden ‘hopes’ that the Democrats don’t impeach Trump if they win the midterms

Joe Biden At The Grand Opening Of The Museum Of The American Revolution

Joe Biden has all but announced that he’s running for president in 2020. He’s 75 damn years old and he needs to NOT run for president, I’m sorry. I like him a lot and he was a great vice president, but no. His age, his handsy vibes, and his flawed legislative history should all combine to be “too much” for him to run for president ever again. But Biden is out here, doing the kind of “I’m probably running” interviews that all potential candidates do. He was interviewed on CBS This Morning and Biden discussed why he feels like Donald Trump should not be impeached if the Democrats get control of Congress.

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday said he hopes Democrats don’t try to impeach President Donald Trump if they retake the House of Representatives following next month’s midterm elections.

“I hope they don’t. I don’t think there’s a basis for doing that right now,” Biden, one of the top Democrats believed to be weighing a 2020 challenge of Trump, said during an interview on “CBS This Morning.” The former vice president said that Democrats should wait until special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe is concluded before taking any steps against the president.

“There are so many things to attend to immediately,” Biden said. “Let’s see where the investigation takes us….I’ve been around a long time; you wait until the investigation’s finished. You don’t put an arbitrary end to it. You wait until it’s finished, and let’s see what it has to say.”

Instead of focusing on the president, Biden urged lawmakers to focus on policy.

“I think we should focus on all the terrible things that are happening now in terms of interest of the middle class people and working class people,” he said.

[From Politico]

On one hand, I completely understand what he’s saying, which is that Democrats should wait to start impeachment proceedings, God willing, until they have all their ducks in a row, especially since starting the impeachment will suck all of the oxygen out of room, and that will be the only thing anyone can focus on. On the other hand, are you kidding me? Donald Trump commits impeachable offenses on a daily basis. It takes an almost childlike naivete to believe that Trump’s ONLY impeachable offenses are related to the Trump-Russia investigation. Take your pick from any one of a bajillion crimes and offenses and get this motherf–king impeachment train on the tracks.

US president, Democrat Joe Biden in Copenhagen

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  1. Jess says:

    Agree with everything you say here, Kaiser.

    • Clare says:

      Yep – impeachment for ANY reason will make life in America objectively dangerous for non-white people, as it will really rile up the racists. Impeachment will result in a real social and cultural shift to the right.
      For that reason, among others, I hope the democrats tread very very carefully, should they even have the opportunity. I mean, if you’re going to endanger millions of non-white Americans then they’d better have some pretty unassailable evidence.

      And before you flame me, I hate The idiot orange guy and his family as much as the next guy – I’m just genuinely afraid of the people who support him.

      • Jem says:

        I totally agree, Clare. I think impeachment would be amazing and there’s legal justification for it – but it’s going to inflame and enable his base so much more that we’ll be screwed in 2020. It’s not worth the risk.

      • Kitten says:

        Gee, I can’t imagine why you’d be afraid of Q-conspiracy, 2A-obsessed, violent, white nationalists. They seem like swell people to me!

        But seriously, stop the impeachment talk. These people are insane and I truly fear a revolt if/when impeachment came to fruition.

      • tealily says:

        I agree with this, and I’m glad to hear other people saying it.

      • adastraperaspera says:

        I agree. I wish he would be forced to resign after it’s clear he’ll be charged with crimes.

    • hezzer19 says:

      Yes to everything you said Clare. But also? If they impeach Agent Orange we’ll be stuck with Mike Pence.

      As much as I hate and fear Trump and his supporters Pence terrifies me even more.

      Between the two of them nobody is safe unless they’re a wealthy, white, straight, male.

      • Milla says:

        That’s what I’ve saying since day one. Pence scares me. Let the orange tweet away for the next two years. This too shall pass.

    • DebraSam says:

      I think it is a crying SHAME that we are actually afraid to do what is morally right (impeach) because we fear the backlash of the racists and what they will do to pay us back for our trouble. But, if we can take back Congress and somewhat neutralize this orange %^$#@*… Then in 2020 we can get back to making government that makes a positive difference in people’s lives.

      I think of the 5 years I spent in service to our country… this situation enRAGES me. SMDH.

    • Tina says:

      Wow, yeah, we really are in 1936.

    • Raina says:

      I ONE HUNDRED PERCENT agree with Kaiser. Always very astute.

      I love me some crazy Joe, but nope for a myriad of reasons.
      Also, we need a game changer. This world is ready for one and the time is ripe to do it.

      That said, I kind of hope Biden gets to debate Trump in SOME way at some point because I guarantee he will wipe the floor with his orange ass.
      It would be epic.

      Bad time to impeach. Let’s ride this one out to a REAL finish where Trump and his ilk are obliterated. Just like the sexual assaulter now on the Supreme court, the moves Repubs make to keep these lunatics in power will ultimately lessen their own.

      Enough rope to hang themselves…and, soon, buhbye.
      Play the slightly longer game on this one.

      But, of course, vote!!

      • noway says:

        I see everyone’s point about Joe, but if we don’t get both houses of Congress- which seems like where we are heading with the Senate, and we can’t get Trump out, then when he’s done an older statesmen for one term to fix what Trump screwed up might be really appealing. I mean we don’t know where we will be in a few years. There might be a bigger appetite for an experienced statesmen than we think, and we need to win. At this point, I’m not ruling anyone completely out.

        Also, I don’t see any Democrat who seems like they could win besides Joe at least now. So it’s early. Keep in mind Trump won with a bunch of white dudes and white women. Democrats do have some qualified women, Amy, Kamala, Elizabeth, but for whatever reason women seem to have a bigger issue getting to this top office, especially with the white dude and women crowd. I know it’s the year of the women, and I hope this continues, but we have to win this and Joe would be so much better than what we have even at 80. I want a woman to win, but I think we have to see how this works in the mid-term cause we really can’t have 6 more years of Trump.

  2. delphi says:

    I agree, Kaiser. If the Dems start proceedings immediately upon regaining power it will look like steaming revenge and nothing else. (Which I know personally I wouldn’t be able to resist, but that’s why I don’t run for political office…revenge gives me life.) On the other, if they don’t start proceedings, how much more damage will be done by the Cheeto-in-Chief? I won’t say “it couldn’t possibly get worse”…because that just tempts fate. We are mired in a shit-storm up to our collective armpits. Calculated response is all that will work at this point…and I hope that whatever Mueller releases after the midterms will exacerbate the downfall of the empire.

    And I still love, Joe. Can’t help it. But he doesn’t need to run for President. He’d be great for a cabinet post, though.

  3. Murphy says:

    Is the plan to have him run but have the candidate that they REALLY want to be president as the VP running mate, so that he will be pres when Biden passes? Is that all the Dems can come up with right now? Why aren’t they working on making some others more likeable?

    • Mac says:

      I am never again voting for someone over the age of 50 in a primary. We desperately need a new generation of leadership.

      • amg says:

        50? Are you serious? What are you, 18? Good luck with that.

      • Em says:

        That’s ridiculous,. Who exactly do you intend to vote for? What candidates under 50 has the experience to take on the presidency? I am not into 80 year olds running but 50-60 is an age that is fine and probably better than a person that has very little experience. The problem with the current administration is that the president is clueless on a great number of things and has no experience. The next person should be someone who actually knows what they are doing.
        Plus the best women in the Democratic Party are in their early 50s, duckworth, kamala, gillibrand, Klobuchar and warren is in her late 60s. Are you seriously going to cancel out all these women because you have a cut off age limit at 50?

      • Mac says:

        I am an informed voter. Barack Obama was 47 when he ran for president, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, and Corey Booker were all younger than 50 when they ran. Do your homework before you try to burn someone.

      • Em says:

        Not really trying to burn you. I just think this type of rigid thinking isn’t very helpful. i mean if you have a choice between a good candidate who is 52 and one who isn’t as good who is 47 you won’t vote for the 52 year old because they are over your age limit? Then it seems to me it’s no longer about character or policy . And also You said primary which I took to mean democratic primary given the context here is about Biden running . All those people will be over 50 in 2020 when the primary is so I guess you can’t vote for them.And Harris is 53, so by your rules cali shouldn’t even have voted for her 2 years ago when she ran for senate, and I mean ted cruz is 47 younger than all those democrats I listed and proof that not everyone in the under 50 generation is gonna represent a new type of leadership.

      • TuxCat5 says:

        The “Mid-Life-Crisis” stage of life (early to mid-40s) is NOT a good time to be President–even for the most qualified and awesome candidate in the nation. A psychologically/developmentally healthy individual would need to be *at least* 48 to be at his/her prime for the Presidency. Even Obama was pushing it, in my opinion.

        Anyone here over 40 knows exactly what I’m talking about. One’s 40s are a weird time–”mid-life transition”–and can be intense. The stress and burden of the Presidency requires one to be on the other side of the transition, in the interest of the person and the country.

      • noway says:

        Ageism is rampant. Jerry Brown is 80 and fixed the mess California was in for the second time as governor. Kamala Harris is 53 now and if she runs in a Presidential Primary she will be 54. Amy Klobochur is 58 now. Corey Booker will be 51 if he runs for President in 2020. So I guess you aren’t voting for anyone in the Democratic primary. Great four more years of Trump. Thanks for being an ageist. Now Ted Cruz just looks and acts like an old man. He’s the youngest of the bunch above at 47, but looks older especially than his opponent Beto whose only a year younger than Ted, but looks decades younger. Still he fits your criteria.

  4. ByTheSea says:

    This is the Dem talking point right now as they don’t want to inflame his base with talks of impeachment. If that’s what it takes to win, I’m okay with it as a strategy, with the understanding that they will start a committee to investigate all his impeachable offenses as soon as the ink is dry on the voting results. :-D

  5. ByTheSea says:

    Beto O’Rourke 2020

    • Kitten says:

      I mean, maybe….
      But ideally, I’d prefer him in the Senate with a POTUS run in 2024.

      Look, I love Beto, I’ve BEEN loving Beto since the guys on PSA started talking about him almost two years ago. But I see a huge danger in idealizing this guy and putting him on a pedestal and sending him to the White House before we give him some more time to see what he can do. Yes, I know he’s been a Rep for the TX 16th since 2013, but I wish we could pump the brakes a bit with the Beto stanning and give the guy some time to show his legislative abilities before we drop him into the minefield that is our current Executive Branch. It’s not that I don’t think he’s capable–I do–but any Dem coming after Trump will be tasked with a HUGE mess. I just don’t want that for Beto right now, I want him to be able to fight in the Senate. I’m rambling, but I guess what I’m saying is that I’m scared of setting him up for failure. I want someone else to fix the mess and Beto to come in in 2024 when things have improved.

      That being said, IF he’s the 2020 candidate, I will OF COURSE vote for him. He is a really special guy with a shit-ton of potential.

      • tealily says:

        Agreed. Too soon. Maybe down the road, though.

      • Dara says:

        Barack Obama only spent two years as a senator before he ran for president. In the current political climate, I think the less time a candidate has spent in DC the better. But Beto has to win Texas first, and that will not be easy.

      • Sandy Eggo says:

        Agree as well. I love love love Beto, but it’s too soon for him to run for president. We need to get him in the Senate first. I’m not convinced he has the experience yet to deal with foreign policy stuff.

        I do wish we had more Dems right now with the same charisma, integrity, and energy as Beto. Biden is too old and has way too much baggage (Anita Hill, anyone?). I would love to see a woman of color (Harris???) win in 2020, but is that realistic?

      • tealily says:

        Maybe Cory Booker.

      • Kitten says:

        @ Dara-But Obama served three terms in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004, when he was then elected to the United States Senate.

      • Em says:

        @dara like kitten says Obama was far more experience at the same age. And also if Beto wins he’s literally gonna have to declare he’s running a few months into his term as a senator which really isn’t a great deal for the state of Texas as he wont be focused on doing what he’s in the senate for from the get go.
        I also don’t think it helps to compare him to Obama, he’s great but not nearly as charismatic and transcendent a politican as Obama. Beto does well with middle class white voters and liberals but has trouble energising Latino voters which eventually might be his downfall in the Texas election.
        He’s shown no signs of energising the so called Obama coalition of white (women), Latino and black voters that democrats need to win.
        If Beto looses he might be a good running mate though especially if the candidate is a woman or a minority.

      • Parigo says:

        I personally like Booker but he was demonized early on by the Sanders people as big pharma. As much as I defend him I don’t see him as a unifier. Unfortunately nowadays in US politics, experience doesn’t equal votes it’s almost a liability. Better Beto than *urgh* a no experience celebrity.

      • Raina says:

        I like Beto but I get a Justin Trudeau vibe. Which isn’t bad, but it can be better.
        We need fukking great right now, not just great by comparison. I mean: Balls to the Walls integrity, knowledge and courage. Not an OUNCE of bipartisanship.

        I like Obama, always did. And it killed me when he compromised to a degree I found unnecessary. I would’ve went down with the ship, I wouldn’t go high when they went low. I’d go lower and bite their ankles off instead.
        Now is not the time for classy or fear or compromise. We need Republican balls and a Democrats heart. I’ll always say it and I’ll always continue to believe it.

      • Tina says:

        I don’t care who it is, but it has to be a man, he has to be good-looking and he has to be taller than Trump. Otherwise the Democrats will lose.

      • Em says:

        Booker isn’t married. I really doubt a single black guy who lives with his brothers family at almost 50 can win. 45 will have a field day with that .Also kind of disappointed people aren’t rooting for the female democrats who I happen to think are more talented than the men in that generation. Feels like every time a youngish white male shows some promise ( white)women want to make him president. Last year it was joe Kennedy this year it’s Beto. Both of them achieved nothing yet.

  6. Lala11_7 says:

    Neither Dems or Nancy P. is thinking about impeachment…They’re thinking about saving ACA/Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid/Getting Babies Out of Cages/Global Warming/NRA/Fascism/Public Education/Stagnant Wages/Affordable College Education/Clean Air & Water…

    Ain’t nobody thinking about impeaching Tramp…Now what the Dems ARE gonna do…is start investigations to get some ANSWERS…and get ALL UP IN TRAMP’S TAX RETURNS…


    And Joe needs to understand…that if he runs for POTUS…during the primaries….I for one…and I am one of millions…WILL NOT VOTE FOR HIM…

    I’m sick of older, White, politically or fiscally entrenched men running for POTUS…


    • Darla says:

      Me too. No one over 65 is getting my vote in the primary. I am vote blue no matter who in the general, but I am going to follow my heart in the primary.

  7. D says:

    Obama was HOPE. Biden is NOPE

  8. Chrissy says:

    From my understanding as a Canadian, isn’t impeachment only part one of getting rid of the Orange Toad? To expel him, doesn’t the Senate have to have 2/3s of the votes. I doubt that that will happen. Unlike Nixon who was shamed into resigning, Trump will never resign. No matter what. America is so polarized that even if Mueller found overwhelming evidence of conspiracy and obstruction of justice, most Rethuglicans would not vote to get rid of him. Just saying…

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Correct. House writes impeachment charges, senate is the jury that decides guilty status.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Yes, and I wish we educated people better about the process. Impeachment is the indictment. Bill Clinton was impeached but not convicted, so was Andrew Johnson. Nixon might have been both impeached and convicted (as an un-indicted co-conspirator in Watergate), but he knew it and quit before it could happen.

      Even if Trump were impeached, it would be hard to get a 2/3 majority of the Senate to convict, and he is not the type to quit in disgrace because he knows no shame.

    • Cate says:

      Exactly. And even if the Democrats have the biggest, bluest, tsunami EVER in the midterms, they will not have 2/3rds of the senate. If they won EVERY Senate seat that’s open (including in places like Nebraska, Wyoming, and Utah), they would have 58 seats.

      I do think if the Democrats take both the House and the Senate, Trump might start behaving very differently. He’s always been a racist, sketchy, POS, but remember….the guy used to be a Democrat also, and Jared and Ivanka are desperate to be accepted in the more liberal NYC circles (where they’re definitely getting the cold shoulder now). I could almost see Trump suddenly cooperating with Democrats on legislation (while continuing to be a terrifying racist POS at his rallies…which yes, would be major cognitive dissonance, but….that doesn’t seem to bother him, so I’m not ruling anything out).

  9. Susannah says:

    I’m OK with Biden in comparison to Trump. He’s so much better than Trump that I’m willing to vote for him with the issues he has because the bar is just so very, very low with Trump.
    I get what Biden’s saying about investigations. I can see Trump running against a House in Democrats hands in 2020 saying that the economy is stalling (it’s going to happen with everything Trump has put into place with tariffs kicking in and tax cut fuel ending) because of Democrats, that all they’re doing is investigating, etc. So I hope that if/when Democrats win they definitely investigate the Trump administrations corruption but also work on saving Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and so many other issues so there are accomplishments to run on in 2020.

  10. Eden75 says:

    While I can understand the wanting to impeach the Orange One, would you really be better off with Pence? He is a scary man, that one. Trump is a dumpster fire, there’s no question but I think that his antics have freaked everyone out so badly they have forgotten how awful Pence is.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Eden I completely agree. People have forgotten just how scary and twisted Pence really is. Those that say “just impeach them both” are not being realistic. First it’s not likely there will be enough of a vote in the Senate to get the Cheeto out of office & the bar is set so high to get both of them out its not going to happen. Best bet is to take back the majority & cripple the damage the Cheeto can do until 2020. Pence is not necessarily the lesser of the two evils.

    • hezzer19 says:

      Exactly! I just said something similar up-thread.

      Pence terrifies me. I mean, I’m not afraid he’s going to start bragging about how big his button is but as far as I’m concerned Pence is far more dangerous than Trump is.

    • Kelly says:

      Mother’s Husband is worse than the Orange One. He’s a true believer as a conservative and despite his record in Indiana, probably better at getting their odious agenda pushed through.

      If enough of us show up in a couple weeks to vote, then we’ll have 2 years of gridlock and nothing getting done in Congress. Let the Democrats find someone who can beat either Trump or Pence in 2020. At this point, that’s enough for me.

    • Darla says:

      I strongly disagree. Nobody is MORE dangerous than trump. I don’t know what it’s going to take before people realize that his buffoon act goes a lot deeper. There is nobody scarier.

      • The Other Katherine says:

        Darla, I agree. Even in his current state of mild cognitive impairment, Trump is a master manipulator and authoritarian cult leader. Pence is a competent political operative, but he cannot do those things.

      • Darla says:

        Yes! Thank you. That is so well said, that is exactly what trump is.

  11. Div says:

    He’s not wrong on impeachment. From an emotional point of view, I want it, but Trump can easily spin it as “revenge” and there are more important things to focus on right now. Wait for actual criminal charges (even though he is already obviously a criminal) to drop on Trump or his kids or Kushner to start impeachment imo.

    I have weird feelings about saying he has a handsy vibe even if he does strike me as overly touchy. Not one person has spoken out or claimed that Joe was ever inappropriate, and you know Republicans have dug deep to see if they could find any dirt over the years because they have been running with the “perv” line on him with zero evidence for ages. Also, I suspect the Clinton campaign probably looked hard into the “handsy” vibe as he was a serious threat if he decided to run in 2016.

    Joe’s main issues are his age, his horrendous treatment of Anita Hill, and some legislative choices he made in the 80s/early 90s. He’s done a tremendous amount of good, especially the Violence Against Women Act, but I think his time has passed. So has Bernies, to be honest, and I’m disappointed that their names are the ones being tossed around the most.

    I feel like Klobuchar, Harris, possibly Warren, Gillibrand, Merkley, and maybe Bullock or Hickenlooper would work.

  12. minx says:

    They won’t need to impeach him if they investigate him. Drip drip drip.

    • Algernon says:

      What Republicans understand that Democrats don’t is that it isn’t about the outcome, it’s about the process. They knew HRC wasn’t culpable for the tragedy in Benghazi, but they also knew how valuable the *theater* was, just to drag her through it and connect, in some people’s minds, that event her guilt. I don’t think the Dems will have the votes for impeachment anyway, but I would love to see them start forcing some topics into investigation, like the tax returns, his business deals with Saudi Arabia, and so on. Just to put it out there, to connect it in people’s minds, that he is corrupt and illegitimate.

      Save the impeachment for Kavanaugh.

  13. Helen says:

    Two words – Anita Hill.

    • Kitten says:

      His excuses and explanations have been bad. And you know, I can forgive him for that but women should NEVER forget. I don’t think that makes him a terrible person, but it’s a stain for sure. It doesn’t negate every other thing he’s done to help women, but it does make me side-eye a bit.

      Mainly, I just agree with Kaiser that we don’t need to keep recycling the same damn candidates. We don’t need more old men running things. Joe is imperfect, like all candidates, but he has a unique set of baggage that we really don’t need right now.

      I also HATE the 2020 conversation. That being said, I like Kamala. Sorrynotsorry.

      • Laughysaphy says:

        Same. Kamala 2020. I love Elizabeth warren, but I don’t think she can win. There’s too much misogynist vitriol out there surrounding her (unfairly, of course.). Who do you think for a running mate? Booker? Joe Kennedy? Gilibrand?

      • ByTheSea says:

        Kamala won’t win, either. I love her and think she’s great. But (and I hate saying this more than you will hate hearing it) we need a white man in 2020. Racism, sexism and bigotry are back in vogue and we can’t afford having a candidate that will give the masses an excuse not to vote.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        I like Kamala Harris, too.

      • Kitten says:

        @ ByTheSea-Dems need to stop trying to get the votes from racist misogynists. They won’t vote Dem, PERIOD.

        Also, I can tell you from my Twitter feed, there are tons of white men on the Left who love Kamala. I don’t disagree with you that the thought of putting another female candidate up there to be destroyed by the media and the Right is, well, terrifying. But I truly believe that Kamala has what it takes to win. She was previously a San Fran DA and AG in Cali. I think she *could* get the support from law enforcement and “law and order”-focused voters. I also see how that could pose a problem for Bernie-style progressives, but we will see.

        Look at me. First I say I don’t want to talk 2020 and then I keep blathering :/

      • Maylee says:

        I dreamt of Michelle running in 2020, god can you imagine how amazing that would be? She doesn’t want to do it, but we NEED her. Is that selfish? These are desperate times and the country is on a precipice and we need a powerhouse, someone to give us hope,excitement,inspiration again…

        Whats up with Cory Booker? I’m not too familiar with him but I loved his Iowa (?) speech, got chills. I’m wondering what his major drawbacks are that GOP will pounce on?

      • M.A.F. says:

        I’ve said it before- I want Kamala Harris to finish her full Senate term mostly because she represents my state and I want a strong woman in that role. I want her to build her name first before she runs. And 2020 is not the time to run. But the sad thing is I don’t see anyone good enough in the Democratic Party to run & win against Trump in 2020.

  14. The Other Katherine says:

    No more 70-something white men — ENOUGH. Obviously, I will vote for anyone who manages to get the Democratic nomination, including a literal stuffed suit, in preference to the current occupant of the White House, but we do NOT need another geriatric who thinks that every political message that doesn’t center straight white men is “identity politics” (unlike the festival of white grievance that 45 presides over, apparently).

  15. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    The Mueller investigation has to be completed first. We want a rock- solid case that the (presumably) repub (yes, small r) controlled Senate cannot deny.

  16. Scal says:

    I love Joe Biden. Love him. Seen him speak several times during his moonshot for cancer research-he’s great.

    He should not run, and I wouldn’t vote for him if he did. Just like Bernie (who I don’t like)-to old and to much baggage. We need someone new. Personally I like Kamala Harris.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      There are so many other important jobs that Biden could do, but running for president, at this point, at this age, should not be one of them.

    • Arpeggi says:

      Yep! Bidden, Sanders, Warren… they’re all too old to run. I understand that running for any position takes a lot of money and the higher you aim, the richer you gotta be and no one in their 40s/50s have that much money and support if they worked an honest life but God! The laws and budgets should be voted and signed by people that are contemporaries of their citizens and who will have to live the consequences of their decisions. I mean, why not ask Jimmy Carter to run again while we’re at it?!

      There should be a term or an age limit for POTUS, SCOTUS and in the Congress, that’s how you’ll “drain the swamp”. It’s not agism, there’s still a lot that these people could do to help their party and the nation, but not as elected individuals. Reagan had dementia during his 2nd term (at the very least), Trump isn’t a stable genius, age isn’t just a number.

      • Aang says:

        Law should be 62 or younger to run for first term. Im only 45 and definitely notice I’m not as sharp as I once was. Experience and knowledge makes up for it at this point but I can’t imagin how tired I will be in 20 years.

  17. Chaine says:

    I agree with you on Biden NOT running. #1 his time is past. he should have pulled the trigger in 2016. #2 He IS handsy, sleazy, maybe it’s innocent, maybe we overlook it because he’s charming, but in the end his conduct in public is everything about unconsented touching that Democrats need to put BEHIND them and there’s no way to do that with this guy when there’s all kind of video of women looking miserable while he paws them.

    As far as impeachment, I am fine if the Dems take the house and do not impeach the president. Because who is going to be in his place? PENCE. and you can bet Pence and mother will have their shit together in a way the president has not. If you think he’s bad, Pence will have us all barefoot, pregnant, and un-same-sex-married faster than you can say “Bret Kavanaugh.”

  18. Beach Dreams says:

    NO. Just go away please. Let the younger prospects have their chance and do some actual soul searching about how you treated Anita Hill. Maybe then you’ll actually have the decency to take responsibility and properly apologize. And I sincerely hope that impeachment is firmly on the docket if the Blue Wave succeeds in November. Dems just need to continue to avoid talking about it until the midterms are done with.

  19. Kris says:

    His comment is a measured PR move to potentially move the needle for some Repugnicans.

    • Esmom says:

      This is exactly what I came here to say. He doesn’t want to alienate a big segment right out of the gate. That said, I hope he doesn’t run.

  20. Rebecca says:

    Will someone please convince Michelle Obama to run? We need her.

    • Arpeggi says:

      No. MO is awesome, but if she wanted the position (which she doesn’t), she should start with being elected in the Congress, just like Hillary did, not aiming straight for POTUS. No more “celebrity”, no more “savior”.

      Though if MO was to be nominated somewhere, I’d like to see her on SCOTUS

  21. Fluffy Princess says:

    I hope he doesn’t run either. He’s too old. Aaaaand he’s problematic. I honestly don’t know who should run in 2020 for dems though. I don’t really like anyone at the moment.

    I don’t think Trump should be impeached — he should be thrown in jail, anything less than that is a tragedy. Obsturction of justice, money laundering, using the White House/his presidency to make money and take bribes, TREASON, selling the US secrets to the highest bidder, election tampering. . . and that’s just off the top of my head. Everyone in his cabinet, and his kids need to be in jail. Melania’s sketchy immigration needs to be thoroughly investigated and she and her parents should be deported if they broke the law–same as everyone else.

    Manafort, Gates, Cohen, etc. should not be the ONLY ones who are cooling their asses in an orange jumpsuit.

    Kavanaugh should be arrested too for his crimes–not just the sexual assaults, but he needs to be investigated for his money. How did he afford a multi-million dollar house on his salary? He was reportedly over $250K in debt due to gambling–but suddenly that got paid off–WHO paid that bill? Who paid for his exorbitant country club fees–because it wasn’t him. . .Like the Orange Menace, maybe crybaby Brett can cool it in his OWN jail cell, therefore negating any reason impeachment.

    2020 is gonna be another sh**show.

  22. holly hobby says:

    He doesn’t need to be impeached. He needs to be indicted and hauled away to jail.

  23. c says:

    i want trump to spend the rest of his life in prison. having said that. and as much as i hate to say this. we have to be very, very careful. because certain things set precedence and this could bite us in the ass if and when there is another republican majority if we win congress. democrats impeach. repubs impeach. liberials must do whats best for the country and the right and lawfull thing. i wish i could be clearer in what i am saying but i’ve had several stroke recently and my brain won’t cooperate. if a constitutional lawyer would like to weigh in i would appreciate it.

  24. CairinaCat says:

    The thing with Biden though is a lot of Republicans will vote for him.
    Even my family would vote for him, who voted for Trump, because he fits the mold enough.

    He’s incredibly experienced in the WH, both sides of the Senate like him, he’s charismatic, and he’s a white male.
    He’s got enough going for him to get the red vote who doesn’t want to vote for trump.

    I really Don’t think a woman has a chance this time
    This is not the time to vote for unicorns, it’s time to vote for anyone that can WIN that’s not republican

  25. Yes Doubtful says:

    Impeaching Trump won’t change anything. Pence may be more professional in the way he carries himself, but he’s just as awful as Trump is. Because Pence acts more “presidential” – there’s too many naive Americans who would love and support him and not realize how scary he is. He’s the silent, but deadly type. At least with Trump, there’s an overwhelming hatred BECAUSE he’s so in-your-face with his awful comments and unprofessional behavior.

    BTW, I love Biden, but I don’t think even he could have won against Trump.