“Amy Winehouse’s family wants to do a biopic of Amy’s life” links


Amy Winehouse’s family is planning a bio-pic about Amy. Just watch that stellar Asif Kapadia-directed documentary, honestly. [Dlisted]
Jennifer Lopez wore Maticevski to the Elle WIH event. [Red Carpet Fashion Awards]
Donald Trump tweeted three times this morning about Elizabeth Warren. [Towleroad]
Chill koala is utterly unimpressed by the Duke & Duchess of Sussex. [Jezebel]
Teen Mom OG is where all of the drama is happening. [Starcasm]
The complicated emotions of Justin Bieber. [The Blemish]
Some of these baby-name ideas for the Duke & Duchess of Sussex are… not going to be used. We won’t see a Prince Jeremiah or Princess Dorothea. [LaineyGossip]
Steve Carell covers Esquire, looks silver foxy. [Tom & Lorenzo]


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  1. Lala11_7 says:

    Please forgive me…

    But I think Amy’s family is trash…and they treated her like a cash register in life…and in death…

    The way her Father pimped her out…even when she was on vacation…fighting like HELL to get well and stay well…he had folks pay HIM to take pictures with HER and got mad at HER for not wanting to do it…and took a friggin’ film crew to the island to film her while she was looking for peace…

    And BTW…Amy’s Father reminds me an AWFUL LOT of Courtney Love’s HORRIFIC beast of a Father…

    And her Mum…just wrang her hands saying…”I don’t know what I could have done???” YOU DID NOTHING…NOTHING!!!

    I can’t….with this…

    • a reader says:

      Thank you Lala my thoughts exactly!!

    • Sigh... says:

      This sorta mirrors why I’m hesitant when “they (TPTB/Hoe-ywood)” trot out a possible Marvin Gaye biopic every 5 years. If told TRUTHFULLY, CANDIDLY, it would still be beautiful even steeped in its tragedy. But so many ppl with personal agendas, intentions, and involvement in their career still have “say” over their story, — and I don’t even wanna talk about Racist Rudin having the rights to one of Gaye’s more “definitive” biographies (the I last heard).

      The MAKING of these biopics would prob be more revealing and unbiased than the product ever would be.

      • Lala11_7 says:

        I think the definitive written bio…for Marvin is “Divided Soul”, written by David Ritz w/ Marvin Gaye…it is CANDID AS HELL…Marvin REALLY opens up about his life…so I think it would be easier to do a truer biopic regarding Marvin…because he pretty much put it out there…the sexual insecurities and inadequacies…the hate/hate relationship he had with his Father (he foretold his Father killing him)…the UNHEALTHY relationship he had with his Mama….Malcolm X did the same thing in his biography that he wrote with Alex Haley……which is one of the reasons that Spike Lee’s movie was so compelling…

        And this is why a biopic about Aretha Franklin…will be REALLY interesting…because Aretha spent her LIFE making sure that nobody REALLY knew what was going on with her from an emotional and psychological standpoint…she spinned things so bad…that it became delusional and destructive…to the point where in David Ritz’s unauthorized biography of Aretha which he wrote AFTER he worked with Aretha on an authorized biography…because he couldn’t abide by the “Polly Purebred” slant that Aretha insisted on…(BTW…I think that Ritz is one of the BEST chroniclers of Black American music out there)…there was a point where David is interviewing Aretha’s sister…and her sister is like…

        “Now…Aretha is just plain ole lyin’”….

        But heck…things can go wrong even when the biopic is MADE by the person who is the topic of the picture…i.e. Richard Pryor’s “Jo-Jo Dancer Your Life Is Calling…”

        BTW, speaking of Marvin Gaye…here’s something that he DID NOT include in his biography…which I read years ago when it first came out…and this is something I just found out THIS YEAR…

        I just found out that the son that Marvin and Anna Gordy (his first wife, who was almost 20 years older than him when they married)…their adopted son’s REAL MAMA…IS ANNA’S BABY SISTER…SO MARVIN SLEPT WITH HIS WIFE’S SISTER WHEN SHE WAS A TEEN!!!


    • HelloSunshine says:

      Yeah the family wanting to do a biopic sounds more like a money grabbing history rewrite and I’m not cool with that. Let her story rest, she lived a hard life that was only made harder by her father.

    • Parigo says:

      Absolutely. I wasn’t a fan but the documentary AMY moved me because it showed that everyone who tried to protect her (her real friends) were shoved away while the people she “loved” and unfortunately trusted (father, manager, boyfriend) took avantage of her. And they’re still doing it. SHAME! Watch AMY, it’s an amazing documentary.

    • DahliaDee says:

      They were leeches. They sucked her dry, and kept on bleeding her. Imho they are at least as much responsible for her tragic death as that POS of an ex-husband. My conspiracy, my theory, allegedly, as Rich Lux would say.

  2. a reader says:

    The definitive Amy biopic has already been done and I bawled my way through it. It did not paint her family in the best light… for very good reasons.

    Her father is a disgusting pig who continues to capitalise on his dead daughter. Did you hear that Mitch (who is about as toxic as Thomas Markle) has authorised a HOLOGRAM of Amy to go on tour soon?


    • Anastasia says:

      Oh my God, that’s sickening. I was (and am) a HUGE fan of Amy Winehouse, and I remember reading all about her famewhore dad and his famewhore ways, which did NOT help Amy ANY.

      This just reminds me of how much I hate his ass.

      Amy Forever

    • Parigo says:

      Yup, Just said that above. AMY is amazing.

  3. Ali says:

    I like Henry and Charles (Charlie) for the royal baby to be.

    I’d be super surprised if it’s a girl and Diana isn’t a middle name. I like Alexandra. So many nickname options.

    Olivia Alexandra Diana. That’s my pick.

  4. ravynrobyn says:

    Hello my Steve, so very nice to see you 💕💖💘

  5. Eric says:

    Already a pretty good biopic about Amy Winehouse. Nor particularly flattering of either Amy or the parents, but worth a watch for sure.
    Still waiting for the definitive Jeff Buckley biopic.

  6. Borgqueen says:

    AMY was so heart breaking. She and I share a bday so every yr on my bday I make it a point to play her music to honor her. RIP.

  7. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    The Mativceski looks like a modernized strait-jacket.

  8. gingersnaps says:

    Has anyone read that article on tmz (didn’t click on their website but someone shared about it on facebook) about Pete sending intimate photos of him and Ariana to Mac Miller? Ariana learned about it from’s Mac’s family and that’s the reason why she broke up with Pete.

    • Lala11_7 says:

      DAMN!!! THAT WOULD EXPLAIN EVERYTHANG!!! Cause that SOUNDS EXACTLY like something that Pete would do….Cause he projected to the WORLD that he viewed Ariana as some sort of sexual trophy to celebrate his BDE…..


      Lawd…..that poor girl….

    • Snowflake says:

      If true, that’s messed up!

  9. Suz says:

    And by family, they mean her tacky father.