Selena Gomez’s mental health ‘undoubtedly’ affected by Justin Bieber’s marriage

Selena Gomez looks refreshed after a pilates class with her study bible

Last week, we learned that Selena Gomez had checked into some kind of facility to seek “additional help for her ongoing emotional issues.” It was said that the root of Selena’s issues was her ongoing medical issues with lupus and her kidney transplant. She was recently hospitalized, and all of this had come on the heels of Selena’s move, this year, to decompress, to get out of LA (she moved to Orange County), to get off social media, and to declutter her physical and emotional life. The thing is that many of us also believed that it was partially related to Justin Bieber too. It was just one year ago that Selena and The Weeknd called it quits after she started spending a lot of time with Bieber. It even looked like Bieber and Gomez got back together for a few months before falling apart again. Now he’s married to Hailey Baldwin, and Selena will never be Justin’s starter wife. So… was that a factor too?

Selena Gomez, who entered a mental health facility this week, did so for a number of reasons — but ex-boyfriend “Justin Bieber’s engagement would undoubtedly have an effect on her,” according to a source. We’re told her stay in treatment will be “open ended.”

“Selena has had a lot on her plate — too much,” says the source. “And, of course, as with any major life event,” the engagement would have affected her. Gomez and Bieber had an on-again-off-again relationship from 2011 up until earlier this year. He married Hailey Baldwin just last month.

Bieber was photographed crying in his car this week, with many speculating that it was because he was upset about Gomez’s struggles. But the source stressed that Bieber was not the only reason for her recent stumble. “Selena also has a major medical condition with Lupus,” they said, “and her transplant, which always is a complicating factor.”

[From Page Six]

People are multifaceted and complicated, so of course I believe that Selena’s biggest issue right now is her medical situation, and her own physical well-being. But… I also think Selena and Justin have never really been over, and that they both sort of always felt like they would always be dealing with each other, off-and-on, for another three decades. Of course that’s a factor too. Meanwhile, Justin seemed to have feelings about all of this too:

Even though the pair have called it quits, Justin Bieber still has a special place in his heart for Selena Gomez.

“Justin will always care about Selena,” a source close to Bieber, 24, tells PEOPLE after the Canadian pop star was spotted crying following news of Gomez’s recent hospitalization. “It’s hard for him to hear that she isn’t doing well. They have both had their separate struggles over the years and Justin was always very sympathetic to Selena’s. He wants the best for Selena. He wants her to be happy and healthy,” the source continues.

[From People]

Okay. Truly, I would not be surprised if a visit to a mental health facility was in Justin’s near future as well – he seems to be going through some stuff too. It’s almost like something really major happened between Selena and Justin earlier this year, in January or February, and it really changed them both in fundamental ways, and they’ve both been reeling from it ever since. After getting back together, suddenly they were completely over and he started up with Hailey and they got engaged so quickly, and Selena has been struggling all year. It’s very strange.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are loved up for a ride on the London Eye

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  1. Chaine says:

    i’m convinced that at least some of their emotional health issues are connected to that creepy church they both joined. i remember them being messy before, but in a normal young-people-dating messy way, not in a nervous breakdown way.

    • Noodles says:

      What church was that? I wonder whether that has something to do with their break up. Either way, neither are in a good place.

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        Hillsong church, there has been an abuse scandal in Australia. It also seems very cult like from the little I have read.

    • Clare says:

      I’ve said before, I have a close friend who joined hillsong – she went quickly from being a high powered consultant with an MBA from Oxford, to quitting her job and spending most of her time volunteering for the church. She became next to impossible to get a hold of (almost always busy with church stuff) and even moved in with a family she met at the circus (auto correct, but it stays!)

      So yeah, I agree that it’s a bit cult-y. They’ve actually done a brilliant job of combining the physical/psycological euphoria of concerts with religion – i can see why people get so into it.

    • Rescue Cat says:

      Like drugs religious mumbo jumbo has the potential to trigger mental illness in those who have a predisposition to it. But on the other hand SG is probably just an entitled snowflake who’s cracking up because she didn”t get what she wanted.

      • India Rose says:

        She’s got lupus, had a kidney transplant and has some mental health issues. Give her a break.

        Snowflakes are incredibly strong when they band together. I live where we have to drive in blizzards, shovel sidewalks, scrape windshields. It even snowed here once already this fall! “Snowflake” is not a great label to slap on women and/or liberals — it infers a fragility that’s inaccurate.

        SG grew up in the media and that’s got to be a pretty unhealthy way to spend a childhood — being used for your youth and constantly in the spotlight. Some kids don’t make it out alive. I do think she deserves a break here.

  2. StormsMama says:

    Maybe she got pregnant and they thought they’d keep it
    But she lost it
    And then they unraveled
    And then broke up
    And the rest we know

    It would explain the current scenario

    • Pedro45 says:

      Seriously? That speculation is over the top and kind of gross.

      • StormsMama says:

        But not too gross for you to read and comment?
        It’s called Celebitchy
        It’s gossip and speculation
        And yes seriously.

      • pk says:

        Life is messy and this scenario is very possible. Speculation is part of gossip – not sure why pregnancy and miscarriage, which occurs in one in five pregnancies, would be off limits on a gossip site?

      • Carmen AIC says:

        StormsMama, yeah, it’s what I thought too. Miscarriage has the power to destroy a couple – especially one with issues such as they had – and also unravel each of them separately.
        One thing is for sure, Hailey is the rebound and she’s plain stupid (or plain thirsty) to accept that role.

    • sommolierlady says:

      I’d speculate it has more to do with her physical health and the anti-rejection drugs she has to take which can really mess you up. But no doubt his marriage didn’t help her issues.

    • Billmorry says:

      That’s exactly what I thought. A lost pregnancy. I still think this bailey is psycho… she’s been stalking him since they met a decade ago. It will not last. If you are happy u aren’t crying all over the place

    • Dani says:

      I follow someone on instagram who knows a lot of people in Hollywood and this is a common speculation, so while it’s sad and gross, it really could be very very true.

  3. Mego says:

    I think depression would be common after a kidney transplant. She has a life threatening illness and must now take anti rejection drugs like Prednisone that make you feel horrible and do all kinds of nasty things to your body. I would be surprised if she wasn’t struggling really hard. I doubt this has much to do with Justin.

  4. CK says:

    Maybe Justin shouldn’t visit. If him getting married was a factor in her breakdown, then they really need to maintain some distance and move on from this “break up, make up” cycle. It really isn’t fair to either of them. She deserves to work through her problems without the constant reminder of what was and never will be. He deserves to move on with his life and enjoy his marriage while it lasts.

    They need to go a year or two without voluntarily involving the other in their life.

  5. KK2 says:

    I always worry about her.

    • Molly says:

      Being a child star screws up nearly everyone. A few escape unbroken, but far more aren’t so lucky. It was only a matter of time before the inevitable caught up to them.

  6. Case says:

    I think the media is overblowing Justin’s connection to her current issues. I mean, I’m sure it’s upsetting that he’s married already when Selena was just dating him a couple months ago, but she has much bigger problems than a jerky ex-boyfriend. She has serious medical problems, so it’s not surprising that she also struggles with mental health issues.

    I wish her the best. I hope she’s able to find something that helps her — it feels like she has been struggling for a long time.

    • RedTop says:

      Yeah, I agree. Not every mental struggle we as women face has to do with guys. I think she’s struggled a lot growing up on the spotlight, and that coupled with her disease can be a nightmare. I have always had a soft spot for her. I think she needs to take a long break and come back and do television. She’s not a bad comedic actress and that routine would be great for her.

    • L says:

      Totally agree

  7. JustJJ says:

    They seem like two very fragile young adults who learned too much too quickly about the darker side of the entertainment industry as child stars, probably from some traumatic firsthand experiences. They seem jaded beyond their years to me, with drugs and the Hillsong church being likely factors as well. All these kids are worrisome.

  8. Ann says:

    I feel for Selena. I wasted my 20s being hung up on a looser that died 2 years ago after we were seemingly done. We always came back to each other and I always wanted it to work out but now it obviously wont. I wish I could tell Selena (and my younger self) to move on but it’s super hard when you’re young and willful. I hope everyone involved in this gets to move on with some peace, and hopefully sooner rather than later because it’s a bitch to carry around this feeling of knowing you’ve wasted a huge portion of your life on the wrong person.

  9. Yes Doubtful says:

    So isn’t Bieber next in line to get help? He looks like a mess, then suddenly gets married, and he keeps breaking down crying. This guy is not well either.

    • shirurusu says:

      I agree, I actually think he might be worse than Selena, at least she’s seeking help and acknowledging her issues, he just seems to keep marching into one emotional public meltdown after another with no help except the weirdo church and his very young new wife. He’s looked terrible for ages too with his horrid hair. I have sympathy for all these child stars, I just wish they had someone who could jerk them back to reality around them!