Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk had a grim & moody lunch date recently

Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Irina Shayk taking a stroll with their daughter Lea

Here are some photos of Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk and their baby girl Lea, out for a walk in New York last week. B-Coop was pap’d with girlfriend and daughter on the day A Star Is Born was released, which I’m sure is *totally* a coincidence, right? It’s a tried and true way to Oscar campaign for so many actors and actresses. Yes, talk about the work. Yes, shake all of the hands of the Academy voters. But also cultivate and maintain a “happy family” brand in the press. Bradley has been reminding everyone that he’s in a quiet yet solid relationship with a beautiful model, and they have a lovely little daughter together. Irina, I feel, has been completely down with Bradley’s Oscar campaign too – she wants to go to the Oscars. She wants to be thanked in his Oscar speech. But much like the speculation and gossip about how Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper really don’t like each other that much, there might be an issue in B-Coop and Irina’s happy-family image:

Bradley Cooper’s “A Star Is Born” may be a hit at the box office — but the actor and director did not appear to be on cloud nine at dinner with his baby-mama, Irina Shayk, on Tuesday. The couple had a low-key dinner date at Masa in the Time Warner Center, and spies told Page Six they were serving some major attitude to each other.

“They were not looking happy,” a spy told us. “The couple sat down. He was in a hoodie and she was fresh-faced — no makeup — and they barely spoke to each other at the start of the meal. Halfway through, she started looking off to the side and he was moody.”

Cooper and model Shayk have been dating since at least 2015. The couple welcomed their first child together, daughter Lea, last year. A rep did not comment.

[From Page Six]

I mean… sometimes you’re just not in the mood. Sometimes you don’t want to talk to someone as you’re eating. Sometimes you just want to sit quietly in hostile silence. But I have no problem believing that they BOTH run hot and cold very easily, and that both of them are moody AF. Irina generally serves up some ice-queen realness, and Bradley just seems uncomfortable or constrained by trying to maintain this happy-family image. Will they make it to the Oscars? For sure. But will they make it beyond the Oscars? My guess is… yeah, probably. My prediction is that she gets pregnant again, and it will probably happen pretty soon. *stares grimly at Bradley as he passive-aggressively eats a sandwich*

Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Irina Shayk taking a stroll with their daughter Lea

Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Irina Shayk taking a stroll with their daughter Lea

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Susannah says:

    They’ve always had a bit of an odd vibe to them and I’m not sure why. They never seem to interact or connect in the videos or pictures of them I’ve seen but that could be because of the pap intrusion.

  2. Char says:

    Expect another pap stroll with their kids, paving the Oscar campaing.

  3. Branvoyage says:

    The baby is so adorable! Look how happy she looks driving her little bike.

  4. Gigi La Moore says:

    It’s like that sometimes.

  5. Veronica S. says:

    Or they just had an argument, as most couples occasionally do. 9_9

  6. lucy2 says:

    Eh. They have a toddler and he’s been doing tons of promotion. Maybe they’re just tired, or having a bad day.

    • Nikki says:

      That’s what I thought: she’s a supermodel who’s left home with a toddler why he’s on press tours everywhere, talking about his and Gaga’s instant, transformative connection!! I’d be moody with a capital “P”!!

  7. homeslice says:

    Total odd couple, but whatevs…
    Surprised the child’s face is not blurred, this is the first time I am seeing her.

  8. sommolierlady says:

    Sometimes life throws in bad days, we all have them.

  9. Yelena says:

    They don’t ‘fit’ as a couple to me and I tend to think that it’s palpable when a couple fits, but in saying that, hard to know, especially when reality/stress set in.

  10. Mle428 says:

    Toddler parenting is a relationship strainer for sure! Ours transitioned to a toddler bed last week and we haven’t slept in days. It’s only a matter if time before we get crabby with one another. Lol

    • Millenial says:

      Yeah, they might not even be grumpy with each other, they might be grumpy with the toddler. Taking a toddler out in public is a chore, 50/50 shot it goes sour. So I wouldn’t automatically assume they are having problems. Just tired and parenting on a busy schedule.

  11. Case says:

    Remember when they were videoed at a Wimbledon looking PISSED at each other? Lol. I have no trouble believing they get moody with each other quite a bit. That said, maybe they looked uncomfortable at dinner because they could tell people were spying on them…

  12. Steff says:

    Remember the abuse rumors about him toward Jennifer Eposito and what she had to say about him in her book?

    • Babs says:

      Irina got a killer body a year after her baby. How do they actually pull that off? I went vegan (plant based) and I try to work out as much as I can but I’m so not there yet…

      • Mina says:

        It helps when you have a lot of money and time, personal trainers and chefs and your whole income depends on how good you look.

  13. Winnie Cooper's Mom says:

    “Bradley just seems uncomfortable or constrained…” Perfecf description of him. He always seems tightly wound and super on-edge, like he might be quick to snap at the smallest thing. He really needs someone super chill to balance him out, but I don’t know anything about her personality.. so maybe they work, sort of??

  14. holly hobby says:

    OMG the joy on their little girl’s face! That baby is really cute! That’s all I have.

  15. Louisa says:

    I hadn’t heard that he and Gaga didn’t get along. Disappointed if true as their chemistry in the movie was off the charts.

  16. Chloeee says:

    Oddly enough I know someone who I had no idea was actually pretty close to BCoop. He actually attended the premiere of ASIB and I sled him what Irina was like and he said that she seems icy until you engage her and then she kind of lights up. So maybe a little from column a and a little from column b

    • Melanie says:

      They usually look happier with other people. And, am I the only person who has never been able to imagine them having an actual conversation beyond, “The camera is that way”? They have such awkward and uncomfortable physical chemistry, it’s just so hard to believe they have ever touched each other behind closed doors. And, I don’t buy the gay rumors either. They are at the top of my ‘On the Verge of Breaking Up’ list. I think they will wait until after the Oscars, though. Although he did break up with Zoe Saldana before the ceremony so you never know.

    • Nacho_friend says:

      What else did your friend say about him? Asking for a friend.

  17. Mi says:

    I follow her and she seems low key. She spent the summer following him through Europe and LA with the baby and ocasionally doing some work. She went to a party in Ibiza for photographers Mert and Marcus, so according to the news she is a “party girl”. How many parties (and after parties) has Bradley attended for ASIB? But he is “into spirituality”. Double standard much?

  18. CocoNoir says:

    I try not to look directly at Bradley Cooper. He was hot in The A Team but now he looks like he’s about to shapeshift into a big blond bird. This bird/man transformation happened so suddenly. 100% Irina is with him because he is a baby daddy who can pay child support. I would love for them to break up. Irina is very hot. She can do better than him in the personality department.

    • Bee says:

      LOL, he’s always reminded me a bird as well. Something about his eyes conjures up one of those geriatric parrots that look at you a little too intensely.

    • Cloverleaf says:

      Coco and Bee, hilarious. Thank you. Feel exactly the same but couldn’t articulate it as well as the two of you did. He was semi attractive in the first hangover film too. Ben Affleck also on the same losing streak in terms of hotness (never found BA hot but objectively speaking).

  19. Michel says:

    Maybe the contract re-negotiations for their on-going charade of a relationship aren’t going well.

  20. hello good morning says:

    From those pics I don’t get no hard feelings between them. Yep, perhaps they are moody but I don’t see they were mad at each other? Perhaps they are under stress due to some outside issue and not due to some friction in their relationship?

  21. Riley says:

    Is he gay? I’ve read people making comments about it for years, but has it ever come from anywhere reputable?

    • Mina says:

      No, some people just assume it because there was a rumor he was dating Victor Garber when they both worked in Alias. Even if that was true, I guess those people have never heard about bisexuality.

    • Div says:

      I sort of buy that he’s bisexual, as Lainey heavily implied it long before he was famous (pre-Hangover days when he was just that dude from Alias). Also, some non gossip entertainment journalists made some snarky (and frankly, inappropriate semi-outing comments) about him and Victor….

      Plus, it was a big gossip story about ten years ago when his ex wife briefly talked about their obviously bad split and it made it sound like he did something “shocking’ that she was unaware of before she married him. Some read it as he was abusive, as CDAN has been pushing that angle for a long time, but it read more to me like he cheated on her with a man and she was unaware of his bisexuality.

      • Cloverleaf says:

        Nikki Finke hinted that he and Seacrest need to come out of the closet, in a way that wouldn’t get her sued. I do believe he’s more gay than bi on the spectrum and I do think these two will split soon enough.

  22. Meg says:

    First time seeing pictures of their daughter face-she looks so happy 😀

  23. Mina says:

    If this was a pap stroll for the Oscars, they would look happier. Can’t a couple just go out for a normal walk with their child without everyone jumping to conclusions?

  24. Misty says:

    She must be repping boxed water too.