Will Tom Hiddleston come back to play Loki for Marvel’s streaming miniseries?

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I saw this news last week, but I seriously only read the headline and ignored it because I thought “wow, I guess Marvel is gonna recast Loki and Scarlet Witch huh.” That’s because Marvel contracts are tricky things, and once actors fulfill their Marvel contracts, they tend to run screaming from Marvel. Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston have all fulfilled their multi-film Marvel contracts, I’m pretty sure. And yet… it’s looking like Hiddles will come back to play Loki? And he won’t be playing Loki in another film – he’s going to take part in Marvel’s new streaming service, so it will be like a Loki-centric miniseries.

Disney is enlisting Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as the company prepares to launch its upcoming streaming service. The entertainment giant is in early development on an ambitious plan for a number of limited series centered on popular characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These series will likely include shows centered on Loki and the Scarlet Witch, along with other beloved superheroes who have yet to appear in their own standalone movies. Marvel and Disney had no comment.

There’s an important distinction from other Marvel small screen efforts, however. The actors who portrayed these heroes and villains in the Avengers films and their spin-offs, such as Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen, are expected to play them in the streaming shows. Moreover, though sources close to the production are staying mum on the cost of the programming, the budgets are expected to be hefty rivaling those of a major studio productions. Each series is expected to include six to eight episodes. Marvel Studios will produce the shows and Kevin Feige, the guru of all things MCU, is expected to take a hands-on role in their development.

The pricey gamble with one of the crown jewels of the Disney film empire is a sign of how much the company has riding on its direct-to-consumer platform. As companies such as Netflix and Amazon continue to grow their user base, Disney is trying to find a way to establish a toehold in the streaming revolution upending Hollywood. The company has kept the details of the service close to the vest, beyond saying that it will likely cost less than Netflix and will launch at some point in late 2019.

[From Variety]

Variety goes on to say that this is all still being developed and it’s still in its early stages. I’m not even sure Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen have even signed on or signed new contracts. There’s talk that Marvel will be spending a lot of money on these multi-episode stand-alone stories, but I have to think… if Hiddleston’s contract is already completed, he would only do this if he was getting seriously PAID. So that would potentially jack up the costs even more. That being said, the Loki character is one of the most popular in the MCU, and he’s never had a stand-alone movie or anything, although Tom was out there hustling for Thor: The Dark World like he was the only star. Sources within Marvel are saying that if this goes through, the streaming miniseries wouldn’t have any of the big-name superheroes like Captain America or Black Panther or anything, which makes sense.

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  1. Maya says:

    Will watch it only if Tom is Loki…

    • Char says:

      I guess Marvel knows that if they put someone else in the part, there would be chaos. That said, it would be amazing and Tom probably hasn’t much going on.

    • Beth says:

      I agree. I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the role of Loki. To me, only Tom is Loki, and anyone else would be completely wrong and ruin the role as Loki

    • So cool says:

      100% right. Marvel isn’t dumb to recast Loki now. Especially if they want people to subscribe new service. Who would like to see Loki without Hiddleston? Only some hardcore Marvel fans, but it isn’t enough.

    • Cranbee says:

      True dat. Only gonna go there for Loki and Tom.

    • Meganbot2000 says:

      The only way they could recast is if they decided to do kid!Loki and cast a teenager.

      • Lokigal says:

        Given that Loki ‘died’ in the MCU and the comics are on kidLoki arc, they may very well do that too with Hiddles being featured initially for back story or as a hook before they transition to a full blown series cast. but then Tom isnt shy about doing TV and if it is a hit, why not?

    • violet says:

      @Maya – Second that. Hiddles’ Loki is what got me into the series in the first place. Love at first sight.

  2. Rapunzel says:

    I don’t see where the story would be for a Loki or Scarlett Witch series. When/Where would it all be set?

    • Char says:

      Loki story could be set on the gap between the end of Thor and the beggining of The Avengers, specially if, given the pictures, in Avengers 4 they go back in time to the Battle of NY and Loki is involved. He had contact with Thanos, who gave him the scepter and sent the Chitauri.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Right. During the time he meets up with Thanos. Or Loki on the throne after Dark World, which would involve pulling Anthony Hopkins in too. Or Loki on Sakar with Jeff Goldblum.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Yawn…those would be boring stories. We know the end results. I’d expect Marvel to do better if they’re gonna spend the money on Hiddles. I want new stories that further the narratives…

      • Cranbee says:

        There is so much that they have not explored of Loki’s internal life, his emotions and psyche that was touched on in Thor and Dark World. Those were the things many people wanted to see more about Loki not just adventures. Those were the things that grabbed peoples heart for Loki even though he was the villain. It gave him depth as a character making people curious for more Loki story lines to fill in the gaps between what we saw in the films.

      • Larelyn says:

        Eh, I’d see the series delve deeper into the Asgardian mythos. They’d bring in new characters like Enchantress, expand on the Warriors three and Lady Sif. Sure, they would need a cross-over story line to snag people in, but they have so much material to work with.

    • Lila says:

      Agreed, the problem with stories where we already know the ending is that suspense is removed. Solo is the perfect example. Low stakes, and it’s easy to predict the outcomes for unknown characters.

      I’d imagine they’re all set in the future, but we won’t be getting that confirmation until A4 is out.

  3. Lightpurple says:

    Disney and Marvel haven’t confirmed any of it but it was getting lots of attention last week. Sounds like Disney wants to conquer the streaming market. It already starts with the advantage of all its old TV programming going back to the 1950s and its film catalog.

    Marvel has so many characters that it makes sense to spin some of them into mini-series, which these would be. There has been demand for Loki product so this would satisfy that. And it would definitely have to be a lucrative contract for Tom to go back to it.

  4. virginfangirl says:

    I think each character would have their own series, so they wouldn’t be in the same show. I think writing 6 episodes for Loki would be easy.

  5. Eliza says:

    Amazon and Netflix spend huge money on their productions because they have so many. CRA talks about how much $ and automatic sequels were offered by Netflix, but they took WB because they wanted theater release.

    Disney has the ability to open their vaults (disney, pixar, lucas films, marvel, ABC etc), just the movie catalogues alone will bring in people.

    However, they need to have new content to keep people. And to start with a few expensive/well produced new series is a smart decision.

  6. Nanea says:

    I still don’t know if I want it to be true, or if this whole endeavor is just some rumor that snowballed out of control.

    That said, because I like Hiddles as a versatile actor, I’d like to see him try out different genres, or do a play again. And, not that he can help it – but he looks like he has aged 12 years in the past five, and I don’t think a flashback to Loki’s earlier life and adventures would be feasible and/or credible.

    • maxine ducamp says:

      Someone on twitter got a screenshot of Tom’s PR agency, Prosper PR, retweeting a tweet about it, so it seems like they wouldn’t do that unless it was true but then they deleted it so it who knows? It seems legit but it could be that they are still in talks and no contracts have been signed.

      I would both like Tom to do this and for him to get some more film work, something completely different. Perhaps that rom-com that he’s always wanted to do? I seem him and perhaps Jessica Chastain in a modern remake of all those wonderful Tracy and Hepburn screwball comedies.

    • Cranbee says:

      I hope this happens. So many things being made for TV and streaming are just as well made as films now. And with TV it can be as long or short of a run as needed, ie. multiple seasons or mini-series witch is likely what might bring Tom on. This could be perfect for Tom to get back out there in a recognizable role and then get look for visible supporting roles on other premium network productions. Hell, Disney might even have other content in the works other than MCU for this new platform. He needs to get a serious agent working on finding premium TV content. Loki can be his path to better roles in higher, more lucrative, visible productions and access to networking in those circles.

  7. Hallie says:

    Yup, as much as I love Loki, I think Avengers 4 ( if he is indeed in this movie) should be Tom’s last foray on this iconic character. It was a great ride, but Tom has to move on. He doesn’t have any projects that he is currently working on, or even future work listed on his imdb page. It would be sad if he will be reduced to playing Loki for the rest of his career. Tom is too talented for that. He is also known to be very hardworking and a great team player. He deserves better.

  8. ZGB says:

    At first, I didn’t want it to be true, but after hearing more details, I kind of like the idea. Since it’s only 6-8 episodes on a character’s story…eh, could be great.

    And the movies haven’t explored Loki’s powers to it’s full potential. Loki is a shapeshifter, that includes animals and various creatures, not just mirroring/cloning effect. Loki is said to be a hermaphrodite(?) in the comics. He is very cunning and the subsequent movies, Ragnorak and that enraging opening act of Infinity War, have him playing parlor tricks.

    So we’ll see what the series may have in store.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Loki is also married to Sigyn, gets involved with The Enchantress, and gives birth to a horse. All of that could be explored, although Disney may want to steer clear of the inter-species sex.

      • Melly says:

        Technically it wasn’t interspecies sex since Loki was in the shape of a mare when he had sex with the horse. The horse sex wasn’t entirely consensual on Loki’s part… So Disney would probably want to stay away from Loki’s Me Too horse moment.

      • Cranbee says:

        “Loki’s Me Too horse moment.”


        That could be an interesting show although not for Disney.

      • ZGB says:

        lmao @Me Too horse moment!!

    • Lokigal says:

      the MCU totally nerfed Loki’s powers…i am still fuming about that. by AIW he was reduced to nothing but daggers and the cosmic pocket.

  9. So cool says:

    They definitely gave him more money (I read that Hiddles took 5-8 mln for his part in Infinity War – not sure if info in article was legit). If they want to start new streaming business, they need big names to allure people. And Loki and Hiddles has big recognition, big fandom.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if one of his conditions was his influence on the script, maybe director. Kevin Feige really likes Hiddles, so he could give him more freedom with this series.
    I can’t wait to see it.

    • Jane says:

      Nothing against Tom, but I would be very surprised if Marvel gives him control of any real sort. Fandom popular ≠ mainsteam recognition. He and SW are on streaming because Marvel doesn’t see the support needed for a standalone movie yet they are fan favs enough to lure a chunk of people to the service [who will then hopefully inadvertently market to a wider audience.]

      I don’t care for any of the Marvel shows, hopefully the quality is better here.

      • so cool says:

        Well according to Variety, this series will have a budget of Marvel movies, so Marvel still give similar money for Loki, like for other heroes.
        It is logical that they want to make more movies with more heroes, but it will end with 5-6 Marvel movies per year. Kevin Feige isn’t stupid. They don’t have time and place in calendar to put all movies they want. It would be a disaster to promo all this movies. It is logical to shift some plans to streamming service, when they can develope new ideas, new heroes. At the end Marvel could put all movies on service.

      • Jane says:

        The Netflix series have big budgets for TV (the first season of Daredevil cost $65 million) but they’re not great. IMO they’ll not going to budget these at $100 million plus like their films, and even if they do, it still won’t be the same level of quality because it will require two to three times the amount of footage of a movie. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea in theory, just not sure how that execution is going to go.

        All the movies will be on the service eventually, since it’s Disney’s.

  10. Starkiller says:

    Well, it’s not as if he’s extremely busy with other work, is it? He has no upcoming projects and hasn’t had anything more than a bit part since 2016. He ought to be grateful for anything coming his way at this point considering he is serviceable as an actor in exactly one role.

    • so cool says:

      What? In 2017 he was in Kong Skull Island (first billing actor, it made really good in thought month with Logan and Beauty and Beast), then in Hamlet, Thor Ragnarok (second billing, hit). In 2018 he had Early Men, Infinity War. So how he didn’t have movies last 2 years? Besides IW he had main roles.
      It is obvius that he take a break. He made promo for his movies, but thats all. Now he is comming back. He made few events, there is this Loki series, next comic con. I bet that on next 2-3 months he will announce new projects. His break ends.
      I know that there are people who want him to fails so bad, but please check info, before you post.

  11. Case says:

    I am SO here for this. Between actual Norse mythology and the comics, there’s a wealth of great stories to tell about Loki (seriously, if you want to read obscenely entertaining stories about Loki, Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology book is outstanding). He’s such a fun, complicated character. There’s no shortage of stories to tell about him. And as someone who liked Loki before I even liked Tom, lol, I’d appreciate more time with the character.

    I think this could work if they do 6-8 episodes on different characters. Marvel has so many great side characters that people have interest in that we almost definitely won’t get a solo movie about, so why not?

  12. Kilo Tango says:

    I think this would be career suicide for him! I reckon if he wants to be taken seriously on stage/ big screen he needs to get as far away from Loki as possible.

    • Sansa says:

      Tom was definitive as Henry V in The Hollow Crown with Jeremy Irons as Henry IV. He has a bank load of credibility based off that and these Loki paydays can’t take that away. There are so few quality productions …. I think they should consider him for Bond . He is very charismatic and likable Tom needs to work more in quality period dramas 😋

    • so cool says:

      Well he made stage/big screen/TV during his LOki era, so where is a problem? He win GG and theater awards during his Marvel contract. So where is a problem? As an actor he can do many roles. We shouldn’t take Cate B. seriously bcs she was Hela or Anthony Hopkins, Glenn Close, Ch. Bale, etc.?

    • Case says:

      This would only be a limited series, so I don’t see how it would hurt his career. It’s not like it would be an ongoing show with multiple seasons where he’d be stuck. I can see him thinking it’s a neat opportunity to play the same character on two different mediums, which it is — that’s pretty rare, and pretty cool that there’s enough fan interest to warrant content with Loki front and center. It’s not like Loki is some silly, one-note character, either — he’s so popular in the MCU because Tom brought such complexity to the role.

      I don’t really see a downside to this. His interests seem to be all over the board — stage, television, big budget films, independent films — doing a short Loki show for a newly-launched streaming service would make him a bigger name for a wider audience while also allowing him to pursue new projects. To me, it sounds like a great career choice.

      • Cranbee says:

        I was saying the same thing up thread. I’m of the belief he needs this for the high level of big market exposure. On that commercial level he is more recognizable as Loki. He likely will be in a short run mini-series or maybe just a movie length one-off. This move would be a good way to get him more lengthy exposure with US popular audiences at home on TV/stream.

      • spidee!!! says:

        Hi Cranbee, are you someone I used to know? :)

      • Cranbee says:

        Hey spidee!!, Yes it’s me Cran-bare-ee. How are you doing? Glad to see you’re still haunting these here parts.

      • Jane says:

        I definitely don’t see this hurting his career, but I don’t know how much it will do in terms of exposure because the same people who already know him as Loki are the most likely audience. He’s tried to get himself out there (Skull Island, for instance) but he’s not sticking in that sense, so to speak.

      • spidee!!! says:

        @ Cranbee, haha, good to see you around too. I am fine thanks, and you?

        Stilll have to vee pee enn to appear. 😏

      • Cranbee says:

        @ spidee!!!, didn’t see you’re response yesterday. I’m good. Just very busy and disturbed with daily distraction from our political downward spiral. But other than that, I’m hangin’ in there. Gonna check the other TH post I missed from yesterday to see if you’re there.

  13. so cool says:

    to clarify – he was promoting Thor 2 amost alone bcs Chris Ch. was filming some shitty movie and couldn’t take part in promo. It isn’t like Hiddleston went to Asia all by himself bcs he wanted to shine like a star. Marvel did it, bcs Loki was a big part of Thor movies success and main actor wasn’t available.
    What he should do? Said that he won’t promote his own movie, bcs Chris should be a star? Made sad faces during interviews? I think it is great when actor want to promote his movie. Chris Ch. didn’t bother to promo IW much.

  14. Miss M says:

    I am not sure if I am alone on this one. But I dont think marvel deserves a talent like Tom Hiddleston. I find his acting skills far superior than most of the leads (Chris: Evans, Hems, Pratt and Cumberbatch). I would honestly put him in Mark Ruffalo and RDJ and I still find his acting superior.
    That being said, I am not opposed to this idea as long as he can carve other opportunities from it and not become a one tricky Marvel pony.

  15. Ninette says:

    I am so here for this! Love Tom! Love Loki! Want more. I really think/hope this should be set after Avengers 4. First cuz I know I would be less involved in this if I knew it was still going to end in that terrible way in the beginning of Infinity War. Secondly setting it in the future would free up the storyline and allow Loki to go anywhere.

    As much as I love this I would just like to say that as a Tom fan: I really hope that we will be getting some “completely new” project announcements pretty soon be it in movies or television.

    • Cranbee says:

      I think there’s plenty of compelling Loki story lines to fill in the gaps between the movies, and it can still lead up to the question of whether he might survive Thanos IW. Idk. It could be left as an open question. There’s nothing in MCU that says Loki has to stay dead. After all, a lot of important characters died in IW. Anything could happen. It’s fantasy fiction.

      • Ninette says:

        It could be a mix. Like the first one or two episodes could be what happen right after Loki´s fall in the first Thor. Then maybe have one episode set on Asgard between The dark world and Ragnarok. And then it jumps forward to the situation after infinity war…

  16. Betty Whoo says:

    If he gets to act like his first Loki role *less talking, more action, cause i know Loki is a show off, but for Tom it really doesnt work to long*, more than welcome…

  17. JanetFerber says:

    Please come back to play Loki, Tom. We’re in such an awful mess here in America, we are looking desperately for any little treat, and you, my dear, would be a great, big treat for us. Pity us and play Loki. Maybe show some more skin.

    • Cranbee says:

      ” show some more skin ”

      lol. Oh yeah. Or at least close fitting leather.

      They could take a look at some of the fan fics. haha

  18. Elise says:

    Here’s a thought: Disney could use a Loki streaming miniseries to resurrect Loki in between Infinity War I and II. So many characters got dusted in I that it’s screaming for a reset, and who better to do that than the Mischief-Maker himself?