David Beckham was ‘uneasy’ about the whole ‘happy family’ Vogue shoot

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This cover, above, is the subscriber’s cover for the October issue of British Vogue. The newsstand cover is at the end of the post, and it does not feature David Beckham at all. The newsstand cover makes everything about Victoria Beckham and her four children, and as I said, it’s the kind of cover that makes her look like a single mom. The subscriber’s cover isn’t much better – placing Victoria and David in front of a dead and rotting tree seems pretty symbolic of the state of their marriage. That’s what the Daily Mail says too – their columnist Alison Boshoff claims that David, as always, has one foot out the door:

What Victoria said about her marriage in Vogue: ‘We both realise that we are stronger together than we are as individuals. Would either of us be in the position that we are in now had we not met and been together all those years ago? It’s all about the family unit. We are much stronger the six of us, than we would be if we were individuals. We respect that family bond, and that is key.’

Then why didn’t the newsstand cover feature Victoria & David? That her husband has now seemingly decided not to pose with her on the cover of Vogue (with family dog Olive standing in, and all four children showing their support) makes it all the worse. It’s doubly curious because each Beckham has their own PR adviser — David has Simon Oliveira while Victoria has Jo Milloy. They are said to be paid £10,000 a month each to preserve and burnish Brand Beckham’s image. Surely they must have had a hand in this high-profile media venture? A source said that the media releases would have been approved in advance by the Beckham team, and that everything was agreed between Vogue and them.

David did insist that he didn’t want to be on the cover: David had insisted that he didn’t want to be on the cover of the shoot, saying that because the interview was to mark his wife’s ten years in fashion, he should steer clear. However, he agreed to be on the subscribers’ cover — a version of the magazine with a different cover which goes to those who subscribe each month.

David was uneasy about the whole shoot: Numerous sources suggest that, though David is just as narcissistic as his wife, he doesn’t like the way she constantly posts pictures of the family on social media. This ‘family’ Vogue shoot apparently made him uneasy. A source said: ‘David deplores the way that the children are becoming famous . . . it makes him feel really uncomfortable.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Boshoff goes on to say that David is quietly building a life for himself in Miami, and that he may move there full-time. None of which would surprise me. The point is just the same old rumormongering about the state of the Beckhams’ marriage. As I’ve said countless times, I think they’re staying married for the time being. Victoria clearly does not want to give up and David clearly doesn’t care. Until he really presses for a divorce, I doubt anything will happen, and Victoria basically lets him live like a single guy anyway. So… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Covers courtesy of British Vogue.

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  1. minx says:

    Yeah, because he is done.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      I don’t believe anything written in the Fail regarding the Beckhams. Their first story was ..look look no David…ah ha. Now as there is a Said shot it’s …look…already out the door.

      They hate Victoria Beckham because….well…she’s a woman and their endless shaming of her is an absolute disgrace

      • Clare says:

        Wow. If he is ‘done’ and parading his mistress around on holiday etc then HE should be one we should be looking down on, not her. He is a grown man with the resources to get out of the marriage if that is what he wants – he should either respect his children and wife of 2 decades enough to not cheat on her, or grow a pair and end the marriage. I can’t stand women being attacked for the actions of men. Why is she routinely painted as the stage 3 clinger, when HE is the one being a crap partner?

        See also – Jennifer Garner.

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        Totally agree, Clare. Totally.

  2. girl_ninja says:

    If he cheated in her they way its been rumored, then he should f*ck all the way off. He sucks.

  3. Chaine says:

    barely noticed him on the “subscriber’s cover” because HER. FACE.

  4. MCV says:

    They will divorce when he gets with a 25 years old “model” or something like that, the story usually goes like this.

    • Eliza says:

      If blind items are to be believed, cough grain of salt cough, he’s taken his mistress with him on all the vacations this summer so sounds like he’s pretty into this maybe mistress and ready to move on to this girl officially, I’m assuming she’d be exactly like your description, but is waiting for after the 10 year celebrations of her brand and first London show.

      Divorce headlines would dominate and ruin the happy celebration of the credibility of her clothing brand hitting the decade mark.

      Whether true or not, dude looks like a prisoner and that can’t be not felt by the family and kids.

    • Pandy says:

      FOR SURE there will be a roll out after a semi-respectable amount of time post separation. The side piece will be a former friend that feelings ignited with, etc., etc.

  5. Mo’ Comments Mo’ Problems says:

    Commented via mobile but comment not showing up???

  6. Meg says:

    The DailyFail hates the Beckhams. David posts pics of the kids on social media too.

  7. Noodles says:

    Beckham is SUCH an arsehole. Sorry, he disgusts me. From day one Victoria has been hated all because she got him … she has been abused for sticking with him, loving her kids, being a decent person by all accounts & him – he’s as fake as fuck. I hope she divorces him … he’s good looking but he’s a sleazy bastard !

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Standing and applauding this! She gets a lot of hate but his cheating is brushed under the rug every time. Lots of stories about him are never reported and its all “well she should smile more”.

      He has no reason to end the marriage. He gets the shine of family man and a good reason for not having to commit to any clingy side pieces. He has the perfect set up, all he is missing is that much chased knighthood.

    • Em says:

      Totally agree, a friend of a friend works for a tabloid and they have been silenced many times about his cheating

      • LondonGal says:

        It’s that patriarchal bollocks they used to do with Gazza and George Best. Scumbags but both lauded because they’re good at’ kicky the piece of dried cow over grass.’ We’ve seen his email on the Knighthood, we all know he’s prolifically unfaithful. If Posh divorces him and takes half, that’s a result.

      • Milla says:

        At least we all know how troubled Gazza was and still is. He has mental illness, he is an alcoholic and drug abuser. He’s Kanye level messed up, and he was used by teams and managers. Beckham is fully aware of his aresomeness or whatever he thinks he has, he is all about image and he doesn’t give a flying eff.
        Ryan Giggs had to finally get in touch with reality, but he was never a famehoe like Beckham

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      ITA – he has always always been a cheating douche and she was warned about him from the beginning. I cannot stand him, never have. She has always been in love with him and she seems like a sweet and witty person. Here in the UK he is still treated like some sort of football god so that’s why all the sh!t is directed at her – she’s the one behind Brand Beckham and is the main reason he is still relevant today. If it weren’t for her and the whole ‘brand marketing’ he’d just be another sports pundit on TV with a famous wife. Rumour is that he almost called the wedding off a few weeks before.

      We’ve seen snippets of his real attitude (those emails where he’s whinging about not getting a knighthood and then the story about him pulling out of a charity gig when they wouldn’t pay for him to fly in luxury), so I can only imagine what she has to put up with every day. He’s always been a whiney, arrogant d!ck who wasn’t even that great at football.

      They both stay in the marriage for their own reasons, she needs his money to keep her fashion line afloat. The truth about him will out with the wash, along with all the illegitimate children he’s rumoured to have fathered – there is more than one (the teacher story).

    • Shutterbug says:

      I doubt she’ll divorce him. In every interview it seems as if she’ll do just about anything to hold onto her marriage while he, increasingly, seems to have totally and utterly checked out. If all the rumors about him are true – and at this point I believe that they are – then it looks as though he can have his cake and eat it too. He’s been up to no good for years. He sticks around for the ‘brand’ and because his nice guy image is so important to him but he’ll eventually trade her in for a younger model. That’s how it ends.

      • Poer says:

        I believe all his cheating rumor is true.question is, why she still cling on to him? She knew it but she still pretend that everything’s okay. Ditch the dickhead,please.

  8. Other Renee says:

    It’s an odd photo on so many levels. Two parents staring at the camera ignoring their daughter on the swing.

    She has pushed these kids into fame and used her connections to what I think is their detriment. There’s no concept of paying dues or earning your success in life. Her kid didn’t last a year in photography school. I think this is what David finds appalling. That his kids have a sense of entitlement and that will hinder them from achieving real success in the long run.

    If he really wanted out of the marriage, he’d leave. Now he can cheat all he wants and still come home to his kids when he feels like it.

    • Coz' says:

      SHE uses the Kids? HER kid didn’t last in photographe school?
      Sure let’s blame the woman. It’s so easy and so lazy. Please…

    • TurkeyLurkey says:

      I agree. She wants the family unit to stay together. Her son is grown, as hard as it can be a parent needs to let go and let that young man start to make a life for himself. Instead he leaves school so he can go around on endless vacations with the family unit. She is not doing her job as a parent and only thinking of herself. Most parents miss their kids who go away to school, but you need to let them grow up. Very selfish.

    • Eliza says:

      If David was worried about their entitlement he could you know parent them. Instead he’s setting up a life separate from them in Miami. They have two parents.

      Plus, he uses his wife for good publicity while cheating on her left and right and letting the public blame her for all his faults… that’s entitlement. Kids learn what they see at home.

    • InquisitiveNewt says:

      Er – they’re his kids too. You know, half his DNA and suchlike.
      Funny how it is when men are successful and promote the chances of their offspring – Trump, a whole assortment of Kennedys, most upcoming Labour MP candidates in the UK – in fact, politicians and actors, directors and oil barons, singers and businessmen and military men EVERYWHERE – it’s taken as par for the course. It SHOULD happen. When a man kicks his way to the top he’s a role model, no matter how he got there: look how the character of the amoral, manipulative Gordon Gecko was “THE One” to emulate.
      When women do it, they’re irresponsible parents or neglectful or unscrupulous.
      These double standards have got to stop.

  9. Mo’ Comments Mo’ Problems says:

    I think he is obviously dunzo but so narcissistic and selfish. HE can’t even venture an ounce of affection for his wife, so we all can see this is for show.

    I wonder, though, if he’s more concerned and against Harper being in the spotlight…then again…he posts a lot about his kids too.

    Simon Oliveira is old and dusted. The Beckhams need to throw their whole PR team away and get a new crew.

    Btw, there was a pic from the family vacation (with Elton John, I think?) where Becks was kissing something/someone. Was it Posh or Harper?

  10. Anastasia says:

    Cute kids. She always has such sad eyes.

  11. AnneC says:

    Paging Ewan McGregor. Probably similar ending.

    • MCV says:

      At least Ewan wasn’t doing photoshoots with his wife tho, but yes,David will leave her for a younger woman that I’m sure.

  12. Z says:

    That dog should get her own Vogue cover, she is so beautiful and cute.

  13. Fluffy Princess says:

    I read the gossip sites (okay only this one and Lainey), but I had NO IDEA that Beckham was such a prolific cheat!! I thought it was the Rebecca Loos thingy and that was it…??? I want to smack myself in the face, because DUH. DUUUUUH, of course he is.

    I need you all to DISH it up for me!! PLease, please!! All this political stuff has got me down, and I could use some seriously salacious, delicious gossip! Thanks in advance! :-D

  14. April May says:

    Please, David would be nobody without Victoria, he would have been long forgotten after he retired and would never have been anybody on America to begin with.
    And this whole hating the kids on Instagram is such BS. He posts pictures of them on there as much if not more than she does. He’s their parent as much as she is. He agreed to let his sons release singles and model for brands such as Burberry. Let a son with no experience photograph national campaigns and release a photography book. Where were all his objections when all this was happening?

  15. InquisitiveNewt says:

    And the worst thing – the WORST thing – is that if DB waltzes off with some interchangeable Krissi or Kelli, everyone will light into Victoria. As if she forced him to cheat. As if she weren’t “enough”. Because she “doesn’t smile”. Because of the kids. Because of the brand – okay for him to milk and massage his celebrity status, Rebecca Loos style; but heaven forfend that she does the same. Because it is somehow still, in 2018, unwomanly to be ambitious.
    I forsee a Pitt-Jolie split with huge amounts of acrimony from his PR team, and the pearlclutchers leaping rabidly to his defence, come what may. Because – and only because – she’s a successful woman, and her worst enemies – less successful women – will carry on validating the old patriarchal power structures, no matter what.

    • A says:

      I honestly think a lot of it from women, especially the pearlclutchers, also comes from this idea that if they do it all perfectly then they will be spared the type of pain that comes from being publicly divorced and humiliated.

      I saw it a lot especially with the Pitt-Jolie divorce. “Oh if only SHE didn’t do THIS, oh if only she hadn’t done THAT six odd years ago, oh if only Angelina had done x, done y, done z…” Same with the Garner-Affleck divorce too. It’s similar to the slut-shaming attitude that rears its ugly head whenever someone gets raped. “Oh she was wearing THIS, oh she was doing THAT.” What’s implicit in these types of ideas is the notion on the part of the person saying it, which is, “Oh well I would NEVER have done this and that’s why I’M not going through this right now, so if you are then it’s all YOUR fault and not the fault of the person who hurt you.”

      It’s a self-preservation tactic that doesn’t really take into account the way the real world actually works, but it’s one that women retreat into. What’s especially insidious is the way in which the language around it has been warped as of late. People are starting to couch that type of message under the guise of “women learning to be empowered” and frankly, I feel like that’s a really bad way to look at things. I think the Garner-Affleck divorce was the worst example of this. “If she were a STRONG woman she would leave him and not look back. If she were an independent woman she would have never had 3 children with him. She doesn’t love herself. She’s a doormat.” etc etc. Being strong and independent as a woman is one thing, but it won’t preserve you when you’ve had a meaningful relationship with someone for over ten years and shared a life with them. Even the most empowered people in the world have problematic and faulty relationships with the people in their lives. Knowing your worth as a woman won’t save you in that regard tbh.

  16. Ides of March says:

    Since WHEN is David Beckham uneasy with publicity? I am laughing my behind OFF.

  17. Coraline says:

    Her genes are stronger than his genes, their children all look like her!