Jennifer Aniston has spent a quiet summer working with Adam Sandler in Italy


Here are some photos of Jennifer Aniston in Milan, Italy this week. She’s actually been in Italy for most (if not all?) of August. She’s been filming a movie called Murder Mystery with Adam Sandler. This is a Netflix film AND a Happy Madison film, meaning that Adam Sandler’s surprisingly powerful production company has gotten in bed with the powerhouse of Netflix. Lord help us all. Since it’s a Sandler film, I’m sure hijinks will ensue. For now, all that’s known about the plot is that Sandler plays a NYPD cop and Jennifer plays his wife. They take a trip to Italy to reinvigorate their marriage, and they somehow get involved with a mysterious murder. It sounds like Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much, only instead of “assassination threat” plotline, this is just a straight up “who done it?”

Jennifer and Adam have been hanging out a bit off the set, but it’s truly nothing to worry about – his wife and family are in Italy too. Jennifer seems to be enjoying a low-key working summer in Europe, and the most notable thing she’s done (celebrity-notable) is make a stop in Como to visit George Clooney for a few days. She hasn’t offered any opinions or thoughts on the neverending Brangelina divorce, nor do I believe that she’s in “secret contact” with Brad after all these years. If anything, after 13 years of the Uncool Bermuda Triangle, all of the Team Jolie peeps are finally like “oh, now I understand what Aniston was going through back then.” Aniston Vindicated.

Incidentally, we still haven’t heard a peep about Jennifer or Justin Theroux filing for divorce. They were never legally married, peeps.

Jennifer Aniston rocks a floral print dress on the set of 'Murder Mystery' in Milan


Photos courtesy of Avalon Red and Backgrid.

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  1. Ronaldinhio says:

    I love Aniston and her look BUT the photograph with her hair down looks like a stunt double

  2. Kath says:

    Good for her. Both Jennifer and Angelina strike me as decent people who know themselves, and aren’t willing to put up with any more nonsense. Brad Pitt, on the other hand, I’ve always detested (which is why I could never get on the Brangelina train). It’s interesting to see how things have panned out, and now I get to feel smug that Pitt’s spoilt, selfish golden-boy halo has finally slipped. I feel sorry for the kids, though.

    Side note: that dress is nice and summery.

    • Adee says:

      1000% Angelina & Jen are both great females. No need to have them at odds at all.

      Jen is also going through a divorce, so I’m sure she’s coming from a place of empathy, knowing its not an easy situation to go through.

      Hope they all can move on to a fresh new chapter in life.

  3. Becks1 says:

    Oh this looks like a fun movie. I think Jen does a nice job of playing the female lead in these types of comedies. I LOVED her in We’re The Millers.

    • Astrid says:

      Yup, looking forward to this movie

    • launicaangelina says:

      I loved her in We Are The Millers and Horrible Bosses. She looks beautiful in these photos. I like when she has bangs and a ponytail. I know it was a wig, but I thought the hairstyle in Horrible Bosses looked stunning on her.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        I think it was the darker hair that I like so much in Horrible Bosses. that auburn-y brown suits her.

        and I agree she was HILARIOUS in that role.

  4. Lucy2 says:

    I can’t stand Adam Sandler movies and will never watch another, but if someone offered to pay me very well to spend the summer in Italy…

    • jessamine says:

      Honestly, for awhile now I feel like Adam Sandler’s movies are about as vile and misogynistic as you can get without being torture-porn. I have no idea what he’s like as a person and some of his early work and indie performances are quite original but now as a comedian he isn’t even trying and his characterizations of women, minorities, and life-consequence-free man children are straight up nauseating.

    • Kath says:

      That was probably Jennifer’s rationale for taking the role.

    • Beth says:

      Not even the Wedding Singer? Some of Adams movies were horrible, but the Wedding Singer with Drew Barrymore was a good one

      • whatWHAT? says:

        I agree with this. I found most of his movies to be annoying but The Wedding Singer is such a sweet, cute movie. and he and Barrymore did so well together. the supporting cast is great, too.

        plus…that soundtrack!

      • lucy2 says:

        That’s probably the only one I like, because it was the least Adam Sandler-y, lol.

      • Kitten says:

        Wedding Singer was such a fun movie. I listened to the soundtrack obsessively in college. Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison were funny back in the day (not sure how they’d hold up now) and I loved Adam in Spanglish and Punch Drunk Love. @Lucy–the last two movies I mentioned are also very un-Sandler-y.

        Sandler isn’t the best actor by a longshot but I think with the right script and director, he can be decent in more serious roles.

      • Lady D says:

        The only Sandler movie I could stomach was 50 First Dates, with Drew Barrymore.

      • Anastasia says:

        Punch Drunk Love isn’t a comedy, but I think he’s pretty brilliant in it.

        And I LOVE The Wedding Singer. He plays such a sweet character.

    • Wasabi says:

      Same. Would totally get the cash and the opportunity to film a crappy Sanders movie in Bella Italia. Good for Jennifer.

    • arianan says:

      I’ve never seen an Adam Sandler or Jennifer Aniston film, neither interest me.

      • EarlyBird says:

        Derailed and Cake were okay. She can act. The biggest surprise is Sandler is a top-paid actor (recent Forbes list)! Thought Punch Drunk Love was horribly pretentious.

  5. Esmom says:

    Sounds like it could be mildly entertaining. Too bad I can’t deal with more than a few minutes of Sandler at a time.

  6. Ramona Q. says:

    Cargo shorts, ugh!

  7. dlc says:

    Good for her. Sounds like a nice way to spend the summer. Glad she’s away from the state’s and Mr. Edges famewhoring.

  8. Sarah says:

    Adam Sandler? But why?

  9. Sensible says:

    Some Sandler films are a guilty pleasure, my husband and I have an ongoing joke about how Sandler just picks a fun holiday destination and then makes a movie out of it. A tax write off long working holiday…he has it sorted and Jennifer is his fave leading lady.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Isn’t this only their second film together? I fail to see how that makes JA his favorite, since he’s working on his fourth film with Drew Barrymore.

  10. Beth says:

    I absolutely loved Adam and Jennifer together in Just Go With It. Maybe I’ll Netflix and chill with my bf for their new movie together. Cute dress

  11. Floydee Mercer says:

    If Adam Sandler had played Ross, Rachel would have married him and they could have lived happily ever after; ergo irl as well. Oh well, it’s not too late. Good match.

  12. CommentingBunny says:

    My teens got obsessed with Friends on Netflix this past year, and we ended up watching the whole series. I had legitimately forgotten how funny she was on that show.

  13. SM says:

    I am not so keen on the comparison of JA divorce from Brad to Angelina’s. In Aniston-Pitt divorce there were no kids involved. Now 6 kids are made in collateral damage of this toxic divorced, largely fueled by Pitt’s self absorbed self obssesed with his own image more than anything else.

    • huckle says:

      I think the thinking in the comparison is that he was also self-absorbed when he left/divorced Aniston.

    • Go Figure! says:

      My great hope is that Brat Pitt and Jennifer will reconcile and ride happily off into the sunset.

      • Lady D says:

        She is as well-known and as rich as Brad is. There is no way she is going to play second fiddle to him ever again.

      • darkdove says:

        Yuck no that would be the pathetic thinking for a any woman with no self steem if she did that better for her to run away as far as possible.

      • Carmen says:

        Good Lord have mercy, why would she even think about getting back together with him after the way he humiliated her during the separation and divorce? Brad Pitt is toxic waste. I don’t think any woman is going to want him now.

      • EarlyBird says:

        Carmen, I agree. Jen Aniston is about as likely to get back with Brad Pitt as Pitt and Jolie are likely to reconcile! However I do believe the leaks Jen and Pitt texted casually a couple of years back. I speculate they’re “casual text” basis only. I assume she is somewhat sentimental about the marriage but would never get back with him. And I think he’s the type to be into younger woman (like Sienna Miller) at this stage of life.

  14. Phonycat says:

    Why does Jennifer Aniston keep getting lead roles in films when they are all so average and dont do well at the box office? Now she is doing a movie with Adam Sandler? Meh

  15. Fluffy Princess says:

    The Wedding Singer is probably my favorite Adam Sandler movie–but it’s because it’s the movie my husband and I saw on our first date! <3 It's just such a sweet movie too. I'll always <3 that movie!

    On another note: at least Sandler picks leading ladies that are literally in his age range. No 21 year old "wife" for him in his movies. That's refreshing!!

  16. mayavaly says:

    I think it’s entirely possible that Jennifer and Justin didn’t legally marry. I suppose it would be plausible to argue that you’d gotten ‘spritually’ married, so it was never really a ‘lie’. I also think it might be possible that JnJ have people working behind the scenes to get everything in place so it is done quickly and quietly, without any drama. When you consider how messy the Brangelina divorce is getting, an equally acrimonious one on their side would tether them still to a seemingly, never-ending menage a quatre. That must be exhausting, and perhaps Huvane decided the time was up on that cash-cow.

  17. violet says:

    Yikes, she looks awful. I feel bad saying that, women should be allowed to age without being criticized for not looking 28 for their entire lives.

    • Carmen says:

      I don’t think she looks awful. But I wish she’d start accepting her age and stop dressing like she’s trying to pass for 30.

    • I think her fake tan is aging her here.

    • minx says:

      She has a lot of sun damage. She just looks older than her age.
      She needs a makeover.

    • Amanduh says:

      @ Violet: “Yikes, she looks awful. I feel bad saying that, women should be allowed to age without being criticized for not looking 28 for their entire lives“
      …which is it? You feel bad criticizing…buuut you did. Saying you feel bad doesn’t negate the negative thing you just said.

    • Wilder says:

      I’m 47 and she looks like most of the women I know who are our age, which I find quite refreshing. She works out and has a nice figure, but she isn’t obsessive about it or starving herself. She has wrinkles and yes, some sun damage. I bet she enjoys a glass of wine regularly. No shade here. She looks great.

  18. darkdove says:

    She looks okay with her hair up But she looks like Dustin Hoffman in the other picture with her hair down

  19. clairej says:

    I will admit to seeing ‘Grown Ups’ and thought Salma Hayek and Adam had great chemistry. I still have a soft spot for ‘Happy Gilmore’. Still funny.

  20. Lens horne says:

    She looks great.

  21. Happy21 says:

    I like most Adam Sandler movies. He is harmless fun. Stupid fun, but fun nonetheless

  22. Dutch says:

    Sandler has had a production deal with Netflix since 2014. How is this now news to you?

  23. Jayna says:

    I loved 50 First Dates. I think I’ve seen it three times. I agree with Kitten. He was wonderful in Spanglish.