Lena Dunham added a new Sphynx kitten named Candy to her growing menagerie

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Just as I sat down to write this, my beloved a–hole panther kitten started crying and chirping. What was happening? Absolutely nothing. He’s just bored and looking to get into some sh-t. Which is why I’ve been seriously considering getting another kitten. Should I do it? Should Panther have a little kitten friend? I think Panther has the personality which would take another kitten in stride. Anyway, it’s something I’ve been thinking about. Apparently, Lena Dunham is going all-in on being a cat lady too. I don’t think I ever realized that Lena has Sphynx kitties, but she does. She has Irma, and her other Sphynx, Gia Marie, passed away a few months ago. And now she has a new Sphynx. She named the new kitten Candy. Candy has been added to Lena’s growing menagerie.

Lena Dunham appears to have a new love in her life. The Girls star recently introduced a new kitten in to her “happy zoo,” which is what she calls her pets on their Instagram account @LambyZoo. Dunham, 32, posted a photo of herself with the new Sphynx kitten on her Instagram on Saturday. According to the multi-hyphenate’s Instagram stories, a group called Peach Fuzz Sphynx brought her the little cat.

Shortly after receiving the new feline — which, Daily Mail reports, Dunham picked up with a mystery man — she posted a list of things she was grateful for on Instagram stories. Her new kitten was second on the list. On @LambyZoo, an account named for the dog Dunham re-homed last year, the cat is introduced as Candy.

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Personally, I’ve never seen the point of Sphynx cats unless you have some kind of allergy to cat dander. I have allergic reactions to long-haired cats, so I feel you, cat-allergy peeps. But if you’re allergy free, why spend the money on a purebred Sphynx kitty when you could just go to the shelter and pick up some sweet little mutt-kitten. I thought I was getting some sleepy little alley cat but this Panther kitten just wants to talk and wake me up and “attack” me as I’m walking past.

Also: I seriously have my doubts that Lena is the best animal-mom. Harsh but true. Remember the drama about her dog Lamby? She makes sh-t up about her animals, she’s a bad pet-mom, she doesn’t care for her animals properly, etc.

Moving on… should I get another kitten or nah?

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Honestly, it’s a lifestyle.

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  1. Kitten says:

    Sphynxes aren’t just for people with cat allergies. Despite their cute gremlin appearance, they are REALLY sweet kitties. I’ve never met a mean one-and I’ve known several over time.

    I think she needs to turn down the central air because they look like they’re freezing huddled up in that little hut.

    Dunham sucks but I’m always here for pet pictures ♥

    • Jegede says:

      Kitten, I knew you’d be he authority on this. :) )

      Good to hear form ya!

    • Grey says:

      Yup, I lived with one, and I have a Devon Rex which is not completely hairless, but really similar in personality. They are amazing cats. Extremely intelligent, vocal, conniving,and affectionate. They never hide away like other cats. They are in your business 24/7 and like to perch on your shoulder like a parrot. Sometime I feel like I can’t get anything done because the cat is always involved. You have to bathe them, and they have a great time in the tub! So cute. I LOVE hairless cats. I could never have another breed. You would understand if you met one.

      • Kitten says:

        I LOVE Devon Rexes (Rexs?)! They are the ones that have the fur that feels like crushed velvet right? I got to pet a couple at a cat show we went to last year. They were such gentle little kitties.
        I did not know that they like to swim! So cute ♥

        Do you follow The Cat Rapper? I think he has one or two Rexes and a Sphynx.

      • Fluffy Princess says:

        @Kitten– Iammoshow! I love him! I think he has 3 Sphinxes (Mommy and her two babies (Queen Sushi, Tali the Lover, MegaMam), the Devon Rex which is DJ Ravioli, and just a “regular” ole kitty named Black Savage. I love his advocacy for cats and to end de-clawing.

      • Kitten says:

        @ Fluffy Princess-Yes he is so great!

        On another note, my BF’s parents have two adorable but declawed kitties and it always makes me so sad when I visit. :(
        Never, ever EVER declaw a kitty. As my dad says: you can have cats or you can have nice things. Just accept that they need their claws and that furniture will be a casualty. You can always have them trimmed at the vets but NEVER take their claws away–so important to them.

      • Fluffy Princess says:

        ^^^ This. It is important! De-clawing is cruel. Your dad is right!! Cat owners can also get little nail tips put on claws, or trim them like you said.

        Many cats are turned over to shelters with “behavior” problems stemming from getting declawed. Many times it’s litter box issues because the sand literally hurts their feet/paws. :-(

        Paws need claws! >^..^<

      • TandemBikeEscapee says:

        My son and I made a point to get an FLD (funny lookin’ dog) to liberate the breedsters of the world. Breeds do not matter. What matters is that heart spark when you spring them from prison (shelter). I know this is a “cat” thread, but I’m an free the shelter pet person.

      • Ange says:

        Honestly my cats don’t claw the furniture. They have a multitude of things they CAN scratch and that seems to keep them happy. They have done in the past but the more cat trees I added the less actual furniture appealed to them.

  2. Wendy Lynne says:

    YES you should definitely get another kitten. They almost always do better when there’s two – especially if they’re young!! Pics if you do it please!!

    • cannibell says:

      Co-sign. They will provide love and companionship for each other and years of joy and amusement for you as you watch them cavort, and then lie together grooming each other.

      • K-Peace says:

        Yes I agree Cannibell–My 2 kitties (Ruby & Pickles: both female, both adopted from shelters, 1 year apart in age) absolutely love each other. In fact they are curled up together right now on the back of the couch behind my shoulder. They have their moments of chasing each other & wrestling (and the occasional hiss), but they love to snuggle & groom each other. My previous (now-deceased) 2 female cats were the exact same way.

    • Kitten says:

      I’m sorry but this is–respectfully–total BS. I grew up with rescues: always two girl kitties at a time and they always hated each other.

      As an adult, I had my girl Scottish Fold for about 6 years or so when I got a boy Scottish Fold, thinking maybe they would get along better if it wasn’t two territorial females and they were the same breed of mellow, benevolent cats. “They will be best friends” I said, “my gal will have a companion to keep her company when I’m not home” I said, “They will cuddle and snuggle and play with each other” I said….

      Cut to present day, when my boy kitty can’t walk past my gal without being hissed at and slapped.
      But don’t worry: it all evens out because he is twice her size and likes to play a game where he charges full force at her, only to leap over her at the last second. She goes out on the patio because he’s terrified of the outside and would prefer the basement, like the creep that he is. I think she likes the patio because she can go out there and pretend that her brother is dead.

      I honestly think cats are like people: they just like who they like. If you are lucky, you get a kitty that has the right personality to fit with your resident cat, but it’s definitely a risk. My gal isn’t even terrible with other kitties, she just hates my boy cat because he’s obnoxious. He’s super-duper-sweet to me and everyone else, but only if I’m not around. If I am, he’s always fighting for my attention.

      So it’s a definite risk. Maybe a foster-to-adopt option would work well because you could see how they get along with each other before committing. Because let me tell you, it’s not fun having to constantly run interference between two pissy pussies.

      • Missy says:

        Your cats just sound like assholes.

        It’s not “total BS” that two cats can get along. I’ve had a million cats in my lifetime and never had any serious problems with any of them getting along, except for the usual scuffles.

      • Kitten says:

        Ok first of all, no need to be rude. My cats are the shit.
        Second of all, you are LUCKY. Saying that a cat always needs another cat in the house is just a blatant lie. If that were the case, then when you go to adopt, there wouldn’t be descriptions like “doesn’t get along with other cats” or “must be the only cat in the house”.

        FFS there are entire websites devoted to helping people to acclimate two cats. There’s a whole industry built around pheromone-based products meant to help cats get along. GOD DAMN, there’s a even a dude who has made a living off of going to people’s houses and tryin to help their cats stop hating each other.

        Stop making it seem like your experience is everyone’s. It is NOT. And taking on another cat at the risk of upsetting your resident cat should be a decision that is carefully made.

      • Rebecca says:

        I think you might need Jackson Galaxy. I understand what you mean though. When introducing two full grown cats, it’s a “crap shoot” on whether they’ll get along or not. It all depends on their personalities.

      • Corrine says:

        That’s really interesting, Kitten. I’ve heard that female cats who get neutered before they have kittens themselves are very territorial about their owners. Once they have kittens, they’re more maternal and more interested in being sweet to other cats. Idk if this is true. I have a girl cat who has been my bff for twelve years. She came to me with her brother. They got along well, but she was never thrilled to share me with him. She’s gotten way sweeter since becoming the only cat around here. We’ve lived with other cats and her hostility towards each of them seemed to match how much I liked them. Cats are people too.

      • Grey says:

        They’re talking about getting another kitten while the current cat is still a kitten, not a 6 yr old adult.

      • Kitten says:

        YES Jackson Galaxy.

        “I’ve heard that female cats who get neutered before they have kittens themselves are very territorial about their owners. Once they have kittens, they’re more maternal and more interested in being sweet to other cats.”

        I can totally see that. That being said, my friend got her kitty right after she had babies. She has a 8 year old boy kitty and they just barely tolerate each other. So IDK. Cats are crazy lol.

        @ Grey- But two kittens don’t always automatically love each other either. If they are bonded since babies or from the same litter, then yes they will be close. Likewise, I have seen people bring kittens into a house with and adult cat, and the two cats got along fine.
        That being said, I volunteered at a shelter in the “cat section” for three years. I saw kittens coming in and out and some simply did not enjoy the company of other cats.

        I am not saying don’t get another kitten because they will definitely hate each other. I’m saying it’s not a *guarantee* that they will, which is why I suggested a foster-to-adopt situation where you get a trial period. Because you don’t know whether your resident cat will love a friend until you try it.

      • Kelly says:

        It took my parents’ most senior cat, the orange princess diva, nearly a year to tolerate the second cat, a stray younger male. They were careful to keep them separated for a couple weeks because #2 had grubs and worms and wasn’t fixed. The dog was also kept apart from him until he was healthy. Part of her taking longer to warm up to him was the combined result of a move, getting a dog, and #2 thinking she was his mom. She did not appreciate him trying to nurse from her.

        Now, they’re good friends and daytime snuggle companions. She’s still the alpha and isn’t shy about letting her staff know when the others are being pills to her. She accepted the next two cats that found us better.

      • cannibell says:

        FWIW, the fact that we’re talking about a kitten here was a big reason for my saying to get another one. It’s easier when they’re young. When Grover showed up (they were both stray kittens who appeared – Betty from under our car and Grover from the property next door, where he was being slowly killed by a colony of ferals), Betty was just shy of 2. We kept them apart for months, introducing them slowly, and, as I said above, they’re very bonded.

      • Ange says:

        My cats are the same. I got the older girl a boy kitten thinking she’d been ok with foster cats when she was a kitten. Nup, she haaaaaates having a companion. They don’t fight but they’re certainly not friends and I think she would much prefer being an only cat, so I do feel bad I forced this life on her. My cats are treated with all the best cat psychology in mind so it’s not like I’m some idiot who just dumped them in a room and expected them to get along, it was all done by the book. So a temporary try is the best idea IMO, cats will always let you know how they feel.

      • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

        LOL Kitten–this reminds me of my late grandmother……before she died, she fostered a pregnant cat, who gave birth in her bed to six kitties. By the end of it, she kept the mother and one of the babies. They were never separated, etc….the mama cat would absolutely slap her son for half the day, if he got too close and started to annoy her. It was hilarious and weird.

    • Veronica S. says:

      It depends on the cat’s personality, but yeah, most of the trainers I talked to suggest either introducing a second animal into the home when they’re all young OR if the one is an adult and the other is a baby. Breed can also be important. Some are just outright friendlier than others. My friend has a Siamese and he is *definitely* a one person cat. Not very fond of anybody else at all.

      • Kitten says:

        Siamese are such smart cats. From my experience they are pretty possessive too. So much personality though…

    • sa says:

      I recommend maybe trying to foster a cat or kitten and see how your cat takes to it.

      I adopted a kitten, she was so friendly and chatty, I was convinced that she needed a friend for while I was at work. Before I was able to get her a friend, I inherited the sweetest cat there ever was. All the new cat wanted to do was sleep and give everyone love and affection. My cat, who I had previously been convinced needed a friend, was terrified of this gentle, loving intruder to her life. She would alternate between hiding and hissing (she didn’t even need to approach my cat, she would be sleeping, my cat would hiss at her and run away). It was all one-sided, the other cat was super chill, took it all in stride, and never hissed back, but they never got to a place of getting along.

      Alternatively, as a teenager I took in a stray cat when we already had a cat in the house and they fought for about a week before becoming best friends.

      My only point is, you don’t know how two cats will get along until you put them together, so maybe avoid any permanent additions to the family until you can see how your cat and the potential new cat interact.

  3. Juliette says:

    I am long time animal rescuer and I currently have 3 cats in my house. I love it. All 3 have different personalities and entertain each other. I never meant to have this many but I brought them in and just couldn’t let these ones go. 1 is blind so I got a second as a companion for her. The 3rd, I found near death in a ditch so he came in and never left. After all the medical treatments and care, he had to be mine lol.

    It’s a bit chaotic at times but so much fun. I so go for it!!

  4. Astrid says:

    I’m a cat lady and have had good luck with bringing home neutered male cats and kittens from the pound over many years. We currently have 2 and sometimes 3. There is a bit of an adjustment period (few weeks) and then the cats settle down and pretend to ignore each other. When it’s cold, they snuggle.

  5. Nicole says:

    As someone who has allergies. Sphynx’s carry dander just as well as any full furry kitteh. Like a commenter mentioned above they are soooo sweet, but I cannot touch them with a ten foot pole.

  6. Nicegirl says:

    Yes, get another. Your kit will love a friend (hopefully!).

    Too bad we’re so far apart, our cat had 5 kittens on May 15, they are leaving mama just now. We have 4 left. We gave one to the elementary schoolteacher, one goes to the Pediatrician but I’m still looking for homes for the other 3. I can’t take them to a shelter, I’m in love with them like I birthed them myself it is RIDICULOUS.

    I know what you mean about a-hole kittens now though for sure. I’ve been reading your stuff like, “what does she mean, a-hole kitten?” Well, now I know. My first experience with them and now I’m like, gosh these things are messy and demanding!! Thank goodness they are so dang CUTE. 🐱

    • BrutalEthyl says:

      Please get your mama cat spayed. Otherwise you’ll have another littler before you can get rid of this one. And this time of year, everybody and their brother is trying to give away kittens.

    • Missy says:

      I’m going to go bob barker…please spay and neuter your pets!

    • Nicegirl says:

      Thank you all! She is spayed now, we rescued her after the neighbors moved out in the middle of the night and had no idea she was carrying at the time. She just got back from the vet and is doing well.

      But we’re still not going the shelter route, and once we knew she was pregnant, she was pretty far along already. Thank you all so much for the well wishes! 😂

    • sa says:

      Are you keeping any of the kittens? Good luck finding them homes :)

      I don’t know if your concern about shelters is that you want to know where your kittens are going or if you don’t want to risk them not getting adopted. If it’s the latter, from what I understand it’s not too big a risk. I had a friend that used to volunteer at my local no-kill shelter and she would tell me that she never saw a kitten last for more than a few days (and never a full weekend). Of course, every shelter is different, and my friend wasn’t there that long, I just wanted to mention it in case you aren’t able to find them homes on your own.

  7. Whatabout says:

    Annnnddd her dog she took from her sister just died. The yorkie that was 13.

    • PaulaHay says:

      Omg she can’t do anything right according to all you guys, can she?

      • menth says:

        seriously paula? you’re ride-or-die for lena dunham?

        forget even pet stuff. you’re ok with her calling a rape victim a liar? that wasn’t enough to cancel her for you? the racism? the lying?

        its all gay white men and white women just like her that are still her fans. all the same problematic personalities gravitate towards her.

      • PaulaHay says:

        @menth Nope, not ride-or-die at all. Just feel like there is any excuse to come after her…even when she gets another pet for pete’s sake.

    • Veronica S. says:

      Thirteen is the average lifespan of a Yorkie, honestly. It would have been a fairly elderly dog at that point. Not that Lena Dunham isn’t trash, but I doubt any foul play was involved in the death of that pet.

  8. lucy2 says:

    I vote yes an another cat. I had one cat for a LONG time (she didn’t like other cats) and when she passed I adopted a pair of siblings. They keep each other busy! And they have a lot of fun together.
    Check local rescues, if they work with fosters, they will likely know if a cat is good with other cats, dogs, kids, etc. And please everyone, spay and neuter your pets!!!

  9. Hecate says:

    I vote second kitty as well.

  10. Maum says:

    I love cats (I have 2 Maine Coons) but I can’t with Sphynxes.
    They creep the hell out of me.

  11. BrutalEthyl says:

    Yes, if you’re able to care for another kitty, get one! You’ll be saving a life, and your Panther will have companionship.

    And Lena Dunham. Isn’t she the one who molested her little sister? Is she known for anything else? I have no idea who this woman is as far as any work she might have done.

  12. Malibu Stacy says:

    Yes, if you’re able to get another! I wish I could have another but my cat simply will not allow it. She’s an only fur child and doesn’t want any others around. She barely tolerates me!

  13. Malachite says:

    It could work well to get another kitten but do it ASAP. In my experience the older a kitty is when a new one is introduced the more difficult for both. Also…..I need pics of your kitten!

  14. porcupette says:

    Yes! Are you reading Paris Zarcilla’s twitter account about how he found kittens under his bed and fell in love?

  15. Maum says:

    wrong thread

  16. Fluffy Princess says:

    I vote another kitten! You know what your kitty is like: rambunctious and playful, snuggly and quiet, etc. Just try to match their basic personality and it should be fine.

    I have four cats. And they are all different ages: 10, 6, and almost 2. 2 boys and 2 girls. The girls are 6 and are sisters, so obviously they get along like. . .sisters. They scrap and play, and sometimes actually “fight” (they just bop and hiss at each other nothing “real”), and then 10 minutes later they are in a smush pile together. The 2 year old we found under the house and he was just too cute, so we added him. He’s a brutus though but sweet, and all the cats have just adjusted. My 10 year old boy is just a little diva, and gets all huffy and hissy, but there is no fighting.

    I live in a small space too, but I have lots of places for them to climb onto, so that they each have enough space and can get away from each other once in awhile, it all seems to work out. :-)

  17. Talita says:

    I didn’t know you were on Instagram! Panther looks so sweet ❤ More kitten news, pleeease!

  18. Leigh says:

    I have NO time for people who rehome their animals, especially wealthy people who have all the income and resources at hand to deal with any physical, emotional or behavioral issues. When taking in an animal you are making a commitment to care for a living being for their lifetime, you wouldn’t rehome your children if things got tough and you shouldn’t do it to an animal. The choice to adopt is one that should be undertaken with 110% commitment, if you can’t make that then don’t have an animal companion.

  19. Marjorie says:

    Ok, you and Panther need a kitten. We have 4 cats right now – a 15 year old awesome black male and three girls – a black and white girl we adopted from the back yard last year as a kitten, a long-haired orangey calico we adopted this spring who had been taken from a hoarder house, and a four-month old baby black kitten terrorist. They distract from the evil in the world because it’s ALL ABOUT THEM!

  20. Adrien says:

    I hope those cats won’t get the Lamby treatment. Sphynx cats may be hairless and well behaved but they are not low maintenance pets. They are extremely affectionate and loyal so she better treat them right.

    • menth says:

      she bought her first hairless cat less than 3 years ago and its already dead. it’s name was Gia Marie. above kaiser mentions its death.

      she’s a dangerous pet owner.

  21. virginfangirl says:

    My teenage daughter adopted a sphynx cat about a year ago. The owners were a young married couple who felt they weren’t giving him enough time/affection. I am allergic to cats and ours does bother me, but allergy pills lessons them greatly for me, & I do think my allergies aren’t as bad with the sphynx. My daughter wanted a sphynx because of their personality, & I will say ours is very social, friendly, smart, mischievous, and loves to cuddle on our laps under a blanket or sleep in my daughters bed.

  22. FF says:

    No Panther pictures?

  23. Claudia says:

    I have two cats, brothers, got them as kittens and they have very different personalities. When they were little they played together and cuddled, but now (7 years old) they mainly ignore each other. They don’t fight (except for the occasional slap), but they would be very happy as single cats. It’s an event in our house when they even sleep in the same room!
    So, it depends. Your panther looks like one of mine!