Nothing is ever Johnny Depp’s fault, and he’s always the hero or victim

Johnny Depp arriving at the Hotel Eden

It’s difficult to keep track of all of Johnny Depp’s legal issues, just as it’s difficult to keep track of all the claims of Johnny Depp’s drunken abuses. I’ll totally understand if you forgot about this one: back in May, Page Six reported that Depp physically assaulted a location manager on the set of City of Lies (which was called LAbyrinth back in the day). Depp had reportedly been “smoking and drinking all day on set” and when Gregg Brooks, the location manager, told Depp that it was time to wrap and leave the location, Depp screamed in his face and punched him in the ribs. About a month ago, Brooks filed a lawsuit against Depp, which was probably just added to the pile of all of the lawsuits Depp is currently facing. This particular story has been around since May though, as I said. And Depp is only now getting around to “fighting back” against the claims.

Johnny Depp is not denying that he physically hit a location manager while on production for his movie, “City of Lies,” but he’s claiming it was done out of self-defense and should therefore not cause him any legal or financial problems. Answering the complaint filed earlier this year by Gregg “Rocky” Brooks, Depp argues that any violence brought upon the location manager was because the actor “feared for his safety” during the incident.

According to documents, obtained by The Blast, Depp was not only scared for himself, but allegedly observed director Brad Furman as fearing for his safety. He believes the alleged assault that took place was out of the self-defense and “defense of others.”

In his original complaint, Brooks alleged that Depp “smelled of alcohol” when he allegedly punched him twice in the rib cage after the location manager tried to enforce a permit restriction during a late night of filming. Depp’s bodyguards allegedly had to hold back the star, and Brooks was fired from the production three days later after refusing to sign a release on the incident. Now Depp wants the entire case dismissed and for Brooks to get no money.

[From The Blast]

I was going to try to work up the energy to make fun of these very obvious lies, but I find I don’t even have the energy. It’s pathetic. Johnny Depp is pathetic. There were multiple witnesses who saw Depp assault Brooks, and those witnesses were the ones who went to Page Six to talk about what went down. What witnesses does Depp have? His bodyguards and various people who are paid by him? I guess we should be grateful that Depp didn’t claim that he was super-scared for his life because Brooks dropped a deuce.

Meanwhile, I think this is connected to the general pathetic vibe around Depp and this lawsuit: City of Lies was supposed to be released on September 7th, but the film was pulled from the schedule. Weirdly, the studio has not rescheduled a release date. The movie always looked like an utter trainwreck, so this is not surprising in general. How many chances will Johnny Depp get?

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  1. bap says:

    He and Brat Pit are very a like.

  2. savu says:

    And to think I had the biggest crush on this dude in the early aughts. My young self disgusts me!

    • Laura says:

      Be kind to yourself. My husband and I both talk about how much we both used love and admire him 20 years ago. People grow, people change, and he doesn’t feel like that same guy from Benny & Joon. Maybe he always was this kind of gross jerk but it was well hidden from the public; I know there are people who say so. Just remember to not judge yourself too harshly for things you didn’t know years before.

    • Mac says:

      Maybe photos of his face can be used to scare kids away from drugs and alcohol. Click over to the post about Winona and Keanu to see the difference.

      • Adrien says:

        Keannu and Winona looked their ages too (and Winona probably took a lot of bad sh*t too). The difference is their auras. Johnny aged into a cranky old man, the kind we are all avoiding when we get that age. He lacks sense of peace. Keannu seemed content and not at all fussed about his fame and status.

  3. Rebecca says:

    I wonder If this Brad Furman will lie for Depp under oath?

    I think when almost every picture of you shows you being propped up by your bodyguard or someone else, you should probably be aware you have a problem.

    • BrutalEthyl says:

      I wish so hard that somebody would have a picture of the body guards holding that fool back, kind of like when Toddler Beibs was having a tantrum coming out of the SUV and the hot guard held him back. Surely that would be the end of the scarf monster.

  4. BrutalEthyl says:

    Jed Clampett called from 1967. He wants his hat back.

  5. Biting Panda says:

    The studio is probably on death watch and will release the movie posthumously in order to actually make money.

  6. Cdnkitty says:

    How many chances will he get? All of them because he’s a white guy.

  7. Bug says:

    He has totally lost his youthful looks. He is heading into junkie and Keith Richards territory. He looks like he smells. His teeth are bad. I don’t want to see him onscreen.

    • MaryContrary says:

      Honestly, that’s an insult to Keith Richards.

      • Ardnamurchan says:

        Yes, indeed it is.
        Has Keith Richards ever hit anyone? Or blamed anyone for his own misdeeds?
        Most of all, Keith always looks like he’s having a blast and is thrilled by this weird old world.
        JD looks miserable, as if he loathes himself and it’s everyone else’s fault.

  8. seriously says:

    He deserves everything that is happening to him.
    I don’t understand why people keep defending his behavior and excusing all his disgusting atitudes.
    I will not watch his movies, I will not support this abusive toxic “artist”.