Ben Affleck confirms split with Lindsay Shookus after second date with 22 yo model

Ben Affleck was spotted out to dinner with a 22 year-old Playboy model named Shauna Sexton on Thursday. It seemed like a passive aggressive move meant as a message to his girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus. That was supported by the insider quotes that E!, Ben’s outlet of choice, posted. Ben feels “it is over with Lindsay” is not the same as “they split up.” Outlets reported that Ben and Shauna arrived and left separately to dinner, which made me think it was even more of a stunt. After all, they were at a high profile paparazzi spot. It turns out that Ben and Shauna were also seen on Sunday getting drive through fast food together and then headed into his mansion. She spent Sunday night there. Photographers got some very good shots of them that day. Shauna looked like she hadn’t had access to a hairbrush on Saturday night eiher, although maybe her hair always looks like that. We heard that Lindsay deleted her Instagram in the wake of this news and now here’s the official word that they’ve broken up. I hope Lindsay just hunkers down, focuses on her job, and blocks Bens number. You know he keeps all his exes as contacts and tries to hook up with them when he can. That’s mostly speculation on my part but he seems like the type. Here’s the report from E!

It’s officially over between Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus.

The 46-year-old actor and the 38-year-old SNL producer have called it quits after a year of dating, E! News can confirm.

Affleck and Shookus split two to three weeks ago, E! News has learned. “They are still very amicable and have stayed friends,” a source said. “They both tried to make it work, but the distance just proved to be too much for them right now. Family comes first for them both.”

[From E! Online]

Ben didn’t break up with Lindsay did he? He went on a date with a Playboy model young enough to be his daughter and let her find out that way. Well now Lindsay knows what he’s capable of. I mean she knew but she didn’t think it would happen to her. Jennifer Garner has known for many years. Maybe Jen wasn’t keeping the kids away from Lindsay because she didn’t trust Lindsay. Maybe she kept the kids away from Lindsay because she knows Ben so well and knew he’d eff this up, which was smart.

Meanwhile Garner just got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You would think that she’s so amicable with Ben that he’d show up to support her, but he’s too busy with his own drama.




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  1. Tallia says:

    He is just gross. He should be hanging out with Greasy Bear, he gives me the same vibe.

    • TheHufflepuffLizLemon says:

      OMG, I forgot about Greasy Bear. That’s an early gossip reference.

      • Jan90067 says:

        OMG. Greasy Bear, Paris Hilton, and FIRE CROTCH! lolol…sigh… those were the good old days lol

        Affleck always looks like he smells of booze, cigarettes, and sweat *shudder*. Imagine that huffing and puffing over you *retch*. Sorry, NO amount of $$$ is worth that.

        I feel so bad for his kids, especially his oldest, who at 12, can read about her parents online, esp. about her dad and his “friends”. And being back in school now…you know, middle-school kids can be MEAN MFs lol

      • TheHufflepuffLizLemon says:

        Jan, why did you have to give me that image? Sooooo bad….

      • Olive says:

        Brandon was Greasy Bear and his rotund brother was Gummi Bear, right?? the good old days…

    • Tate says:

      My first thought when I saw these pics…. he is gross.

    • DrunkNachos says:

      LOL yes, Brandon “Fat Elvis” Davis!!

    • Eva says:

      Greasy bear! I actually saw him when I was in LA recently (went to the Polo Lounge to celeb spot) and it gave me such gossip nostalgia! Sofia Richie then walked in and seemed to know him well, I guess these rich kid circles are small in Hollywood.

      • Olive says:

        is he still greasy looking?? i saw a photo from a couple years back and his hair still looks like an oil field there

      • Eva says:

        Still greasy! Albeit slightly less so than his gossip heyday 😅

        Remember when he dated Mischa Barton?! Guess in hindsight it was a sign of what was to come for her.

    • Yes Doubtful says:

      That’s the only comment I can make about this too… he is so gross. Jen, please divorce him and move on.

  2. TheHufflepuffLizLemon says:

    Someone posted the other day about how surprised they were that Ben was with an age appropriate accomplished woman, and then how this news came out and they were like, “yep, there it is.”
    Ben is a strippers and Vegas for a weekend in your early 20s guy, not the guy you marry or for whom you leave your husband and kid. He didn’t even phoenix all the way up to the top again before he screwed up this time. He like hopped twice, and then fell off the cliff.

    • Mia4s says:

      That might have been me but either way, I agree. The fact that he had a mistress was ZERO surprise to anyone paying attention, but when it came out who it was she fit the “relationship” pattern with him, not the side pieces he was usually connected too. She was more in the Gwenyth/Garner realm.

      He’s always been pretty careful about keeping the “others” out of sight (barring the stripper incident during the JLo engagement). To go public with a 22 year old Playboy model young enough to be his daughter is…interesting.

      • Shining says:

        “If you marry your mistress you create a vacancy.”

        Some saying from some old aristo fart. Ben seems to live by that motto except that he doesn’t “marry” but makes them “official girlfriend”.

        I feel somewhat sorry for Shookus. Didn’t she leave her husband?

        I wonder if Ben’s private drama is enough to make producers kick him off Batman?

    • Erinn says:

      I think he’s probably a ‘good’ friend. I don’t even think he’s some sort of super evil person. He’s not the brightest, and isn’t good at making solid choices. He sets himself up for failure a lot and has a high level of self-destructive tendencies. He’s a flawed human being who seems to have never really sorted through a lot of things. And it’s a shame. I used to think he was super cute – still don’t think he’s without charm in the looks department, but I think I have a thing for scruffy, ‘regular’ looking dudes. But I have had friends like Ben. I know my husband still has some friends like Ben. He’s the kind of guy that everyone at least has an acquaintance with similar vices/issues. Probably fun enough to hang around with from time to time, but he’s just not someone who you can ever depend on to pull through. He might try. But somewhere along the line he’s going to do something self destructive. I don’t know if it’s a weird fear of things going ‘too’ well for him – that he sabotages things out of panic, or what.

      But it’s sad. And I hope that at some point along the line he really manages to have a good relationship with his kids. I think they’re probably not strangers to things not working out, or dad letting them down. I had some major disappointments over the years in regards to my parents – who I love dearly – but it doesn’t just go away once they get their sh– together. You still wonder if they’re going to bail on commitments from time to time, and you just kind of hold them at arm length in some ways. It’s something that really needs to be worked through by everyone. But I hope that he can at the very least show up when his kids need him – and cause the least disappointment possible. They’re still young enough (and privileged enough) that they’re probably insulated from a lot of it. But it’s kind of a case of – if Ben’s life is messy in every aspect but how he treats his kids, then it’s kind of whatever. Who cares who he dates at this point, who cares if he gambles. As long as he’s making sure to always be there for them – and consistently – I think that’s the main thing.

      • AnneC says:

        I think he’s actually a pretty smart guy. I remember seeing him interviewed on a cable news show during one of the Obama elections and he was surprisingly articulate and informed. Personal life looks messy as hell though.

      • Shining says:

        Same as Einstein ;-)

        Einstein was articulate and well-informed about some worldly matters, too. But his personal life was a mess (ex-wife Milona).

      • KB says:

        He’s actually highly intelligent. He just trips all over his own feet when it comes to life choices. What did Gwyneth say about him? He gets in his own way a lot.

  3. girl_ninja says:

    Color me not shocked.

  4. Sigh... says:

    When he was accepting his 1st Oscar, she didn’t see it cuz it was past her bedtime.

  5. Sarah says:

    The new gf reminds me of Nanny O. Speaking of which, I truly wonder how many $$ Garner/Affleck had to pay her to go away because one minute she was getting papped at the filling station and doing bikini shots by the poolside and the next she had completely disappeared.

    • Mela says:

      Must not have been a lot because Nanny O is a sales rep at a software company now.

      I love that he takes Shauna to fast food to get french fries like a child because she is basically a child

    • whatWHAT? says:

      she does quite resemble her.

    • hogtowngooner says:

      Didn’t she move to the Caribbean with her bf? She must have had TONS of tea to spill if she went that far!

    • KB says:

      I don’t know that he ever paid her off. Her pap walks and In Touch magazine shoots at the Beverly Hills hotel went on for weeks. If he were going to pay her off, surely he’d have done it immediately rather than let it drag on for so long. She sold that photo of her on Tom Brady’s jet almost two months after the affair story broke.

  6. Yuma says:

    I absolutely agree that the reason Garner didn’t want the kids to meet Lindsey was because she knew Ben would eff it up in some way and the kids would possibly be upset/affected by suddenly no longer seeing her. I also agree with another poster from I think yesterday’s thread who said possibly part of the reasons for the divorce stall is because JG doesn’t want to openly go for full custody and embarrass Ben by making it common knowledge he cannot care for his kids. JG and the kids looked amazing at the star ceremony.

    • LT says:

      That’s a great point. If those kids got attached to Lindsay, that just hurts them if they break up (WHICH IS WHY YOU DONT INTRODUCE YOUR KIDS UNTIL YOU KNOW IT’S SERIOUS…..I’m yelling at you, Chris Pratt).

      I dunno…these latest shenanigans make me think that Jen is NOT a stage 3 clinger and she may really just be trying to prop Ben up to be the best father possible. Jen may also be thinking that while they are technically still married, she has an iota of control over his behavior, whereas once the divorce is final, she loses leverage.

      He’s pitiful.

    • Obvious is Obvious says:

      I don’t understand this…

      Why is Garner always the nice one that doesn’t want to embarrass him? What has he done that’s so great, that she should continue to treat him like he’s a good person? Why doesn’t take him to court and let all the chips lay where they may.

      Is this a money thing? Like as long as she keeps her mouth shut, he bankrolls her life? Or is she worried about the effect it will have on the kids? Because they can read/see this online and I’m sure they hear about it in school.

      I don’t understand Garner’s motivations. I guess it’s sympthetic/good PR for her.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        in any divorce situation, the kids should be the first priority. I think Garner is playing it this way because it’s in her kids’ best interests that Affleck is healthy and present for his kids. if (as someone above theorized) she pushes for the divorce, and custody issues come up while he’s…uh…NOT “healthy and present”, then it only hurts the kids. like, she’s not going to lie about his sobriety to protect him in court, she’d lay it out and the kids would suffer.

        I don’t think she’s a clinger, I don’t think she wants him back, and I don’t think she’s trying to protect him for HIS sake…she has three kids with him and she cares about his well-being for her kids’ sake. I really think that’s all it is.

      • Lexa says:

        I think it’s less for Ben and more for protecting her kids from any potential media fallout around him and/or the hurt and embarrassment his behavior might cause them.

      • Shining says:

        Ben earns a lot more per movie than Garner does and their kids get their share (as it should be). Attacking Ben would reduce his earning potential and therefore the kids would get less.
        Ben has a bit more influence in Hollywood than Garner and that does probably help when she is looking for movie parts. If you make your big movie star ex your enemy in Hollywood … not good.
        I don’t like Garner much but she runs a very good strategy. Also if you consider long-term effects then it makes more sense to try to get along with your childrens’ father.

    • Avery says:

      This is a very good point! All the people on here commenting that JG can’t let go and she’s being petty for not wanting her kids around LS were completely wrong! She knew LS wasn’t the only one BA was messing with. She KNOWS there is always more than one and didn’t want her kids all in the middle of his mess. What a pitiful man.

  7. MCV says:

    He’s a joke

  8. Jane says:

    Weren’t Ben and Lindsay carrying on a three year affair? Maybe be official killed the fun.

    • Sarah says:

      Maybe Ben’s future is in planning? I can barely attend all my classes and work after school and here he is, being married, a father, shoting movies, screwing his kids’ nanny and carrying bi-costal affairs.

      • c8c8c8 says:

        HAHA YES! I always say that when I find someone is a cheater – how do you manage your time?! I can barely keep up with one boyfriend let alone multiple!!

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I read a blind somewhere that hints that Ben is the father of her kid, she and her ex-husband split not long after the kid was born.

    • Obvious is Obvious says:

      Actually they were carrying on an affair for much longer than that.

      Chris Franjola (comedian) confirmed that he or his friends would see Ben and Shookus at a Manhattan hotel (Mondrian) for years and years. This was a very longstanding affair.

      • Parigo says:

        Wow. I think that says it all. Jen left Ben because he wouldn’t quit Shookus and Shookus left Ben because he’s still tied to Jen.

      • Carolnr says:

        I think if Shookus moved permanently to LA , she wanted a MARRIAGE commitment. I think she was really pushing him for a ring & he did not want to marry her. I think she issued him an ultimatum & that was it.
        He came out with this 22 year old to humilate Lindsay Shookus & drive the message home that they were done!
        X17 now has pics 1 week before his 22 yr. old date. It says that Lindsay called Ben’s sober coach because Ben was out of control. Lindsay is hugging his sober coach. Wonder why these pics were held back?

      • Carolnr says:

        DM has pics now of Ben accepting a delivery box with what looks like bottles of alcohol.
        He is not trying to hide his actions anymore!
        I think Matt, Casey, & Ben’s mom need to intervene ASAP. I think Jen’s had enough!

      • whatWHAT? says:

        “I think she issued him an ultimatum & that was it.”

        could also be that Shookus found out about the 22 year old.

        like, we KNOW Affleck is a cheater and has multiple side pieces. just because he was “official” with Shookus doesn’t mean he didn’t have a side piece on his former side piece. when she became the “official”, she created an opening for the “side-piece” or, at least, ANOTHER side-piece.

        and I think that the fact that he’s being open with this latest one is an F-U to Shookus in two ways…first, to spite her by making this side piece official so quickly when Shookus had to wait three years. and second, the fact that a side piece DID become official this “quickly” means to me that he’s had her on the side for a while. so it’s a “I’ve been cheating on you for a while” AND “I’m making her official so quickly because she’s BETTER than you”.

  9. Christin says:

    Ben will likely remain legally married and spend the next 20 or 30 years with other women. There were a couple of old school actors (Spencer Tracy was one) who did this.

    As for LS, nothing says amicable like leaving the ex’s expensive Bentley in a random parking garage.

    • detritus says:

      What’s this about the car?

      • BrutalEthyl says:

        Seems like I read here yesterday that she drove off in his Bentley and left it parked in some random parking garage before she took off back to NY. Somebody said she keyed it, too.

      • Christin says:

        Paps took photos of the car parked in the random garage, and an assistant at Ben’s house (reportedly after retrieving it).

    • Killjoy says:

      I think Garner is the marrying type though. She may be so focused on her kids and career now that she’s not so eager to walk down the aisle, but give it 10 years or so, and she will have remarried.

    • jupiter says:

      Many people already think that Garner is a pathetic doormat for hanging on this long. I highly doubt that she would plod along like this for much longer. Part of her image is being the perfect lil housewife — can’t do that effectively with the bloated, embarrassing drunk parading around his mistresses. He’s the asterisk next to her name. Nah, she’ll dump him and upgrade at some point.

  10. lucy2 says:

    Oh Ben, such a cliche.

    Didn’t Lindsay split from her husband for him? Or am I remembering wrong?
    Jennifer Garner needs to finalize their divorce, like, yesterday.

    • Christopher Davila says:

      Wasn’t there some gossip just a few weeks ago that the Divorce judge does not acknowledge yet alone grant a divorce between Jen & Ben because neither of them have handed in any paper work? That would get me off the boyfriend getting a divorced soon train real quick!

    • Tourmaline says:

      Yeah all I thought reading this was “Yes, this sounds about right. That’ll do, pig.”

      BTW the name Shauna Sexton is awesomely perfect.

  11. HK9 says:

    Is there an award for triflin ex-husbands because if there is, I think he would win.

  12. Sayrah says:

    Lmao how typical. Sorry Lindsay, as they say how you got him is how you’ll lose him. I guess she wasn’t so much fun when he wasn’t sneaking around with her and cheating on his wife. Pigs, both of them.

  13. Toc says:

    I think he is having a long middle life crises combined with a tantrum and now is stomping his feet trying to show everybody “what he can get if he wants”, as if dating a “model” that is clearly doing that to cave some space in HW in the old way is something big or good. This has potential to be a mess and to embarass his children.

    • MaryContrary says:

      How long can you have a mid-life crisis for? He’s been a mess forever!

    • Yes Doubtful says:

      I think it’s worse than that…I think he has serious addiction issues (gambling, sex, drinking) and hasn’t truly wanted help for it. He does enough to keep seeing his kids, but not enough to actually get his life together.

  14. Clare says:

    Eh, my sympathy was Shookus is limited. She knew the great bear she was getting in bed with (allegedly while they were both married). You can’t roll in shit and then be surprised when you don’t smell like roses.

    The only people I feel bad for are the kids involved – and a little bit for Garner who can’t seem to (or want to?) shake this POS

  15. Sal says:

    I’m 22 and would want nothing to do with this bloated mess. Yuck!

  16. Thaisajs says:

    I did wonder why he didn’t show up at JG’s star ceremony yesterday. Maybe she didn’t want him there looked bloated in a stained shirt while her family from WV was forced to stand there and pretend they can stand him.

    I think this is the best thing he could have done for Linsday, who was a young kid with her ex, if memory serves. Ben is a gross, alcoholic mess and no sane woman needs that in her life.

    • jupiter says:

      Really? I wasn’t surprised at all. He’s not in her life except for their dealings with the kids. He hasn’t gone to anything for/with her in years. Why would she even want him there? She clearly doesn’t.

  17. Sage says:

    This lady is more his speed. Strippers, pornstars, etc are his type. Hopefully, this relationship will last because he’s with someone on his …level….lol. Goop, JLo, Jennifer and Lindsay were all too good for him.

    • Susannah says:

      I agree she won’t tell him what to do as she’s probably in awe of him and his success at her age. Instead, she can tell him that ugly back tattoo of his is “super cool” and not put any pressure on him to straighten up and he’ll be happy.

      • Sayrah says:

        My god that horrific back tattoo. I completely forgot about that 🤦🏻‍♀️

      • Christin says:

        Over time, that giant back tattoo will be helpful. The young love of the moment can squeal, “Oh, it’s one of the Seven Dwarfs!” Because that big bird will eventually look like any dwarf other than Dopey.

        Then he can tell them a bedtime story, featuring the little known other dwarfs, Boozy and Horny.

  18. Jenni says:

    It was puzzling to me how a pig like Affleck would deign to date an averagely attractive (with a pretty high up job) almost 40 year old… It just didn’t fit.

    22 Yr old playboy model is more fitting.

    • jupiter says:

      Because Shookus was his mistress for years, Jen knew of her and had history with her, and he wanted to hurt Jen publicly and make a point. Shookus was never his type. Jennifer Lopez, the nanny, this Playmate — his type. That said, Ben should have refused to meet Shookus’s family, especially her daughter, if he knew that he was in it for the wrong reasons and they had no future. He’s a jerk.

      • wildflower says:

        I don’t think he did know he was in it for the wrong reasons, though. I think he is just a self-destructive person and his best intentions fall to the wayside because of his demons. I think he married up when he married Jennifer Garner and he probably really wanted to be what she was- a reasonably normal person who puts family first. He just can’t. Until he gets real, intensive help this guy will continue on his pattern of self-sabotaging his life. I feel bad for the kids because I have a feeling his parenting patterns aren’t much different than what we see with the rest of his life, but obviously I’m just speculating.

      • hannah says:

        He only married Garner bc he got her pregnant. She’s not his type at all and he’s commitment-phobic. No baby, no marriage: I’m sure of that. That said, he used Jen and the kids to make himself look like Mr. Family Man and boost his profile with pap strolls, with Jen being complicit because that image helped her, too. That’s not who he really is though and we’re now getting a very clear picture of the way things were behind the scenes. He should have just lived a DiCaprio life and never married or had kids.

      • KB says:

        To me, Jennifer Lopez is the aberration. All the other women he has been with are plain looking, girl next door types. Between Gwyneth, Jennifer Garner, Shookus, the nanny, and this girl – Garner is the only one I’d describe as pretty, and Gwyneth is the only one with somewhat decent style…he just tends to date women that make you go “meh.”

        The fact that this plain jane is a “model” is insane to me.

  19. Jessica says:

    He looks like the dog’s dinner. Nice state for his kids to see him in: bloated, bags under his eyes and his model hook-up eating McDonald’s in the passenger seat. He must be really pissed at Jennifer.

    • Original T.C. says:

      And his daughter will end up marrying a man just like him because according to the propaganda they get from Mom, Dad is perfect.

  20. Grey says:

    I don’t understand why RICH people eat fast food. I am poor and would NEVER eat that crap, but people say it’s popular because it’s cheap. Why on earth would a rich person who has access to the freshest, healthiest, most delicious food choose to eat actual garbage???

  21. aaa says:

    This seems to be Ben Affleck’s break up MO, he sabotages the relationship and / or lets his significant other and the public know that it’s over for real this time by engaging in shenanigans that will surely get media exposure.

    With JLo it was the strippers in Vegas, with Jennifer Garner it was the nanny and now with Lindsay, it’s hanging out with a Playboy model.

    • Original T.C. says:

      No, with Shookus it was the leak that he has done nothing to push the divorce forward in the courts and the petition is expiring. Shookus left him and left his car in a random parking lot. A week later he went looking for a 22 year old to help his bruised ego. Shookus was the first to leave him before he hooked up with a thot.

      • julie says:

        I know that ppl liked to say that Lindsay was enabling his drinking but I never believed it. She was the villain in the story, though. With these new pics of Ben looking like he’s getting an alcohol delivery at his house, he looks like someone who was just dumped. I do think that LS was tired of the divorce dragging on and gave up on him. He went out and found a 22-yr-old Playmate and now he’s drinking again.

      • It doesn’t make much sense to me that Shookus did the dumping. Reason being that they’d been having an affair for years while he was married. So what’s so different now that he’s – still – married? Is it because it’s public now and she’s now embarrassed? Maybe, I can see why either side would do the dumping, Ben because she’s not a 22 year old stripper, and Lindsay because he’s now publicly embarrassing her instead of Jen. Lol

        One thing I really don’t agree with is anyone being blamed for Ben’s drinking. That is 100% on Ben.

  22. Fluffy Princess says:

    He’s just pathetic. And does he hand out stacks o’ cash? Seriously, what 22 year old wants to hang out with a bloated old mess like that if he’s not giving her stacks of cash to hang around?

    I imagine her laughing at him behind his back with her friends while she takes them all shopping on his dime. . .

    • MaryContrary says:

      And he’s not even taking her any place good? She needs to up her game.

      • Fluffy Princess says:

        I know, she does. Drive-thru and beers — honey, get those stacks, but at least go to some decent, high-end places before you dump him! Get a few trips out of him or a new ride like Chrissy O!!

      • Sage says:

        No, she doesn’t. She’s fries and beers, the unkept look is his type. Goop and JLo were too high class for him. Jen and Lindsay were too regular for him.
        Goop pinned him correctly, Ben likes beer, poker and strippers. He doesn’t seem to want any deep emotional relationship with women.

      • Fluffy Princess says:

        @Sage — you are right. Beer, poker, strippers that’s about as deep as it gets. Sad!

    • ennie says:

      new cool girl.

  23. Pandy says:

    Look at Big Ben still pulling 22 year olds with Daddy issues! What a mess.

  24. Jayna says:

    Meh, I don’t feel sorry for Shookus. I don’t believe in a scarlet letter on her because of an affair. It happens. The length of the affair is the ick factor to me, several years. She hung on for years, even ignoring nannygate, and was the last one standing. She knew who he was then and now. I don’t think either one were too good for each other. They deserved each other.

    This is just an immature passive-aggressive move be Ben as usual. The girl physically is his type, more athletic build, not a lot of makeup. But she’s a baby, 22, and a Playboy centerfold just a few months ago. He has two daughters, and he’s playing around with a 22-year-old who is in the Playboy Mag group right now. It wouldn’t matter if he didn’t have two daughters who he should be thinking about.

    I’m sure Jen is happy Shookus is gone. I think the divorce is lagging so she can have more control over Ben and visitation without having to deal with formal custody right now.

  25. Jenfan says:

    So x17 has photos of Lindsay leaving Ben’s house and hugging Ben’s sober coach. They say this was August 9 – Thursday – a week before the shauna date. They also claim that Lindsay broke up with Ben over his addiction problems. And that she was waiting in the driveway as assistants loaded up her belongings in her car. The sober coach is the same guy that can be seen leaving Ben’s house at the same time as Jen and Ben when they got into Ben’s car – Friday Aug 10 – pics that were released the next week when it became known that the divorce not going forward. All these pieces are interesting to this puzzle and timeline.

    • Jas says:

      I don ‘t think it’s the same guy. No arm tattoos on the guy that has been pictured arriving and leaving at the same time as Jen the past couple times she has been there. Both are bald though, they do look similar.

    • hannah says:

      The sober coach and the Refuge founder are different people, right? Shookus and the sober coach called the Refuge founder to come over, which is who Shookus was hugging. I think I have that right.

      I believe X17, I mean they have the pics and it adds up. I think he started drinking again, Shookus drew a line and then left him, and now he’s back to drinking and spending time with PYTs. I’m sure he’ll be headed off to yet another rehab soon. He’s so sad and predictable.

  26. ShazBot says:

    To everyone wondering why a 22 year old would be with him – SHE WANTS TO BE FAMOUS.
    Playboy isn’t cutting it for her – she’s still a vet tech. But if she can stomach a relationship with Ben Affleck, well maybe she’ll meet more Hollywood people.

    Look at the look on her face. She is loving every single second. NYC and LA are full of young girls willing to stomach some unpleasantness for a shot at a Kardashian lifestyle.

    • Jas says:

      Exactly. She is loving the attention. She is doing long walks in front of the paps like she is on a runway. Her Instagram following is growing by thousands each day. She is happy. Her dreams are coming true. Something about this whole thing seems strange. I think Ben Affleck is in a very bad state right now.

  27. Natalie S says:

    Ben Affleck sexually assaulted women. He helped his brother, another man who sexually assaults women, with his Oscar campaign. He has no respect for women so of course he’s disrespectful to Garner, Shookus etc.

    I hate that he still has a career. This guy is Brett Ratner with a slightly more appealing face and body. He’s a poster boy for entitlement and sleaze.

  28. Vintage says:

    He is such a cliche.


  29. DIRTNAP says:

    I’m of the opinion that Ben is flipping two birds with one girl. By trotting this Playmate out, he simultaneously gives the middle finger to Skookus AND Jen, who was finally getting her Hollywood star with her family surrounding her. The press won’t just cover Jen’s accomplishment, the coverage on Ben will be right beside her news stories on every celeb site! Perfect plan! Ben won’t be ignored, ladies, and how dare you try to live happy lives without him?

    I totally understand why the divorce is stalling. As a mom, I get it. I would put up with every kind of hell to make sure that my kid is safe every day. She’s seen things we haven’t seen, folks. If he’s this bad in plain sight, what is he like behind closed doors? I really feel like she is taking each day as it comes, focusing on her kids’ well being while everyone is harping on her to divorce him already. I hope she takes her time and does it on her terms and timetable. She’ll know when it’s right.

    • yeahokay says:

      The only way to be sure that kids are safe from a parent who is an addict is to get sole custody. We all know this. I’m sure that at this point Jen has all the receipts that she needs to prove that he’s been on and off the wagon for years. She won’t ever do this, btw, because it will make her beloved Ben, who is still the only man in her life, look bad. The kids know about all his addictions. This is Jen protecting Ben in the PRESS. She’s putting pr ahead of her kids’ real safety. She’s a classic enabler. Her private life is a mess and must be hell but she has no one to blame but herself.

      • KB says:

        We have no idea how much Ben even sees the kids or if he is ever alone with them. They could have something worked out that requires the presence of a nanny when he is with him. You don’t know. There is nothing to suggest the kids are being put in any danger, it’s not like we see pictures of him driving them around.

        I don’t even like Jennifer Garner, but suggesting she is wrong for not declaring war in court is absurd. She is shielding her children from vicious and intrusive tabloid stories, what a terrible mom she is!

    • mela says:

      THIS is the truth.

  30. Avery says:

    Ben definitely is a narcissist and does the hoover maneuvar.

  31. JoJo says:

    Most of the tabloid stories are wrong about the timeline that he last saw Shookus in July. There are photos of her at his house on Aug. 9. I think she made the move to break things off – possibly because of him spiraling with sobriety but I would imagine also over what is probably constant drama about when he’ll finalize his divorce. She’s not going to agree to leave SNL and move to LA when there’s no firm commitment on his end.

    IMO, Lindsay dumped him. And he then went out with Shauna as an FU. Let’s face it, Ben Affleck does not break up with people. She left, and now he’s spiraling even more because there is no one to take care of him, and he’s dating a 22-year old.

    • jas says:

      Yeah I don’t buy the story that they broke up in July over the distance between NY and LA. She was around in August and I think she saw him spiraling and got out of there. I would imagine she is sick of being blamed for his behaviors. Let him own his own sh*t. How much drama can there be over his pending divorce when she is still married too? At least she can go and choose to never look back if she wants.

      • Tina says:

        I thought they looked tense in many pictures this summer. She looked like she was trying not to cry on her birthday. The pictures of her family hiking seemed awkward at best. The dinner with her parents did seem more natural. Anyways, one of the tabloids said they had a tumultuous relationship. I totally buy that. They had a lot of things going against them, but I do think they loved each other. Not a fan of either, but she didn’t deserve the way he handled the break-up. I have always thought of him as a loner. I think we all know this won’t end well.

    • Carolnr says:

      I agree with some of what you said. But the fact that she left his car with the keys in the ignition, in a generic parking garage ,that allegedly was keyed, tells me Lindsay Shookus was a woman scorned. If she broke it off with him, why didn’t she just drop it off or get someone else to drop it off at his house? She was beyond pissed!

      • JoJo says:

        @Carolnr – Oh yeah, I don’t disagree that she was “beyond pissed.” Even if she is the one who broke things off (which I believe), that doesn’t mean she’s not going to be completely devastated / upset / angry, etc. over the split. And when you add to it the insanely immature way he’s responding (dating a 22-year old), I’m sure it’s sending her over the edge (again, even though I think she made the break, not him.)

    • mela says:

      I agree with this timeline and explanation. She is seen leaving his house and hugging the owner of a rehab center in front of Ben’s house. I believe he is out control (even by her standards which says something) and called the sober coach and left. He won’t get a divorce, he won’t get sober, he looks disgusting lately. She is sick of babysitting Ben I’m sure.

      Instead of trying to clean up his act, finalize his divorce and work things out with Lindsay – he decided to go on a bender with a 22 year old. A nude model who just became of legal drinking age – what do u think Shauna wants to do most right now? PARTY AND DRINK. Perfect for ben. And what better type of woman than a trashy nude instagram model to piss off your girlfriend who just called you on your BS and dumped you?

      I bet they have broken up many times before and gotten back together but Ben going public with the playboy model was the match that has burned the bridge down to the ground between him and Lindsay.

      Lindsay in response to him burning any bridge of hope of reconciliation, keyed his bentley and left it in hopes of it getting stolen. She will never be back after how he played this break up.

      Now say this happened to Jen? Jen I’m sure would have covered it up for Ben, claimed Shauna is their “babysitter/nanny” or something and done a family farmers market pap walk the following Sunday and completely forgiven him.

  32. LL says:

    He’s drinking again. He needs to want to save himself and for that to happen, he needs to hit rock bottom. I’m not sure where his even is: wasn’t getting divorced, wasn’t his career being a mess for awhile, wasn’t the bad PR, wasn’t losing his longtime girlfriend. The only thing that’s left is for him to lose access to his kids, but would he even care? He barely bothers with them now. Jen is his biggest enabler and for some reason lets him around the kids even when he’s drinking. So yeah, that will never happen. And honestly, that’s probably Jen’s end game. If he’s not sober then she has a twisted excuse not to divorce him and can continue to try to control him. She has major codependency issues and needs Al-Anon.

    • Mego says:

      No I don’t see it this way at all. Jen isn’t enabling his drinking but holding him accountable. She probably stays married to him because it is through this connection that she believes she can hold him accountable. After this relapse she may just cut him loose for good and in the long run that’s what would be best for her and the children.

  33. Sarah says:

    You are telling me this asshat couldn’t be bothered to drag his filthy behind to Jennifer’s Walk of Fame star ceremony???!!!

    Honestly, I think that’s one of the biggest douchbag moves ever- and dude has had more than his share. I guess this shouldn’t surprise me, but it does…I figured he would feel like he *had* to go, and then look miserable the whole time…guess he’s done being the “nice” guy…LOL!!

    • Jerusha says:

      I seriously doubt she wanted his filthy behind there-showing up in one of his nasty tee shirts. Their only interaction seems to be regarding the children. No reason for him to spoil her day. And maybe her parents and sisters gave her a nudge about moving on with the divorce.

    • Tourmaline says:

      Nah, I can see Jennifer wanting to shine on her Walk of Fame day without that unshaven lumbering stinky spectre standing in the background probably with pit stains.

  34. Littlefishmom says:

    If going to get fast food is a dinner date then I’ve been on more than you could shake a stick at. He’s a train wreck, but with that said, I never understand why women get involved with these men. Nice example he’s setting for his children. He will never grow up. Loser.

  35. Carolnr says:

    Just an honest question….do you have to sign a NDA to date Ben Affleck?

  36. GreenMeanie says:

    I wish Garner would just divorce him and let him implode. Let the kids see the truth.

    They’ll resent her for it later.

  37. ans says:

    such a masshole.

  38. mela says:

    Ben affleck was just photographed receiving a delivery of alcohol to his home.

    I believe Lindsay was the last authentic person he had left in his life after the divorce with Jen. He has completely burned that bridge down to the ground and he is probably more alone than ever, emotionally speaking. He has alienated himself from his children, Shookus and Garner now. All thats left are hanger-on Shaunas.

    I bet his own parents and siblings can’t stand him. Unfortunately, he has no one to blame but himself.

  39. SJhere says:

    Ben is one hot mess!
    Jen Garner needs to do right by her kids, push the divorce thru, demand sole custody due to his alcohol issues, and move on with her life.
    What the hell is she thinking of to keep protecting him?
    Her daughters especially need to be shown that they do not want to be involved in a relationship with a man like this.
    Garner is a millionaire in her own standing, Affleck would be on the hook for big bucks for child support. Christ sakes Woman! Be a better role model to your kids.

    BA is just a complete tool!

  40. Loca says:

    Ben didn’t show up because he doesn’t care about his ex wife. Its Jennifer that always pushes the “There’s so much live there. ” Its one sided she hasn’t let go. Its sad because Jennifer is accomplishing so much without him. Her mom had the biggest smile and it was lovely her family came to support. I really hope she starts to see the light because it can only go up from here.

  41. becoo says:

    I guess he took a cue from Leo. Mortifying.

  42. Eva says:

    I think one of Ben Affleck’s biggest demons or issues is his own passivity and his insecurity…which have morphed into passive aggressiveness. I lean towards thinking that he may have been his happiest when he was with J.Lo. I’m not standing (even though I did like them), and this isn’t to say that that relationship was perfect or that he wouldn’t have found a way to sabotage it eventually (I agree he does like these bimbo types too!)

    However, he was so insecure that between that and any issues he had he let people’s opinions and criticisms get to him. Jennifer alludes to the fact that he cared about what people thought of him and then. He didn’t have the guts to go forward with the marriage despite the scrutiny and he didn’t know how to break it off properly either. He was torn.

    So he sabotaged it by embarrassing them both…only to confirm so inner bias or belief he has about himself.

    I do believe he LIKED Garner but wasn’t necessarily IN love with her. By then he internalized the idea that what was wrong previously was JLo and the media, Garner was a more appropriate or acceptable partner. She got pregnant and he wanted to do the right thing by her BUT a part of him was drawn to her in that sense that he wasn’t CHOOSING her…he got chosen. Hence, why for so many years so many people throw out the charge at there that she trapped him and was so in love with him and had designs on him (accurate as well…Dinner for Five). Any other guy wouldn’t go for it or shut her down if he wasn’t interested.

    It was while he was engaged to J.Lo…he passively had a fling with her and THEN ‘ended’ up in the relationship. Of course, she did all he emotional heavy lifting. He was never truly invested in it. It turned out to be good for his image but I think it was more that he wanted to live up to the expectations and not be like his Dad. However, if the relationship had progressed naturally he would have realized that she wasn’t what he truly wanted. And Garner found a guy that wasn’t resistant to her and was giving in or going along with all her things.

    Except it was weakness…not because he WANTED to be there. Everyone has noticed that Ben breaks up his relationship in a passive aggressive manor but what has gone unsaid is that he enters into them in practically the same way. Except for his earlier relationships. And he feels shame for it but probably doesn’t know why. When he figures it out and learns to truly assert himself and be honest, it will go along way towards his sobriety and psychological recovery…and that’s if he’s not a true narcissist. Jennifer Garner does enable this to some extent. She needs to take a good long look at their history and be honest that he never loved her like he has loved Cheyenne (his serious pre-fame gf) or Jennifer Lopez.

    He was really showy and effusive in that love but because that how he felt (not because he was being showy but because when he’s in LUURVe Ben goes beyond his normal everyday charm) and let him GO. And Ben needs to do some serious therapy and see if this is possibly his problem. He’s weakness and that he’s let some women (Jen and his mom…Matt Damon…the media) dictate to him rather than being a big boy and following his heart!

  43. Blackbetty says:

    What a cliche. And the 22 year old will enable his drinking.

  44. Lauren says:

    Honestly, having been a serious model for many years I feel offended when people call girls like her a „model“ . Nothing about her is a model. This seems to be the term used nowadays when the side chicks of celebrity’s have no occupation…

  45. serena says:

    What a freaking douchebag.

  46. JaneDoesWork says:

    I seriously could not believe all of the comments on here slamming Garner for not wanting her kids to meet Ben’s girlfriend. I felt at the time that this was 100% why. It’s confusing and hard for kids to have people in/out of their lives, so if he is not serious with someone then he shouldn’t be introducing them to his young children. If I was Garner I’d take the same position. Will this woman be in your live in a year? 2 years? Probably not? Cool, she has no business establishing a relationship with our kids.

    I think Shookus thought she was special and different, but I think Garner knows Ben better than anyone and knew this wouldn’t last. Its not like Ben went to the trouble of splitting with someone he has kids with and who tolerated his behavior to marry again right away. He wants to date around. He should have told Shookus that, but its Ben Affleck and he sucks so he didn’t. Poor thing must feel pretty stupid now that everything everyone said would happen to her did.

    • Tay says:

      O please Jen “knows” Ben better then she would have known her marriage wasn’t going to last so clearly she the one that thought she was special. He treated all his ex’s the same and his cheating drinking and gambling problems were all well known when Jen got with him. What eveyone said was going to happed to Jen did so do you think she feels stupid for not only saying with him for 10 years, but bring 3 kids into.

      Ben and Shookus where together for 4 years, maybe more. How do you lnow Shookus wanted something more? She wasn’t moving to LA or giving up her job for him.