Mariah Carey poses on a yacht with her on-again boyfriend Bryan Tanaka

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When we last checked in with glamorous butterfly Mariah Carey, she was selling her $10 million engagement ring from ex-fiancee James Packer, presumably to help cover expenses incurred when her kids learned how to order stuff online. Well, like most of us, Mariah is taking a little R&R break and, being the understated diva we all know and love, is sharing with us how she’s spending her summer vacation.

The 48-year-old singer, taking a break from her Las Vegas residency, dubbed The Butterfly Returns, shared a snap with her 35-year-old dancer boyfriend Bryan Tanaka (who I’m slightly surprised is still around) on a yacht. She was wearing a pink floral print dress with a plunging neckline (of course) and he was clad in blue swim trunks. Vintage Mariah. Bryan also shared a photo from the boat on his Instagram page. He captioned the shot, “When your girl says, ‘Don’t move I want to take a picture of you’ …you don’t move!” and credited Mariah as the photographer.

It wasn’t completely easy sailing for the couple, as Mariah tweeted on Sunday, “Going on vacation, and we somehow landed in the wrong spot #groundedInNowhere.”

Obviously, the couple’s travel woes were resolved, and they sure do look happy. And, love her or not, Mariah looks pretty amazing, posting another pic over the weekend with the hashtag #vaca. The knit dress and floppy hat combo is positively subdued for her and I dig it.

#vaca 👒

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Mariah will be back in Sin City on August 31, with six performances prior to taking her #1s Tour to Asia. The tour begins in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on October 16 and runs for 13 dates in Taiwan, Macau, China, Philippine, South Korean, Japan, Singapore and Indonesia, wrapping up in in Bangkok, Thailand on November 9. This is my dream vacation. I wish I could be one of her backup dancers. But, seriously, she does look radiant and completely in love and I’m happy for her.

By the way, Mariah may be finding herself in need of another vacation after a possible court appearance. The Blast reported yesterday that her former manager, Stella Bulochnikov, served the singer, via her doorman, with a summons. Stella is suing for unpaid commissions, as well as damages, interest and costs, in the amount of over $100K. In the lawsuit, the singer is being accused of breach of contract, violation of the U.S. Civil Rights Act, and a violation of the Fair Employment and Housing Act. Stella, who I never really trusted, is also suing Roc Nation, claiming she was shut out of her cut of over $50 million in profits from their agreement for upcoming TV and movie projects. Stella screams “sketchy” and I am 100% on #TeamMariah in this case.

Strings session 🤫🎻

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  1. Becks1 says:

    I’ve never checked out her IG before but I just went and looked and she looks happy in all those pictures. Good for her.

  2. Loopy says:

    She is glowing,she really never seemed happy with that Packer guy. Mariah has a type she wants a guy who will worship the floor she walks on. Maybe due to her unhappy marriage with Tommy Mottola.

  3. Lucy2 says:

    She seems to be doing well.
    I remember that manager seeming sketchy, glad they have parted ways.

  4. bap says:

    Hope she is happy!

  5. Adorable says:

    She has amazing genes,she’s aged beautifully if at me some mimi!

  6. prissa says:

    She looks amazing! Good for her!

  7. theotherviv says:

    She looks awesome. Who knew that all Mariah needed to be happy-happy was a little bit of stomach -stapling surgery? I actually think it wasnt a totally bad idea. You have to be helluva disciplined with your eating habits after such a surgery and that might have been good for her.

    Anyone who watched her show could pretty much tell that she wanted Stella to run her show and life and she loved how bossy Stella was. Maybe she should just pay her her cut. She wasn’t a very nice person but, hey, that’s who you wanted, Mimi.

  8. Cupcake says:

    She really does look better than she has in years!

  9. Bc says:

    Ive been considering this surgery and I wish it wasn’t so frowned upon , I wish all weight loss surgery wasn’t so frowned upon. I can’t even share thoughts with anyone else as they are so quick to condemn and judge. I’m happy for her. The boobs are gonna need an uplift after a year and I bet you she can’t wait!

    • theotherviv says:

      There are so many different types now, it’s probably worth a try if you are really struggling. I personally think Mariah took a bit of an easy way out and maybe could have handled the over-indulging differently. But surgery methods are not as invasive as they were years ago, so hey, it may be a good solution for a lot of people.

    • CairinaCat says:

      I had a RnY gastric bypass, so did my mom, sister and X husband.
      Two reasons, one to lose weight and the second is because it is considered an almost cure for type 2 diabetes. 90% of people never have blood sugar issues again after a year or two post surgery. and the 10% that don’t go into remission either can control it with diet or are able to greatly reduce their medication and insulin.
      My mom and my sister were diabetic, they no longer take medication and they have perfect numbers, and I will now never get it.
      My X had to take a ton of insulin and it was no longer controlling it eve though he had a perfect diet. He wasn’t overweight.
      But now 5 months out from the surgery he is taking 10% of the insulin he was, and there is hope that after a few more month he wont need any.

      It’s a commitment, and especially the first 1-2 years a major lifestyle change, I’m almost 5 years out now. I can eat most foods, can drink but I just automatically do way less now.

      I think all insurances cover it now, they just make you jump through hoops for 6 months to a year (which they should)
      It’s hard at first but once you get to 4-6 month post things are pretty settled.

      You just need to learn what you can and can’t eat. Like I can eat turkey no problem because it crumbles, but chicken shreds and is fibrous so i don’t digest it as easily. I know I can have about a half cup of rice (any more I barf) There is definitely some barfing in the learning curve. But it’s a different kind of vomit, you don’t feel sick like when you have the flu and it tastes the same coming up because it hasn’t been digested. TMI but you get used to it, and you get better at it not happening. I rarely do now.

      But it was worth it for me, I will never get diabetes 2, I lost almost 200 pounds, I’m very active and athletic again, I live a normal life.

      I encourage you to look into it, see what your insurance requires

      *edited to add, for the diabetic part it has to be the RnY gastric bypass. they don’t know exactly why yet but the removing of the top 18 inches of your small intestine is what does it.

    • Kat says:

      Good luck to you! My mother had weight loss surgery, and it saved her life. My maternal grandmother had type 2 diabetes, had multiple strokes, went mostly blind, became partially paralyzed and had both of her legs amputated. She required 24-hour care by the time she died at only 60. Obesity (and its evil twin diabetes) is no joke. My mother developed type 2 diabetes as well, and my sister and I were so fearful of her suffering a similar fate to her mother’s that we literally begged her with tears in our eyes to go through with the surgery when she hesitated. (She knew the recovery would be brutal, so she was understandably fearful.). She lost over 200 lbs and is doing great.

  10. Tessy says:

    She looks great, but that’s sure a silly pose with him holding up her leg like that.

  11. Kat says:

    I’ve always been fascinated by her obsessive devotion to only one side of her face, even if it means contorting her body into the most unnatural poses ever known to man. Never change, Mariah. Never change.