Leo DiCaprio’s double-chin was Photoshopped in ‘OUATIH’ promotional image

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Weeks ago, Leonardo DiCaprio posted this first-look image of himself and Brad Pitt “in character” for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the Quentin Tarantino film which is kinda-sorta about the Manson murders. Leo and Brad play fictional characters who were neighbors with Sharon Tate. Leo plays the “movie star” and Brad plays his stunt-man and live-in roommate or something.

The promotional materials indicate that this film will also be about the changing landscape of Hollywood as an industry in 1969, with the rise of independent films and all of that. It’s possible that Leo and Brad are playing two older-guys who are bitching about all of the youths and whatever. So maybe that’s why Sony decided to airbrush the hell out of Leo’s double-chin in the promotional photo?

According to Page Six, Sony “accidentally uploaded an image file of Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt posing in ’60s garb for ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ that included all the edits that were made to the original shot. The photo edits revealed marks on the wall had been touched up, wrinkles removed from Pitt’s chin, but most noticeably DiCaprio’s tightened-up chin.” The official line is that Leo and Brad didn’t request any Photoshop Chin Wizardry, which I sort of believe. I mean, Leo and Brad are both vain creatures, but I also think they wouldn’t specifically request this. Leo probably doesn’t even acknowledge that he has a double-chin. No, this was just some Sony promotional person saying, “My goodness, can we do something about Leo’s double chin?!?”

PS… I mean no disrespect to double-chin havers. I have a double chin too, no matter what I weigh. It’s just the way she is. She comes out in every photo too.

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt on the set of 'Once Upon a Time In Hollywood'

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  1. Millenial says:

    LOL, I was wondering why he was looking so much better. Whatever his routine is to slim down/de-bloat before movies, he needs to share it. It’d made a great pre-beach diet.

  2. Abby says:


  3. Wow says:

    Men being held to the same beauty standards as women. I see nothing wrong with this besides Hollywoods obsession with pretending everything’s perfect.

  4. minx says:

    Yeah, he doesn’t have the biggest chin, so I can see it. I mean, his bone structure wouldn’t support much extra fat.

  5. Molly says:

    I agree the Leo probably doesn’t GAF about photos. He’s been rolling around in front of paparazzi on yachts with models looking like a bloated, scruffy, over-grown mess for years. A little double chin wouldn’t phase him.

  6. themummy says:

    I don’t think he does have a double chin. He’s only in his early 40s and he’s not overweight. He’s got a dadbod now kind of, but he’s not actually overweight. I know some people who are not overweight do have a natural double chin (for example, Lindsay Lohan is one of these people). That is not him. This is just a bad photo. We all have them. I’ve had double chins in photos and I’m 114 pounds and 5’4″.

  7. Yup, Me says:

    It’s not like they had to airbrush all that much on his chin, anyway. I’m more interested by how smooth (and bulge free) the front of those hella tight pants are. Is Leo a Ken doll?