Duchess Kate might miss Eugenie’s wedding because of Pippa’s due date?

The Duchess of Cambridge carries Prince Louis as they arrive for his christening service at the Chapel Royal, St James's Palace, London

This is the dumbest royal story, but as I keep saying, this is what we get in August, when all of the royals are on vacation. The British tabloids just cycle through dumb stories or “let’s see if this sticks” stories. So, remember how I was surprised to learn that Pippa Middleton is already in her third trimester? Well, the mathematicians and Ob-Gyns at The Sun did their calculations and now they think that Pippa is due in early to mid-October. Princess Eugenie’s wedding is on October 12th. Conflict! Kate refuses to go to the wedding! Middleton drama!

In a matter of weeks, Princess Eugenie will walk down the same aisle Meghan Markle walked down in May. And while this time, Meghan will be watching from a pew, one person who could be noticeably absent is Kate Middleton. Princess Eugenie will marry Jack Brooksbank on October 12 at St. George’s Chapel, within Windsor Castle. And while it was expected that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be there to witness the nuptials, Wills could end up attending without his wife.

According to the Express, Princess Eugenie’s wedding could clash with a hugely significant date for the 36-year-old: her pregnant sister Pippa’s due date. Uh-oh. 34-year-old Pippa – who is expecting her first child with husband James Matthews – recently revealed in her Waitrose column that she’s now in her second trimester. Which means she’s likely to have the baby in October. And while Pippa’s due date hasn’t been confirmed, if she does go into labour, it’s expected Kate will want to be by her side.

[From The Sun]

Did Kate neglect to tell everyone that she trained as a doula or something? While I can understand wanting to be there when your sister gives birth to her first child (which will be Kate’s first niece or nephew), there’s literally no reason for Kate to be “on call” permanently through October. She can go to Eugenie’s wedding and if she finds out that Pippa is in labor at that very moment, Kate will likely slip out during the reception and that will be that. It’s not like Kate is going to deliver the baby. And of course Eugenie would understand too. So, there you go. Dumb royal drama.



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  1. Jan90067 says:

    Pippa and James may not even want her there during labor/birth. My sister and bro in law told us they didn’t want family waiting at the hospital, they wanted it to be a private time between the two of them. They called and told us they were on the way to the hospital, and called after the birth to let us know all was well (and the sex of the baby 😊), but we didn’t go to the hospital until she was back in her room. When she called and told us to come, she also asked for bagels and coffee, so we all had breakfast together as a family. It was lovely.

    • minimi says:

      true, they might not want that but they might also want it.
      For my sister’s first child I wasn’t there through the delivery (nor did I have the need to) but I had scheduled to travel there close to the expected date of delivery (I live in another country). 2 hours after my plane landed the baby was there and I rushed to the hospital some hundreds of kms away, just to be told that I couldn’t see neither my sister nor the baby. My immediate childish reaction was to cry and say “but i just travelled from another country so I could be here!” (LOL not proud but i was really emotional)…Well in the end, after my sister and BIL insisted, they let me enter and see them :D I don’t know, but for both of us it was a special moment and I wanted to be there and my sister also. I would have skipped a wedding for it. It’s a nice memory.

    • Coco says:

      Same. We let everyone know ahead of time to not come to the hospital until we asked them to. I didn’t want to think about people hanging out in the waiting room. I only wanted my husband, Mom, and best friend/doula. Thank goodness no one came because I was in labor for 42 hours. That would have been a looong wait!

    • Guest says:

      ugh, you’re xenophobic as hell, so your comments don’t count.

  2. FLORC says:

    Great excuse to just skip a wedding you don’t want to be at…

    Wasn’t it written Pippa also trained as a doula to help kate in all those speculated home births?

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      LOL I was about to say the same thing – there is no love lost between the Yorkies and the Middleton sisters but if George and Char are in the wedding party then am sure Katie Keen will be there wearing an outfit that shows up as almost white on TV and in photo’s.

  3. p says:

    I dont think she is due in october, her bump is pretty small…

    • FLORC says:

      Kate carried small until the final weeks. Both sisters have similar body types. Along with not generalizing size of bump by due date or health of child… size of bump is a very inaccurate way to predict due date.
      Plus Alice below. These photos might not be recent.

    • Alice says:

      This photo is from early July I think. He bump is substantial now.

    • Amy Too says:

      Unless it’s a typo, the story excepted said she “recently revealed she was in her second trimester.” But that must be a typo if they speculate that she is due in October.

  4. Mumbles says:

    What a dumb made-up drama-rama story.

  5. Missy says:

    Kate’s children are in the wedding. I’m sure she will be there.

  6. Citresse says:

    Wait! Pippa having baby in St. Bart’s provides William and Kate excuse for another vacation and then Pippa’s baby will be Kate’s excuse to extend her maternity leave, in St. Bart’s of course.

  7. Beth says:

    Probably a made up story, but it’s possible. I actually wanted to go to my high school reunion up north, but because of my sisters due date, I stayed in Florida. There’s been a few events I didn’t want to attend, and this would’ve been a good excuse to get out of going

  8. Karen says:

    Why would she be by Pippa’s side?

    I’m close to my siblings, but I certainly didn’t want them present during the birth of my son. That was a private moment for my husband and I. Our families visited us over the next few days. I certainly wouldn’t expect or want anyone to miss a wedding, the baby isn’t going anywhere.

    • Nickname says:

      I’m close to sister and was there with her when she gave birth to her first. Not all relationships are the same. Just because you feel a certain way, doesn’t mean Pippa or anyone else should feel that same way

      • Nic919 says:

        Pippa was never mentioned having attended the hospital for any of Kate’s three kids. Only Carole and Michael for the first and then Carole for the other two. Really unlikely she’d be at the delivery for Pippa.

  9. hershey says:

    My brother and sister in law were incredibly sweet and arrived to wait at the hospital with me. They had my 16mon old nephew with them. Unfortunately the wait for my whole extended family in the waiting room was 27 hours.

    I was in the waiting area when that nephew was born. But if I had my own kids in a wedding? I would be with my kids unless my sister truly needed me.

    Why is this news two months out if it is even true? Which it probably isn’t

    • Reese says:

      Slow news day?!? Lol.
      Agree she will be at the wedding with her children. She’s a mum first.

  10. Sayrah says:

    This is so stupid. Slow news day eh? Not this site, the original one.

  11. hogtowngooner says:

    I thought the York girls and Kate didn’t get along? Seems like this would work out better for everyone and still save face.

  12. Lizabeth says:

    If George and Charlotte are in the wedding I can’t imagine Kate would just send them along to that event with Will and the nanny (and Louis left somewhere with the other nanny they don’t have :) ) while Kate remains on-call in London. Unless it’s been decided Pip’s husband won’t be present at the birth for some reason, I can’t imagine Kate being present. I can understand she might not want to be out of the country near the due date but not going to a family wedding a little over an hour away sounds like fake news.

    This story appeared in July in the Daily Express also so it’s been around awhile.

  13. Laur says:

    Haha I love this story, “the ob-gyns at the Sun” haha. Deffo a slow news day.

  14. Jessica says:

    This doesn’t make sense at all plus George and Charlotte will be in the wedding so Kate is going.

  15. Sumodo1 says:

    A month after Pippa delivers a bouncing baby Middleton, Waity will announce baby #4 so there’s no chance she’ll have to work in 2019.