Amy Adams apologizes for accidentally calling Christina Applegate & Jennifer Aniston

Amy Adams is starring on HBO’s limited series Sharp Objects, which is airing now and getting good buzz. None of us have watched it yet but hopefully that will change for me this weekend. These are photos of Amy doing promotion duty in two different long print dresses. The black and red ruffled floral number is Michael Kors, and the white, black and red shirt dress is Gabriela Hearst. I like the crisp white dress more, probably due to the silhouette but the clean print with the graphic contrast is better too. The Michael Kors just looks too busy and it has little sequins on it which flash on camera and seem out of place.

On an appearance on Seth Meyers this week, Amy told a story I could definitely relate to. She said that had to apologize for accidentally calling and facetiming people at the top of her contacts list, namely Christina Applegate and Jennifer Aniston.

“Christina Applegate—she’s at the top of my call list,” Adams explained, “and I have fat cheeks. And I keep accidentally calling her when I smile during other phone calls. And then I don’t say anything and hang up, which is really rude.”

In fact, Adams estimated she’s accidentally butt dialed—or rather cheek dialed—Applegate 300 times within two months. She also admitted she hangs up before the Bad Moms actress answers.

“It’s not nice,” she said. “So, I apologize.”

As for Aniston, Adams said she accidentally FaceTimed the Friends star from her bed.

“I’m not sure it connected,” the Enchanted actress said. “So, who knows what happened there.”

However, Adams said she’s going to say hello the next time she mistakenly calls up one of her celebrity pals.

“I’m very very sorry,” she reiterated. “It’s very rude.”

[From E! Online]

Once I switched to an Android I stopped butt dialing people but this used to happen to me all the time. It’s a real flaw in the iPhone OS. I once sent a recorded voice message to my neighbor in which I said, and I swear this is true, “I feel like sh-t.” The message screen was open, I was sick and was explaining how bad it was, and I somehow recorded and sent it. I’ve called just about everybody, it just depended on where I was in the contact list from the last person. I usually ended up telling them sorry and that the call was an accident but only because I didn’t realize I had called until they answered. If I noticed prior to that I would hang up. I’m so glad I switched phones but I now live in fear of accidentally posting crap to Facebook or Instagram. There should be more safeguards in place to avoid regrettable social media posting, like the User Account Control prompt in Windows. “Do you want to allow the following program to livestream you now? This prompt will not disappear for 30 seconds because even if you meant to do this you should think about it.”

Here’s a clip of Amy’s interview. She also talks about her last three acting jobs on television, which were not successful for her.




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  1. Esmom says:

    I like both dresses. I really want to see Sharp Objects but alas I don’t have HBO. So instead I watched Amy Poehler’s new crafting show. A nice feel good watch. And Nick Offerman is hot.

  2. AmandaPanda says:

    Surely with the name Amy Adams she is on the receiving end of this more often than she does it?!

  3. Claire says:

    Sharp Objects is a hard watch at times, but I absolutely love it. It is like a nightmarish fairy tale with women and female relationships at the centre of the mystery. And Amy Adams is effortlessly amazing in it.

    • homeslice says:

      I found the book so disturbing. I doubt I will ever watch the show. I do love Amy tho!

    • mia girl says:

      I like it too but you are right, it is a tough watch. My college age daughter tapped out after third episode because it was too disturbing and giving her anxiety.

      On a lighter note, last week Vulture ran a “gripe” piece called “Amy Adams in Sharp Objects Is the World’s Worst Reporter” which YES! I keep telling my husband, why isn’t she writing anything down?! :)

      • Kathleen says:

        @Mia girl, so …I read that piece you are talking about in Vulture and honestly I found it super misogynist. I saw some women talking about how sexist the piece was on twitter and I completely agreed with them. I saw several women take the article to task and I wish I could link to their words about it.

        For starters, Sharp Objects is specifically about Camille’s journey to finding herself again. She’s ::supposed:: to be struggling and trying to figure out how to do her job again given that she’s only a few weeks out of a mental hospital. We learn in literally the first episode that her boss is sending her there because he believes she ::can:: be good at her job and he wants her to confront her demons. And she DOES write stuff down. She’s literally yelled at several times by her mother for taking notes at the funeral.

        But even all that aside, I saw that piece get lots of deserved criticism because…it’s just only a kind of piece that would be written about a woman. Men get to be screw ups in these dramas without hit pieces written in Vulture about how they are “so bad at their jobs.” We have entire genres with male detectives breaking rules and being unprofessional and it’s just chalked up to drama and never questioned. It was just bizarre to see a male critic focus so much energy on attaching the female protagonist of a show where the actual POINT is that she is supposed to be struggling. It would just never happen to a male character. (The piece also slut shamed Lois Lane in a way that made me really uncomfortable and I didn’t like at all.)

    • Pamela says:

      SPOILERS UP TO THE CURRENT EPISODE ONLY!!! I read the book and liked it. And I love Amy Adams.

      But I have found this series to be hard to “dig into”. I can handle the disturbing subject matter and creepy factor, but all the jumping of times—Amy as a teen, Amy now….and Amy in the very recent past…(I think? I am not even sure how old she is meant to be in the treatment center) It is a little too much jumping around. I hope it does well, because she is GREAT in it. I just wonder if people who didn’t read the book will give up because without knowing the plot already, I feel like it would be incredibly hard to follow. Like, you know it is a murder mystery with a couple of dead girls….but so much of the rest of the plot is so subtle, it seems a disservice to the viewer.

  4. Cee says:

    This has never happened to me and I’ve used an iPhone for the past 10 years. Like, how does it happen? Whenever I’m in a call I can’t access my Contact List until I disconnect or if I choose to open it.

    • Slowsnow says:

      Same here. Don’t understand what this is about.

    • Spicecake38 says:

      I’ve not done this either,but I have accidentally called people in the middle of the night.I am an insomniac and set and reset my alarms on my phone depending on how much/little sleep I’m getting,and playing around with the screen I’ve somehow slipped over to my contacts and called someone,but never an actual butt dial.

    • lucy2 says:

      I couldn’t figure that out either, but I’ve accidentally called a lot of people in various other ways.

  5. Clementine says:

    I have watched the first episode of Sharp Objects and yes it’s very good as is Amy. I ran out and got the book to read down the shore this week before I finish the rest of the episodes!

  6. Tania says:

    Important question: who is the hot guy behind her in the last picture?

  7. kate says:

    I have such a girl crush on Amy. I just love her.

  8. KidV says:

    Love that white dress!

  9. Kathleen says:

    As others have said, Sharp Object is a tough watch but it’s extremely compelling and Adams is giving the performance of her career.

    I said this above but I think the “debate” over whether Camille is a “good reporter” absolutely has shades of misogyny to it in the sense that….these kinds of take downs and debates literally only happen when it’s a female protagonist. We have entire genres where men are spies and detectives and cops who “break the rules” and who, objectively, are “not good at their job” but you don’t get take down hit pieces (written by men no less) about how crappy they are. If nothing else, I respect this show for just giving us Camille as she is and allowing her to screw up in all the same ways that men REPEATEDLY get to in fiction–especially in this genre.

  10. diana says:

    I love Amy so much and would watch her in anything.
    Sharp Objects is unfortunately just Ok. I really can’t with Marc Vallée‘s directing. He’s overdone the flashback thing and it hurts the show‘s flow. You have to go back to catch the details in these nanosecond flashacks.

    • Dee Kay says:

      Omg I just could not with Sharp Objects. I LOVE Amy Adams and I have loved Vallée (BLL!!!) but I find the story of Sharp Objects alternately boring and annoying. Something about the pacing, and the whispering, and everything is subtext, nothing is text. I thought BLL did a great job of showing how the most impt stuff happens behind closed doors. But behind closed doors is different from everything being literally hush-hush.

  11. Sunee says:

    Is that her bodyguard?

  12. Myrtle says:

    I love Sharp Objects, the show. (Haven’t read the book.) I need to watch each episode twice, first on Sundays when it comes out, and then again later in the week. Plus I am following the reddit feed because there’s so much going on, visually, there’s no way not to miss stuff. As in life. Currently, we are 4 episodes in and I have absolutely no certainty regarding whodunit. Amy Adams transcends in this role, and Patricia Clarkson is also beyond amazing. The whole cast, in fact. Superb.

  13. bella says:

    I like the back and red Michael Kors dress and not the Gabriela Hearst white and red dress. Her feet look painful in those shoes. My two favorite Amy Adams movies are: Mrs. Pettegrew lives for a day (with Frances McDormand), and Enchanted (I know it’s twee, but I still love it). I also love her in American Hustle!!! She is great in every movie she is in. Fan girl signing out!

  14. holly hobby says:

    That black strip of cloth across her waist in the black dress looks out of place. It actually makes her look bigger than she is.

  15. Potemkin says:

    She could wear a potato sack, she’ll still look great to me. I think she’s beautiful, and it’s not only a matter of features, but of “aura”, if I may call it this way. I istinctively like her.

  16. lucy2 says:

    Love her, but haven’t had a chance to watch her show yet.

  17. frank drebin says:

    eww she’s fat

  18. Yelena says:

    She’s just a demure/angelic kind of sexy. I can’t believe they’d say she’s not sexy enough, she’s got a very subtle kind of allure that grows on you, very girl next door, and also as another poster has said, her aura is very compelling. She’s immediately likeable. Also, she’s a brilliant actress and I’ll always root for her.

  19. Anilla says:

    Sharp Objects is a tough watch. Her character is such a mess. All the characters are such a mess. It feels so dark. It’s kind of ironic because with all the self-harm and murder and such in the show, at the end of it the voice over guy goes, “if you have been affected by the topics in this show”and gives the usual help numbers. And I tend to think to myself, ‘Well yeah – affecting me seems to be your intent here.”
    Between this and Handmaid… a lot of women’s stories feel so incredibly dark these days.