Is Miley Cyrus just using the ‘breakup rumors’ to subtly promote her new album?

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I think I’ve finally figured it out. And it’s dumb. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have probably not called off their engagement. There was a rumor of a broken engagement and a complete break up last week. Miley deleted all of her Instagram posts and people hadn’t seen Liam and Miley together in a short time, so the gossip was pretty obvious. But it was untrue, because shortly after the breakup rumors were reported, Liam Hemsworth posted this video where he’s driving around with Miley and he scares her:

So they’re still together. What’s to figure out? Well, Miley has been working on a new album, and many people believe she’s about to drop a single before the VMAs next month, something where she can make a triumphant return to the MTV stage and perform. And so my theory is that all of this is connected: she deleted her Instagrams to get the buzz going and get people speculating. She knows that breakup rumors will get people gossiping too. And it’s all just for the “buzz” for her new album.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail has another random rumor about how Miley and Liam are done. Sources claim that Miley and Liam have split “for now” after a “rough few months” because Miley is such a “free spirit.” As I said last week, I would not be surprised if these two had broken off their engagement, or will break it off sometime soon. But I think all of this current gossip is just about Miley promoting her new album.

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  1. VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

    She used their last break up to promote her album/single–when “Wrecking Ball” came out. I remember there were rumors for months that they’d broken up, because she was in LA and he was in Australia with no meet ups or mentions of each other. Then comes the twerking and tongue performance at the VMAs….two seconds later it’s confirmed that they broke up and then Wrecking Ball was released. I especially remember my teenage sister calling Hemsworth an asshole because he dumped Miley and broke her heart and that’s why she put out that song. ROFLMAO

  2. Jane says:

    All for the publicity, folks. All for the publicity.

  3. Angie says:

    Wonder what persona she’ll take on next.
    She always claims her latest album is who “she really is “
    I do actually think she’s talented though and can actually sing .

  4. Naomi11 says:

    I have no doubt that is correct. Cannot stand this chick! To me, she’s irritating AF!!!

  5. xdanix says:

    To be fair to her, at least this time, she actually hasn’t done anything to play any games or spread any rumours about herself and Liam- no ring-on, ring-off games or cryptic posts about him or anything. It’s not her/ their fault that a tabloid put out a story about them splitting- ok, so this time it came after she wiped her Instagram, but artists do that quite a bit nowadays in advance of new music releases, and tabloids have been spreading “they’re married/ they’re on the rocks/ they’re pregnant/ they’ve split” stories and rumours about these 2 for years now, and none of them have appeared to have any basis in reality. Maybe she will use this for promo, but I don’t think she has yet. There was video of them in an airport together the day before the story that they were secretly broken up, and that video posted by Liam was a swift, deliberate move on their part to kill the story- he does NOT post often.