David Beckham is building a Posh-free single-guy life for himself in Miami

David Beckham Discusses His MLS Stadium Proposal At Miami City Commission Meeting

Here are some photos of David Beckham attending a public hearing at Miami City Hall on Thursday. He was there to speak about the proposed plan to build a massive soccer stadium in Miami, so that MLS can perhaps find a proper footing in the state of Florida. While I don’t think Miami needs another gigantic stadium (I mean, does it?), I also think Beckham is making an interesting bet, especially with the soccer/football-mad Hispanic community in Florida. If any state is going to embrace Major League Soccer in a huge way, it’s Florida. Beckham told the city council:

“I’m passionate about the game. I’m passionate about being successful. I’ve played professional soccer for the last 22 years. I could have gone to another city, but this was always my city. It’s always where I wanted to have our team.”

[From Page Six]

If the city council votes for the stadium – the vote was delayed this week – then David is going to need to spend even more time in Miami to get this off the ground. He’s already spending a lot of time there. Which brings me to this other story, about David and Victoria’s marriage. We’ve heard for the past month that their marriage is on its last leg. That’s pretty much been confirmed by the few photo-ops they’ve done together. The vibe is very much that David has checked out of this marriage in a big way. Here’s Star’s story:

On June 25, David and Victoria Beckham looked anything but loved up at an art event held at Victoria’s clothing store in London. “The awkwardness was written all over David’s face – they couldn’t stand being in the same room,” whispers a source. “Posh made David pose with her for publicity shots, but you could see her whispering angrily to him afterward, probably about his lukewarm effort for the camera.”

As Star previously reported, friends fear they’re on the brink of divorce amid rumors that David knocked up his 6-year-old daughter’s teacher. And despite celebrating their 19th anniversary, there doesn’t seem to be much spice left in their life.

“The only people who are in denial are David and Victoria themselves.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I grow more and more convinced that all of the rumors are true, that their marriage is basically dead at this point. Which begs the question… why are they even still together? Reportedly, it was because the Beckhams got an American Vogue cover. But the August cover was just released and it’s Saoirse Ronan…? So did the Beckhams get the September issue cover?? And do we have to wait until October for them to officially split? David is basically living in Miami full-time now and Victoria is in London with the kids full-time now. Methinks they’re already separated but they just haven’t announced it.

David Beckham Discusses His MLS Stadium Proposal At Miami City Commission Meeting

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Wellsie says:

    Uhh.. what’s the part about the teacher? I know it’s Star but…

    • Florence says:

      There has been gossips here and there, but the story that actually tracks is that David hooked up with a cute teacher at Harper’s school and then suddenly Harper changed schools. This was over a year ago, but suddenly her name popped up again recently and the school even issued a media statement to employees and parents to not speak to the press. And the teacher removed her social media precense. All this is confirmed apart from the actual hooking up part. But it does seem suspicious!

    • Neva_D says:

      I want to know more about that too! I haven’t heard that rumor before.

      I tend to not pay attention to divorce rumors (or engagement rumors or pregnancy rumors, and so on) because they usually seem to be based on nothing/very little, but David and Victoria have seemed very distant lately. And with so many, many whispers from sources, it seems like it might be true.

      • Florence says:

        The one thing that makes me think the divorce rumours might not be true is that the British tabloids are mum. Nothing escapes them and usually they run very specific break-up stories a few months before the official announcement. They did so with Cheryl and Liam and Guy and Madonna for instance. So either the tabs have zero proof or there is a gag order/deal going on.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      The teacher part is true, apparently he has a super injunction here in the UK to stop the press reporting on it – Beckham apparently likes super injunctions as he’s allegedly taken a few out over the years. It was all over twitter and confirmed by other parents who have kids at the school. She had a little girl and the rumours are its not the first child he has outside of his marriage. VB was warned not to marry him as he was a serial cheater – he almost didn’t go through with the wedding.

      I feel for VB, she loves him and always has but that love has never really been reciprocated in the same manner.

      • Florence says:

        This was super interesting to know. That explains why the British tabs are so silent, while overseas tabloids such as The Star are reporting about David’s dealings. Gotta be hard now to keep the cat in the bag when social media and other outlets are retelling the story. I too feel for VB, she has put up with a lot to keep the family intact, not sure if it was worth it for her.

  2. Loopy says:

    I think Victoria is actually the stage 5 climber then,she is very guarded about her image but I can picture her breaking down and having screaming matches with him behind closed doors.

  3. Dragonlady sakura says:

    If the rumors are true, then just make a clean break and end it. Their marriage lasted longer than people thought it would and they have a brood of beautiful children. Life is too short to be unhappily married!

  4. jan90067 says:

    It so patently obvious in the last few months of pics released. SHE is the one making the overtures (reaching over and putting her hand on top of his in the anniversary pic), leaning into him, or putting her arms around him in others, HE leans away, sits like a stone… totally checked out, and not even making an effort. I feel for her. He’s always cheated, but he still seemed to care about her and his family. Not so much any more. I really don’t think he got the teacher pregnant, but I sure as hell believe he had an affair.

  5. The Original G says:

    I wish these two well and hope it works out in the best way possible for them and their family.

  6. minx says:

    When a man arranges an entirely separate life for himself on another continent, it’s past time to stick a fork in your marriage.

  7. Capepopsie says:

    These things are never easy, especially when children are involved!

  8. Florence says:

    Are you 100% it was American Vogue? My guess is British Vogue will do a cover story for the September issue acknowledging that she will show at London instead of New York for the first time. If the Vogue rumour is correct that is.

  9. Anna nuttall says:

    I always thought that DB is just waiting for the kids to be a little older – ie someone like Harper who is still too young to understand break-up and divorced – before making a clean break for it.

  10. Happy21 says:

    If this is in fact the case and they are split, it makes me kind of sad. I had thought they were survive together.

  11. Pam says:

    It’s been confirmed that Beyonce will cover September Vogue and Lady Gaga will cover October Vogue. But the October edittion will come out in September because Gaga will be promoting her movie, ‘A star is born’.

  12. Electric Tuba says:

    I see messy headlines in the future for Mr. Posh

  13. Molly says:

    I feel like he’s too involved as a father to set up a new life in Miami. I totally believe he could walk away from their marriage and move to another continent, but I don’t believe he would do that to his kids.

    • tracking says:

      Yes, he seems crazy about the kids. The kids and public image, if nothing else, will probably keep them together for a while longer.

  14. Mo’ Comments Mo’ Problems says:

    He couldn’t give 2 hoots about posh anymore and that is incredibly depressing. While some of it may be for image, Victoria really does seem like she truly loves him more than he loves her. He has his own friends and own life, and also doesn’t seem to like that Victoria isn’t too fond of that crowd. I think she should cut back on posting about her family on social media.

    He always looks more enthusiastic to take a photo with a fan than with her.

  15. ToLiveLikeWeRDying says:

    Guys the real tea here is that he’s messing with Chantel Jefferies!! Justin Bieber’s former fling. She’s a “dj” and a former taz angels. She’s always gotten sponsored but rumor has it David wants her all to himself and shut that all down!

  16. Kimberly says:

    HUM………when it comes to cheating allegations, nothing Beckham does surprises me anymore.