Oprah covers British Vogue, really won’t run for President: ‘It would kill me’

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Like Kaiser, I like the direction Edward Enninful has taken British Vogue since he took over as editor. For the cover of the August issue, he personally styled her majesty Oprah Winfrey. Spending just a moment on the photos, I actually gasped when I saw them on Twitter last night. The cover shot above is gorgeous. The Buccellati diamond and emerald earrings are such statement pieces and yet do not pull focus from Oprah’s perfectly done eyes and flawless skin. The taffeta dress is Stella McCartney and frames her face beautifully. But it’s the black and white photo below that I could not take my eyes off of. I left all the information from the caption for you to read. I could use a lot of adjectives to describe how marvelous I find that shot but I’m sure you can see it for yourself. Just to be clear – I love *everything* about it.

Oprah has been playing a cat and mouse game with the media about whether she’s running for President. I truly believe she’s flattered by the notion and having fun with her responses, but I don’t think she has any intention of running for any office. As the midterms approach and true potential candidates start testing the campaign waters, Oprah is making it clear she will not seek office. She once again denied her candidacy, explaining that to become President would kill her.

On running for president: In that political structure – all the non-truths, the bullsh-t, the crap, the nastiness, the backhanded backroom stuff that goes on – I feel like I could not exist. I would not be able to do it. It’s not a clean business. It would kill me.

On finding hope in #MeToo and Time’s Up: People talk about ‘these are such dark times’, but what if we shift the paradigm? Because I see it differently. I see, ‘Isn’t this remarkable that we’re waking up?’ For years, women have endured craziness. This is what’s happening to people. They’re allowing themselves to not just become corroded, but to become hysterical. You’ve got to lean to the happiness.

On the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding It left me feeling that anything is possible through the power of love. Reverend Curry was right!

[From British Vogue]

Even though I didn’t think Oprah was going to run, her reasoning against it makes perfect sense. Oprah has spent so much time building an empire based on positivity and any time spent in the political arena would strip away at that. As far as government not being a “clean business,” obviously she’s right. I guess I just don’t want to give up the fantasy that if we elect the right plumber, they could flush out the sh*t, you know?

I don’t know how I feel about Oprah’s #MeToo comments. I get that she’s offering up the silver lining but it’s such a dark cloud hanging over us. I’m sure my conflict speaks much more to my white privilege than anything but I’m not surprised people are still in shock. I agree that we shouldn’t let any of the horrors in the US to corrode us but it’s hard not to get a little hysterical. I hope we shift the paradigm for every woman, I really do. But I’m having trouble finding any happiness to lean into.

But this photo makes me happy and I can lean heavily into it:



Photo credit: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot/British Vogue and WENN Photos

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  1. Melania says:

    Gorgeous cover.

  2. Darla says:

    Twitter went nuts when everyone was saying she would run. This week it’s Michael Avenatti. Personally, I don’t want any celebrity. We are going to have quite the mess to cleanup after this abomination. We need a Hillary Clinton-level intellect, knowledge, and experience to start digging out. Right now I really don’t know who is up to the job, but it’s not a celebrity. Just my opinion.

    • Lightpurple says:

      We need a charismatic policy wonk.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      An intelligent, level headed and experienced person, what sorcery is this?

    • jan90067 says:

      Nope, nope, nope.. NO MORE “Celebrity”. We need someone who has actual experience and knowledge. Even Avenatti, with his law background, would not be able to do this job. This is just an ego stroke.

      • Darla says:

        I agree, Jan. Right now I really like Kamala Harris. But I don’t think we are going to get a good idea of the real field until after the midterms. Which is fine.

    • NΞΞNΔ ZΞΞ says:

      I agree… but we’re probably clinging to an old fashioned view of politics. Bigly used social media to his advantage and I think all presidents moving forward will have much higher media and influencer profiles than we’ve seen in the past.

      Looking at history, they say JFK was the first candidate to embrace TV, and there’s no denying that it shepherded in a new type of elected official: charismatic, full head of hair, etc.

      We won’t be able to dig out of this mess solely by doing the exact opposite of what happened 2016… it’s no longer just about competency, but also about connection.

    • Cramberry says:

      Imo Senator Elizabeth Warren has most of these qualities, and she seems to be up to the challenge. Right now I can only see her as a potential serious candidate. She has a lot of energy and fight in her and that alone would appeal to to many working class voters. It could also sway many republicans to vote for her especially if she can come off more as an independent than a stanch democrat.

    • Rascalito says:

      Well personally I hope it will be Hillary Clinton herself. Third time’s a charm, and it worked for Reagan. Plus, she did get more votes for president than anyone else in history aside from Barack in 2008. So why look for someone with Hillary Clinton-level intellect, knowledge, and experience, when you can have the genuine article herself. She’s still very much up to the job, and would be an incredible president to be proud of!

  3. KBeth says:

    She looks really pretty.

  4. Nev says:

    Amazing cover!!!

    • jan90067 says:

      Beautiful, but to be honest, first thought was whoaaa… too much photoshop on her face. And in the second, they definitely made her thinner. WHY? She has a lovely, curvy figure. Why do they have to make her smaller? We have eyes; we can see her real figure in other shots.

      • Ramona Q. says:

        Agree, her face is too digitally carved out. She looks like Oprah’s daughter.

  5. sunsetsnow81 says:

    No thanks! She was noticeably quiet during the campaign/election so I don‘t really care to listen to what she has to say now.

    • Janice Gerow says:

      Huh? Celebrities are vilified if they do take a stance on a candidate during the election now you give them s#!t because they didn’t say enough? You just can’t win.

    • eto says:

      Cool, I’m sure you’ll pass on commenting on most of the celebs mentioned on this site then!

  6. Electric Tuba says:

    I just love her. Who would want to go through a mud slinging campaign either. I’m not tough enough to hear all kinds of lies about myself my past or my family, it’s brutal

  7. Miss M says:

    Love Oprah! But thankfully she is not running.
    What a gorgeous cover!

  8. Digital Unicorn says:

    In latest Trump news, the Trump Baby Blimp WILL fly over central London during his visit next week.


  9. JFerber says:

    The deplorables would only be motivated by her running to ramp up their already abysmal and traitorous filth-speak and filth-vote. Our education system has obviously failed us. This is what you get when all of the school text books are published in Texas.