Eva Longoria, 43, gave birth to her first child, a boy named Santiago Enrique

Over the past few weeks, I kept seeing photos of Eva Longoria pop up on photo agency feeds, and I kept thinking, “good lord, it seems like she’s been pregnant for two years!” Which is weird because it’s not even like Eva gets non-stop attention at this point. She’s just been a bit over-the-top about this, her first pregnancy. Anyway, she gave birth yesterday and immediately sold the photos to HOLA! She gave birth to a little boy, and they’ve named him Santiago.

Baby Bastón is here! Eva Longoria welcomed her first child, a son named Santiago Enrique Bastón, with husband José “Pepe” Bastón on Tuesday, June 19, the actress confirmed to Hola.

Weighing in at 6 lbs., 13 oz., baby boy arrived at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, the outlet reported. The happy couple shared the first image of Santiago Enrique with Hola, saying, “We are so grateful for this beautiful blessing.”

Though this is the first child for Longoria, 43, the new addition will have older-sibling guidance: He will join Bastón’s three children from a previous marriage.

[From People]

What do you think of the name Santiago Enrique? I quite like it, and I like the order – Enrique is fine as a middle name and I think Santiago is a beautiful boy’s name. Santiago Baston sounds like the name of a kid who will eventually rule the world. As for Eva’s age… first baby at 43, I sort of think Santiago will be her first and last. But who knows, she seemed to enjoy being pregnant.

Pregnant Eva Longoria goes to lunch at Porta Via with husband Jose Baston

Photos courtesy of WENN, cover courtesy of HOLA!.

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  1. Thatsallfolks says:

    Congrats to her! Love this lady.

  2. minx says:

    Aw, that’s nice.
    Love the name!

  3. roses says:

    Congrats and love the name!

  4. minx says:

    Seeing her in that pregnancy picture brings back so many memories of how I felt at the end— wearing flip flops, a comfy dress, just sort of waddling along lol.

    • AmunetMaat says:

      Yes! I stayed in maxi dresses and flip flops, my last week at work before Maternity Leave was a maxi dress and broken down black flip flops. No one will try a pregnant lady.

  5. Emmet says:

    First congrats to her!!

    Is it just me or did her reputation take a hit from the “association” with Clooney some years back where she had to apologize publicly?

    When seeing all the photos through the pregnancy was it a comment on someone else (cough cough Amal) not being seen during the last stages?

  6. HelloSunshine says:

    I love the name! Santiago has a classic but still modern feel to me. Idk if that actually makes sense but I love it. Congrats to her on the sweet little bubba!

  7. KLO says:

    Congrats! So happy for her :P

  8. LORENA says:

    Love her! Congrats! I am sure it’ll be her first and only baby. Her husband is so handsome! They seem like a great match

  9. tealily says:

    Santiago! How cute! I’m so genuinely happy for her, which is funny because I’m generally pretty indifferent towards her.

  10. Lukie says:

    Love the name!
    If she wants more babies, she needs to start trying the minute she is allowed to start having sex. I am around her age. All my friends that got pregnant in their early/mid forties, got knocked up in the first 12-24 months.

  11. Hmm says:

    Santiago is a great name.

  12. elimaeby says:

    Aww, that’s a great name. I have always liked her and am so happy for her. My mother had me at 43, and she said I was the easiest of her three (she was in her twenties for my brother and sister). Hope it was the same for her. Cheers to the happy family!

  13. Loopy says:

    Is her husband French? Enrique and Pepe have that feel.

  14. ocjulia says:

    AW!! So happy for her!!!

  15. Lucy says:

    You can never go wrong with Santiago!! Congrats to the happy parents :)

  16. Amelie says:

    Baston actually means cane or ski pole in Spanish which is kind of funny to me but I like the sound of the name, Santiago Baston.

    • Shannie says:

      Yep! Spanish speaker here, and bastón sounds funny to my ears, too. As a poster said above, Santiago is a classic name that has made a comeback, and sounds quite modern. But Enrique still sounds old fashioned to me 🤷‍♀️

  17. Jane says:

    Love the name, congrats to the little family!

  18. Originaluna says:

    I always liked her and i doubt she immediately sold the pics -probably done the deal months ago for the exclusive.
    So happy for her,i follow her on ig and her stories always had me feeling for her. Extremely pregnand and you could see she was tired!
    Welcome Santiago Enrique! What a beautiful name!

  19. Other Renee says:

    Love the name and I’ve always liked her. Did you know she has a Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology and also a masters in Chicano Studies she earned in 2013? I just read her wiki page. Good for her. Lovely family.