Kerry Washington in Versace at the Tony Awards: amazing or mullet-fug?

2018 Tony Awards - Arrivals

It’s been said in recent years that the Tony Awards have gone more and more “Hollywood.” As in, the actual awards go to Hollywood stars doing stints on Broadway, and that Tony voters will vote for the biggest “name” in a category, rather than who gave the best performance. So to have the Tony Awards become more of a production overall, with major A-list celebrities stopping by to present and walk the red carpet and all of that. You can judge for yourself from the winners list this year – there didn’t seem to be one big story, like Hamilton or The Book of Mormon. Anyway, let’s talk about fashion. Kerry Washington was there as a presenter, and she wore one of the best ensembles of the night – this Versace jumpsuit with a train/mullet is actually great.

2018 Tony Awards - Arrivals

Melissa Benoist in Dior. This is actually perfect on her – very princessy, yet low-key.

2018 Tony Awards - Arrivals

Amy Schumer attended the awards show with her new husband, Chris Fischer. They look… fine. Not really notable. Her dress is Brandon Maxwell.

2018 Tony Awards - Arrivals

I keep forgetting that Claire Danes is pregnant! She and Hugh Darcy attended, and Claire wore this animal-print maternity dress with extra ruffles. It’s Valentino. I mean… I’ll give her a pass, because God knows how difficult it was for her to find a cute maternity dress.

2018 Tony Awards - Arrivals

Katharine McPhee in Zac Posen. Ew. Overworked and dated.

2018 Tony Awards - Arrivals

I wonder if Rachel Brosnahan knew that the Tonys-carpet backdrop was going to be red and pink flowers? If she had known, do you think she would have chosen this Dolce & Gabbana? She looks like part of the flower wall!

2018 Tony Awards - Arrivals

Tiffany Haddish in Michael Kors. She looks awesome. One of my favorite looks of the night!

2018 Tony Awards - Arrivals

Anna Wintour in Prada. I’m absolutely shocked that she’s in yellow!

2018 Tony Awards - Arrivals

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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13 Responses to “Kerry Washington in Versace at the Tony Awards: amazing or mullet-fug?”

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  1. Kath says:

    I don’t think Tony voters vote for the biggest “name” without taking the performance into account.
    The Tonys are such a pure, happy award show. People on Broadway are pros, with an amazing stage presence and sooo talented. I admire them more than film and television actors, I mean, look at the Sutton Fosters, the Daveed Diggs, Renée Goldsberrys, Leslie Odom Jr…..
    And they are all just so happy to do the work and are not as spoiled as the “bigger” stars. It’s such a great environment, I love it.

  2. Carmen says:

    KW’s jumpsuit would have looked much better without that train in the back. As usual, she goes overboard.

    • censored says:

      I actually like this outfit and I am not normally a fan of Kerry’s red carpet outfits

  3. MattyLove says:

    What is going on with her face? It looks almost gaunt. She was so beautiful, but is starting to look very strained.

  4. Lucy2 says:

    I like Tiffany’s, but that’s about it.

  5. feral child says:

    LOVE Anna’s Prada dress, I don’t usually give a hoot what she wears but love the yellow, the pattern, all of it

  6. Velvet Elvis says:

    Has she done something to her nose?? It looks barely there. Yikes.

  7. Alarmjaguar says:

    I want more Tonys coverage! Please :)

  8. heh says:

    Katherine McPhee looks like Victoria Principal here.

  9. EduBois says:

    Kerry has officially gone over the edge. Her face has lost its unique balance – the nose has been monkeyed with further and now she looks drawn (her face is going downwards), gaunt and her lips way oversized. Hollywood f**ks with minds, clearly. It really is a shame.

    Best look out of this group is (shock, gasp) Tiffany Haddish. I am not a fan of her comedy but her look here is good.

  10. Char says:

    I love love love Tiffany Haddish’s look. 😍😍😍