Ex “Dancing” contestant Sara Evans’ husband says she had 11 affairs

Country singer Sara Evans, 36, left “Dancing with the Stars” halfway through the last season after she abruptly filed for divorce from her husband of thirteen years, Craig Schelske. Evans had supposedly found out that Schelske was having an affair with Alison Clinton Lee. Lee was Evan’s close friend and also the nanny to the couple’s three children, Avery, 7, Olivia, 3, and Audrey, 2. Evan’s cited the affair as reason for the divorce in her filing. At the time Sara’s departure last October, her anonymous “friends” also told all the gossip magazines that Schelske was addicted to internet porn and that he was also having an affair with a woman he met on the internet.

“In the papers, Evans alleges that her husband committed adultery, was verbally and emotionally abusive, and drank excessively. She also says that he ‘frequently watches pornography’ and has ‘at least 100 photographs’ of him posing in a state of arousal, as well as ‘several photographs showing [Schelske] having sex with other women.’ Evans also attached details from Schelske’s postings on CraigsList where he allegedly requests ‘three party sex and anal sex.’”

[From Us Magazine]

Lee has completely denied any affair and has filed a $3 million defamation suit against Evans. A 118 page court document was released over the weekend that details the allegations in the divorce, and it appears that Evans is now the one having to defend her behavior. She’s accused of multiple affairs, and frankly the papers make her come off as a whore. It’s hard to tell if her husband’s lawyer is just on the attack and trying to defame her, or if there’s truth to these allegations and Evans was smearing her husband’s name in the first place. I’ll let you all read and be the judge.

“The document, filed Tuesday in Williamson County chancery court by attorneys for Evans’ husband, Craig Schelske, asks Evans to admit to affairs or romantic relationships with at least 11 people, including members of her band, members of the band 3 Doors Down, Kenny Chesney, Richard Marx and Tony Dovolani, her former Dancing With The Stars partner. The questions are included in documents used to obtain information from opposing parties during legal proceedings. Evans has not yet responded to the questions, and the court filings provide no evidence that Evans actually had relationships with any of the named people.

“John Hollins Sr., Evans’ attorney, said he could not comment because of a court-issued gag order. Evans’ publicist did not return calls. Schelske’s attorney, who is also bound by the gag order, did not return a call seeking comment. A publicist for Chesney and a former manager for Marx declined to comment. Calls left for Universal/Republic, the record label of 3 Doors Down, were not immediately returned.

“The court filing calls on Evans to state whether she admits to ‘an affair/sexual relationship/romantic involvement’ with Chesney, Marx, Dovolani, any member of her band, or Brad Arnold, Matt Roberts, Todd Harrell, Chris Henderson (members of the band 3 Doors Down). It also asks Evans to:

  • “‘Discuss in detail the romantic communication between you and Chesney. Include in your answer whether he sent flowers; expressed emotions of love and/or physical attraction; and whether the two of you communicated by cellphone or calls to your home, all unknown to your husband continuing to present.’
  • “‘List and/or describe each text message you sent and received to or from Dovolani including, but not limited to the ‘I love you,’ ‘good morning darling,’ which Schelske viewed the night before you filed for divorce and terminated Allison Clinton Lee.’”
  • [From USA Today]

    The article also says that Evans filed for divorce “the day after a blow-up between the couple in a Los Angeles restaurant. In previous court filings, Schelske alleged that he had learned of his wife’s ‘intimate relationship’ during the dinner, which had led to an argument.” If that’s true (and of course it’s only one person’s side) then it really casts a cloud over Evans, considering all the horrible things she publicly accused Schelske and Alison Clinton Lee of. Whichever side is lying is really going all out to drag the other one through the mud. Though I’m guessing the truth lays someone in the middle. The court documents also request that Evans, “provide all records of communications between herself and several friends and colleagues, including country stars Martina McBride and Chely Wright, and Dancing with the Stars co-stars Mario Lopez, Willa Ford and Joey Lawrence.”

    It seems like Schelske’s lawyer is trying to drown Evans in paperwork and impossible requests. Who in the world could remember the details of each and every text message and communication with all these people? It’s utterly ridiculous. I can’t remember the last time a famous divorce was so acrimonious. Whoever did the cheating (and maybe it’s both or neither) – both parties are so vengeful it’s hard to see how they’re ever going to get through all this drama.

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