Chelsy Davy & Pippa Middleton were not invited to Harry & Meg’s wedding after-party

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Before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding invitations even went out, there was a lot of talk about whether Harry would invite his ex-girlfriends. Back in March, royal insiders claimed it was a done deal, that Harry gets along well with Cressida Bonas and Chelsy Davy, so of course he invited them. But now, just days before the wedding, sources tell the Daily Mail’s Girl About Town that while Chelsy Davy has been invited the church service part of the wedding, she has not been invited to the reception or wedding party. Ouch.

Most girls wouldn’t expect an invitation to their ex-boyfriend’s wedding – but such is the enduring friendship of Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry that she has wangled a pass for his big day – though she’ll have to clear off before dark! Chelsy, 32, hasn’t been asked to Harry’s evening soiree at Frogmore House on Saturday and is said to be ‘shocked’.

Says my source: ‘Chelsy is the queen of night-time parties. She’s wild and fun, and no evening bash is really complete without her, so friends are surprised she hasn’t been invited. Chelsy is surprised too, shocked in fact, and a little hurt.’

Chelsy and Harry have stayed amicable since breaking up in 2010 after a seven-year romance. In 2011 they went to Prince William’s wedding together. Their relationship has been strictly platonic ever since, bar a fling in South Africa in 2015. Maybe it was Meghan who objected to having her along…

PS Pippa Middleton will be another surprise absentee, having been left off the list for the evening bash.

[From The Daily Mail]

I’ll admit that I find it more notable that Harry and Meg left Pippa Middleton (and presumably Terribly Moderately Wealthy James) off the guest list for the party. Pippa made such a BFD about inviting Prince Harry and Meghan to her wedding, only to be shut out of their party?!? It’s a little bit funny. As for Chelsy not being invited… well, it’s not HER wedding. She shouldn’t expect an invitation just because she’s the “life of every party” or whatever. Maybe Meghan wants to be the life of her wedding party and she doesn’t want Harry’s drunk ex-girlfriends falling all over the place. There’s enough drama already.

The wedding of Lady Melissa Percy and Thomas van Straubenzee held at St. Michael's Church

The wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews

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  1. Maum says:

    I know, it’s a bit harsh.
    Chelsy has always been discreet and uneventful as an ex.

    I totally understand Meghan wouldn’t want her at her wedding, considering previous Press coverage you know someone will try to get a story out of it, but to diss Chelsy is a bit mean.

    As for Pippa, didn’t she ban Meghan from her own wedding? I guess it’s payback ;)

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Meghan was at the evening party but given the allegations of James’s father it wouldn’t be appropriate for them to be there. They should never have expected an invite anyway – many people on her and other places commented that she was only inviting Harry (and Meghan) as to get an invite back.

    • PoodleMama says:

      Pippa didn’t invite Meghan to the ceremony. She shouldn’t really be that shocked. I’m also sure it doesn’t help that her husband’s father has been getting a lot of bad press of his own for being a pedophile.

    • Sherry says:

      But it sounds like they ARE invited to the wedding and the stand up reception afterwards, just not the formal sit-down dinner Prince Charles is hosting that evening for a much smaller crowd. I think only 200 are invited for that gathering.

      200 sounds like a lot, but if you divide it up, that’s 50 for Harry and 50 for Meghan with their plus ones.

      • lobbit says:

        Hmm, when you put it that way, they really don’t have a whole lot of room on their guest list.

      • perplexed says:

        Sarah Ferguson wasn’t invited to that reception either, and was upset and shocked about it (so the reporting goes/alleges). Andrew, Eugenie and Beatrice get to go but Sarah doesn’t.

      • Tourmaline says:

        @perplexed Thanks for the tidbit about Sarah–I was wondering what her invite status was!

      • Millennial says:

        I kind of find it tacky in general to have these huge weddings and then have limited guest receptions. If you want your rehearsal dinner and Sunday brunch to be limited that’s one thing, but in general if you can’t afford to provide everyone dinner, don’t invite them to the ceremony. Kate and Will did this too and I thought it was tacky then too. The royals can afford food for 800, so I don’t see why they don’t avoid all this reception invite grubbing

      • Green Girl says:

        @Millennial, I thought that, too, but I am wondering if the logistics of inviting all 800 people on to an actual seated dinner might make it difficult. If nothing else, paying for dinner and drinks for 800 people might not look great, optics-wise, instead of providing a meal for just 200. If I am not mistaken, H&M’s wedding isn’t a state occasion so that compounds the issue.

        Maybe the larger ceremony guest list vs. the smaller guest list for the evening reception is also a compromise between QEII and the grandkids? I am not sure, though, and feel that I am stretching!

      • Bettyrose says:

        Well put. I’m sure it wasn’t an intentional snub, but even if it was, I’d hope the snub was about Pippa and not her monstrous FiL.

    • Rhys says:

      Chelsy not coming I can understand and it’s appropriate but Pippa? She is family now. How official is his info though? I’d think Meghan would invite Pips.

      • Anners says:

        She’s William’s family, though. And if they invite Pippa and her husband, do they have to invite the rest of the Middletons? As someone said above, they only have about 50 invites apiece.

        I get along well with my sister-in-law’s family, but I probably wouldn’t invite them to my wedding. They’re my brother’s in-laws/family, not mine.

      • Taxi says:

        Didn’t Pippa rule “no ring no bring” that kept Meghan out of the church wedding? Payback’s a bi*ch.

      • Sage says:

        The question is not why Meghan did not invite Pippa, it’s why Harry did not invite Pippa. Harry has known Pippa for at least a decade.

      • Nic919 says:

        If I only had 200 guests, I would not be inviting my sister in law’s sister. I know her from high school and like her, but I have close friends and family I need to invite first. It is more surprising for Sarah Ferguson not to be invited since she is Harry’s aunt. I suspect that Phillip is attending and they want to avoid the drama.

      • Megan says:

        Pippa got married in a relatively small church and had a huge reception. I believe Harry added Meghan as his +1 rather close to the wedding date. Was Pippa supposed to kick a family member or close friend out of the church to accommodate Meghan, whom she likely met for the first time at her own wedding reception?

        If they are having an after party like William and Kate did, Chelsy and Pippa are probably invited. Getting invited to three out of four events sounds like fun to me.

    • milky says:

      Do you guys really think Pippa had met Meghan before her wedding? Lol I honestly doubt it. Back then, Kate must’ve met Meghan only a handful of times, so she extended an invitation to Meghan for the evening reception. I don’t see anything wrong with that. The no ring no bring thing was false rumors. Someone down below said this “and Megs doesn’t even know her”… so why did people think of it as a snub last year??!

    • Helen Smith says:

      I don’t get the lack of invites to the after party. Chelsy and Harry clearly are over and Chelsy has been discreet which is a big plus with the royals. She could’ve sold her story for millions if she took a book deal. Something that maybe Meghan doesn’t understand is the royals are cool with exes as long as they don’t embarrass the royals and are discreet about their time as a girlfriend. If Meghan is worried about Chelsy and Harry hooking up they could’ve done it before now and if Harry wants to sneak off and see Chelsy a lack of an invite to the after party isn’t going to stop him. Harry has plenty of friends who will cover for him because their loyalty is to Harry not Meghan. Just ask Diana how well stamping her feet worked.

      As for Pippa I don’t understand it either. She is happily married and not a threat to Meghan either. She already is in the royal circle and inviting her to the after party could be an olive branch to Kate. To exclude Pippa certainly won’t go unnoticed by Kate and would exacerbate any gulf between Kate and Meghan if one exists given how much Kate prioritizes her family relationships over everyone else.

      I really hope Meghan doesn’t alienate important allies and potential allies in the royal circle because she doesn’t understand their society. She certainly doesn’t seem to understand the old axiom “keep your friends close but your enemies closer” as can be seen with her father’s family and how freely they feel that they can speak to the press because Meghan has completely frozen them out of her life. I would’ve made it clear to them you want to be around then 1. behave around me and 2. shut up if reporters call.

      • darkladi says:

        Prince Charles hosts that reception, I thought. Why are we presuming Meghan cares? For all we know, Harry doesn’t either

      • Mmmo says:

        >She could’ve sold her story for millions if she took a book deal.

        Lol Chelsea is not struggling for money.

      • Helen Smith says:


        I could say the same thing about you. As for my position, I think Chelsy being shocked says she and Harry still are tight enough that she thought she would score an invitation. She would know if she was on the outs prior to this wedding.


        Having plenty of money doesn’t stop anyone from wanting more money. The Kardashians are a major case in point or any billionaire who still is making money out there. Chelsy totally could’ve written that book if she wanted.

      • Sophia's side eye says:

        Why are you blaming Meghan when Chelsea is Harry’s friend? It’s his responsibility to invite his own friends to his wedding. Besides that this is a dinner that Charles is throwing, so I’m sure he has his own ideas about who should come.

      • Nic919 says:

        Why does Meghan need to extend an olive branch to Kate? If Pippa is invited to the wedding and reception right after then where is the snub?

  2. Darla says:

    ‘Chelsy is the queen of night-time parties. She’s wild and fun, and no evening bash is really complete without her”

    omg I know somebody like this. When she can’t make something she herself actually says “i know it won’t be a party without me”. And she is serious. She has to be the star of every show too.

    Yeah, they made the right call here.

    • Chaine says:

      I so agree. I would have blown a gasket if my spouse invited any of his exes to the wedding, no matter how “platonic except for that one fling” their relationship has been. What would Harry have thought if Megan invited her ex-husband???

    • KBB says:

      Right? That quote alone seems to explain why she was not invited. Being the life of your ex-boyfriend’s wedding party is insane.

      And your friend sounds exhausting!

    • lucy2 says:

      Yeah that stood out for me too. No wonder she wasn’t invited. No one likes an attention hog, especially at their own wedding.

      I imagine this event Pippa was excluded from is small, and she’s not a direct relative or close friend, right? Why would she get invited?

    • Tourmaline says:

      Yeah say no more, I totally get this decision.

      • Tourmaline says:

        And I now have “Queen of the Night” by Whitney Houston running through my brain.

  3. heh says:

    Harry dogged a bullet IMO. Chelsy isn’t aging that great.

  4. Clare says:

    I really hate that Chelsea continues to be portrayed as a’wild’ party girl. The woman has a law degree and a real job – which is more than I can say for a LOT of Harry’s other friends. Yea maybe she liked(s) a good party – cool – but come on, can we take the scarlett letter off her?

    • Maum says:

      Me too.

      They dated for years, they clearly cared for each other but were not suited long term.
      Why the hostility? She’s done nothing wrong, she’s not cashed in on her ex and has happily carried on with her life.
      Good on her.

      How about Cressida?

    • Nic919 says:

      Chelsy dropped the law job to design jewelry. As a lawyer myself I can’t take her too seriously after that. Being a lawyer is very hard work and I guess she had enough family money to avoid doing that.
      I don’t think she needs to be branded a party girl, but she is also not the most career driven person either.

      • Tourmaline says:

        I get you–I have a law degree too– but I do kinda respect Chelsy for even finishing her law degree and working in law for awhile. She is super rich and likes to party so it is surprising she even bothered with something challenging.

      • Jaded says:

        She developed a jewelry company after studying gemology – it’s called Aya and sources all it’s stones ethically. The company also creates and improves schooling in the local communities where the gems are mined so she isn’t some bored ex-lawyer who just designs jewelry and parties.

      • perplexed says:

        A lor of lawyers choose not to continue with law, though. It has become one of those professions that’s oversaturated. There are so many articles about lawyers choosing to do something else because of the sheer numbers, and people being warned against entering the field because of over saturation. And I don’t think Britain is as litigious a society as the United States is. Doesn’t Gerard Butler have a law degree? I don’t think it’s that strange she chose not to continue having a legal career because I don’t think it’s unusual to leave the profession to do something else. Even law schools themselves try to promote the flexibility of the degree (probably to keep students since so many articles warn against oversaturation) so that you can be led to believe that you can use the degree for other things.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        Nothing wrong with changing careers and nothing wrong with designing jewelry. I went to med school with brilliant woman who decided to start a home school support business. And she’s doing fantastic.

      • sunnydaze says:

        @ Jaded, thank you for the name drop! I just googled it and the pieces are actually incredibly lovely, and there’s a huge focus on ethically sourcing the gemstones (although I’ve only found reference to emeralds, rubies and tanzanites. There’s no mention so far of the diamonds specifically being ethically sourced, but I’m going to look a little more on that, just thought it was strange ethical mining references didn’t highlight diamonds). Plus, it looks like there really is a genuine impact on the communities….how wonderful to leave a professional career but still find happiness in design that benefits so many.

      • MrsBump says:

        Is tv actress a step up from jewelry designer, d’you think?
        Both are artistic jobs. Neither particularly crucial to society.

      • Sophia's side eye says:

        Thanks for that, Jaded. She has some lovely pieces and ethically sourced to boot, good for Chelsy.

      • Nic919 says:

        She dropped out after about a year of being a solicitor. That’s something a rich girl does because she doesn’t need to pay off any debts and obviously she had no interest in pursuing a career in law. Sure she shows more ambition than Kate ever did but that’s a pretty low bar. She essentially had the career path of a typical socialite because she could afford to do so. That’s why I can’t take her seriously.

      • Crystal Lake says:

        I’m not sure it’s possible for her to source anything ethically, certainly not gemstones, considering her family members hold maybe the most land of any white colonial occupiers of the continent of Africa.

        Her father hired a top lieutenant of Mugabe’s to direct his safari company.

      • Clare says:

        @Nic919 she didn’t ‘drop out’ that intimates that she left something incomplete. She left her job. She started another business. She isn’t some find drunken thirty something stumbling out of Mahiki every weeknight, is all I’m saying.

        Also, if (and this is a BIG IF) Harry/Megan are worried about her being too much pf a party girl at their wedding – perhaps they should also be concerned about William, who not too long ago got so drunk at a wedding he chipped a tooth.

        Look, I’m not suggesting she is the most hard working or ambitious or whatever woman who ever did live – just that constantly labeling her as a ‘party girl’ when there is a LOT more to her – is sexist and also a misrepresentation.

        (to those mentioning having enough money to not worry about Law School loans – she went to Law School in Leeds, which costs, I believe around 12k tuition plus whatever living expenses – these are not US Law School level ‘loans’ – not that a woman of her means would worry about loans anyway).

      • milky says:

        So you are jealous because she has the money to do what she wants in life? I guess the same applies to everyone else who decides to pick another business venture or career path. Lol… Plenty of women go to law school/medical school, and after they start a family, they usually stop and start something else if they want to. Says a lot about you if you cant take women like that “seriously”.

  5. Yeahright says:

    Lol well it’s what Pippa gets.
    A snub for a snub.
    As for Chelsea…
    I’m not inviting anyone to my wedding that my fiancée has been inside.
    Like it or lump it.

    • Anne says:

      Pippa doesn’t care much about the spare wedding. She is sister of future Q of E, who will be God Mother of her first child (I’m almost sure). And she is pregg , first trimestr is not the best time for parties. Chelsy has job, carrer, belong to high society with or wihtout Harry. Also Harry is past to her. So I don’t think she wil be cry on her pillow and screaming : WHY, WHY?? It shoudl be me.
      Nope, nope, nope
      Also H&M didn’t invite young royals, like Lady Amelia Windsor and more, wonder why?

      • Sophia's side eye says:

        Because it’s a sit down dinner party for only two hundred people?

      • Nic919 says:

        Meghan will have an HRH next her name and will be part of the royal family. Pippa, even as sister of a future queen consort, will never be part of the royal family and holds no rank. I am not sure why this is even being referenced because Pippa will never be as important as Meghan in the history books, regardless of all the DM pap walks.

    • Pandy says:

      I have to agree. Wouldn’t want to see them trying to flirt or give meaningful glances to my spouse! That would make me crazy. And agree with others re Chelsy not ageing well. It’s a gossip site, we are allowed to snark about this petty stuff.

    • Snowflake says:

      I agree! And I love the way you put it

  6. Marnie says:

    It’s the Fail. They end up being wrong 90% of the time lol.

    • lobbit says:

      Right?! I just don’t believe any of it, especially not coming from the Daily Mail. When it comes to granular details like this, I don’t believe anything these royal reporters write. T

  7. loislane says:

    Yep Pippa’s absence at the evening bash is more surprising… But Harry is probably not that close with the Middletons… And the guests list for the evening is pretty ”short” no?

    • Becks1 says:

      I think its only 200 or 300.

      Plus, Pippa is pregnant, and who knows how she is feeling? Going to a late night bash may not be her cup of tea right now.

      My SIL’s brother is getting married next year and I have no expectation of a wedding invitation (and he came to my wedding 10 years ago.) There are so many other people who “rank higher” than me on a guest list.

      So I’m mildly surprised that Pippa isn’t invited, but not shocked. I don’t think its a personal dig at Pippa. I think there are lots of people on the list.

      • Masamf says:

        Naaah, don’t believe any of those excuses. The invites went out BEFORE it was announced the Pippa was preggers, the planning into this wedding and the choices as to who would be attending what and when were made way back in December 2017. If Pippa was left off the list, it wasn’t because she is “preggers and not feeling great to be at an evening bash” it was because they wanted her just at the church. Also, her FIL pedo charges don’t factor into anything, Pippa is just a sister of Harry brother’s wife, they aren’t close and Megs doesn’t even know her. She just falls under the of 1,200 invited strangers category.

      • lucy2 says:

        Same here – when my SIL’s brother gets married, I don’t expect an invite, and I’m fine with that. (I was not as fine with him neglecting to invite me to a joint family get together before my brother and SIL’s wedding, but that’s another story).

      • Megan says:

        Harry can’t snub the other members of the royal family. They alone will take up a huge percentage of seats.

    • Clare says:

      What’s her pregnancy got to do with receiving an invite? Surely if they intended to invite her, they would, and if she felt unwell, SHE would decline. That’s how invitations work…you invite the people you want to (or have to) and some can’t make it. Can you imagine trying to ascertain everyone’s prior commitments, future health issues, etc when you make your wedding guest list? Lol!

      • Becks1 says:

        Well, sure, but we don’t know that Pippa didn’t receive an invitation. So I guess my point is – its possible she was invited, but wont attend, and people will just assume she wasn’t invited.

    • Tourmaline says:

      I read somewhere (gosh maybe it was DM) that Kate herself may not attend the evening party due to her newborn.

      • aaa says:

        Say what!!!

        No Kate? No Pippa?

        You know what that means, Dad Dancing Wills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Beth says:

    Royal or not royal, I wouldn’t want to attend an ex boyfriends wedding, especially if it’s getting as much attention as Harrys. I also wouldn’t want my boyfriends ex girlfriend there if we were getting married

  9. Akua says:

    Apparently some of the prince harry cousins are not invited too.

    • Lila says:

      Maybe there were things said ,behind the scenes,from Pipa, Chelsy and the Royal cousins that never made the front page of the gossip papers and now they are not invited. Who are the 600 invited? I have also read it is mostly people who are in Harry’s life and few on Meghans

    • LAK says:

      Future royal occasions and events are going to be hella awkward when half the room wasn’t invited to the wedding.

      Starting with Trooping the colour and Ascot which are June.

      • Carrie1 says:

        Initially, probably so. But Harry and Meghan even being together is apparently rocking history (per articles, opinions stated elsewhere) and they seem to be happy to embrace their individuality and living life on their terms. The BRF seems headed this way imho… breaking traditions, breaking ‘expectations’ from how it’s always been done.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        I can understand why the didn’t as where does it stop but I was under the impression that the family members who were not invited were distant relations i.e. families of TQ’s cousins and not cousins of Harry’s per se. its a bit cheeky to be whinging to the press that they were left out – they should never have expected an invite anyway.

        I have a large family and if i ever get married not all of them will be invited – primarily because a) the expense and b) don’t really see or know many of the extended lot.

      • milky says:

        They should never have expected an invite even though they attend all BRF events? Doesn’t make sense. They were invited to previous Royal weddings, something isn’t right. They aren’t distant cousins, they see each other frequently. People always bring up Gary Lewis because he’s Maori, and say Meghan won’t be the first POC to be married in… but he’s not even invited!

    • Masamf says:

      The BRF is a huge family, if everyone was invited the wedding would be filled with just them and no one else. Was every member of the BRF invited to Edward’s wedding? There is just limited space both at Frogmore and at Windsor castle. So what, should all the spots be taken by Harry’s side of family and friends and nothing left for Meghan? C’mon now people be reasonable! If they were at Westminster Abbey and KP or BP, maybe everybody would be invited, but its not the case!!

      • Clare says:

        It’s a bit weird though, right? To not be invited to your cousin’s wedding, which is taking place at your granny’s house? Knowing that 600 people made the list and you didn’t?

        Personally I found it a bit odd that Mia Tindall also wasn’t included in the wedding party with the other kiddos. Shrug.

      • SmalltownGirl says:

        Clare, the Queen’s grandchildren were all invited though, wren’t they? It’s the third cousins who were left off and really, does anyone feel obligated to invite third cousins?

        Not inviting Zara or Eugenie would be one thing, but Lady Amelia Windsor? Nah.

      • LAK says:

        Firstly, the family is not that big. It’s 10 allegedly excluded cousins. And whilst the article is speculating about the exclusions, nothing is said about the parents so the assumption is that they are invited. Those parents live at KP.

        Masamf: In answer to your question, Yes, everyone was invited to Edward’s wedding. Just as they are invited to every single royal event, private and public. These aren’t distant cousins that they would struggle to meet or won’t see for months on end. Ascot and Trooping the colour are coming up in June. These cousins will be there.

        Smalltowngirl: Lady Amelia Windsor might be unimportant in the scheme of things, but she’s important enough to remain on the invite list of every other royal occasion, private and public.

        With passing time, the media focus has shifted to the core members of the senior branch of the family which has made the attending wider family invisible, but they are right there at most events, and every mandatory one eg Trooping the Colour. If they are good enough to show off on the balcony to burnish the family’s public image, why aren’t they good enough to attend this private event?

        Yet Beckham is?!

      • TheOtherSam says:

        LAK I read that the thinking was the ‘model-y’ distant cousins like Amelia, Gabriella Windsor etc would potentially ‘draw focus’ from the bride on her big day. Weak excuse imo but I can see them thinking this way.

        It doesn’t explain why Lady Helen and her brood, Nicholas Windsor and family etc aren’t there of course but if you don’t invite their cousins from same family branch, you really can’t invite any of them (barring a personal relationship). Hurt feelings would be worse.

      • llamas says:

        I’d say the royal family cousins are a lot closer than other cousins to other families. Harry grew up with some of them. They lived at KP. They’re invited to all the big events. It’s not like he has never met them or only sees them once a decade. Yes they are 3rd cousins but the 3rd cousins in the royal family are probably a lot closer. They’ve been invited to everything else but not this.

        It seems like “the fab four” prefer the celebrity side of royalty to the working side. They’re glorified celebrities at this point who get funded by other people. Its ridiculous.

    • Whaaaaaaatttt? says:

      Agree – so the Beckham’s, James Cordon, the Spice Girls make the cut, but not his cousins?!

      • milky says:

        Wow. I didn’t know that. Why aren’t his cousins invited but a whole load of celebrities are? The wedding is turning out to be a bit embarrassing. Meghan has her mother there and some friends. Of course, Harry’s side was always going to be bigger, but I didn’t expect so many random celebs. James Corden, the Clooneys, Spice Girls… I’m surprised Piers Morgan wasn’t invited!

      • Tourmaline says:

        All his first cousins are invited (on both the royal and Spencer sides). The ones not invited are the QUEEN’s first cousins’ children and grandchildren (her royal first cousins like the Dukes of Kent and Gloucester and Prince Michael are invited it sounds like). I think that is fair to draw the line there. The wedding doesn’t need to have the same guest list as Trooping the Colour.

      • Masamf says:

        Im with you on this @Tourmaline. The wedding doesn’t have to have ALL harry’s family members near and distant at the wedding. I don’t know why the Clooneys are at this wedding but Im guessing the invites are focused more on who will donate to and forward their causes/charities. The Clooneys are very involved in various charities that are both Meghan and Harry’s interests, AIDS, Human rights, feeding and support for homeless, tons of them. Im thinking the couple is sort of paving their way as to who will be supportive in their causes and running with the, I’m just guessing, I could be wrong.

      • milky says:

        and the Spice Girls? lool. They said it was going to be a nearest and dearest sort of wedding but hmm makes you wonder.

      • Evie says:

        And don’t forget Amal and George Clooney and Meghan’s good friends Priyanka Chopra and Serena Williams. I’m not sure if the Clooneys will be sitting on Harry’s side or Meghan’s side though. Let’s face it, you have to draw the line on distant relatives somewhere, LOL!

      • milky says:

        Oh, the vet is invited too! The one Meghan has only known for a few months? He treated her dog and snagged an invite. Soo the Royals Harry grew up with aren’t going but random celebs/producers are. Very odd indeed. And people made fun of the Middletons inviting guests from their village – at least they were friends.

      • It’s the daily mail daily mailing as usual.

  10. SKF says:

    I like my sister’s in-laws but none of them would get an invite to my wedding.

    I see Chelsy as a compromise – a lot of women wouldn’t be comfortable with their partner’s long-time ex present at their wedding unless they themselves have become close. This way she’s invited partially as Harry’s friend but is not too present for Meghan’s sake.

  11. Peg says:

    Chelsea is a smart woman, I’m not buying that she was shocked about not being invited to luncheon or the party.
    Pippa sure did make a production, out of no ring, no invite.
    Wonder if Princess Michael will be at the evening reception, drama.

  12. Cerys says:

    There are not many people who would want to invite their ex-partners to their wedding and probably not many exes who would expect an invitation.
    I am slightly surprised that Pipsqueak and TWM James aren’t invited. However, as Charles is paying for it all, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.

  13. Cynical Ann says:

    Their evening party for 200 is really small, all things considered. So it’s not surprising that casual friends/acquaintances/distant cousins/exes wouldn’t make that cut either.

  14. Maria says:

    Only two hundred out of the six hundred going to the ceremony are invited to the evening do. That’s a third. Pippa is the sister of the groom’s sister-in-law, and Chelsey is an ex gf of the groom. I’m sure neither are close friends of Meghan’s.

  15. Petty Riperton says:

    How nice of Harry to invite his Camilla to his wedding like father like son.
    Pipa didn’t invite Meghan to her wedding so I don’t see why she would care.

    • ScottieIsBack says:

      Ever hopeful, eh? :-)

      • milky says:

        Lmao. Hmm, I think if Chelsy wanted the life, they would’ve been married some time ago. Apparently, their last fling was in Summer 2015? Or maybe they just grew out of each other.

  16. I’d be super surprised if Pippa and TMW James aren’t invited to the evening part of the wedding. And I’d be surprised if Chelsy and Cressida are invited. But hey. the whole thing’s turned into a three-ringed circus, so why not.

  17. homeslice says:

    I doubt Pippa and Chelsy really care…

    • Darla says:

      Oh, Pippa cares.

      • milky says:

        I don’t believe she does. She’s invited to the wedding, she’ll get her moment in front of the cameras lol.

      • homeslice says:

        I think if Pippa really wanted to come., she would have been invited…Wills would have made sure of it.

    • Helen Smith says:

      I don’t know about Pippa but Chelsy has let it slip into the press that she’s shocked. In order to be shocked you had to 1. care and 2. think you would be invited.

      As for Pippa she invited Meghan to her reception. So why not reciprocate? The royals have the money for one more person to attend.

  18. sus says:

    Chelsy’s been a good friend of Harry’s it seems. I don’t get all this animosity towards her.

    • Carrie1 says:

      I don’t read it as animosity. It’s about time and place, respect for Meghan, and having respect and showing it for Harry and Meghan as a united couple. It’s not about Chelsy really. She’s fairly irrelevant at this point except as a casual friend occasionally probably.

    • Helen Smith says:

      I read it as the bride being American or being insecure since the royals are very cool about exes as long as those exes don’t talk to the press. I remember William’s exes coming to the wedding and stories about Harry and Chelsy remaining close after their final break up. The royals don’t automatically send you to Siberia because you broke up. Their upper class world is too small.

      Then you need to ask youself the question why are the Clooneys invited if Pippa and Chelsy aren’t? Harry has known and partied with Pippa and Chelsy for decades now. Pippa invited him and Meghan to her reception. The Clooneys have known him for five minutes. Don’t tell me that the Clooneys would be there if Meghan and Harry were regular folks working at a call center. They wouldn’t be there. This is about social climbing, influence and respect for the Clooneys.

  19. lobbit says:

    I don’t believe any of this this tbh. And I doubt we’ll ever know for sure.

  20. MVC says:

    It’s really weird to me that you’re supposed to invite the siblings of your sister/brother in-law.

    • JA says:

      I invited mine and their parents just because I didn’t want awkwardness at family events and my bro and sisters insisted I invite. Anyway only 2 of the 8 I invited showed up…whatever I guess. Took the high road and they didn’t show, just glad I’m not married to their family

      • MCV says:

        I don’t know, I know the brothers of my brother in-law but I would never expect them to invite me or they expect me inviting them.
        They’re not my family or my friends, they’re my sister’s family.

    • milky says:

      It’s not weird at all in certain cultures. The extended family is family. When people get married in my culture, it’s not just 2 couples coming together, but two families as well.

  21. aaa says:

    I think that it’s a space issue.

    Of Pippa’s three wedding events, the evening event could accommodate the most guests, and for Harry and Meghan’s wedding, the church ceremony can accommodate the most guests. So Meghan did not make the cut to attend Pippa’s wedding ceremony, and Pippa did not make the cut to attend Harry and Meghan’s evening event.

    To me the person who has been slighted is Harry’s aunt by marriage, Sarah, Duchess of York. She is reportedly invited to the church ceremony but not to the evening event hosted by Prince Charles. Supposedly Harry is close to his York cousins and is on good terms with their parents, so Sarah not attending the evening party is more noteworthy IMO.

    • perplexed says:

      Yeah, I think the bigger news is that Sarah wasn’t invited because she and Andrew usually like to go to these events a “family” (well, I think that’s what she claimed when she wasn’t invited to Kate’s wedding and blubbered on Oprah about it).

      • Carrie1 says:

        I wonder if this is because the Queen still has Sarah barred from high profile family gatherings.

      • milky says:

        How’s that going to work out when Eugenie gets married? Everyone will be there, and Fergie, like any other proud mother, will be everywhere. Phillip will have to suck it upp.

      • Ellaus says:

        I am not surprised, the Duke of Edimburgh is *not* a fan of her. He has mellowed with the years, and you can see Sarah in many events, but not something of this kind. She will attend only her daughters weddings.

    • Nic919 says:

      I agree that if there is any snub it is to Sarah. She is Harry’s aunt, not an ex or a third cousin or the sister of a sister in law.
      As for the cousins being “snubbed”, if they are invited to the wedding and post wedding reception, that should be sufficient. As families expand, it becomes silly to expect everyone to be invited to everything.

      • milky says:

        I think the point is Harry’s cousins aren’t invited to the wedding at all.

      • LAK says:

        They aren’t invited at all. Apparently 600 other people were more important than the cousins.

      • Sushi says:

        Sarah is not Harry’s aunt. She is ex-wife of this uncle.

      • Tourmaline says:

        Harry’s FIRST COUSINS are all invited! Repeat, the direct descendants of his grandparents, all the nieces and nephews of Charles and Diana, are invited to the wedding.

        Where do you draw the line — if he doesn’t invite every second, third, fourth cousin once removed then you can say cousins aren’t invited at all? There is no requirement for them to invite everyone who attends Trooping the Colour or the Queen’s Buckingham Palace Xmas lunch. If Harry and Meghan wanted every last Kent or Gloucester offspring they could invite them – but clearly they do not and that’s their call. Are distant cousins on the Spencer side duty bound to get invited? Meghan has probably no cousins invited–that’s fine.

        More power to them on that. Just because there is some royal blood in distant cousins doesn’t mean they merit an invite to this. They were invited to William’s wedding–he is the one who is going to be heir to the throne–Harry is not.

      • milky says:

        But a whole host of celebrities/slightly famous people are fine? William and Kate aren’t the “celebrity” couple everyone seems to portray them as… I guess H&M are.

    • M4lificent says:

      There was a time when Sarah wouldn’t even have been invited to the church, so not making the dinner cut is hardly surprising.

  22. perplexed says:

    I think this is the reception being thrown by Charles so I think he determined the guest list. I don’t think these are personal snubs from Harry and Meghan. Also, if Charles is the host and he’s like 70 now, he probably doesn’t care that Chelsey knows how to make a night wild and fun. I have a feeling this is one of those stuffy boring receptions where you have to act dignified in front of aristocratic old people.

    I also wouldn’t expect Charles to be close enough to Pippa to want to invite her.

    • Carrie1 says:

      Ohhhhh if this is Charles thing that’s different. I’d say it’s coming from him for sure then.

    • milky says:

      I don’t think so. Yes, Charles is hosting it, but they’re hiring a glass marquee, and they’re going to have a fun night like any other wedding reception. I expect the Queen to show up for just a little bit then leave the youngins to it.

      • perplexed says:

        The reception will probably be fun in its own way. But I don’t really see Charles caring that Chelsea knows how to light up a party, given his age, title, the kind of crowd he’s known to hang around, and the fact that Diana’s disco dancing allegedly seemed to bore him to tears when he was only 35. And I do think anything royal-related probably requires a different way of behaving, since gossip can leak out. All of these people are under intense scrutiny and I think the invitations are designed on some level with that mind — hence, Sarah not being invited, which is the bigger story (who’s allowed to penetrate the royal circle, who’s not, , blah blah blah).

        I suppose my larger overall point is that the story of Chelsea and Pippa not being invited as a snub is framed in a strange way since I wouldn’t expect Charles to be interested in inviting them in the first place if he set the invitations (which he most likely did if Sarah is not allowed in with Eugenie, Beatrice, and Andrew). Maybe Phillip put in his 2 cents too.

        I suppose there is the possibility we might hear about William’s dad dance moves with his British hands up in the air as the most fascinating thing to come out of this reception. Even the bride and groom aren’t THAT young for anything too wild to happen (it would be funny if it did though).

  23. Mshisha says:

    I so highly doubt that chelsy was “shocked bc she’s the life of the party”. Please. Hard eyeroll.

  24. Lizabeth says:

    The “three musketeers” aside it’s only been in the last few years that Harry has talked about “getting to know Kate.” He didn’t seem to know her very well when W&K married. He wasn’t present at least one of the christenings for W&K’s children. So I’m not sure why Kate’s sister Pippa and her husband would be included as 2 of the 200 invited to the smaller affair.

    I do think excluding Fergie is a much bigger deal. But I expect that may have been done for Prince Philip. And who knows what Fergie has had to say to (& about) various members of the BRF that hasn’t made the papers.

  25. Sage says:

    If Pippa and Chrly are not attending certain events it is because Harry did not invite them. Meghan doesn’t know these people.

  26. ladida says:

    Chelsy knows better than to run to the press about her wedding invite or lack-thereof. I don’t buy it. As for Pippa, I do find it odd because she included M&H in the reception. Kate is probably skipping out on the reception due to P-Lou (yeah I just did that) so maybe it’s a protocol thing.

    • Tourmaline says:

      For Pippa’s wedding more people were invited to the reception than to the church. Because it was a really tiny country church. In the case of Harry and Meghan’s wedding the reception venue is smaller than the church.

  27. whatever1 says:

    Pippa’s first wedding anniversary is the day after (May 20th). Perhaps Pippa and James are planning to jet off somewhere else straight after the wedding ceremony therefore an invite to the evening party is not necessary?

    • Green Girl says:

      Maybe, but I think invitations are still extended in that situation. You don’t ever want to assume that someone can’t make it to your event, because who knows? They just might feel like rearranging their original plans for a milestone event so they can make it.

      • whatever1 says:

        You never know, maybe they did get an invite to the evening party and declined it because they want to celebrate their own special day.

      • Green Girl says:

        That is very possible, too!

  28. TheOriginalMia says:

    Chelsy and Pippa got invited to the wedding. That’s about all either could expect. There’s no rule that either an ex or a SIL warrants a wedding & reception invite. When was the last time Harry interacted with either of these ladies? Over a year? Harry & Meghan have their own circle of friends to interact with. Besides, Kate is not attending the afternoon & evening events.

    • DP says:

      How do you know Kate isn’t attending the afternoon or evening?

      • Sophia's side eye says:

        It certainly makes sense, as Kate has a brand new baby at home.

      • Canadian Becks says:

        No, it doesn’t make sense, as she also has multiple nannies at home. Unlike new mothers with no help, she is not tied to the home.

      • Lizabeth says:

        Plus, I would expect the baby will be going along..not to the ceremony and reception but I doubt he’s staying “at home” in London.

  29. milky says:

    Harry and Meghan have a no ring, no bring policy. They’re inviting only one half of a couple.

  30. Amelie says:

    This makes sense to me. The night-time reception is meant for Harry and Meghan’s nearest and dearest, the people who are closest to them. Pippa is friendly with Harry but she isn’t close family to Meghan or Harry or a close friend. Just because Meghan went to Pippa’s reception does not mean that Meghan and Harry have to reciprocate for theirs. Pippa most likely extended an invite to Meghan as a favor to Harry but that doesn’t mean she needs to be invited to every single part of the royal wedding. Having Chelsy at the night time reception would also be really weird. She and Harry are friendly, but not friends and she isn’t friends with Meghan.

    • milky says:

      How do you know Chelsy and Harry are not friends? I think they’ve remained close.

      • Amelie says:

        I’m sure they’re on good terms but I doubt they are super close especially with Meghan in the picture. They aren’t close enough for Chelsy to get an invite to the evening reception clearly.

  31. DP says:

    Why would Chelsy be invited to anything?!

    • Tourmaline says:

      She’ll be able to party it up at Eugenie’s wedding at Windsor Castle in October since they are good friends. I’m sure Cressida will be at that wedding too.

  32. Violet says:

    Well, if Chelsy really is “wild” and the “queen of night time parties”, no wonder, er, someone wanted her off the guest list for the evening do. Perhaps, also, the extra “fling” in 2015 suggested caution. Harry hasn’t been famous for staying in his lane.

    Pippa is pregnant and married (so that would be two more guests), and it doesn’t seem as if there’s been so much contact between her and Harry over the years, so yes to the church, no to the big nighttime party seems to make sense to me. Harry and Meghan weren’t formally engaged when Pippa married, so no to the church, yes to the evening do made sense then.

  33. Snap Happy says:

    Maybe Megan didn’t like Pippa copying her with the black turtle neck after her first public event?

    And poor Fergie. I keep picturing the Tv show “The Windsors” where B& E keep trying to sneak her into events in things like chests.

  34. Racer1 says:

    It might be shocking for some to believe but its possible that many people simply have no desire to go and are dignified enough to not dispute the PR spin of being labeled as ‘not invited’.