Jennifer Lopez in Balmain at the Met Gala: retro perfection?

Jennifer Lopez went retro with this fabulous Balmain gown which looks like a nod to her Flygirl days. It had rhinestones, shoulder pads, feathers, a high slit and a giant bejeweled cross on the bodice and it was awesome. She and A-Rod were so extra on the red carpet, but that’s why they’re perfect for each other. During their brief E! interview they just sang each other’s praises, and that’s what we’ve come to expect from them. They’re such showpeople with big personalities and it comes across in everything they do. I love this look including her styling.

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The E! commentators were clucking over Kate Moss at the Met Gala as it’s been so long since she’s attended one, but she wore a simple black Yves Saint Laurent gown with a feathered collar. This was a nothingburger dress. Still her legs look great. We saw a lot of leggy looks last night.

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Zoe Kravitz fared a bit better in vintage YSL, in a black lace gown which was completely split along the side and tied with bows. The heavy lace looks more on theme than Kate’s look. Plus she is giving FACE.

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  1. Clare says:

    Eh JLo’s dress is super basic and derivative, no?
    Beautiful face/body, as ever, though.

    • Lola says:

      Her makeup is so caked on it really ages her.

    • Ankhel says:

      Basic? You could use her to scare away vampires at a disco. Matter of fact, I think Alex’s brandishing her at Anna Wintour in that photo.

      • elle says:

        He totally is! He looks very awkward/ungainly for a former profesh athlete. He always looks like his shoes are too small or something.

        Kate Moss looks like a very well preserved Grand Dame.

    • Char says:

      It’s tacky af. Even the Kardashians left Balmain.

    • j says:

      i don’t think you can have a self referential event called “heavenly bodies” without a little derivative tackiness.

  2. ds says:

    Kate was the worst dressed; though compared to everyone being over the top she stands out. But really, nothing about the look

  3. Ayra. says:

    Zoe’s dress looks like they used left over lace and wrapped it around her.

  4. jequill says:

    zoe looks so much like her mother Lisa bonet in thess pics !

    • Froggy says:

      She does. I love her look and think she looks incredible in that dress

    • Kitten says:

      YES! So much. Those cheekbones could cut glass. Beautiful young woman and I actually like the dress, after closer inspection.

    • Ashley says:

      Zoe is one of the most beautiful young women I’ve ever seen.

  5. Miles says:

    Anyone who wore a typical dress and just had a cross pasted on it gets an L from me. And that includes Jlo

    • Pandy says:

      Good point! PLUS she’s still sticking her ham hock out from every slitted dress … sigh. SO OVER THAT POSE!!!!!! I think Zoe is boring to look at. Her mother is still more interesting. Kate’s partying days have caught up with her … but at least she’s “honest” looking that way.

    • Kitten says:

      Same. Her and Kim K are just…eh.

      That being said, J Lo is a beautiful woman. A Rod looks like a clown posing awkwardly next to her. I know I’m mean but he bugs me.

    • tracking says:

      This. I also don’t get the fangirling of Zoe’s dress. She’s gorgeous, but that dress really brings nothing to the event imo.

  6. Naomi11 says:

    I’m sorry, but JLO looks like a drag queen to me in those pics.

  7. Jegede says:

    Any J-LO outfit is ruined by that face she pulls!

    • AG-UK says:

      Some person at the BBC I think mistook Vera Wang for J-Lo how on earth…

      • Carrie says:

        JLo and those parted lips! You would think she feels ridiculous doing that all the time, it’s not even a natural face to make…seriously, try it right now! Lol

    • Kitten says:

      I don’t understand why someone doesn’t tell her to stop doing it.
      She is so incredibly gorgeous but just NO to that pose!!! She should look at Zendaya and Zoe to see how it’s done because those two young women were giving face for days at the Met Gala.

    • Aurelia says:

      J LO is smizing so bloody hard.

  8. Jussie says:

    Zoe’s dress reminds me of one Rihanna wore years and years ago.

    I thought J.Lo’s dress was great til I saw a full length pic with the feathers. Just once I wish she’d wear something that doesn’t look like the thought process was ‘showgirl figure-skater’.

    • Lucy2 says:

      JLo really is stuck in a rut with that look, isn’t she? Even for an event like this.

  9. Léna says:

    Kate Moss’s face!! Oh my God what happened?

  10. Elizabeth says:

    I LOVE Jennifer’s dress and her body is amazing. It’s hard to believe she’s almost 50. She’s so stunning!!!

  11. Baebae says:

    Usually Jlo blows me away but this time I’m underwhelmed. Zoe looks good in any and everything! Not sure if she stayed on theme though.

  12. CadiC says:

    Kate Moss’ lifestyle is showing in her face.

  13. mazzie says:

    I know it’s her thing but close your mouth, J-Lo.

  14. Jayna says:

    I really liked her Balmain gown. I liked its structure, the colors, everything. Her body looks amazing in it. Although, I agree with @Jussie. It didn’t need the feathers, and the gown should have continued on with the material all the way down.

    I like her hair. She ruins everything with her grating open-mouth pose. It’s become like nails on a chalkboard for me every time she does it. At least, she didn’t squint her eyes when doing it this time.

  15. Lala says:

    JLO seems to dress this way so much…that I’m like…”Meh”…at this point…

    There’s a relatively small window of time when one can wear the HELL out of the type of dress that Zoe has on…she is IN THAT WINDOW AND SHE IS WEARING THE HECK out of that dress!

    And Kate? Sigh….

  16. mellie says:

    Kate has lived her hard that is for sure, too much smoking and drinking. J Lo, on the other hand….

    • Kitten says:

      J Lo is #aginggoals. I think it’s a combination of great genes, taking veeeerrrry good care of her body and skin, and subtle tweeking here and there.

      I won’t say anything mean about Kate but yeah..the difference is notable, especially given the fact that J Lo is four years older than her…

  17. Carmen says:

    I loved Kravitz’s dress. She has just the right body for it.

    JLo, damn — the older she gets, the better she looks. Life just ain’t fair.

  18. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Zoe is best in that group. Damn, Moss looks haggard, and JLo looks ridiculous to the tenth. Somebody needs to stop her from making out with every camera.

  19. what's inside says:

    I am underwhelmed by J-Lo and her squeeze, especially in these pictures. That dress does nothing for her. She looked better as a GOT Queen in her most recent video.

  20. Lilly says:

    So great to see Kate there and she looks wonderful. Jennifer looks wonderful – one of the best dresses, although Lily Collins (which I didn’t really look at yesterday) was great. Zoe is so beautiful and I think she pulls off the look.

  21. jferber says:

    All three look terrific. Perfection.

  22. serena says:

    Hate all of this looks, not on theme at all (slapping a cross design desn’t make it look catholic, J-Lo). Very disappointed in Kate Moss, she didn’t try AT ALL. And Zoe Kravitz is semi-naked, in just a whatever lace-dress. Nope.

  23. Source says:

    Is it possible for Jello to take a pic where she isn’t smizing and parting her lips? Does she like seeing the same expression in every pic? Like a blow-up doll?

  24. sza says:

    JLO is flawless. Normally she gets a f-ck off,mate from me but That gown should be put in the Met. It is art.

  25. Sara says:

    I am going to get shit for this but Zoey is so beautiful like breathtaking beautiful but I find all those tattos are tacky, sorry.

  26. barrett says:

    I thought in spite of her slamming body the dress made J Lo look short a squat? Like it didn’t flatter her figure. And could have been cut better for how petite she is!

  27. AuroraBorealis says:

    I liked Jennifer’s look since it’s something I dont see from her often. I can never get over how gorgeous Zoe Kravitz is.

  28. Anare says:

    Zoe Kravitz is soooo beautiful. This was a scary dress to wear and she owned it. Dear JLo please close your mouth when you pose. It looks ridiculous.