Elsa Pataky on Chris Hemsworth: ‘I don’t know how we survived as a couple’

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Elsa Pataky has a lengthy feature in the current issue of Vogue Australia. She lives in Byron Bay, Australia with her family and her Aussie husband Chris Hemsworth, and clearly, the Spanish actress is trying to embrace her new home more and more. Which means Vogue Australia gave her a gig: she’ll be attending some events for Australia’s Fashion Week as a guest of Vogue Australia. She also lets it slip that she has another gig: she’s the new ambassador for Spanish Tourism. Meanwhile, she also told Vogue that her brother has moved to Byron Bay as well, and he “acts as the Hemsworths’ photographer.” He brought his fiancee too. Um… I wonder how many members of the Pataky family Chris is supporting financially? Anyway, you can read the full Vogue piece here. Some highlights:

She likes to wear all of her favorite jewelry all at once: “I like jewellery, so why not? It depends on how you wear it and what you wear it with, but you can just make it yours. This is jewellery I wear every day; I don’t take it off, because I lose all my jewellery… They mean all different things, like I have the ‘C’ for Christopher and then I’m very obsessed with the moon, so I have a half-moon and the other ones I keep changing. I usually put something on and it stays with me for a year and then I change it for another one. These pieces are all sentimental in some way. A lot of them Chris gave me on special occasions and I really don’t want to lose them, so I put them all on, and I do everything while wearing them: I horse-ride, I go to the beach … and I like to mix the hippie pieces that I like with more expensive pieces.”

How her style has changed: “When I was living in Madrid, I had to [dress] more urbane: when you go to dinner you wear high heels and have to be polished and have different bags – so my wardrobe was really big with lots of more elegant things. But if you go into my wardrobe now it’s very relaxed because I have three kids, so I can’t go out in heels! I have one bag that I use all the time and own far more comfortable clothes that have an edge, so I still like to feel like I am dressing up. It looks really casual but it’s ‘done’, you know?”

She got a ‘Thor’ symbol tattoo when she was 15: “Yes, it’s about Thor and I ended up marrying who plays Thor! It is shocking how things in life [turn out]. I just liked that [symbol] and the legend he had was so beautiful and I wanted to keep it.”

On the start of her relationship with Chris: “In the beginning it was beautiful – when I met him he wasn’t known at all and I grew with him and experienced all his successes and changes, and then he became just so huge and I’ve been sharing that too. Going through every moment and being there with him with every success was actually a good thing – we grew together. It’s difficult when you go from being an unknown person to a very known person and all the changes that come with that… We did everything very quickly – I don’t know how we survived as a couple. We were married and then a year after we had kids. It puts a lot of pressure on a marriage, but we came out good because there is a lot of love between us and we are very strong personalities but love each other so much. We make it work. So I think our years together have been great. Every marriage has ups and downs – it’s constant work to be in a successful marriage and stay together forever.”

[From Vogue Australia]

I remember when Chris and Elsa hit that rough patch. It was around the time he was supposed to promote the second Thor film (The Dark World) and he was largely absent from the promotional tour. There were rumors… and I got some weird vibes from him, like he wasn’t really into being married anymore. But they weathered that storm and moved to Australia and that possibly saved their marriage (for now). I think she’s happy enough, especially now that he’s supporting her brother, who lives in Australia too. As for wearing all of her jewelry all at once… no. I mean, I’ve seen some boho-types who can pull of the “layers of necklaces” thing, but generally speaking…less is more.

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  1. Melania says:

    They’ve a beautiful family.

  2. mamacita says:

    so glad they live in australia. I spent some years living there while growing up and it’s definitely more laid back than la. probably did help their relationship thrive. also I love layering pieces together. I wear my great grandmothers gold bracelet with my beaded bracelets and jade. as she says, it’s all in how you wear it.

  3. Snazzy says:

    Every time I see something about her I can’t help but think of that ridiculous pic of het and Adrian Brody on horseback in front of a castle

  4. Emily says:

    I dont get why its a problem hes supporting her and the brother? She won’t work much in Australia as she’s Spanish. Her brother probably moved there so she’d have family around if Chris who’s probably away 70% of the time want to support him by employing him that’s fine. Many celebrities employ friends or family members. i know everyone wants to paint her as a golddigger, but she’s raising his kids while he’s on set, it’s not a huge sacrifices for him to to help her brother settle in a new country so she has some family around while he’s away.

    • Lena says:

      I agree. Also, employing a family member might also be just practical for them so that there isn’t a stranger around especially for the kids.

    • Jess says:

      I think of her more as fame hungry than a gold digger, money just usually comes with being famous.

    • Sassyfrass says:

      Exactly. Why would anyone assume he’s supporting her family? She has her own money and Chris is away most of the time filming. I like her and she seems to be a hands on mom.

    • bbn says:

      Agree. She moved to another continent where it was obvious her career would not flourish, put it on hold to have kids with him and put her body through hell with pregnancies. Now she’s giving her kids a childhood most people would dream of. I don’t know where the snark comes from.

      Also, the assumption he’s supporting her entire family is completely unfounded.

  5. Theodora says:

    In a way, I like her. She’s the definition of a femme fatale. She made Adrien Brody and then Chris Hemsworth to madly fall in love with her, so she must have surreal charm.

  6. Parigo says:

    Before Brody she was with French comedian michael youn. There was overlap there and ugly shade coming from Youn. Then she hooked up with Hemsworth quickly after ending it with Brody. Girl knew how to upgrade each time.

  7. Marty says:

    Yeah, I remember that time. The way he talked about their wedding was super disrespectful. I just don’t understand the rush, they wouldn’t have had those problems in the first place if they actually took the time to get to know each other, and no one forced them to have a kid so early into their marriage either. Maybe Elsa was feeling the pressure of not being married or having kids at that point, but I just don’t know why you would put yourself through that.

    • Katie says:

      She was 34 when she had her first child. I got married at 33 and had my first child at 34. I remember being terrified before I got pregnant that I’d left it too late and it would take ages for me to get pregnant. There were so many stories about how your fertility diminishes quite dramatically at 35. Officially, when you’re aged 30-34 you have an 86% chance of getting pregnant within a YEAR if you try every month.

      Instead, I got pregnant the first month we tried. Maybe they were the same. You can’t “plan” when pregnancies will happen.

      • Whynot says:

        I got pregnant for the first time at 38, almost 39, on the second month of trying, which resulted in a healthy pregnancy and child. I’ve had no problem getting pregnant many times after this but I’ve lost them all to miscarriage. Everyone is different but I think most healthy women without fertility issues are probably okay up 40, then your eggs deteriorate rapidly.

  8. Talie says:

    He has had middling success…if it wasn’t for Marvel, he’d would’ve transitioned to TV by now. I know a lot of articles try to say she gave up a lot for him, but she had no career in America and was mostly known for her relationship with Adrian Brody. She won’t give this up without a fight.

  9. Darla says:

    I personally think she’s gorgeous.

  10. Svea says:

    The headline cracked me up. I mean they’ve made it 8 years. Course I know she is referencing how quickly they married and had kids, and, implicitly, his rise to fame. Still, talk to me when you’ve been married 20 years.

    • Snazzy says:

      LoL maybe 8 is the hollywood equivalent of 20?

      • cd3 says:

        That was my thought! I think hollywood marriage years are like dog years compared to human years!

        And honestly, 3 kids and blowing up famewise are actually a lot for any relationship. Kudos to them. I like her, dunno why – and I think she pulls of the layered jewelry look!

    • maxine ducamp says:

      Maybe they were having marital problems–most couples do at some point and Chris becoming so well-known so quickly due to the Thor surely complicated things–but let’s not rewrite history. Wasn’t he largely absent from the Thor – Dark World promotion because he was away filming (I think it was for In the Heart of the Sea, but I’m not sure)?

      • maxine ducamp says:

        Sorry @Svea, this was in general comment, not in reply to yours. Not sure why it showed up here.

  11. Panthress says:

    When Elsa met Chris she was not famous outside of Spain. Her notoriety was as a soap opera actress who was dating famous men. She made some low budgeted films that required nudity not acting. That is why people accuse her of being a porn star. She was famous like the Kardashians for the famous men she was dating and riding on their coat tails. She was not a successful in demand actress like Penelope Cruz. She was extremely famous for plastic surgery. She started out looking just like her brother. Just imagine a blond wig on him. She became known as the queen of plastic surgery. In Spain they made a video of her changing looks over the years. Elsa success is in choosing excellent plastic surgeons and getting famous men. What job did her brother have in Spain? Chris got him a job on both Thor movies as a camera man. All he does is take pictures of Elsa and make a so called documentary about her. As for their move to Australia, she wasn’t about to loose her meal ticket to fame. Just like her exercise book was a failure so was her acting career. If she hadn’t married Chris none of us would know who she is.

    • KBB says:

      Her brother looks a lot like Adrien Brody. They say we are attracted to people that look like us. If she really looked like her brother before, it’s funny she dated Adrien, then she ended up with Chris Hemsworth who she looks like now after plastic surgery.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yes, i’ve read elsewhere that the move to Australia was a bid to save their marriage as he does not like the LA lifestyle and paps (which she LOVES). He is def her meal ticket and is why she got pregnant just as his career took off. She has never had a good rep, he by most accounts is a nice down to earth generous guy. The way she treat Adrian Brody should tell people what they need to know about her – he bought her an effing castle, she dumped him soon afterwards as his career at that time wasn’t going anywhere.

      She’s an opportunist that has had a sh!t load of cosmetic surgery.

    • Lobbit says:


  12. KBB says:

    Honestly, I don’t think their marriage will last. It just feels like she’s really insecure about their relationship when she talks about it. And her comments here sound like she’s trying to remind him that she was there before he got big so he won’t leave her behind or something.

    On top of all that, when she’s in her 50s, he’s probably going to look exactly like he does now. Maybe Chris will surprise me and stick around. She isn’t my favorite person, but I’d still like him more if he didn’t end up leaving her for greener pastures.

    • bbn says:

      Wow, from this comment you’d think she’s 25 years older than him. But I checked and it’s 7… he won’t be exactly a young stud dating a grandma when she’s 60. Would you write a comment like that if their sexes were reversed?

      • KBB says:

        I’m not saying she’ll be decrepit lol she’ll look a lot better than I will at 50! But she will be a 50 year old woman and he’ll look like he’s in his mid 30s for another decade. I’m not saying it’s fair that men tend to age better, but I’m not going to lie to myself and pretend it isn’t true. It is certainly the least of their problems given the way they’ve both discussed their marriage.

    • Bluehair says:

      This quote has been repeated like everywhere. To me it didn’t read like she was insecure but just being straight about how fast they moved in terms of marriage to kids. These two seem solid to me but honest about how his career taking off, and the frenetic element of having kids made their relatively new marriage hard. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel have been together 30 something years and she’s 6 years older.

  13. Bluehair says:

    Never been a fan but sort of liked her after seeing her interviews. She’s pretty straightforward and probably gets some hate for fitting the femme fatale mould – but she comes across as an honest, not deceptive person. Yes, she lied about not having plastic surgery but they all do – even Angelina said she’d never had anything done when it’s obvious she had a nose job too.

    She was talking about Adrien Brody when she said you have to walk away when you know it’s the not the right guy. He was definitely way more into her than she was into him. She dated Olivier Martinez for two days or something right after, but I don’t think she cheated on Brody. Has done some seriously racy films (different film culture over there in Europe). As for the fame-chasing, she’s still got endorsements and other stuff going on so I give her a pass. They seem a nice couple.

  14. Jane says:

    Elsa and Lucy Damon attended a few events for Sydney Fashion Week a few weeks ago (Lucy was also interviewed by Vogue).