LuAnn de Lesseps really did say ‘I’ll kill you’ to the police officer who arrested her

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On Christmas Eve, LuAnn de Lesseps was arrested in Palm Beach, Florida. We knew that, and it was an enjoyable little piece of Christmas gossip. She was drunk as hell, and the original reports made it sound like she was a raging, violent alcoholic: she was arrested on charges of “battery on an officer, disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest with violence and crimes against a person.” The Palm Beach Post claimed she yelled “I’m going to kill you all” and that she kicked an officer during her arrest. Well… months later, after some of the charges were dropped and she rejected a plea deal on the remaining charges, so I guess she’s still dealing with some legal issues from the arrest. But that didn’t stop the Palm Beach PD from releasing a video taken from her arrest that night on Christmas Eve.

This video takes place entirely in the back of the squad car. The first two minutes – which you can skip – are just LuAnn drunkenly muttering to herself and presumably the other officer in the car. Then she slips the handcuffs and one cop opens her door to pull her out of the car and recuff her, and buckle her into her seatbelt (which she unbuckled). The whole video is… not what I was expecting. Watch (as I said, you can skip the first two minutes):

This was not as bad or as violent as I was expecting. There’s the obvious observation about white privilege, of course: if a drunk black man had slipped his cuffs and then repeatedly chanted “I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you,” to a police officer, I strongly suspect that the man would be dead right now. But mostly, LuAnn just seems pathetically drunk, blackout drunk, not-really-functioning drunk. As you can maybe hear on the tape, the male officer is telling LuAnn’s friend that they have to arrest her because she “hit a law enforcement officer,” which means that a lot of sh-t went down BEFORE she was cuffed and put in the back of the squad car. Because what happens in this video is not LuAnn assaulting an officer, it’s an officer manhandling a very drunk woman.

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18 Responses to “LuAnn de Lesseps really did say ‘I’ll kill you’ to the police officer who arrested her”

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  1. Athyrmose says:

    Said it, and lived.

    I wonder why?

  2. BlueSky says:

    Yeah, my a$$ would be dead.

  3. Littlestar says:

    Most definitely a display of privilege here.

    • FLORC says:

      Completely. This is the norm for gender, color and financial lines.

      And not even celebrity status saves you. Remember that member of The Roots? Apex of their fame. And he was beaten by police.
      And they were everywhere.

  4. Veronica S. says:

    Most definitely privileged, and also, I just do not get belligerent drunks. Sentimental drunks, happy drunks…why drink if you don’t fall into those two categories?* Why would you want to feel and behave that way?

    *Assuming you are not an alcoholic.

  5. HK9 says:

    My first thought was-she said ‘I’ll kill you” and I thought with what, her singing?? But then I’m like naw, that was just her white privilege at work here. Insufferable woman.

  6. Jayna says:

    A lot of stuff happened up in the hotel. I remember the story when it came out. Her behavior was quite appalling towards the police officers. So I guess she thinks she should get completely off because she is wealthy and was a countess. I see what you really are, Luanne, a drunk woman, picking up a guy and trespassing to have sex in a room not yours, and resisting police officers. You’re very common and quite sad at your age with such behavior.

    “She had been discovered trespassing in a hotel room with an unidentified man, according to a police report. The pair had entered the wrong room at the Colony Hotel in Palm Beach and refused to leave.

    “Police say Lesseps, 52, slammed a door and kicked at least one officer. “Officer O’Leary then attempted to detain De Lesseps and remove her from the bathroom, at which time De Lesseps shoved Officer O’Leary with an open palm to the chest, then slammed the door on Officer O’Leary face, striking him in the forehead. While De Lesseps was being placed in handcuffs she resisted by pushing and pulling away from Officer O’Leary and I,” the police report states”

    There was a photo of the officer’s forehead..

    • FLORC says:

      It’s not her age. Even children know that is not the way to act. It’s all in her character.
      It’s all very telling to her issues.

  7. LittlefishMom says:

    My second hand embarrassment level is off the charts. Her kids must’ve mortified. Hopefully the good that comes of it is she stops drinking so much and finds a better life path.

  8. Neelyo says:

    ‘I’m going to kill you, I’ll kill you!’

    This should have been her Housewives tagline.

  9. kate says:

    But at no point did the police officers feel so threatened they had to pull out their guns? How surprising.

  10. Flounder says:

    I think this is sad. Sad for her, but mostly for her kids.