Melania Trump looked so happy & relaxed at Barbara Bush’s funeral, right?

On Saturday, the late Barbara Bush was laid to rest. Even though there’s no hard-and-fast protocol for who attends the funerals of former FLOTUSes, there were four former presidents in attendance for Barbara Bush’s funeral: her widower George H.W. Bush, her son George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush and Melania Trump were also in attendance. Donald Trump announced that he wouldn’t attend days before the funeral, and it later came out that the Bushes had quietly encouraged him to stay away because he was so unwelcome. Melania brought some of the White House residential staffers who had worked under the Bush family. All while Emperor Baby Fists spent the weekend golfing and rage-tweeting about witch hunts.

It’s no surprise that the Clintons were in attendance – in the years after H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton left office, the two men became very close. George W. Bush even referred to Bill as something like another brother. So the Bushes and the Clintons have been close for years, and reportedly the Bushes really care for the Obama family as well. It was said that Barack and Michelle Obama attended the funeral because of how much they cared for the Bush family personally too. You can see that in the header photo, the affection between the former first families, especially with W. Bush’s arms around both his wife and Hillary Clinton. And look at Michelle taking one for the team and putting her arm around Melania.

The Bushes apparently made a seating arrangement for the first rows of the funeral service, and purposefully put Melania next to Barack Obama. Melania has never looked happier or more relaxed, quite honestly. She and Barack even shared a quiet smile or private joke.

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  1. Nicole says:

    The Obamas have more class in their fingers than Melania and Trump. Considering she helped fueled the racist birther movement he didn’t have to say boo to her and no one would’ve said anything.

    • Sojaschnitzel says:

      I think they have more class even in the part of the fingernail that you cut of when they get too long. Sending huge quantities of admiration and love for the obamas from europe.

    • Sabrine says:

      She looks fine. There’s a photo of all of them all posing for the camera and they’re all broadly smiling. A funeral can be a celebration of life, not just an occasion where everyone is weeping into their kleenex. Give it a break.

  2. Brunswickstoval says:

    I think they would all pity her.

    And the Obamas being kind to her would rile Trump way more than ignoring her. That would give him mileage.

    • Milla says:

      They are classy. And they know more than us.

      • Megan says:

        It was very classy of the Bush family to maintain protocol and invite her. It’s amazing she had the gall to show her face. W is making it clear how unwelcome she is. That is one of the very few things he has ever done that I approve of.

      • noway says:

        I didn’t like George W. as a President. He was not very effective as a President, even if you agreed on his policy stances, which I didn’t. Still, as a person I thought he was a decent person, and I appreciated his quiet demeanor as a former President. Same as I appreciate Obama’s, and Obama really has a lot he could complain about. I can live with Presidents I don’t agree with, and those who aren’t very good, but I’ve always thought all of the former Presidents in my lifetime at least were semi-respectful people who just have differing opinions. Unfortunately, this is not the case now. This is the big difference that scares me now.

        Sorry for the Bush’s loss. No matter your politics you can appreciate the close knit love of their family. Barbara Bush was a smart lady, and no matter where you fall on the political spectrum there was something appealing about her. My favorite comment was her comments on Sarah Palin. Just classic.

    • Peeking in says:

      The Obamas are very kind. Michelle’s arm isn’t around Melania, though, her arms seem to be clasped behind her back.

      • Honey says:

        Michelle has always been my barometer not Barack. She let’s you know when it’s not cool and when she’s not going to play the game.

      • Reginaphalange says:

        Yes thank you. That’s not Melania’s arm which appears to go around Michelle. It’s Michelle’s own arm going behind her own back. I’ve done that myself having to pose with people I am not going to wrap my arm around.

      • Grinning mama bear says:

        Perhaps Melania’s birtherism originates in her husband controlling her credit card but not in Melania believing in birtherism? Doesn’t make it much better because you shouldn’t carry out racist crap if you can avoid it for example by divorcing the racist.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      I get the sense they pity her, as well, and rightfully so. She is as sub- human as her turd of a spouse.

  3. NameChange says:

    For Melania, every opportunity to get away from the Orange Anus is a relief. But I don’t feel sorry for her. They say when you marry for money, you earn every penny.

    • minx says:

      Yes. She’s pure trash, and she’s just lucky the Obamas are gracious people who are always polite.

    • Grinning mama bear says:

      Calling a person “trash” is actually pretty harsh especially if you consider that most trash is actually burned. Also calling people names is kind of hiding what they really are. Take the opportunity and describe her in detail – it is much more useful ;-)

      She is a gold digger and probably she doesn’t have many options. Her only talent is her looks. Not much education and not much of a CV. Divorcing Trump wouldn’t get her much money because Trump is nowhere near as rich as he pretends to be.
      Remember that Ivana just got Mio $ 15 -20 and some property (ownership or just for use?) when she divorced Trump? I always thought that that was a very small sum because back then I thought that Trump was actually filthy rich.

    • Milla says:

      She married a democrat who was a businessman. She did not marry a politician. That’s why i do feel sorry for her.

      She earned every penny and more. Cos she has to be a first lady of USA. She’s not even from USA, she just wants to spend money and be with her son… BTW, look at France. Their first ladies are something else… Supermodel with colorful past, teacher who started dating her student… Now that’s really far more scandalous than Melania.

      • Bitsy says:

        @Milla exactly. Our memories are so so short in the celebrity and political world. Trump was a Dem businessman not so long ago who actually called quite a few African Americans friends. Not because he supports the Black plight, but because he is an opportunist first and foremost. Melania knew of his political dreams but never imagined Americans would be so stupid as to vote for him. She has always maintained that she didn’t believe it would ever get this far. As for her birther crap…a trophy wife is gon’ trophy wife. She’d cosign anything he told her to cosign. Rumor jas it that their prenup includes him getting custody so she won’t ever divorce his crazy until Baron is well out of college.

  4. Belle Epoch says:

    According to Comey, Trump expressed concern about Melania believing there is a pee pee tape. Why would he care what she thinks – unless it involves money? Could the tape invalidate their prenup and give her more money?

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      I think that was his cover story for Jim Comey and his real concern was the existence of humiliating compromising material with which Russia could blackmail him. It seems like he really did that crap in Moscow and has had to wonder, like the rest of us, if he were taped.

      It’s not about his feelings for Melania. He has no feelings for women.

      • Grinning mama bear says:

        He has the same feelings for his trophy wives as he has for his other trophy assets. Cars, houses, women … all very important to him as long as they make him look rich and important.

    • Keira aka coconut says:

      Trump came up with any and all reasons for Comey to back off investigating the pee tape, showing how scared he is of it coming out.

    • minx says:

      If Trump never participated in a pee-o-Rama he wouldn’t be so worried about a pee tape. He would say, “It never happened.” He would not be telling Comey that there might be a one per cent chance of a pee tape. It’s not something you forget.

      • Grinning mama bear says:

        Trump would have to be the daftest id… of them all to enable anybody to get such tapes on him.

  5. LT says:

    I’m not sure why Trump’s absence is warranting any commentary – it’s not customary for the sitting president to attend the funeral of a former First Lady. From what I found with a little research, it looks like the last (and I think only) time a sitting president attended the funeral for a former First Lady was JFK at Eleanor Roosevelt’s funeral.

    No fan of Trump, but his absence should not be viewed as anything other than it is – fairly standard protocol.

    • Esmom says:

      Eh, I think it’s disingenuous to simply dismiss Trump’s absence as protocol related. Since when has his been anything like a typical presidency and since when has he had any regard for protocol? Why is it so hard to acknowledge he truly wasn’t welcome? I’m sure he didn’t gaf.

      • B n A fn says:

        @ LT, “I’m not sure why Trump’s absence is warrenting A commentary.” You had to look up that fact because to most of up it appears strange that he did not accompany his wife. TBH, I did not expect him to attend because of the insulting things he said about the bushes, guess he would have been embarrass to a show his face, just saying.

      • ELX says:

        Left out and rage tweeting all weekend.

        Hooker Barbie is not a good person, but she is utterly pitiful.

      • Taxi says:

        Sitting presidents never attend past Potus or Flotus funerals. The massive security requirements that would have to be put in place would completely disrupt the funeral & the surrounding community.
        Pres. Bill Clinton’s visits to Chelsea when she was at Stanford wreaked havoc on Palo Alto. Major thoroughfares closed for hours + 122 rooms needed in a local hotel for Secret Service & other accompanying personnel. Hillary could sneak into & out of town more easily with a much smaller detail, but Bill’s visits, announced only at the last minute caused gridlock for hours. People couldn’t get to work & the entire local police force was busy with Bill’s motorcade.
        No one would wish this mess on a funeral service.

    • Muffy says:

      That’s true. However there is a lot of bad blood between Trump and the Bush family. They pointedly did not endorse Trump for president and Trump has been critical of GW Bush. They hate him and he hates them.

      • jwoolman says:

        I doubt that Donald has an embarrassable bone in his body… But it really is tradition for just the First Lady of a sitting President to attend such funerals. The Obamas and Clintons were in the friends of the family category so it made sense for husband and wife to both attend.

        I imagine the Bushes did take the precaution of alerting someone on the White House staff that Donald should definitely stay away, in case he decided to break tradition since he needs every photo op distraction he can get. Fortunately, he’d rather be golfing.

    • indefatigable says:

      This is an anti-Trump site LT.

      • B n A fn says:

        This is an anti racist, lying, con artist, anti low life bs site.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        and I can’t imagine why…it can’t possibly be because he’s a horrible creature who has done nothing for his constituents except the white, christian, extremely wealthy? perhaps it’s his racism, his misogyny, his anti-Semitism, his sexual assaults, his desire to trash our democracy and install himself as a dictator, all the while looting this country as best he can for his own personal wealth? maybe it’s because he’s mocked a disable person and name-calls like a bully in elementary school?

        why do you think it is, indefatigable?

      • Pip says:

        This is an anti-Trump world. Mostly.

      • indefatigable says:

        It wasn’t a criticism. I was just clarifying it for LT who seemed to want to cut Trump some slack in this situation.

    • lightpurple says:

      It i fairly standard protocol for the sitting president to be absent. First Lady funerals usually focus on the gathering of First Ladies.

      But Trump spent the funeral tweet-storming attacks on people; thereby calling attention to the fact that, unlike other Presidents in the past, affairs of state didn’t prevent him from attending.

      And Barbara Bush openly despised him.

      • lucy2 says:

        This is what bothers me. I’m fine with a POTUS not attending, for security reasons plus they should be, you know, busy with work, but this turd is just sitting on his golf course whining on twitter. Even if he weren’t working, he should have pretended and stayed offline during it.

        All of the presidential families seem to get along quite well despite politics, I guess it’s very rare shared experience. I doubt the current batch of grifters will be as involved once he is mercifully out of office – possibly because several of them will be in jail (pretty please!).

        The Obamas are pure class, I’m not surprised they were kind to her.

    • Ninks says:

      The reason Obama missed the funeral of a former first lady was because he was giving a long scheduled speech on the day. The reason that Trump missed it was because the Bush family asked him not to, and he couldn’t even pretend he had a valid reason for not going as he spent the time golfing and rage tweeting.

      • Green_eyes says:

        I agree that the Bush’s had Melania sit next to Barack on purpose. He really is so gracious & has such a way of making those around him feel at ease. Obviously she felt those qualities too. It’s written all over her face & smile.

    • Lizzie says:

      I’m not Bush apologist by any stretch of the imagination but the Bush family hates trump. Barbara Bush hated Donald Trump. There is video her saying no woman in their right mind would vote for him after he won the primary (and how right she was). Trump would have loved to have been there in the photos, sucking all the air and attention out of the room. Also I’m sure Jeb, who Trump gleefully humiliated just a year ago, wanted to mourn his mother without that blowhard asshole in his view. The Bush family was right to ask him to stay away not b/c of protocol but b/c he should know that he is persona non grata with members of the powerful establishment Republican dynasty.

      • Christin says:

        A raging narcissist and others’ bereavement do not usually mix. He would have made it all about him, no doubt.

      • buckley says:

        I can imagine the Dotard, had he been there, would have shoved George Bush’s wheelchair to the side so he could be in front of the picture.

    • NotTodaySatan says:

      Completely agree. I saw many snarky comments on social media insisting he was banned and that’s just infantile and petulant. He was never going, he didn’t have to be banned. Is it so damn difficult to accept that it’s modern day protocol for the last 50 years and 5 former First Lady funerals….and leave it at that? FFS the then sitting president did not attend the funerals of Mrs Johnson, Mrs Ford, Mrs Nixon, Mrs Kennedy Onassis* or Mrs Reagen. That means Obama, Clinton and both Bush presidents all sat them out and all sent their wives to represent them which is exactly what happened here.

      The Bushes didn’t have to ban him although he certainly wasn’t wanted, He was never going to go, and they were good with that. So was he for sure,

      *President Clinton did NOT attend Mrs Kennedy Onassis’ funeral mass and Mrs Clinton did as First Lady, He did however speak at her graveside.

      • BlueNailsBetty says:

        I agree with you except for one item: Trump would have gone if he hadn’t been told he was not invited. He desperately wanted to go and “hang with the cool kids” and try to look important. Protocol, as with his work ethic, means nothing to him.

      • NotTodaySatan says:

        @BlueNails. I completely disagree and neither one of us can prove our positions — or disprove the others. I believe trump much preferred being in “the southern White House”,* tweeting garbage and playing golf, He didn’t want to go, he relied on the precedent to avoid it, he wasn’t wanted and the Bushes relied on the precedent and it all worked to everyone’s preference. No “banning” drama was required.

        *that tweet was inane, but most are

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Did you read the article? It states that the Bush family explicitly told him to stay away. **That** is the big deal here.

    • Kelsey says:

      The funeral was invitation-only and the Bushes made it quite clear that Trump wasn’t invited. He would have been there to try and suck up all the oxygen in the room if he could.

      It will be interesting to see what happens if/when Bush I dies. Usually all former Presidents go to the funeral of a former President, but the Bush family despises Trump and I wonder if they even want him there either.

  6. Ankhel says:

    Never mind that Obama had the nerve to smile at who he wants to. That top photo! George W. Bush was the only one not grinning in that funeral, apparently.

    • nona says:

      I think you’re saying that you find their smiles inappropriate, right? I would agree, if this were taken at the funeral service, but it wasn’t. It was taken at the gathering afterwards. At my 90-year-old uncle’s funeral a couple years ago, we all shed tears during mass. Afterwards, the extended family gathered together and we laughed and hugged and told stories about him and caught up with each other … At one point, we took a group photo and we looked like we were having the time of our lives. Were we smiling because my uncle had died? No. We were smiling because we were blessed to have known him and blessed to have one another. He would have wanted it that way, he would have approved, and I bet Barbara Bush would have, too.

      • H says:

        Thank you, @nona. When my grandmother died last September my siblings and I flew in from around the country for her memorial service. After the service my brother, sister and my cousins all went out to a bar to have a drink in Granny’s memory. (My grandmother loved beer!) We took pictures and posted them on Facebook. Like you said, it wasn’t because we were happy my grandmother had died, we were celebrating her life and the fact we were together.

        I find nothing wrong with this picture of the former presidents and first ladies.

      • jwoolman says:

        Wakes before the funeral are often like that. People gather and tell funny stories about their experiences. When the person has been ailing and clearly ready to depart, the close family typically feels a great sense of relief and this all helps them.

      • Ankhel says:

        I’m not sure I’d say inappropiate exactly, different shakes and all that. However, IMO, it seems WEIRD to gather mourners and go “cheese, everyone!”

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        She was an old woman who chose her death and prepared her family well for it. Under different circumstances, it might be less appropriate, but this is a historic grouping and just as with families, it’s a matter of “Sheesh, why does it have to take a funeral for us to get together?”

    • Snowflake says:

      Yeah, I felt that way too. But I guess it was expected, she had been ill

    • Lizzie says:

      i personally don’t think the death of a woman who lived a mostly healthy life with her mind 100% intact at 92 who passed away at home drinking whiskey surrounded by her loved ones to be all that sad. of course her children and family will mourn her and miss her deeply of course but everyone dies. IMHO a funeral for an extremely elderly person who lived a great life, who died with dignity it truly is a celebration of life.

    • happy girl says:

      The few minutes I watched the live feed of the funeral, George W. was not only chewing gum like his life depended on it, his left arm was draped over the pew behind him and he was laughing like he was high. Seriously. All I could think was, WTF is going on here….

      • Betsy says:

        For a man with known substance issues, what he caused in the Middle East and Afghanistan…. I don’t think George is nearly as stupid as his press. Being the person who caused the death of so many, and so many years’ heartache, and such ongoing pain, must hurt.

        But I’m just spitballing.

      • Norah says:

        some people react like that esp when mrs bush knew that she was dying and had planned the funeral.

      • Ankhel says:

        Really? Wow.

    • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

      This was at the wake. Barbara Bush was famous for having a great sense of humor and great jokes. If you listen to all comments from her family and fiends you would know she wanted her wake and funeral to be joyous. JWB takes after his mom in humor.

  7. Runcmc says:

    The Obamas are so dignified and classy being kind and warm to Melania. Sometimes I wish they would be petty- it would be warranted I think! But nope. Class acts through and through. The photo of the past presidents is so lovely – I like seeing how close they all seem to be.

    RIP Barbara Bush

  8. grabbyhands says:

    While the Obamas seemingly never ending supply of courtesy, class and kindness always impresses me, that tweet is spot on. It absolutely should not have been his responsibility to be kind to someone who has helped stoke the hatred against he and his wife. But that wasn’t the place or the time and as ever, he took the high road.

    God, I miss that family.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes to everything you said. Their grace and dignity clearly comes naturally and it’s simply befitting of the roles they held. Something Trump and his kids have zero clue about.

      • Elkie says:

        As does his first wife, who was interviewed recently about her oldest son’s impending divorce and remarked that he will find it easy to start another relationship as he’s rich and good-looking *coughvomitcough*, whereas his ex-wife will struggle as she “has five children”.

        Way to disown your own grandkids there Ivanabetterplasticsurgeon.

  9. Neelyo says:

    I believe that Trump is flat out terrified of Michelle Obama. As he should be.

    • mellie says:

      haha…yes, he should be, she is a bada$$!

    • Kitten says:

      I’m not sure I’d use the word “scared” but he’s definitely intimidated. Judging by the women he’s hired for cabinet and administration positions, a woman must either be a useful idiot (DeVos) or a sycophant (Huckabee-Sanders) who’s willing to parrot inane lies to the press (Conway).
      The main requirement being that they carry out his agenda without pushing back.

      Michelle embodies independence, strength, pride, competency, and compassion (a useless quality as far as Trump is concerned). She is everything Trump does not want women to be.

  10. lightpurple says:

    Barack Obama is pure class to the core. Melania herself is a birther yet he has been nothing but respectful and clearly charming to her.

    The Carters didn’t attend because Jimmy is traveling overseas and Roslynn is recovering from surgery. Usually, adult children of Presidents attend such events when the parents can’t or are gone . Caroline Kennedy, Tricia Nixon Cox, Lynda Johnson Robb, one of the Fords sons usually show at these things but I’ve seen no reference to them.

    Melania’s foot looks tortured in that group picture. That weird bulge at the ankle isn’t attractive.

    Has Laura Bush been ill? Her face looks very drawn and thin.

    • Esmom says:

      I think Laura Bush looks ok. Once again I marveled at how one of their twins looks exactly like her and the other looks exactly like W.

      • Lizzie says:

        me too! the twins were both on a TV interview last week that I caught and it was truly remarkable.

      • lucy2 says:

        That is pretty amazing. I’ve never seen twins who look so little like each other. I went to school with a few pairs of fraternal twins and my friend has some also, but they all had some resemblance. I would never guess the Bush twins were even related.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Lucy2 my brothers are twins and there are no two different human beings you will ever meet. One is 6 feet, straight hair, brown eyes and a “marchs to his own drummer” kind of man. The other has blue eyes, curly hair, super slim, is 5 foot 8 and is and accountant. Genetics can be amazing!

    • Iknowwhatboyslike says:

      Chelsea Clinton and Caroline Kennedy attended. I don’t know if the children of past presidents attended.

    • Chaine says:

      Daily Mail had a blurry photo of Carolyn Kennedy arriving at the funeral with Chelsea Clinton.

    • H says:

      I didn’t know that about the Carters. Jimmy Carter is my hero. The man is in his 90s, had cancer and still travels the world doing good. Can you imagine in the future when all the former presidents get together and Trump has to be there? I hope they ignore him.

      • AMA1977 says:

        It is my fervent wish that he won’t be able to come because he will be in prison. Or dead. I am good with either. And I don’t wish death on people lightly, but I think his time on the planet should be up.

    • Norah says:

      interesting how dan quayle or his wife didnt come to the funeral

  11. Prika says:

    Bunch of people on the right side of the photo, Melania basically isolated in the left if it was not for ever gracious, classier than anybody, Michelle Obama.

  12. Upstatediva says:

    Caroline Kennedy was present, as was Chelsea Clinton.

    • lightpurple says:

      Thank you. i was wondering that and hadn’t seen it mentioned anywhere. Usually, adult presidential kids attend when the parents are gone. Caroline, Tricia Nixon Cox, Lynda Johnson and some of the Ford boys usually show but I hadn’t seen any mention of them.

      I have always been impressed with how the families of former presidents have treated and embraced Chelsea. I will always remember how Gerald Ford sought her out during the 9/11 memorial at the National Cathedral, how they seemed to have a genuine, friendly, and caring relationship.

  13. Annie says:

    Wouldn’t have expected anything less from President Obama but had he chose to ignore her, I would have been fine with it because she deserves. I hope she reflected a bit on President Obama’s kindness to her and regrets the birther crap. I’m probably giving her too much credit.

  14. Lila says:

    A group of gracious adults made Melanie feel relaxed and unembarrassed: people to whom that kind of behavior comes naturally. That is not what she is used to.

    • Esmom says:

      Spot on. She finally got to experience what it’s like to hang out with genuine adults who aren’t frantically trying to get ahead at the expense of everyone else and/or trying to cover their tracks for unethical or unlawful behavior.

  15. Eric says:

    Melania is smiling next to Barry because he told her time is just about up for Emperor Zero.
    There’s a hilarious pic of them sitting in the Disneyland teacup ride together. I sent it to EZ.

  16. indefatigable says:

    That’s what I said.

  17. Miss Kittles says:

    I dont know why but I feel like this pictures truly show how much she dislikes her husband. I bet he was furious to see her showing this much joy with them. I ALMOST feel bad for her…. almost…

  18. Eric says:

    And by the way, no one without foreknowledge tweets out “it’s a witch hunt!”

    Who will it be????
    Hannity and his 870 properties in 7 states via a shell co?
    Emasculated “man,” Jared?
    Michael “he will never turn on me” Cohen?
    Don “if it’s what you say it is…I love it!” Trump?
    Or is EZ realizing he goes from subject to target this week?


  19. Magdalin says:

    I think it’s a nice photo, but all of them looking so happy was automatically strange to me. I guess a round of grimace smiles might have been a bit more appropriate?

    Reminds me of Ted Kennedy’s funeral. The arrival time ahead of the service looked like a straight-up networking reception. Hand shakes, hugs, laughing and talking.

    • Betsy says:

      The guest of honor was 92, lived a good life, died a good death, and is now reunited with her late daughter. The befores and afters of funerals for someone like Mrs. Bush are frequently nice get togethers.

    • Swack says:

      I hope to all get out when I die there better be a big party in celebration of my life. I have planned to be cremated and they can take the money they would have spent on a funeral and have a big old party. I hope they laugh, have loud music, dance, and do whatever they want. I don’t want anyone to mourn me. This is why I hate funerals and wakes. When I was 22 my father passed away. I was at the wake standing near the coffin and my b@#ch of an aunt badgered me for almost a half hour that I should touch my dad. My friends rescued me, took me to a break room and got me laughing. Got the most awful looks but it is what I needed at the time (after watching my dad waste away from cancer for over 3 months). It is sad when someone dies, but life goes on and I want those still living not to mourn.

    • Anastasia says:

      This was at the gathering after, not at the funeral service.

    • oh-dear says:

      Some cultures celebrate the person, not mourn their passing so it a particular cultural lens that expects sadness at an end of life event. Barbara seemed to be celebrated, so this isn’t surprising or jarring to me at all.

  20. HK9 says:

    Melania’s looking relaxed, probably because she’s thinking about the freedom she’ll have after her husband’s eventual demise.

  21. MerrymerrymonthofMay says:

    The only time I see Melania smile is when she is with the Obamas

  22. Betsy says:

    I love seeing the adults again.

    And as I believe that Melania is in an abusive relationship, I hope she gets out.

    • Norah says:

      melania knew who she married and deserves every single bit of what she has – the humiliation part as well.

      • AMA1977 says:

        I am distinctly not a fan of 45, and am not a Melania apologist, but nobody deserves abuse, disrespect and humiliation from their intimate partner. I seriously doubt that he treated her the way he does now before they married, and I am sure that he had excuses for all of his past bad behavior, as sociopaths and narcissists are wont to. She didn’t, and couldn’t, “earn” the poor treatment she receives, no matter the motivation for her marriage, activities in her past, or anything else.

      • jwoolman says:

        Read up on narcissistic husbands. They typically do not reveal their true selves under after the wedding. My guess is that he unfurled his true colors after she was pregnant.

        We have no way of knowing that she knew what he was when she married him. She may very well have thought that he was a charming rich guy. Not the first or last woman to fall into that kind of trap.

  23. Lisa Critzer says:

    i wonder if she used this opportunity to tell him that she thinks his birth certificate is a fraud

    i hate her, she is no better than the rest of them

  24. Sofija says:

    I will never understand how could Americans choose Trump after having such wonderful president Obama…pure class both him and Michelle.

    • Milla says:

      Cos you cannot replace them. Cos Obama did two terms and that was it. Cos the election system is not democracy, its outdated and to top all that, Obama was more peaceful than others. And i heard people saying that’s bad…

    • MizFabulous says:

      And you might as well go ahead and say it… because he is black. And the racists in this country cannot handle that. About 6 months after the election, my FIL actually said about 45, “Well, he may be an idiot, but he’s better than the last one.” The unspoken reason was, because at least 45 is white. So, for an alarmingly large percentage of the population, the worst possible white man is better than the best possible black man. That’s sickening.

  25. jwoolman says:

    I know many of you are angry with Melania for supporting the Orange Maroon’s birtherism in public, but knowing what a violent and vindictive narcissist he is – I have no idea if she really believed it herself. Anybody in that situation has to do what the violent and vindictive narcissist wants to avoid problems at home. A lot of eggshell walking is involved. If I can figure this out, I’m sure the Obamas can also. I doubt very much that they give it (or any other thing she has to say in public for the benefit of the Orange Maroon) a second thought and certainly don’t hold it against her. They know the situation she is in. They’ve seen it up close.

    I’ve always thought Melania actually likes and admires the Obamas, in particular the relationship they have with each other. On Inauguration Day, she looked rather wistful in that pre-Inauguration video with the car as she saw the Obamas together, obviously affectionate, while her alleged husband was sprinting away from her and not even noticing her at all. The Obamas saw this also and went out of their way to rescue her and make her feel welcome.

    She didn’t write the plagiarized speech she had to deliver at the convention (being married to the violent and vindictive narcissistic nominee), but I can believe she really did draw inspiration from Michelle Obama.

    So Melania looks happy and relaxed because she is among nice people who make her feel welcome, and she is away from the violent and vindictive narcissist and all those pesky eggshells she is usually walking on.

    • Jayna says:

      Watch her in the interview with Joy Behar, when Joy had her show. She definitely believed it. I don’t hate Melania, but she was in full support of her husband back then regarding Obama before the election, years back. Did she want him to win the presidency or even become the nominee? Hell, no.

      • Lisa Critzer says:

        yeah she says it like her fake resume has notary public on it, she’s all in, like she’s some documentation expert

    • adastraperaspera says:

      Fair assessment. I say that as no fan of Melania’s.

  26. MellyMel says:

    Obama forever being classy…ugh I miss him! I always love pictures of the former Presidents and First Ladies together. I love how close they all are despite their differences.

  27. Mumbles says:

    Melania only follows a handful of people on Twitter and one of them is Barack Obama, which I read as a not-so-passive-aggresive dig at the MAGAs. And, she quietly kept Michelle Obama’s vegetable garden going, despite the irrational hate it inspired among idiots like Sarah Palin. It’s not much, but it’s something.

    I love the first photo because it looks like the rest of them are trying to freeze out gross old Bill.

    • homeslice says:

      You know I don’t make any excuses for Bill. I think had he been president today and those allegations came up he would have resigned. He was an immoral man who made bad choices but still did some good in this world. I have such mixed feelings about him. For me, it’s not just black and white. Maybe it should be? I don’t know?

    • Peg says:

      I don’t think so, Bill is tight with the Bushes, regular visitor to their homes in Texas And Maine.

  28. homeslice says:

    That picture made me almost tear up this weekeend. This is what it is supposed to be like. Whether we agree with them politically or not, our Presidents should embody class, decency and civility. Trump is never going to be welcome into this club. Ever.

    God, I love Barack. This man is a true gentleman in every sense of the word. We were so lucky to have him.

  29. Jayna says:

    Michelle looked fantastic.

  30. B n A fn says:

    Did the Dotard tweet about the killings in Tennessee? Wonder why? Could it be because a black man was a hero who prevented several other deaths by his bravery?

    • Eric says:

      plus the clown who did the Waffle House shootings was a trump fan, wanted to meet him, was arrested outside the WH in an uncommon area, and is what we should call all these asshats: a domestic terrorist!

  31. Melanie says:

    I thought it looked like Michelle has both arms behind her back,right?

  32. Amelie says:

    Yeah Michelle doesn’t have her arm around Melania, both she and Barack have their arms clasped behind their backs (or harder to tell with Barack but his arm isn’t around Bill’s they are standing too far apart). It’s impossible to tell from that angle if Melania has her arm around Michelle but my guess she isn’t.

    On purely a superficial note, Barack seriously has the widest smile I’ve ever seen.

    • homeslice says:

      Most beautiful, genuine smile! I’m sure he was a comfort to the Bushes. He seems to be such a kind, good person.

  33. Lboogi says:

    You just know Michelle told Barack “You sit next to her, I don’t want to be bothered with her” lol

  34. KiddV says:

    I’m sure Melania and Michelle have spoken often. You can’t fall into a position such as First Lady and automatically know what to do, who to hire, etc. Michelle had said that the Bushes were extremely helpful to her and Barack.

    Our own partisanship likes to believe it’s always Democrats against Republicans and vice versa, but once you’re President it all about the people (I’m NOT speaking about Trump here), Presidents helping out Presidents, and they do become friendly. We forget that. Former President of the United States is a small club.

  35. indefatigable says:

    Where are the Carters?

    • jwoolman says:

      Apparently Mrs. Carter is sick and Mr. Carter is out of the country doing good somewhere. He is a wonder. Jimmy Carter is about the same age as Barbara Bush, isn’t he?