Tiffany Haddish, Rihanna, Cardi B & treasonous goblins made the Time 100 list

2016 MTV Movie Awards

Time Magazine released their Time 100 issue on Thursday and I found it depressing. Obviously, many of the people on Time’s “Most Influential” list deserved to be there – Robert Mueller, Tiffany Haddish, Ryan Coogler, the activist/survivors of the Parkland shooting, Tarana Burke, Issa Rae, all of them deserved to be counted among the “most influential” in the world. Unfortunately, the list was tainted by an orange poop stain and his Fox News lackey: Donald Trump and Sean Hannity. Ugh. Oh, and absolute wingnut Roseanne Barr also made the list. AND KKKeebler Elf Jeff Sessions.

So, who else made this year’s list? Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, separately. Not the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Obama wrote the profile of the Parkland survivors too, which is awesome. The Time 100 also included: Nicole Kidman, Lena Waite, John Krasinski, Trevor Noah, Chloe Kim, Millie Bobby Brown, Chadwick Boseman, RIHANNA, Justin Trudeau, Cardi B, Adam Rippon, Roger Federer, Jennifer Lopez, Gal Gadot, Kumail Nanjiani, Christian Siriano, Greta Gerwig, Jimmy Kimmel, Kesha, Ronan Farrow and more. You can see the full Time 100 feature here.

How seriously should we take this? I mean, it’s not Time’s “Person of the Year” or whatever. You could make the argument that “influence” doesn’t have to be a good thing – there are people who are influential for all the wrong reasons, like Trump, Sessions, Barr and Hannity. But this year’s Time 100 list did feel very…light. Very heavy on the entertainers and athletes, even with the cover subjects.

2016 MTV Movie Awards

Covers courtesy of Time Magazine.

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  1. crazydaisy says:

    These lists are annoying.

    • Snazzy says:

      Yes. I was really disappointed that it was so heavy on celebrities. They could have chosen to make a statement with this and instead it was mostly fluff.

  2. yanni says:

    Wow. That video of Tiffany Haddish is heartbreaking.

  3. Ayra. says:

    Geez, Tiffany’s video made me tear up.

  4. Mar says:

    Jennifer Lopez has really stretched her mediocre singing and acting into being one of the most overexposed celebrities ever

  5. Jussie says:

    There’s also plenty of people like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Emmanuelle Macron etc. on the list, but yeah, this year all the shady Republicans kind of crowded out the other political, science and business picks a little.

  6. Margo S. says:

    Jennifer Lopez… Really?!

  7. Pamsicle says:

    Agreed. So many incredible people doing God’s work in the world and they focus on celebrities. Love Tiffany Haddish though!

  8. Lala says:

    I wanna have some SERIOUS words with WHOMEVA had the nerve to style Tiff like that…AND I MEAN…SOME SERIOUS ONES!

  9. Tan says:

    Frankly, other than selected few, included the reigning president of United States for obvious reason, rest are hardly influencing the world. So its okay.

    • Cranberry says:

      Right. I would think they must have put kim jong un and Putin on the list too for that matter.

      Who they should really have put on the front cover are the Kock brothers and the Mercers.

  10. Cranberry says:

    What’s Kesha done in the past year that’s so influential. I’m not dissing. I’m aware of her, but I don’t follow her, and I seem to be way out of the loop as to how she’s such an influence this year.

    Also if Nicole Kidman is on the list why not also put Reese Witherspoon? She was just as involved as producing BLL as Kidman wasn’t she? And it seems to me that she’s been very outspoken this past year about women’s equality and equal pay in entertainment. Wasn’t Reese named by somebody (Kaiser?) as one of the influencers of HBO pledge to start paying actresses equally to actors. That’s pretty influential imo.

  11. ria says:

    John Krasinski?!!