Mandy Moore goes on a wine tasting road trip for her bachelorette party

After making us cry for two seasons on This is Us, it’s nice to see Mandy Moore giving us a reason to smile, and, in my case at least, feel the white, hot heat of envy.

The 34-year-old actress, engaged to Dawes frontman Taylor Goldsmith, spent a Instagram-worthy weekend with her closest gal pals (and a token guy, Chase Weideman, who is the Director of VIP Relations for design house ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo) to celebrate her upcoming nuptials.

Mandy’s This is Us co-star Susan Kelechi Watson (because if there’s anyone from the show who could liven up a party, it’s Beth) and Minka Kelly joined some of her gal pals for a California road trip to the gorgeous Big Sur area for one memorable bachelorette party. The crew enjoyed fine dining, spa outings and, of course, wine – documenting it on social media.

The group had an unofficial dress code, wearing outfits in red, pink, orange and golden hues. Guest and blogger/fashionista Emily Schuman posted a group photo on her IG feed, with the caption, “The best crew for the most incredible girl. #mooresunset.” Accessories for the guests’ ensembles came in the form of necklaces featuring Mandy’s face on a charm. Well, I always thought Mandy was charming, so this is quite fitting.

The best crew for the most incredible girl. #mooresunset

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Among some of the other photos shared from the trip are a great shot of Susan and Mandy as well as the trio of Mandy, her BFF Minka and another guest. Mandy shared lots of photos on her Instagram story.

It wasn’t all wining and dining. The crew also managed to get out and appreciate the great outdoors, posing for a group shot at the top of a cliff.

Wow, what a party. I can only assume my invitation got lost in the mail. Congrats, Mandy.

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Mandy Moore has breakfast with fiancee Taylor Goldsmith and some friends at Amara Kitchen in Pasadena this morning

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  1. Susiecue says:

    Who is Mandy Moore marrying?

  2. LizLemonGotMarried (aka The Hufflepuff Liz Lemon) says:

    After being married to the that asshat, Mr Punk as f himself Ryan Adams, I hope she has a very happy life.

  3. Digital Unicorn says:

    This is my kinda bachelorette party, in fact its one of my favourite weekend break type holidays.

    Mandy has proven herself to be a good actress, wonder if she will transition to the big screen again.

  4. Eric says:

    California girls, at least for a weekend. Big Sur is the shizz for those of you wanting a similar experience. Close to Carmel and Monterey and Santa Cruz. About as picturesque an area as you’ll find anywhere.

  5. ChrissyMS says:

    Good 30 something Bachelorette. Lot’s of fun but also lots of time to chill I would imagine. I like that she is friends with Beth Pearson is real life lol.

  6. Eliza says:

    I did this for mine too. Great friends, great wine, vineyards have great views too. Hired a driver as we went vineyard to vineyard.

  7. Claudia says:

    “as the trio of Mandy, her BFF Minka and another guest” – I’ve been following Mandy’s Insta for a while (during her ill-fated first marriage) and that “another guest” is her true bestie Raina. She’s a non-famous “regular person” and they’re super close.

  8. Alix says:

    Color-coordinated outfits. Necklaces with the bride-to-be’s picture on them. Sounds more like a hippie memorial service than a bachelorette party.

  9. Lala says:

    My girl did this last year before she got married…and a good friend of mines is doing this next week for her 50th birthday…it seems to be a trend…an exhausting, expensive, mind shattering trend!!! LOL!!!!

  10. lucy2 says:

    Looks like a lot of fun in a beautiful area.
    I didn’t know she was getting married again, or that she was friends with Minka. I stopped watching This is Us after the first season, but I like Mandy, and Susan the actress who plays Beth was a standout (their family story-line was the only one I was interested in).

  11. Asiyah says:

    I don’t drink wine but this is the kind of bachelorette party I wouldn’t mind attending. It seems like so much fun!

  12. ms says:

    I hope she’s happy. She has spoken openly about having depression in the past. I hope she’s in a good place now, she seems like a genuinely sweet person.

  13. Canadiangirl says:

    Love Mandy, and I love Minka! I follow them both on Instagram, and they are both so fun and charming ! πŸ™‚