Zoe Kravitz on turning 30 this year: ‘I’m about to be the most productive I’ve ever been’

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Zoe Kravitz covers the latest issue of InStyle. She always seems to have some new project she’s promoting, but mostly the vibe I get from Zoe’s magazine interviews is that she’s never really promoting those projects. Like, she just decides “oh, I want to do a photoshoot and just chat with Marisa Tomei” and InStyle was like “sure.” Zoe did speak with Marisa Tomei for the interview, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Tomei is basically Zoe’s godmother. Here are some highlights from the cover story:

Zoe’s biggest lie: “When I was a kid I was a vegetarian—my mom decided I was a vegetarian. And then I went to Disneyland with my dad and I ate meat and I didn’t tell her for the longest time and it, like, ate me alive inside. And then I one day had to tell her, like, ‘I ate meat! And I’m sorry.’ I was like 10, so it was really hard on me.”

Little white lies: “If people ask me if I like their outfit and I don’t like their outfit, I probably would still tell you that I like your outfit.”

Work life as she turns 30 this year: “Yeah, I’m about to be the most productive I’ve ever been. I’ve worked a lot the past couple of years, but now I’m feeling more confident as an artist and have more opportunities. I’m getting the chance to make art from the ground up. In your early 20s you’re figuring it all out—you’re like a dog with big paws. And you’re waiting for people to open the gates for you. Now they’re open. So I feel really excited for the next 10 years of my life.

Beauty as she turns 30: “I’m feeling more in my body. Beauty is so much what’s on the inside, as Hallmark-y as that may sound…even though I was taught that, I didn’t always feel beautiful on the inside or on the outside. I had to go through phases where I had to try to find it.

She loves steam rooms: “Steam rooms are, like, my favorite places ever. For me, spas aren’t for getting my nails done. I want to sweat it out. I have a steam room in my house because it just makes me feel so good. When I’m in L.A., I go to a Korean spa and spend hours there sweating it out, moving the energy…. So if I’m traveling or feeling sh-tty physically, that’s usually the first thing I do.

She loves coconut oil: “Coconut oil is beautiful, the way it smells and feels. I love the idea of putting something on your body that you can eat and that smells like cupcakes … because girls are supposed to smell like cupcakes [laughs]. It’s my favorite thing in the world, coconut oil.

Female empowerment and Time’s Up: “I feel it. I believe it. Because when we come together, you feel the energy immediately. We’ve all grown up in a culture where we were taught to fight with one another for jobs and attention—specifically men’s attention. The fact that we’re supposed to compete in terms of who’s the most beautiful—that’s the issue for this beauty issue! We’re not taught to raise one another up. But everyone looks more beautiful once we get rid of the idea that we need to oppose one another. Everyone gets to sparkle. I want to be an example of a person in the world just being herself.

[From InStyle]

I’ve been talking about this a bit on Twitter (@KaiseratCB), but hearing Zoe talk about turning 30 is just… ugh, whatever. You are still SO YOUNG at 30. I wish I could tell that to every 29-year-old woman who is freaking out about the big 3-0. 30 is nothing. 30 is wonderful. 30 is so young. Wait until you get closer to 40, that’s when the wheels start coming off and IT IS NO JOKE. Like, my body hurts after doing nothing. I can’t work out the same way. I go to bed crazy-early because I can. The one bright spot is that with every year after 30, you give less and less of a f–k about almost everything.

Also: I’ve never understood steam rooms. Never. I don’t have the steam room gene, I guess.

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  1. Astrid says:

    Just wait till you’re past 50 LOL!

  2. slowsnow says:

    I’ve me t my fair share of priviledged kids and the first thing I notice is that a lot of them do not have stamina. When I read her interviews I just feel that she spends way too much time – because she has time and money and a steam room in her house and whatnot – musing about sh*t.
    I find her beautiful but her acting is lacking. She always seems tired, bored or not completely there and I cannot help wondering if it’s the inability to fight for something because you never had to.

  3. Amber says:

    She’s insanely beautiful. And she looks younger than 30, that must Lisa Bonet “forever young” genes.

  4. lolamd says:

    I love her hair. Wish I could get away with that haircut.

  5. Lucy says:

    I don’t know, you guys. For me, it’s crazy to think that Lenny Kravitz has a 30 year-old daughter, LOL. I really like Zoe! Always have. She knows she’s had it easy and seems grateful and happy about her life.

  6. Hoping says:

    That cover does her no justice, with that Mr. Burns’ from the Simpsons expression! She is gorgeous.

  7. ValiantlyVarnished says:

    Let the girl own turning 30! Turning 30 was a big deal for me. It was huge shift for me in a lot of ways so I understand what she is talking about. I will be 38 in June. And yes 30 IS still young. That age feels like a lifetime ago. But it was still a big deal when it happened. My mother has told me that the other huge shift will happen when I turn 40 and I’m interested to know what that shift will look like. I am already at peak DGAF about most things lol. Women should own and enjoy the milestones they reach at every age. Because it’s all part of the journey to becoming who you’re meant to be.

  8. lucy2 says:

    I hate heat and humidity, so a steam room is my nightmare! I can’t imagine enjoying that, but whatever floats your boat.
    Your description of 40 is so true – everything hurts! 30 didn’t feel like a big milestone for me at the time, but it is for many people.

  9. ichsi says:

    I’m turning thirty too this year and I WISH I was super productive 😂😂 I love steam rooms too though so we at least have that in common.

  10. Fran says:

    I just can’t take to her… I’m probably unfairly comparing her to her parents who both have a real star quality about them though. She’s very beautiful but just not interesting.