Cindy Crawford: ‘I don’t really think that you can teach how to model’

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Cindy Crawford covers the latest issue of Town and Country. I’m currently in a love-hate phase with Cindy. I love her because I’ve always loved the OG Supermodels. But I hate the sh-t she’s done to her face, and I hate that she’s just going all-in with nepotism to get her children their own modeling careers. That’s pretty much what Cindy’s T&C interview is about – her kids and how she’s still a protective parent but she’s also pushing them/helping them with their modeling careers. Kaia Gerber is 16, and Presley Gerber is 18. Just my opinion: neither child has Cindy’s It-Factor and both Gerber kids kind of suck as models. But whatever. Some highlights:

Her relationship with Kaia Gerber: “…We talk every day, at least, and text. If she doesn’t text me back within 15 minutes, I do one in all caps and a lot of exclamation points. Just respond, okay? Or else I’m going to track you through your Uber account.”

On raising her children with moral values: “I didn’t find that hard to do at all, actually. Kids don’t always listen, but they are always watching what you do. If you’re polite to people, they learn to be polite. If you make family time a priority, they don’t even question spending time together. …You lead by example.”

On being a mother of two rising young models: “I’m really lucky, because I don’t have a #MeToo story. As far as being a mother of two young people going into fashion, of course I worry. But let’s be honest. My kids are blessed in that business because they aren’t coming in as unknowns. People will know I will come after them if they mess with my kids.”

She’s managing Kaia & Presley’s careers right now: “Eventually I want to empower them to be in charge of their own careers, but they’re not ready for that yet. Right now they’re mostly, ‘Mom, just tell me what to do.’”

On giving her children the confidence to stand up for themselves on modeling jobs: “I’ve done nude photos, lots. The only ones I regretted were the ones that I kind of got talked into. I don’t want my children to ever look back and think, ‘Gosh, I wish I hadn’t done that.’ I want to empower them to just say, ‘I’m outta here.’”

On why she chose to start her skincare line, Meaningful Beauty: “I was 35, living in L.A., with children, and there was a shift in me. I felt like it was time to take a chance on myself. So I took a gamble and started this company with Dr. Sebagh.”

Whether she taught Kaia to model: “I don’t really think that you can teach how to model. It needs to come from within….[but I did help her play dress-up as a child], I would do her hair and makeup and we would play photo shoot or runway show. I would be shooting the pictures, and I’d be like, ‘No, put your chin up,’ or ‘Hold your arm out like that.’ Probably a little of it stuck.”

[From Town and Country]

“I don’t really think that you can teach how to model. It needs to come from within…” Agree or disagree? I agree in the sense that you have to be BORN photogenic. You can be pretty in real life but if you don’t look good on camera, you can’t be a model. But then again, you can “teach” someone to pose like a model and work like a model and you can use all of your fashion connections to nepotize your kids into work. Sigh… I’m fighting a losing battle, I know. In five years’ time, Kaia will be the new Gigi/Kendall only she’ll be considered “classier” because of her pedigree.

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Photos courtesy of Victor Demarchelier for Town & Country and received via email from Hearst publicists

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  1. Swack says:

    Is Kendall even relevant anymore. She did maybe one or two runways recently. While GiGi did more than Kendall, seems like her time is winding down also. JMO.

    • citney says:

      I find it sad how Cindy Crawford has no more aspirations for her children than for them to be “models”.

      Modeling is fine, but it is a short career, Cindy Crawford should know that herself. Personally, I would be encouraging my children to stay in school, (since her kids seem not to go to school) and then go to college.

      • kloh says:

        Isn’t that what most celebrity kids do though? Uber famous parents usually push their kids into the same career paths, instead of teaching them the value and importance of higher education.

  2. IsaidwhatIsaid says:

    The Barbizon School of Modeling determined that was a lie.

    • Stella Alpina says:

      America’s Next Top Model also showed the same thing. You can be photogenic and pretty, but if you don’t know your angles or feel totally at ease in front of a camera, you won’t give good results. I remember Amanda & Michelle, those twins on one season of ANTM. One had an innate natural ability to model, the other didn’t.

      • Stella Alpina says:

        I should clarify: I think ANTM showed that you had to have a natural instinct for it. There were many contestants who were pretty in photos, but they didn’t know how to pose and many of them never improved even after receiving advice. As well as knowing your best angles, you have to be very comfortable in your own skin and not be worried about making a fool of yourself in front of others.

        In other words, ANTM contradicted the purpose of Barbizon. That school couldn’t teach it unless you already had the ability.

        Serious question: how many Barbizon graduates went on to become supermodels?

      • Agenbiter says:

        Didn’t look carefully but some pics of graduates are at link below – including Giuliano Rancic and Carmen Electra

  3. Maya says:

    I think the reason Kaia doesn’t have the it factor is because she still looks like a child.

    Once she grows and turns 20ish, she will be stunning.

    • L says:

      Well, yesterday I saw a massive ad with Kaia, a huge banner on the side of a building in NY. She didn’t look like a child. And it’s funny because I said to my husband, “I don’t know. As a parent it would be weird to see my child on the side of a building.” But I guess notnthat weird if your mom is a super model.

    • Jayna says:

      On the runway, she looks like a kid to me. She’s out of place receiving the jobs she has, because I don’t think it works. It was nepotism all the way, with Cindy pushing for her. But I have defended her on here when people say she doesn’t have the “it” factor or Cindy’s beauty. I too believe she will mature into a beauty. She’s only 16. Even at 19 there will be a huge difference in her.

      I am disappointed in Cindy for pushing her to be a model so young. She tried to start her off much earlier around age 13, but backed off after criticism. If Cindy had told her daughter, being a teenager focused on school, not being a model, was most important, but she could follow her dreams at eighteen, that’s the way it would have been. Cindy wanted this. Ugh.

      • psl says:

        I agree.

      • I'm confused says:

        She did her first campaign with Versace when she was 11 year old.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Yes, she did, and she talked about her daughter in model terms and not as a child. It always stuck out to me, and she colored her son’s hair when he was young. I thought that was weird but then not when I think about her.
        For the life of me, I can’t understand any model making that the sole goal for his or her children. I don’t want that for any of my children or relatives or friends children.
        I can’t think of another model mother who pushed their children like this. Not one. Except for Yolanda who was never even close to Cindy’s level or the two or three levels beneath her, so it makes more sense.
        At least she didn’t make Kaia go through a series of painful surgeries so I will give her that.

    • Penelope says:

      Stunning, she’s not and never will be imo. She’s pretty, period. Where I work I see 10-15 better-looking, more naturally gorgeous girls literally every day.

      • minx says:

        Same. She’s a pretty girl, well groomed etc. but just doesn’t have any star quality.

      • kloh says:

        “Except for Yolanda who was never even close to Cindy’s level or the two or three levels beneath her, so it makes more sense.”
        Lol, so accurate! I think the Hadid’s time is starting to quiet down.

  4. Larelyn says:

    Curses to whomever said Cindy Crawford looks like Caitlin Jenner. Now it’s all i see!

    • Llamas in pajamas says:

      Oh no. I definitely can see that.

    • indefatigable says:

      I see it too.

    • Seraphina says:

      Add Janice Dickinson to that mix as well. My eyes cannot unsee it!!!

    • Snappyfish says:

      OMG that was what I was coming to say. I only see Jenner (Caitlin not Kendall) when I see Cindy now. I was never a big Cindy fan I was more Christy, Linda, Claudia & Naomi (but mostly for phone tossing drama)

    • Emily says:

      That might have been me sorry… I know I commented on it on the last Cindy Crawford article haha because I really did think the header pic was Caitlyn before I read the headline.

      I’ve seen huge ads (we’re talking several floors of ads) of the Gerber kids here in NYC. I don’t know they seem pretty modelesque to me.

  5. Citresse says:

    Presley has more of the it factor than Kaia and Kaia needs a sandwich. There’s normal teenage skinny and there’s anorexic skinny. Kaia is not well. She’s pressured too much by stage mom Cindy and it’s not healthy at all.

    • Stella Alpina says:

      That’s one problem I have with Cindy. She KNOWS the industry is worse now than during her supermodel days. During her time, there was more variety in ethnicity. The sample size was 4-6 for the runway. Now, models are expected to starve themselves to fit into a size 0-2. She also knows how manipulative and exploitative it can be. It’s not just the new models who are disposable. Every top model is replaceable. The people in power can declare a model passé and she won’t get jobs anymore. Today’s flavor of the year can easily be forgotten next year. Yet Cindy is okay with her daughter being a model and she seems fine that Kaia’s losing considerable weight (she was already slim to start with). She may get her daughter work because of her legacy and her connections, but she can’t protect her from all the ugliness. She’s not a power player in the industry.

    • ChillyWilly says:

      Yes, kaia is definitely dangerously thin. Cindy was never this thin! She needs to get her daughter in therapy stat. She is a 16 year old child for crying out loud.

    • Miss M says:

      I agree Prestley has more “It factor”. I think he got Cindy’s expressive eyes.

    • Domino says:

      You mean, Kaia needs therapy and medical help. Anorexia or Bulimia isn’t just a bad diet, and it isn’t cured by a burger or sandwich.

      • Citresse says:

        Yes Domino I certainly didn’t mean to be flippant with the sandwich comment. The point is a 16 year old needs regular, healthy meals. Kaia can eat a healthy whole grained bread vegetarian sandwich with avocado, spinach, tomato etc with vitamin supplements. The point is DM posted photos of Kaia not long ago and IMO she is approaching skeletal and that’s disturbing. Cindy wants to continue the family brand, that’s clear, but her first priority should be the health of her children.

      • Alix says:

        It’s shorthand for “get this person some real food, on the regular”. It’s not about a SANDWICH.

    • KiddV says:

      I think she looks fine. That’s how I looked at 16, I didn’t have an eating disorder. I was more muscular though, I played sports, cheerleading, etc. She doesn’t look like she gets any exercise at all.

    • Kat says:

      I actually saw Presley, Kaia and Rande Gerber together recently. Kaia looked unnaturally thin (even for a 16 year old) and not healthy. It was sad. Her brother and Dad ordered actual meals and all she ate was fruit. I actually wanted to scream….EAT SOMETHING.

  6. Naptime says:

    Cindy only working one angle and one pose these days? If this is her good side…

    • Spicecake38 says:

      I thought this too,what’s with the one pose ?

    • amyston says:

      I was scrolling through the comments looking for someone to comment on this! What is it with these two shots?! She looks ridiculous.

      For some reason it reminds me of Catherine O’Hara’s character in Waiting for Guffman (when you’re talking to someone, you close your eyes. And when you’re not talking to them, you look away.) It’s like “When the photographer’s shooting you, you look away. And when the camera clicks stop, you smize right into the camera.”

  7. QueenB says:

    Right, having a symmetrical face cant be taught.

  8. Vava says:

    Kaiser, you say she did something to her face. What was it??

  9. Shannon says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that she talks or texts Kaia every day – she makes it sound like she’s moved out. I hope that’s not the case.

    • Spicecake38 says:

      I took it that the child has moved out,or is at least on her own for stretches of time for her work?I hope not,but why make a point of saying you talk daily if she’s in your household of course you talk daily .

    • ChillyWilly says:

      That struck me as odd as well. Models travel constantly so Kaia probably has moved out in a sense. I would NEVER let my underage daughter do this. Cidy thinks no one will mess with her because her parents are famous? Didn’t save Mira Sorvino or Gwyneth Paltrow from Weinstein.

    • G says:

      YES! That’s what I picked up on- shouldn’t her daughter still be living with her at 16?! It sounds like she’s moved out and is doing what she wants, which is worrying.

  10. Snap Happy says:

    I liked the interview. She was blunt. She isn’t going to hide or apologize for the fact her kids have an advantage and she will protect them. I also liked the part about kids watching what we do.

    I’m not going to knock her for any plastic surgery she gets. It’s hard for everyone to get older, I can’t imagine being a world renowned beauty and have to deal with getting older. I didn’t like all the comments about her being “thirsty” when Kaia came on the scene. It seemed pretty clear she was there to watch over her daughter and people wanted to see her. It reeked of ageism to pile on her.

  11. magnoliarose says:

    What she is saying is true, but she isn’t telling the whole truth. Genetics determine the basics, and without those then everything else is a pipedream. A lot of people make boatloads of money from people who want this, but the basics just aren’t there. It is a career that is not unlike an athletic career in that it is based on physical attributes and a predisposition that makes it a suitable choice for a small segment of the population.
    You can’t make someone photogenic either. You can however manipulate and take a hundred shots to get a good one as is typical with nepotism models. There is a lot of PR and behind the scenes, maneuvering going on to ensure their success even though the numbers don’t support their name recognition. Most of it though is from gossip, pap strolls, press releases, PR, financial bargaining, and connections. As if they are already worthy of that level attention before they even start on their careers.
    I have never liked Cindy and this push to make her kids top models is disturbing on many levels and exposes the kind of mother she really is.

    • Jayna says:

      Spot on. I said I was disappointed in Cindy, but “disturbing” is also true.

      I always liked Cindy until this obvious push for her daughter to be a model when she was so young.

    • Stella Alpina says:

      magnoliarose, it looks like Cindy is just another stage mother. She is living vicariously through her children’s modeling careers.

      I think her son inherited more of her looks. I see Kaia and am reminded of Rachel Bilson. Pretty, but not striking.

      • crogirl says:

        Agree. Taller, less pretty, less cute version of Rachel Bilson. Nothing special about this girl.

    • Kelly says:

      Do you think it’s possible that Cindy even calls the paps on her kids? The link upthread to a Daily Mail article shows Kaia vacationing in a thong bikini and she seems to be putting on a bit of a show with her friends, and is looking at the camera for a few shots. Is Kaia big enough to be followed everywhere she goes? She’s not Gigi.

      • psl says:

        It is so disgusting how the DM tries to sexualize Kaia.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Yes, she calls the paps constantly. She has been doing this for several years, and the DM is pay for play anyway. Beach shots are 99 percent set up pap strolls and getting this many means the pap might have even been contracted by the subjects.
        Shots of Kaia aren’t worth much money and paps only fly to vacation spots if someone huge is there and hard to catch on film. It isn’t worth the expense on their part.
        In what world is this healthy?

      • Kelly says:

        If Cindy is calling paps on her thonged child, she’s taking part in sexualizing Kaia.

    • Birdix says:

      It must be difficult to be lauded for having won the genetic lottery then have it and your “value” fade away. Maybe why Crawford is pushing her children—it both makes her and her genes relevant again. But this is what makes me wonder about all the aristos who people say wouldn’t marry Will or Harry. Surely Crawford has all the money and access she needs—why would she want this now?

  12. LittleWing says:

    Models are boring.

    • amyston says:

      They weren’t always. Sigh. I miss Erin O’Connor and Stella Tennant.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Two of my favorites too. I 😘 Erin especially. They are fashion models and not model celebrities. There are different types of success as a model. I prefer the fashion route because it is more creative and exciting. Erin is also a lovely person and an example of a tall skinny girl finding a career as a model. She tries to mentor and advocate for healthy modeling.

  13. wendy says:

    I think she’s right, and she’s not talking about looks. It is that *it factor*. It’s the thing that sometimes draws your eye to the woman who isn’t necessarily the one you’d think would get all the attention. It’s a certain kind of magnetism that you either have or you don’t. I work in sales and it reminds me a bit of that. It’s not the same *it* but it’s an ability to empathize, gain trust, and talk to people in a way that just seems close to impossible to teach. There are skills and techniques that you can learn to go from average to good or even great, but you’ll always pale in comparison to someone who just instinctually GETS it.

    As for whether Cindy’s kids have that… I would say no. But I haven’t paid much attention.

  14. roses says:

    What about encouraging the kids to focus on their education first instead of interjecting them in this type of environment…I don’t get it but then again she was going to college to be an engineer and dropped so maybe she doesn’t think its that important.

  15. Stella Alpina says:

    Cindy was one of my favorites from the supermodel era. Linda Evangelista was a visual chameleon, but Cindy was a pioneer who expanded what a model could do. She did both haute couture and mainstream advertising that was not fashion-related (Pepsi, Blockbuster). She was the primary face of Revlon. She was the first of her group to pose for Playboy without negative repercussions. She had her own exercise videos and had success as a host on MTV. I loved that she had a multi-ethnic quality – fashion photographers have said this. In various photos (not necessarily in real life) she could look European, Latina, Middle Eastern, etc.

    That said, I find her problematic, like Kaiser.

    At her height, she posed in a widely publicized photo wearing a hat that said “No Fur” while holding a cat. Several years later she was the model for several ads wearing Blackglama fur. Real fur. When asked about her hypocrisy, she said that the no fur photo was a favor she did for a designer friend and not a public statement that she was anti-fur. Riiigghhht.

    She was already a wildly successful supermodel when she did that. She didn’t need to do it for the money. I get that she grew up poor, but it seems she’s willing to shill anything to increase her wealth.

    She claims her “youthful” appearance is due to Meaningful Beauty when she’s had lots of help from a plastic surgeon – fillers, Botox, and more. Topical lotions and creams can only do so much. BTW, the brains behind Meaningful Beauty is Dr. Sebagh. She’s really just the face/spokesperson for it. Without him, she would have no product.

    Her pushing her kids to be famous and her regular presence on social media is a bit disappointing. She can’t move beyond reliving her glory days and uses her kids to stay relevant with the younger generations. I was hoping she would have a family life that was away from the public, like Christy Turlington (who has allowed herself to age and who still looks like herself).

    • psl says:

      Christy Turlington is my favorite model ever. And I LOVE that we have no idea what her kids look like. Cindy makes me sick ever since that catalog pic of Kaia at 6 years old – topless, looking over her shoulder, with a henna tattoo on her lower back. I was disgusted.

      Turlington is the best! I have loved her since 1986!

      • Stella Alpina says:

        Yes. Christy is another favorite. Such a unique beauty!

        Both Christy and Cindy were known to be very professional in their industry. No diva demands or acting difficult (I’m looking at you, Naomi).

    • magnoliarose says:

      The Cindy you have issues with is who she has always been. She lies all the time if it benefits her and has a massive ego. Yes, she is professional, but in her life, she comes first. Her image and career are her top priority, and she is extremely competitive.
      I should have been surprised by her political beliefs, but I wasn’t. She fits right in.

      • Stella Alpina says:

        *Sigh* Yet another one who is truly different from her public persona.

        Sounds like you’re a witness to the shenanigans in Cindy’s celeb community.

        From a dishy gossip standpoint, are the persistent rumors about her and Rande true? Are they in an open marriage and are they both bisexual? I keep hearing that Rande and Clooney are more than just friends.

  16. Who ARE these people? says:

    She doesn’t think it can be taught yet she was coaching her little girl on how to pose? Doing her hair and makeup?

    If her daughter were in school she couldn’t text her every 15 minutes. She sounds like an overbearing stage mother.

  17. trh says:

    Like any other performance skill, some people are born with the necessary aptitude & physical attributes, and some aren’t, but all need training and practice to be excellent on the runway with consistency and under pressure.

  18. pyritedigger says:

    Is she shading her own daughter?

  19. Betsy says:

    Kaia does not have “it.” She is a lovely young girl who should be in school, working to become a plastic surgeon. Or a landscape architect. Or a professional chef.

  20. Snap Happy says:

    She is CINDY CRAWFORD. She is an icon. She is not living vicariously through her children. Her life would still be amazing if her children didn’t model. And Kaia is gorgeous. Cindy has some pictures of her with her cousins. All lovely people, but it’s noticible Kaia is striking.

  21. Jayna says:

    She has also had a small part in the 2016 Lifetime movie Sister Cities . She said it wasn’t far from her personality. She said she “interviewed” for it. LOL I remember being surprised when I recognized her in the movie. I think I saw it on Netflix or Amazon.

    Her scene.

    • Jayna says:

      Kaia had a small part, not Cindy. I didn’t make that clear in my post.

    • magnoliarose says:

      That is some terrible acting. Cindy can’t act either. Hopefully, that is the one and only attempt ever made because that scene is tragic.

  22. perplexed says:

    The photos of the supermodels generally look better than the photos of actresses so I think there might be something to what she’s saying’

    There are some actresses who are better looking than models (at least in the face anyway), but Gisele always winds up looking the best in photos.

    That said, I think you also have to have the desire to do the job for a long time. I don’t know how many people really want to model as long as Cindy Crawford has. Even Christy Turlington, who probably could model till she’s 100 or a corpse, decided to go back to school. I assume modelling bored her to some extent. The motivation to talk about your looks all the time or how you maintain your body must wear off after a while if you other things going for you as well. I’ll laugh if Kaia decides she likes calculus better than modelling.

    • Hazel says:

      That’s it. Cindy made a lot of the fact that she was a straight-A student & majored morning in chemical engineering (that was the scholarship she could get, not necessarily her chosen career path), yet her inner life seems empty. She’s shallow as can be. Her looks, getting attention, & making $$ are her sole concerns. She’s boring as can be. Turlington, on the other hand, has depth to her & is leading a meaningful life, not chasing ‘meaningful beauty’.

  23. Mimi says:

    My fave supermodels were Christy Turlington & Helena Christensen. Both went on to pursue their different passions. Christy is a staunch activist for women from third world countries & her love of Yoga. Helena loved photography & also an activist, & documents people from round the world. She is a great photographer.

  24. Karen says:

    I never thought much about her. I always thought she was beautiful and did a good job. Everyday she is now papped going out with her husband or the kids. I have had enough of this family. They are becoming Kardashianesque. She is pushing Kaia too hard. She should be getting an education. If she wants to model fine—on a more limited basis. She did tons of shows in Paris and had black circles under her eyes.

  25. Daisy says:

    Eh I don’t really agree with the “you can’t teach how to model” thing. Her own daughter is an example. Kaia’s early shoots were bad, but now she’s actually getting better at it. I also think it’s a matter of confidence and how the relationship between model/photographers and editors is.
    And honestly, Kaia is the best nepotism model at the moment (it’s not that hard though) and overall, her walk is one of the best in the industry alongside Yasmin Wijnaldum.

  26. april says:

    Sounds so snobbish and dimwitted. It’s not an intellectual job, Cindy. Regardless of appearance, anyone could figure out how to pose, etc. I also read that very attractive people can usually dance really well, due to the natural symmetry in their face and body.

  27. Hkk says:

    I am 36 and would love to see even a few Hollywood beauties age naturally! It’s disturbing that even the most naturally beautiful people are afraid to age naturally. What message is that sending all of us! I’m not buying it. Give me some beautiful laugh lines and saggy eyelids.

  28. paddingtonjr says:

    I like the “OG Supermodels” too since they were at their height when I was in my late teens/early 20s. But I have say Cindy really is the most boring of them all! It’s all about modeling and beauty with her. And listening to her talk is painful: absolutely no inflection when she’s hawking her beauty line. I would think that, as someone who has been through the business, she would want her children to have something to fall back on. There is nothing stable about modeling or show business: tastes change, people change, beauty fades. With her contacts and hustle, the kids could model on the weekends and school breaks, go to college, and then try modeling full-time if that’s what they want. I feel like the “nepotism/Instamodels” phase is dwindling and then what will they have?

    I really love Christy Turlington and Helena Christensen: both have used their celebrity and resources to better themselves and help the world. And they don’t parade their children around and try to convince the public the children are going to be the next generation of supermodels. Presley Gerber might make it; he does have more of an “It factor”, but Kaia, while attractive, doesn’t seem to.

    Also, as to her comment that no one would mess with her kids: as many people have said before, what about Mira Sorvino, whose father Paul has been known and respected in the business for more than 60 years? Or Gwyneth Paltrow, the child of a successful producer and actress as well as the goddaughter of Steven Spielberg? Predators don’t care about pedigree or “toughness”; they only care about their needs at the time.

  29. me says:

    All those modelling schools are hating Cindy right now !

  30. reg says:

    That’s right just like great Artists, Writers and Musicians, Models are born not made.
    What a load of Bull—t! You can teach someone how to be a model.
    I think what she was trying to say is great models are born that way like great Artists, Writers and musicians which is a load of crap. Super Stupid.

    • perplexed says:

      I think to some extent models are made but not for the reason she cited.

      Models have to be a certain height and be genetically blessed in terms of maintaining your thinness. If you don’t have that raw material, you can’t be a model no matter how good you are at posing and finding your angles.

  31. Clairej says:

    Cindy groomed Kaia for years. When I saw Kaia at Coachella a few years back holding hands with Kendall Jenner I knew the onslaught had begun. I definitely think Caitlyn Jenner modeled herself on Cindy. They could be sisters.

  32. perplexed says:

    Of all the nepotism models, I actually think Kaia might be the prettiest one (er, if you don’t include her brother). In her recent Instagram photos, I thought her face was kind of maturing in the direction of strong cheekbones and a strong jaw, like what her mother has and seems to be favoured looks-wise. I just have a feeling she might get bored with modelling if her mom has been teaching her how to pose since she was 5.

  33. Leviathan says:

    All hail beauty privilege.

  34. Lala says:

    To me…Cindy’s son has the “IT” factor when it comes to the camera and public presence…her daughter…alas…no…you either have “it” or you don’t…

  35. Mo' Comments Mo' Problems says:

    Y’all silly for saying Kaia doesn’t have “it.” 🤣 She has more of “it” than Kendall Jenner and Gigily Hadid!

  36. Djuli Murti says:

    I love Kaia. I think she is so beautiful, and I loved to follow her instagram photographs long before she had her breakthrough.

    However two years ago she was a fairytale like beauty from top to toe – she was slim, but looking healthy. Now she really has become to thin. It looks frightening sick.

    Her mother once said, that it might be a problem for Kaia, if she would not receive as much success as Cindy did – but I think that’s nonsense. It would be far more healthy to cultivate some distance to this kind of success. Cindy was never that thin. I think Kaia is not really on a good way – hope she will be looking more healthy again and get out of that track.

  37. Nibbi says:

    whatevs to all the blahblah Cindy said or her kids or whatever, all i can see is her FACE.

    the wide smile “ridge,” instead of a smile “line”? like, is that really better?
    and what is that, an implant? it looks so odd

    and what ppl above said, it’s kinda weird that that s the same angle in both pics they used, and seriously, is that her GOOD side after all the work she’s had done??

    seriously, down with beautiful people getting plastic surgery. it just messes up their looks and makes the rest of us feel crazy for not seeing them as beautiful anymore when dammit, that s CINDY CRAWFORD