Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams get crime case debate show on A&E

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Finally! A true crime show I don’t want to watch (but maybe you do)! Yesterday, I talked about former O.J. Simpson prosecutor and author Marcia Clark’s new investigative series, taking on some of the nation’s most infamous murder cases. Well, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Marcia should consider herself flattered.

Last night, A&E debuted not only Marcia Clark Investigates the First 48 Hours but also Grace vs. Abrams, a new televised legal debate between analysts Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams. The premise of the show sounds a bit familiar, as Nancy and Dan discuss high-profile cases including Robert Blake, Chandra Levy and Drew Peterson. The first episode dealt with the Casey Anthony case. Really? They couldn’t have moved their schedule around a bit? Three hours covering that case is a lot for one night, don’t you think?

As for Grace vs. Abrams, which was given a six-episode trial run, the commentators are adamant that this isn’t just another round of “squeaking heads” screaming to get their opinions heard. This despite the fact that Dan and Grace have had some heated encounters on Good Morning America, including an intense debate over kayaks. They’ve also butted heads over other cases in the past, including the murder case against Jodi Arias.

Dan promises that this new show, which is shot in front of a live audience, will be different, telling PEOPLE that, “The problem with some of these debate shows is they feel staged. It’s the prosecution versus the defense. That’s not the way Nancy and I are taking this. We’re being very honest about our opinions, about these cases.” He added that their squabbling will make for “conflict magic” to inform and entertain their audience, concluding, “Is this going to be Nancy and Dan getting mad at each other over a story that everyone already knows? The answer is no. We’re debating new developments.”

And, if you still think this show may be thumping upon a deceased equine, the show promises interviews with key players who have never been heard from before as well as exclusive clips and footage. One person who has kept mum until now is the second wife of Drew Peterson, whom Dan said is “super compelling.”

The pre-show interviews with both participants were packed with mutual admiration. Grace admitted that “Dan has an excellent legal mind paired with a charismatic on-air persona. That’s a great combination.” Dan said of Nancy, “She’s really quick-witted, which makes her really good. And it’s fair to say that Nancy probably insults me more than I insult Nancy. She pulls the zingers out!” Here’s a zinger she threw out about working in the same studio as Dan, “It’s a lot more exciting to be sitting next to him. My fingers are now dangerously close to his neck.” Bazinga. Yeah…okay….

As much as I’m a true crime buff, I can’t get into this show, probably because I am not a Nancy Grace fan. I also believe “conflict magic” is just Nancy trying to yell over Dan at every opportunity she gets, and that’s not magic in my book. I’m also curious if both shows are going to continue to take on the same case on the same night. That’s kind of information overload as far as I’m concerned. But, playing devil’s advocate, if either one of these shows can achieve any sort of justice for the victims, I’d definitely encourage more of these types of programs.

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23 Responses to “Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams get crime case debate show on A&E”

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  1. Nancy says:

    Oh Nancy Grace is d.r.a.m.a. personified. When Casey Anthony was found not guilty, she stared in the camera, with her you have to be effing me voice and said “the devil is dancing somewhere tonight.” She is a trip. She and Dan fought like spoiled children on their segments of GMA. This should be amusing! She is so annoying BUT, her fiancé was murdered when she was in her twenties and she has been an advocate for crime victims ever since.

    • Rachel says:

      I cannot stand their segments on GMA, individually or together. Even when they agree, they start arguing with each other. Then one of them does a 180 mid-argument, so they have even more to argue about. It’s ridiculous. I used to turn the channel, but finally I just gave up watching GMA because they continued to allow that bull****.

      • Nancy says:

        Tot mom. This show will never work. The fighting between them was real, and you can tolerate only so many eye rolls by Dan, although I prefer him to her. She’s had her day in the sun. Time to retire and watch the twins, my God, she’s worse than Kathie Lee when talking about her children. Professionalism is at a loss with these people.

    • NeoCleo says:

      While I agree with her about Casey Anthony (justice was thoroughly perverted here) I cannot stand her rude, shout over your opponent style of presentation. Her face alone on my TV at this point is enough to drive me away.

  2. lisa says:

    the last time i hard from Dan he was taking up for his friend the gossip girl actress who tried to steal her kids im not interested in him at all. petty note, he looks like grim death.

  3. Frome says:

    As I said yesterday, that whole true crime genre is deeply unethical but it’s a money maker because audiences are so easy to hook. Well, this is what we get for not heeding the warnings. And it will only get worse because others networks will also be trying to tap that market.

    Lucky for them, there are two different markets to service. The market who just want mindless entertainment; for them you just produce dramatic salacious shows. And the market who think they are so smart, they will crack the case from their living room sofa. They are the most profitable market because a single case will capture them for ten episodes and they’ll even market it for you. They will write all about your show and who really really did it, because they are very smart *sarcasm.

    If you thought reality shows were disturbing, wait till you have reluctant participants living real life consequences of vigilante detective work.

  4. Tia Maria says:

    Being from the UK, the only experience I have of Nancy Grace is when I had food poisoning in Mexico and it was the only channel that worked when I was bed ridden for 6 days. That was quite enough.

  5. Feebee says:

    Don’t know if you could call what they do a “debate”. But you’re a generous person.

  6. Veronica says:

    I know how all of us feel about Casey Anythony going free, but honestly, Nancy Grace is an asshole. There is no excuse for a news program to turn a court case into a media circus the way she did. It’s not her right to sway audiences while a court case is STILL IN PROGRESS. We all let it slide because we were all outraged by the result, but imagine if this was situation where the accused actually turned out innocent in the long run. Completely unacceptable.

  7. TheOriginalMia says:

    Dan is just parlaying his success with LivePD to help out Nancy. This show won’t go anywhere because they are annoying together. I doubt Marcia’s show will go anywhere either. The cases she’s going back over were acquittals. Not much can be done to these people.

  8. angie0717 says:

    I LOVE NANCY GRACE!!! She’s a trip to watch yes, but also educated, empathetic and passionate. There are SO many men w blistering opinions on tv that I welcome this tough as nails woman back to the small screen. Women supporting women thank u very much. And as far as her hate for the outcome of the Casey Anthony case – A TODDLER WAS KILLED! – and if NG chooses to continue to hate the crime and the gross injustice served to that little girl; then I am here to support her. And I do an amazing impression of her sign off ‘goodnight friend’. I LOVE NANCY GRACE!!!

    • cake says:

      I LOVE her too, I am the only one in my household that will watch her. I will be tuning in.

      Once again, CB has hipped me to entertaining progamming.

  9. Ladykeller says:

    The first thing I thought when I saw that picture of her was Dorian Gray. She’s ugly inside and it is really starting to show.

  10. Oya says:

    They did an AMA on Reddit yesterday that was a trainwreck, a delightful trainwreck because I really don’t like Nancy Grace. Top Q & A:

    Who thought it was a good idea to bring Nancy Grace to Reddit?

    Dan: Nancy Grace.

  11. Renee says:

    I absolutely loathe this woman. Sorry Dan but I can’t watch Nancy Grace even on a bet!

  12. Tessy says:

    Sheesh, I caught a bit of the shrieking and screaming when the hubs was flicking channels. And whatever she’s done to herself made her look like a demented blonde Elvira. Not a show I’ll be watching.

  13. sunshine gold says:

    Two of the worst people on TV.

  14. Hope says:

    Nancy Grace doesn’t give a damn about the victims. She tries to lure them on under the guise of sympathy and then brutally attacks them. How do I know? Because she tried get me on her show. When I declined, she made sure that one of her guests went after me. She is a nasty, disengenious troll who only cares about her ratings.

  15. hogtowngooner says:

    I can’t stand Nancy Grace. She acts like she knows all the facts (even when she obviously doesn’t), then she lets her emotions and opinions guide everything. She gushes over guests she likes (remember that embarrassing interview with Elizabeth Smart?), and absolutely crucifies the ones she doesn’t. She draws these wild conclusions of total guilt or total innocence of ONGOING trials just to hold herself up as some martyr for “victims of crime.” She’s disgusting.