Did Prince Harry glare at Meghan Markle for laughing at Liam Payne?

Meghan Markle, wearing a white Stephen Jones beret and a matching Amanda Wakeley crombie coat, attends the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey with her fiance Prince Harry

Here are some additional photos from Meghan Markle’s trip to Westminster Abbey with Prince Harry, William and Kate. Again, this time last year, Kate skipped out on Commonwealth Day to do God knows what, and William was at a Swiss ski resort, drunkenly dad-dancing. I wouldn’t mention it again except for the fact that the narrative of “William and Kate are showing Meghan the ropes” has taken hold and I still feel like… Meghan should take advice from other people. According to the Daily Mail, she is! They say Meg is being advised by Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Observing the supreme confidence of Meghan Markle on stage with Harry, William and Kate the other day, it is all the more surprising to consider that she has been seeking advice from the Duchess of Cornwall. But it has been revealed that Camilla has been helping to calm the American actress’s understandable pre-wedding nerves. Many will be astonished at this given the hostility Camilla faced in the early post-Diana years, some of which still lingers.

In fact, the former Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles seems to have become the Oracle at the heart of the Royal Family. What is emerging is a tale of two divorcees, both of whom are making a surprising impact on royal life. At Camilla’s invitation, Meghan lunched with her at Clarence House. The Duchess extended the same invitation to Kate Middleton before her 2011 wedding to Prince William.

[From The Daily Mail]

The DM goes on and on about how Camilla insinuated herself into Charles and Diana’s marriage but how Camilla really is trying to be helpful to Kate and Meghan. I remember the stories about Camilla inviting Kate to lunch and giving her advice, and reportedly, Kate and Camilla get along just fine. Harry is closer to Charles, and I suspect that Meghan will be closer to Charles and Camilla too.

There are like a million other Meghan-related stories too, so here are some highlights: Harry is apparently teaching Meghan how to drive a stick shift in Britain, which is “the wrong side of the road” for an American. And she apparently doesn’t know how to drive a stick. A lot of people don’t know! I learned when I was 16 but I’ve probably forgotten. I imagine those are very cute, sexy “driving lessons” too.

Also: did Harry give Meghan a “look” when she seemed to giggle at Liam Payne’s performance?? I don’t think it was a “don’t laugh” look. I think he was trying to make her crack up, and it was a “wow, that was bad” look and that’s why she seemed to break.

Meghan Markle, wearing a white Stephen Jones beret and a matching Amanda Wakeley crombie coat, attends the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey with her fiance Prince Harry

Photos courtesy of WENN and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Mindy_dopple says:

    It was definitely a ugh that was bad look.

    • sasha says:

      It was adorable.

      • Veronica says:

        I didn’t find it adorable that a member of the Royal family openly mocked someone performing for them. Meghan just laughed at him, which she shouldn’t have, but harrry is to blame here. Always the jokester, mocking the plebe publicly.
        Harry seems to have quite a bit of his idiot grandfather in him, or a Trumpian side to him. Rude.

      • Meggles says:

        Bad form to laugh but I don’t think a multi-millionaire celebrity quite counts as a “pleb.”

      • Sal says:

        yeah they wont be bloody laughing when we march them all out of the very expensive palaces and cut off their funds when The Queen dies .

        This lot have no manners.

      • FLORC says:

        It was a human moment. Not mocking as much as 2 people just reacting to each other.
        My ex and I would do that often. It wasn’t branched off of insulting or mocking another. It was more inside gesture jokes. Glances. Smiles. I think people are reading into it more than it is.
        It’s cute.

    • Apple Hat says:

      It was pretty rude… as this is her “job” now. I don’t think anyone expects better from Harry, but I thought she’d be a bit more mature than him.

      • Lilith says:

        So rude.

      • Clare says:

        Agree that although it was a’cute’ moment it was wrong place wrong time and definitely inappropriate to be chuckling at a performer. Even if the chuckle wasn’t mocking, they know how this shit is interpreted 37640 different ways. Do better.

      • Ari says:

        We don’t know if they were chuckling at the performer. That is what you are assuming. I have seen people claim he was teasing her for apparently gawking too hard at Liam in a fangirl way. Others think they were just having a couples moment that was caught. Point is we don’t know.

        I rather see people seem to enjoy themselves instead of looking like death came.

      • Keepitreal says:

        I agree that the performance was bad; however, they should have saved the comments, looks and sniggering for the ride back to KP.

      • Lorelai says:

        I love H&M, but agree with all of you — it was inappropriate on so many levels and just plain rude and disrespectful. I’m an atheist and even I know to behave myself when I’m in a church.

        It’s also disappointing because it gives her detractors more ammunition. This article wouldn’t exist if the two of them had just kept it together.

      • Wow says:

        Wow patriarchy at its finest here. Since when is a man not responsible for his own actions. Or does that only apply to the me too movement?

      • Veronica says:

        Wow, I said above your comment – this is on Harry. He was the one who made the stupid face, Meghan just laughed at him. No, she shouldn’t have, as mocking someone performing for you is very rude, and I thought she would have known better, but it was Harry. He is rude, and will probably never know better.

        Ever think of what Harry is really like in private?? William too? I bet they are entitled, spoiled brats.

      • Natalia says:

        Excuse me, Prince William’s side-eye is FAR more rude. Stop dragging on Meghan. Or Harry.

    • Hazel says:

      Meghan laughed at Harry, not the performer. And yes, he should know better.

      • TheOtherViv says:

        Agreed. He gave her a “hmmmmhh, Interesting…..” look and she wasn’t guarded enough so she lost it.

  2. Heat says:

    Totally looked like an inside joke between them, somehow…but Harry has more practice at masking emotion at these types of functions, I think.

    • Frome says:

      Yeah. This wasn’t the only time he did that eye thing and made her giggle. Not sure why DM made a big deal of this particular moment. At some point during the hymn singing he leaned over slightly and either changed the words or hit a scary note but she cracked and you could see that was his goal. They are so good together.

      • Masamf says:

        @Frome +1000. Nobody really knows exactly why Prince Harry made that face to Meghan, its all speculation and mere conjecture. It is very unfair for people to jump to trashing Harry and/or Meghan without having any of the facts facts. The fact is there were more than one occasion when Harry attempted to and succeeded in making Meg laugh and we don’t know exactly what he said to her that made her laugh at whatever particular point. Personally, I think Harry found the fist bumps at the end of the Payne show hilarious and I believe that was why he made the face. I didn’t find the fist bumps funny, I thought they were just weird and I made a face myself when I watched that. And its not clear how many other people or even other BRF members found the fist bumps, or even the yodeling show, funny or weird or whatever, the cameras people just decided to focus on Harry the usual scapegoat just to make a story out of a non story.

    • Bella Dupont says:

      I love the fact that they can crack each other up with just a look……i cant get enough of watching them together.

      • magnoliarose says:

        It was cute. I hate when I have an inside joke with a person very close to me and we are in a situation where I can’t just crack up with abandon. It takes an iron will for me not to and if they give me a knowing look I am done.

      • Bellagio DuPont says:

        Oohhh…..I know exactly what you mean…..I can’t tell you how many detentions I served at school or how much shit I shoveled over the quiet looks and wordless, uncontrollable giggling.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I am the worst. I can’t help it. My eyes will water from the effort.

    • Olenna says:

      Agree, he started it with ‘that look’ and she responded. My sister and I used to do the same thing in church (we always had a side-show of congregants to observe). Meghan will have to learn not to acknowledge or react to him when he does stuff like this.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        A bit of an elbow poke might get the job done.

      • Lorelai says:

        Agree — but she needs to learn to ignore him when he does this kind of thing at official engagements such as this one. They are a cute couple, but that was not the time and place for this.

        As Heat said above, Harry has way more practice keeping a straight face at events like this when needed, so she needs to not engage him when the cameras are on her like that.

        It is ridiculous that the cameras focused so much on Meghan, as PrincessK said, but it’s not totally unexpected either. She needs to learn to act as if the camera is on her at every single moment.

      • Olenna says:

        Agree about the camera time; it was too much scrutiny of a non-royal for a national event. They should have been rolling the cameras on TQ or Mrs. May. Until the media tires of her, Meghan will have to wear her game face every time she steps out her front door.

    • Princessk says:

      I watched the whole service live and the BBC cameras spent far too much time with their lenses trained on poor Meghan, the cameras were not focused on other members of the RF at all. Any time the camera panned to where the RF were sitting the focus was straight to Meghan. When the national anthem was being sung the camera went in for a close up to serif Meghan was singing and if she knew the words. Very intrusive..poor girl.

  3. Broken halo says:

    Or maybe they have a joke about fist bumps. Those looked awkward.

  4. Skylark says:

    If that was me, I’d have been rolling my eyes like a slot machine. Meghan and Harry were a model of restraint in the face of such an awful mawkish performance.

    • Jayna says:

      Then you would have had zero class. This was an event. You would have been there representing the British Royal Family. He was an invited performer. Whether you like the performance or not, why would anyone be disrespectful. It only makes the person rolling their eyes look bad, not Liam.

      And, plus, I don’t see that they were reacting to his performance. There is no way to tell. It’s pure conjecture by some people.

      • Skylark says:

        Oh lighten up. You’re plainly taking this far too seriously.

      • Guest says:

        Good lord….

      • llamas says:


        I used to dance and I remember a couple times where people would laugh during a performance I was in; it was humiliating and awful. Performing is nerve wracking, no matter who you are. These folks are considered pretty important in society and to have them mock the performer in front of the world is completely inappropriate, unprofessional, and rude.

      • Krill says:

        Lmao. Relax.

      • Princessk says:

        @Jayna…you are right..its purely conjecture but the Meghan bashers have leapt on it, and will start another petition to say she is unfit to marry into the RF. The current petition’s principle point on her unsuitability is that she stuck her tongue out at people. I have seen loads of pics with royals with their tongues momentarily out of their mouths. The best one was William in an open coach all dressed up for a Order of the Garter ceremony with his tongue sticking out a bit. Where is the petition stopping him being King?

      • Lorelai says:

        I have to agree with Jayna (who just bashed me in a different royal thread yesterday, lol!) here. Harry and Meghan were in the wrong. Those of you telling her to “lighten up” and “relax” aren’t getting how inappropriate and disrespectful this was, not only to the performers, but to the Queen, who this service is very important to, and others who were there.

        They were in a church, representing the BRF, and they knew they were on camera. It doesn’t matter what they were *actually* laughing at, because it came off as mocking the performer, who is probably now humiliated. There are no excuses.

      • Masamf says:

        @Lorelai and Jayna, I would agree with you if we had all the facts, but we are debating someone’s actions and judging them without knowing exactly why Harry made a face!!! So now Harry has to be stoic at all times just because? My goodness, I thought living in the free world in the 21st century meant people are free to do whatever they please as long as it doesn’t break any laws!!! It came off as mocking the performer? Who exactly decides why and when people, should smile? Could it be that Harry was just saying to Meghan “man that was reeeaally good and I loved it”? You know that too is a possibility right? And were all the faces of everybody in attendance scrutinized at ever single moment like Meghan and Harry to see who laughed at what and when? Why are Harry and Megs being singled out? Because oh! Meghan can sing the anthem, she wore a dress and tights, there is nothing to pick her on for, now lets just pick anything at random and pick on her for really doing nothing? Holy Man upstairs!

      • Marr says:

        Oh please, when you’re a multi millionaire performer rated on talent is it too much to expect a decent performance? It was ONE song on a very important occassion and the conditions were optimal (indoors, great acoustics, he wasn’t ill etc). And then the fist bump in front of The Queen lol… He deserved to be laughed at if that is indeed what happened.

      • Taylor says:

        People are crapping on Harry and Meghan for a split second moment but are forgetting that Prince Charles and Camilla laughed hard on their Canadian tour where they listened to eskimo women Inuit throat singing. That was disrespectful but still funny as hell.

    • Princessk says:

      @Skylark..”rolling my eyes like a slot machine”…I like that lol!

  5. Char says:

    That girl face in the beggining of the video says at all.

    • Sojaschnitzel says:

      Absolutely :D
      That was a brilliant facial expression.

    • Olenna says:

      IKR! I loved it.

    • Girl_ninja says:

      It was an odd choice for song performance and the fist bump to his guitarists at the end was a tad tacky.

      • I rarely comment but... says:

        It definitely was an odd song to sing to the BRF.

      • Princessk says:

        I think Liam was invited to attract the attention of younger people in the UK to the fact that it was Commonwealth Day. I found the performance underwhelming. Whereas the word poetry from Jaspreet Kaur was delivered brilliantly and deeply inspiring. I want to find the transcript.

      • Lorelai says:

        @PrincessK if you find the transcript please post it! :)

      • Masamf says:

        Princesk, thank you. And funny thing is both Meghan and Harry exhibited facial expressions during that lovely poem but where’s any mention of those expressions? I guess these weren’t good for the tabloids to make any story our of! I found the fist bumps very weird!!

      • Princessk says:

        I am still looking for the full transcript but this is a bit of it.

        Poet and teacher Jaspreet Kaur on the value of serving others:
        “The moment that you recognise than you will make more of an impact by being righteous, than always being right, rewards will come and fall into your lap. And the moment that you are more concerned about learning to love than to be loved, positive emotions of oceanic depths will engulf you; and the moment that you are more concerned about understanding others than to be understood, that is when your mind will truly begin to learn.”

  6. TheBees says:

    It looked like she was laughing and he was trying not to. So not a glare.

  7. Skylark says:

    On a separate note, I think Meghan should cut or at least trim her hair. It looks a little unkempt.

    • Ytbtet says:

      She would really benefit from from layers and losing some of that bulk

    • BrandyAlexander says:

      And why is her makeup so garnish all of a sudden? She’s beautiful, and doesn’t need much, but it suddenly looks like it was packed on with a trowel. It wasn’t like that before.

    • Girl_ninja says:

      Do you know the definition of unkept? Meghan’s hair does not qualify.

    • Skylark says:

      It’s ‘unkempt’ and yes, I do. The ends of her hair look a bit split and dry, nothing that a good cut couldn’t fix. I’ve noticed it on other occasions and it slightly takes away from her otherwise beautifully groomed and stylish appearance.

      • Bellagio DuPont says:

        I absolutely hate admiting it, but yes, her hair could do with a good cut. I actually think she would look amazing with a blunt cut bob. It would get rid of the weaker ends and some more body. I can’t make up my mind on whether chin or shoulder lenght would be more flattering.

        Either way, she’s such a beautiful woman she definitely doesn’t need long hair to look good.

      • Skylark says:

        Well she doesn’t have to go mad and have a complete change, just take off about 4″ or so…. which I suppose, now looking at her, would take it just below shoulder length which would still be pretty versatile.

      • Bella Dupont says:

        Lol….no, she doesn’t HAVE to, but I do think she would look amazing with one, none-the-less.

        Also, she said in one of her interviews that she had never had short hair…..or even a fringe……so basically, her whole life, she’s had pretty much this same hair…..i think a nice change would be deeply refreshing.

      • Scram says:

        @Bella I think a good cut would serve her well too, but was wondering what her relationship with her hair was and how likely it would be. Your response makes me believe that it’s very unlikely. A shame because a lot of women look better with hair that’s shoulder length or above and Meghan seems like she’d be one of them.

      • Bella Dupont says:

        Yes @Scram…..Absolutely.

    • Princessk says:

      The problem is that she is straightening and relaxing her hair AND using extensions, a nightmare combination. I would love her to go natural, she should take a leaf out of her chilled mother’s book.

      • Peeking in says:

        PrincessK, why do you think she’s wearing extensions? I have hair like Meghan’s natural hair, when I straighten it-it looks just like hers does and I don’t wear extensions.
        Regarding cutting, good luck getting someone with our type hair to cut it short enough for a bob. She’d look like a poodle when her hair isn’t straight. Ha! Not going to happen. I find this fascination with Meghan’s hair odd. While critiquing though, please keep her natural hair texture in mind.

  8. Erinn says:

    “I imagine those are very cute, sexy “driving lessons” too.”

    LOL. Or maybe they’re like when my now husband tried to teach me at 18ish. I almost ended him. I’m a very good automatic driver. But for the same reason I just don’t click with playing the drums I can’t really drive stick. In an emergency I probably could get a car wherever it needed to go – but doubtful that it’d be damage free.

    I think it’s a 50/50 on whether it’d be cute lessons or at each others throats lessons.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      As a Brit who is used to driving stick it was really hard for me to drive an automatic on the US a few years ago, there were a few near misses. Am not too bad driving an automatic in the UK but I still want to subconsciously change gears.

    • Swack says:

      I needed a car to use when I was almost 17 and my brother had a Miata, 2 seater, stick. He told me to take it. I said I didn’t know how to drive one. He said I’d learn quickly. And I did – on my own. The good thing was the car could start in 2nd gear if needed. The bad thing, I learned early how to pop a clutch. Taught my ex how to drive one. My daughters still don’t know how to drive one. I love sticks.

    • Harla says:

      My husband and I learned long ago not to try to teach each other things like driving, home improvements or pretty much anything :) I do envy couples that can do that but it’s just not us.

      • BostonStrong says:

        Harla…I hear ya! I hate those couples that are all cutesy teaching each other things. Hubby and I would nearly come to blows. We learned really quickly that he should do what he does best and I would do what I do best. Works great! Married 35 years!

    • Andrea says:

      Are there not many automatics in Britain?

      • Lorelai says:

        I was wondering that too! They’re so common in the US; I’ve been driving for 20 years and never learned how to drive a stick shift. (I kind of wish I had, since it’s a good skill to have.)

        I would be absolutely terrified of having k learn how to drive on the other side of Ben road. Honestly I think that would scare me more than the kidnapping training!

      • ABC says:

        They are becoming more common I’ve noticed, although they tend to be in higher end cars, BMW’s, 4×4’s etc. I still prefer stick shift, I don’t trust automatics to ‘know’ how to handle the single track, twisty roads and hills I frequently drive but if I’m hiring a car for a long motorway journey you can’t beat an auto!

      • dodgy says:

        Not many. I know a lot of ‘dual’ controls are getting fashionable.

        Also, if you go for your licence on an automatic, you can only drive cars which are automatic, iirc. Whereas if you go for your licence on a stick and get it, you can drive both. Which is why I went for mine on a stick.

      • wink1970 says:

        They’re offered more now. I decided to move to automatic 8 years ago when I got fed up of stop/start knee ache due to motorway (m25) driving. I struggled to find an automatic then. Now both our Mercedes and my Rangie have auto, but they are slightly more expensive cars and it was a payable option, though I notice most SUVs (and there are a lot of mini-SUVs sold in the UK) are offered with auto as a standard option.

    • Princessk says:

      What is the advantage please of a manual/gear stick car?
      I learnt to drive using a gear stick/manual but I have been using an automatic for years now.

      • ABC says:

        I think we have them as our roads seem to require a lot of gear changes – at least in my experience they do! Now the technology is better that argument is becoming more redundant but I remember driving my first automatic years ago and I was worried the engine would jump out the bonnet it struggled so hard to adjust to slowing for bends, accelerating and climbing hills. They are fabulous for long drives and the last one I hired was amazing. Not sure if this is a common UK myth but I’d always believed automatics were heavy fuel consumers so I avoided them on that score – fuel is expensive enough! The new models seem pretty efficient though so we’ll see.

      • J.Mo says:

        Most vehicles where I live are automatic but there’s the option to buy manual, especially for trucks. When I’ve taught people to drive stick, I take them out in the snow, that’s when you can feel the purpose of shifting gears and the effect it has in getting around well.

      • wink1970 says:

        Manual gear cars can get away with smaller engines, as you can change down to get some ‘push’. Smaller engines = cheaper insurance, especially for the under-30s. A typical family car in the UK now has an engine smaller than 1.6l

        I drive automatics now, but my engines are 2.5l (Mercedes AMG) and 4.4l (Range Rover) so a bit of foot pressure and you’re off! I wouldn’t consider an auto in a small engine.

      • Msthang says:

        A volkswagen beetle is the best way to learn a stick!!

  9. Who ARE These People? says:

    Great eye roll. I’d laugh, too.

  10. Evie says:

    Maybe making Kate an advisor or mentor to her is intended for Kate’s growth as much as Meghan’s. I think it’s a smart decision. Putting Kate into a position of responsibility and leadership, having to act on her best behavior to set an example, may be a way to force her to step things up, diplomatically, without directly criticizing or disrespecting her.

    • Scram says:

      This is a nice take on the situation. I like it.

    • Harla says:

      That’s an excellent thought Evie! It is true that we learn best when we’re teaching another. I hope the lessons go well for both women.

    • Ari says:

      I can see that as well. It is a win/win situation. Also I think they both have qualities that could rub off on each other in a very good way. They complement each other well and since the ladies attract the most attention and criticism it makes sense to build that team chemistry and support early.

  11. Red says:

    Let me start off by saying I’ve loved Meghan since the beginning, and I still do, but if she was laughing at Liam, I find that really rude. He’s not my type of music at all, but I would be so embarrassed if I was him and I found out they were laughing at me. Now who knows what she was actually laughing at, it could be something else. But people her would be all up in arms if it was Kate laughing.

    • gentleorange says:

      Well Liam has become increasingly embarrassing. maybe he needs a little wake up call to remember that he is not Wolverhampton’s answer to Jay Z, Frank Ocean, or whoever else he has in his head. His solo career has been painful to witness.

      • Red says:

        I’m not a fan of Liam’s. I admit I cringe every time I see a picture of him. I still do not think Prince Harry and his fiancé should be laughing at his performance (in public). It’s rude af and it annoys me. People would crap bricks if Kate did this, rightfully so.

    • Apple Hat says:

      It’s surely something one would want to avoid the appearance of.
      When your only job is to sit places sometimes and then stand places sometimes, the giggling can be saved for later.

    • Guest says:

      No she was laughing at harry and his expression. Kate looked alseep, she wasn’t, but she looked stonefaced. And none of the royal family clapped at him.

  12. Ari says:

    He wasn’t glaring. It seemed they were having a giggle over something. Inside joke? The performance? Who knows. He rose his eyebrows and she laughed. They seem to enjoy each other’s company and it is nice to see those kind of interactions from the royals. It was a lighthearted event and some were acting like they were sitting at a funeral.

    • Skylark says:

      Exactly. You’d think they were at some state funeral or something the way some people are tut tutting over it.

      • llamas says:

        It’s their job. Its an easy job. They should act professional. Professional is not giggling and joking while at an important function while watching someone perform. I could never imagine my parents giggling over inside jokes during a presentation at work.

      • ladida says:

        It was an obvious mocking of the performer. They have one job to do: show up for an hour and act gracious. That’s it.

      • Bella Dupont says:

        @ ilamas

        Well, these occasional lapses keep them human and their humanity is what keeps some of us still interested in them. ;)

      • magnoliarose says:

        Oh please. She was laughing at Harry and we don’t know why. An inside joke.

      • llamas says:

        Yes everyone has lapses, we are human. However as ladida said, their job is to sit there and look gracious for an hour. These are two people in their mid 30′s. They are not high schoolers or even college kids. They are grown adults who should be able to act professional for at least an hour. I doesn’t matter what they were laughing at. It’s easy to perceive it as mocking. People on here, Myself included, complain when Kate and William don’t act professional – and this has included giving them crap for giggling during events – so I’m not sure why Harry and Meghan get to goof around and it be okay other than there is a blindingly obvious double standard. I think they deserve the same flak WK get. I dont know why we infantalise people in their mid 30′s who have a stupidly simple job and can’t do it properly.

      • Bella Dupont says:


        There were probably 2 or 3 dozen people between them and the performers…..how are you so certain that their exchange had anything to do with the performers and not something completely unrelated?

        I guess we have different definitions/expectations of professionalism. I have never complained about William or Kate’s behavior at events. If anything, I think Will is far too grumpy and unapproachable during events and would benefit from a little more spontaneity. For example, I’ve seen Obama occasionally break out in a smile or laugh in the middle of events, speeches, services, etc and I certainly wouldn’t call him unprofessional.

        In short, I really don’t think you have to be a stern, pontificating robot in order to qualify as professional. Maybe on the spectrum, H+M are on the slightly more relaxed end of things. And that works very well for me, personally.

    • Princessk says:

      Someone on DM said that Meghan must learn to adopt the ‘semi-constipated’ look that most members of the RF wear in public. Heaven forbid!

      • Wurstfingers says:

        If stone faced is the way to go, she must learn from the best – Melania @ Christmas ballet dance performance in the White House. So much constipated.

  13. Loopy says:

    Sorry is this is a dumb question i get confused when they say for example in ‘UK people drive on the left side’ are they meaning when you drive you keep left or do they meaning the steering wheel is left? *hides*

    • Cee says:

      their steering wheel is on the right side of the car and so they drive on the left.

      • Loopy says:

        And when your steering wheel is on the left then you drive on the right? So when people talk about what side certain countries drive in,they are referring to the steering wheel?…I am confusing myself.

    • Apple Hat says:

      Well, think logically about it.

      Imagine the position you are in on the road is reversed.
      Then, you’d be sitting on the “outside” part of the road, right?
      You want drivers closest to drivers coming the other way.

      So the cars drive on the other side of the road. Also, the drivers are on the other side of the car.

    • Bella Dupont says:

      @ Loopy

      It means that all cars are required to drive on the left side of the road. But this then means that the cars themselves, have to be right hand drives. So, both statements are true at the same time. ;)

  14. picao says:

    she’s always overacting, which is how she got her man, but it doesn’t always work for the media and public

    • Skylark says:

      Oh dear. Did she steal Harry from you?

      • pepperright says:

        oh dear, is that the only reason you dare not like someone in the pubic eye?

      • Skylark says:

        @pepperright – I’m sorry but what reaction were you expecting to “she’s always overacting, which is how she got her man”? That just reeks of sour grapes.

      • pepperright says:

        you’re overreacting, her man is her business, what does that have have to do with anybody else, looks like they’re happy with each other, so why are you so insecure all the time?
        The public still is entitled to express their opinion, on the subtle matters like how she should conduct herself at moments like this, she would benefit more learning from other European royals.

      • Skylark says:

        LOL! :D

    • Guest says:

      I liked that moment. they looked like a normal couple, and when you share an inside joke or look with your partner. However with that being said the curly haired girl from the beginning of the video wins the best wtf look.

    • Apple Hat says:

      Careful, Picao. People will be along to call you a racist any second.

    • Olive says:

      someone warn meghan she can’t get ANYTHING past picao!! picao is on to her!!

    • magnoliarose says:

      Please fill us in play by play how you came to this inside knowledge. What part of the courtship were you there for? What are Harry’s hopes and dreams? What is he like when he seduces her and are they sexually compatible? I suppose so since he wants to commit to sharing the same bed for life but what are her tricks?

      See these are the kinds of insane comments that earn the racist card. They make no sense and aren’t based in reality.

      • Lavender says:

        Lmao @Magnolia. They are weird comments but it could be more to do with jealousy?

      • Susannah says:

        There’s probably crazy pants flowchart of the Harry and Meghan relationship on Tumblr that Picao has seen. Tumblr seems to be where all the “insider knowledge” about their relationship originates.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Oh, I definitely think it is jealousy. It is just so outlandish I think most of us are looking for a reason because it is so far beyond jealousy and if it isn’t racism then…*shudder* I can’t go into that abyss. I am no Gandalf.

        Thank you for the warning. There should be a skull and crossbones on those accounts.

    • Claire says:

      Uh oh! You’re not supposed to say anything negative. Only on a Kate thread. Then its a free for all.

      • Veronica says:

        Yes! Those are the rules here. NO bad comments about Meghan, even when she cant sit still for an hour, not be rude and not encourage Harry in his Frat boy routine. You are a racist if you say anything bad about her.

        I said above – from what I saw, Harry made a face, Meghan laughed. It is understandable. She is new at this. But it’s not cute, sweet or funny when the public can interpret it the way it did look – that they were mocking the singer. You are the royal family, you don’t “punch down” like Trump does.
        I have faith Meghan will learn from these missteps. She is smart. She will eventually ignore Dim Harry when he acts like an entitled Frat boy in public. I don’t have faith, however, that he will learn to not be an entitled and rude jerk.

  15. Guest says:

    Lol I saw the video that dailymail posted and she didn’t even snicker until harry raised his eyebrows. The dailymail tweeted that he was glaring at her but their own video showed something different.

  16. Stephanie says:

    Question for those familiar with royal protocol: Will they have to follow the convention of repeating a formal royal’s name? Or can they name the child(ren) whatever they want?

    • Bella Dupont says:

      While I’m not that familiar with royal protocol, I would guess that because Harry isn’t in the direct train of succession any more, their choices would be a lot more flexible than say William’s. For instance, Beatrice and Eugenie (Andrews’s daughters) don’t sound like cookie cutter, female establishment, royal names to me (and my untrained ear!), and he used to share a similar proximity to the throne as Harry currently does.

      • Princessk says:

        I think the names Beatrice and Eugenie have royal connotations and I would expect Harry’s children to have names that have some royal connection.

      • Bella Dupont says:

        @Princess K

        I actually really, really hope they go outside the Victoria, Elizabeth, Mary, Henry, Albert, Edward, Arthur…etc loop, for names for their kids.

        It would be amazing to see some new names (within the royal context) for their kids. Maybe the fact that Meghan is American might help them justify looking outside the royal box for their kids for a change.

        (wishful thinking is free)

      • magnoliarose says:

        I like traditional names, but I like them to be old-fashioned and not overly used. Some fresh names would be great.

      • Savannah says:

        @ Princess K.
        Except Harry’s kids won’t be given the title of Princess or Princess because of the a law. Look it up. They will be merely known as Lady or Lord.

      • passerby says:

        Why wouldn’t Harry’s and Meghan’s kids be given titles of princess etc? What’s the difference between Prince Harry and Prince Andrew, in regards to their kids?


        LAK can you confirm?

      • LAK says:

        Several points:

        1. Queen Victoria, being the self absorbed person she was insisted that every generation of her descendants have a namesake of herself and Albert. It’s not always followed, but there is a high probability that either name shows up in each generation. As an example,for their generation, Eugenie is taking one for the team with Victoria as her middle name whilst Harry is doing the honours with Albert as a middle name. For their parents’ generation, Andrew did the honours.

        2. The Yorkies are named after Victoria’s daughter and granddaughter respectively. Daughter/ granddaughter were mother and daughter. Granddaughter eventually became Queen Consort of Spain and is the current King of Spain’s paternal great grandmother.

        3. The lower down in the line of succession, the less traditional names are more likely to appear because the assumption is that no one will care to remember it because they will fade into obscurity.

        4. My wish is for them to be bold and go with names of strong royal women eg Boudicca or Matilda or Eleanor. THAT will really nail their colours to the feminist wall!!!

        Savannah: i think princessK was discussing their actual names. As for their styles, you are right, BUT they will be upgraded to the Prince(es) style *IF / When Charles becomes King because they become the grandchildren of a monarch and that style is theirs automatically by right.

        *Should he die before becoming King, they will not get the upgrade because they won’t be grandchildren of the monarch, but his nieces/nephews – see all the Kent/ Gloucester kids.

      • LAK says:

        Passerby: to be clear, ONLY the children and grandchildren of the monarch as well as the children of the eldest *son of the prince of Wales are automatically prince / princess.

        * gender restricted to male child.

        When the law was created, people weren’t so long-lived so restriction stopped at grandchildren generation.

        Harry is a grandchild whilst his children would be great-grandchildren. Andrew is a child and his kids are grandchildren. That’s the difference.

        If Harry has kids whilst HM is still alive, their children are given the styles of the children of a duke ie Lord / Lady.

        When Charles becomes King, everyone gets upgraded to child / grandchild of the monarch and Harry’s kids will become Prince / princess

        If Charles dies before becoming King, Harry’s kids will remain Lord / Lady.

        Only HM can make a change to create Harry’s kids Prince / princess in her lifetime just as she did for *William’s kids. Before her change, only William’s eldest son was entitled to prince style and the rest would have been styled Lord / Lady.

        * it’s annoying that in the rush to update the gender inheritance of the crown, they didn’t look at all the other rules that still insist on male gender.

      • passerby says:

        Ahh.. I see. Thanks for the info!

        I can see HM and/or Charles styling Harry/MM kids as princess /prince. Not that I know much of anything about the royals. Just judging by everything else that has been done.

    • Stephanie says:

      thanks for the replies

  17. Anna says:

    Lol I’m laughing at the little girl’s reaction in the video

  18. ladida says:

    This was her first event with the Queen. Her giggling like a school child is very very inappropriate, just as Kate grinning on the balcony way back when was also inappropriate. She’s going to have to learn about maintaining the utmost decorum.

  19. guest says:

    Lol…utmost decorum? That makes me laugh since the brf have so many rumors about them. Don’t worry before too long they will have sucked the soul from her and she’ll be stone faced and stepford wife just like Kate.

    • ladida says:

      I’m not talking about her personality in private, she can be whoever she is and laugh at every performer she wants. But this is a public event, literally 60 minutes of her time. We all have to maintain our decorums at work.

      • guest says:

        She didn’t do anything bad. It was a millisecond of time. It wasnt even a laugh. It’s not like she was picking her nose or scratching herself. I’m sure if you look on the internet you can find members of the royal family doing something that doesn’t look like the “utmost decorum”

    • Skylark says:

      @guest – having looked at it again, I really do think it was the fist bump at the end that provoked Harry & Meghan’s ‘moment’.

      To be able to resist having a quick smirk at that would be unnatural imo. That Meghan and Harry managed to restrain themselves, in the face of such cringe-making provocation, to a one-second knowing look is borderline miraculous! :D

      • llamas says:

        Well, if I’m caught goofing off in lecture or while I’m on the job I’ll make sure to tell my prof or boss that it would be unnatural for me to not laugh or make faces or do what not, that I’m being cute and that it’s miraculous I didn’t completely lose my composure. I’m sure my prof or my boss will completely agree and be okay with it *heavy sarcasm*

        Seriously though, I dont think that would go over well at all. I’ve seen people get fired for behaving inappropriately at work when they are supposed to act a certain way. And these are kids at an hourly minimum-wage job not two full grown adults representing a country. I’m in college and I know when the time for inside jokes is and when the time to keep a pleasant, professional demeanor is. Just to reiterate: these are adults in their 30′s, not children.

    • Princessk says:

      Heaven forbid Meghan should lose her natural spontaneity, which is one of the reasons that Harry is truly, madly and deeply in love with her! 😁

  20. themummy says:

    Totally misleading headline. In the story itself you even mentioned it was a “Wow, that was bad” look that they shared with each other. But in the headline you write it as he was possibly glaring at her? Why would you even write anything about glaring when that was obviously not even a thing that happened at all? Ugh. Is it a reference to another story that called it a glare maybe?

    • Sage says:

      Click bait, fake news🤓

    • leis says:

      After the article headline and some of the comments, I was expecting them to have acted inappropriately while he was performing. I get that they have to keep their ‘professional’ stoic faces on, at the very least because they’re in church, but it didn’t strike me personally as being the worst move ever made. But as Meghan no doubt is already aware, everything she does, says, wears, looks at and breathes is subject to criticism and will be until the end of time apparently.

  21. Addison says:

    “zero class”? Madame, who died and appointed you ” The Prime Minister of Class/ Etiquette?
    “to have them mock the performer IN FRONT OF THE WORLD is completely inappropriate, unprofessional, and rude.”
    Impossible. The WORLD wasn’t watching.
    Anyway Charles & Camilla, as well as Will & Kate, have laughed at performers while on tour.
    Relax people.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Harry said Charles and Phillip would come to school plays and laugh hard at the parts that weren’t supposed to be funny.
      They have laughed.

      • A says:

        Yeah, but let’s be honest here–our regular commoner parents also desperately wanted to laugh at the parts they shouldn’t laugh at. Some of them actually did. Others have fallen asleep at school functions. That’s what parents do. It was an endearing little anecdote I thought showed Charles in a really nice light, lol.

        But yeah, the Queen has had actual memes made of her pulling faces at formal events. They’ve all said and done things in public that they shouldn’t (Philip comes to mind first here). Liam Payne is a big boy, and besides–he named his kid *Bear*. Trust me, people should be laughing more.

      • Ravine says:

        A+ for A!

      • magnoliarose says:

        Yes A. You are right. As I am learning myself. lol

  22. Sid says:

    If they were laughing at him then that’s just rude. Whether you like Liam or not is besides the point. If it was a respected singer and they did this people would object, so I don’t think it’s who they reacted to but the fact they reacted this way to a person graciously taking part in something he feels proud to. If Kate and William did this, they would be annihilated.

  23. effeff says:

    I would laugh at that douchetastic performance too. I like them more now.

  24. FicusFan says:

    You couldn’t actually see Meghan’s reaction because she looked down. It was Harry who was flat out broadcasting his look, and he should take the flak if there is any.

    The real story should actually be Andrew who made the most amazing face, as though his eyes were about to zump out of his head. It was when someone not seen in the video was ‘chanting’ lets say. Dont know if it was a comment on the content or due to suprise at someone loudly yelling what seems rather unexpectedly in church.

    • Lavender says:

      That was the Maori choir! Harry looked like he was about to burst out laughing then too.

      • Veronica says:

        So in addition to probably mocking this Liam guy, Harry also looked like he was going to burst out laughing at an indigenous choir performing for them??
        What is wrong with this guy? What kind of uncultured idiot is he?

      • Masamf says:

        Oh c’mon Veronica, stop with this madness. The indigenous people yodeling is MEANT to make people LAUGH, thats the bottom line of the performance. Your comments make me roll my eyes so much they’re stuck in my poor skull. And you don’t have any idea why prince Harry made a face; hey you don’t even know if Meghan did actually laugh, y’all don’t know that!!

  25. Alexis says:

    I was at the gym and Steve Harvey’s show was on and they were playing some sort of question game. And he goes “We made our way into the White House, now we’re making our way into the Castle”. I was on a rowing machine and busting out laughing. Just…yay. I Really like Meghan. She’s so…I don’t know. I like her. She wants to helps others.

  26. Ellis says:

    Fist bump, questionable performance, whatever. She smiles their little inside joke smile, he acknowledges her distaste, they crack up. If I was the mother of one of the performers and I was sitting behind them, I would have made certain they knew they had behaved like boors. I don’t know who that performer is but I feel sorry for him. He’s been made to look like a fool. By “royalty”. Several years down the road when the rose is off the bloom, Markle’s divorce lawyer will not get to say she didn’t know what she was getting herself into.

  27. guest says:

    Lmao……..oh my god 🤣🤣

    You should go to royal dish. They’ll love you.

  28. Ravine says:

    So for a Commonwealth Day service, the singer opts to play a cover of… a John Mayer song. Last I checked, John Mayer is American. Really, singer? There isn’t one song from within the Commonwealth’s 53 countries that you could have learned?

  29. Lobbit says:

    It was so nice to see their rapport – very sweet – but that shared glance has led to lots of ridiculous headlines and, by the look of this thread, lots of heartache and handwringing. That is unfortunate.

  30. wowsers says:

    The comments defending the pair of them are as hilarious as they are hypocritical. If this had been W&K they’d have been torn to shreds here and rightly so. Save the meaningful looks and giggles for the car ride home. I don’t find it cute or funny for professionals in their 30s to mock someone up there performing.

    • Masamf says:

      What I want to ask all here is: was this supposed to be a sombre occasion or was it a celebration of the commonwealth? Because some are acting like this was a funeral!! If its a celebration, people laugh, people clap, people exchange glances and smile, people can look bewildered at whatever they think is surprising or whatever, people do all kinds of things at a celebration! Meghan and harry did not dance in church, they joked and smiled with each other, what is the crime or sin in doing that? There’s no defending Harry and Meghan as some put it, its not necessary. They did what was expected, they enjoyed a show (or whatever their feeling or emotion was) and they shared a joke, so what? I fail to see what exactly they did wrong because no one really knows why they smiled at and laughed with each other!!

    • Peeking in says:

      Wowzers – When Charles and Camilla were here in Canada, They were attending a performance by indigenous people, it was some sort of throat singing, Camilla bursted out laughing. She had a full on giggle fit, she couldn’t stop, iirc, that set off Charles as well. I’m sure there’s video out there.
      I said all that to say this, lighten up. Dang.

  31. Shannon says:

    It looked like just a giggle at an inside joke, but it still came off as very rude. Not that big of a deal, but I’d honestly think Harry would know better.

  32. Sam says:

    The comments here are actually ridiculous.Meghan was the one out of all of them that was nodding her head to his performance and actually looking like she enjoyed the ceremony while most of them had their “do we have to be here,kill me” look.
    We have no clue why she giggled,maybe it’s to do with Harry’s look or Liams fistbump who knows but some of you guys are just making a mountain out of a molehill

  33. bikki says:

    what is the point of royalty? honestly.
    I don’t like the idea of how they have such a privileged lifestyle while living off taxes of the people. they don’t even govern. aside from being a tourist attraction for England, all of this is so meaningless.

    and you know what? both Henry’s look and Meghan’s stiffled “giggle” was in response to the song. it was plain to see. I cringed more at that than Liam’s not-so-perfect performance.

  34. Kaz says:

    I was trying to work out what the Commonwealth Day Service actually was….a weird amalgam of God and entertainment from various lands. Quite strange but only solemn because it was a church?

  35. Kaz says:

    Whatever it was, Harry just looked a bit juvenile. He is experienced enough to know that his reactions, and those of his partner, will be picked up and ascribed all sorts of meaning by the media and public. The service wasn’t about him, he should have sat there and been a model audience member.

  36. benchwarmer says:

    I think the look he gave her is: enough of this $hit let’s hit the bathroom for a quickie. I love that interaction between them and don’t see it as any type of commentary on the performance of Liam. Harry is probably saying to her, if they only knew what that look meant ;)

  37. Vinot says:

    Ugh that is too cute. Can someone gif that?

  38. Jenn says:

    Not to gloat, but I give my husband “really?” looks all the time, and we ARE adorable