Saoirse Ronan in citrus-y Prada at the Spirit Awards: lovely or tragic?

The 2018 Film Independent Spirit Awards in LA

Here are some photos from last night’s Independent Spirit Awards. You can see the full winners list here – at least they spared us from seeing Three Billboards take home Best Picture, Director and Screenplay! Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell did win acting awards though, so it wasn’t all sunshine. You would have thought that Saoirse Ronan’s performance in Lady Bird should have “Spirit Award” written all over it. You would be wrong. She did wear this cute, twee little Prada dress though. Only someone with her pale coloring can really pull this off.

The 2018 Film Independent Spirit Awards in LA

Greta Gerwig’s style has been all over the place during the awards season. This Rosie Assoulin fits in with her eclecticism, but all that means is that it looks like she’s wearing a repurposed prom dress from the ‘80s. Still, she was so happy to win SOMETHING. She picked up the Screenplay award at the Spirit Awards.

The 33rd Film Independent Spirit Awards arrivals

The Independent Spirit Awards were mostly a snooze of too-long, overly earnest speeches. But every now and then, there was a spot of joy, or a spot of well-earned rage. Salma Hayek wore a blah dress (I can’t find the ID) and it was clearly not about fashion for her – she was nominated for Beatriz at Dinner (she lost to Frances McDormand) and she presented the award for Best Foreign Film. While she was presenting, she started out with this: “There are no s–thole nations. This award has never gone to a s–thole nation, because there are no s–thole nations.” This is because Donald Trump referred to black and brown countries as “sh-thole nations,” because he’s that f–king ignorant. Good for Salma.

The 33rd Annual Film Independent Spirit Awards

Allison Williams was overdressed in this Andrew Gn gown. This awards show literally takes place in an airport hangar! Frances McDormand wore her pajamas! You don’t need to get this snazzy. (And the dress isn’t even that great.)

The 33rd Annual Film Independent Spirit Awards

Timothée Chalamet in Off-White. Everyone kept making jokes about how he looks like he works at a gas station in this ensemble. It’s true. But his speech – when he won Best Actor – was so sweet and charmingly naive, he actually gave me hope for a brief moment.

The 33rd Annual Film Independent Spirit Awards

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, WENN.

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  1. Jussie says:

    I love Saorsie’s dress. I’ve loved her style this awards season. Not everything’s been great, but it’s all been interesting, and I love seeing that, especially on a young nominee.

    Timothée looks fine. It’s a low-key awards ceremony held in a big tent…until pretty recently very few people dressed better than ‘business casual’ for it.

  2. Lexilla says:

    I don’t think Salma’s dress is blah at all. Va va voom.

  3. lightpurple says:

    Saoirse’s dress is adorable, although it looks like it was made of upholstery fabric and wouldn’t be comfortable. Greta looks like she’s wearing a bedspread.

    • Esmom says:

      Agree on both counts. Saorise looks lovely, Greta’s dress is breathtakingly bad.

      I also don’t hate Allison’s even if it is more of an Oscar gown. The fabric is so beautiful.

  4. Tig says:

    Greta can pull off strong styles, so don’t understand why she goes this lacy/flouncy way. Like the color on her.
    Salma looks amazing. That’s the best look on her at an awards event in ages.
    Saorise’s dress is perfect for her- wish she would have won. I am afraid she’s going the road of being so consistently good that it’s taken for granted by voters.

    • Dolkite says:

      Greta would look great in vintage styles, like Hayley Atwell in those ’40s dresses. This may sound weird, but I love her broad shoulders. She looks like the smartest girl in English class.

  5. HannahF says:

    The show was not held at an airport hangar. It was held in a tent erected just for the occasion.

  6. khymera says:

    What are you talking about, Selma looks bomb. The best she’s looked in years.

  7. minx says:

    Greta’s dress is one of my favorite colors. I love the neckline…and then it goes downhill from there. Even if you liked all that appliqué–and she musn’t have minded it–why wear a dress that makes you look wider on the bottom?

  8. Other Renee says:

    Saoirse and Salma look fantastic. Greta looks all kinds of no.

  9. manda says:

    saoirse’s shoes don’t fit. I can’t stand when toes hang over the edge

  10. Nancy says:

    It looks like her toes are being scrunched…gotta hurt. Shoes don’t fit her, but much like Cinderella, they would fit me perfectly! I want them and won’t do any housework for my lazy stepsisters!

  11. magnoliarose says:

    Salma’s dress is better than a lot of things she has had on lately. Saoirse’s dress is a little off as far design. It looks as if it doesn’t fit her correctly. It looks a touch too tight across her upper chest, and the armholes are a little too small. Her shoes are too big, and I don’t like the earrings. I don’t care for Greta’s taste I have concluded. So I don’t like this one either.

  12. slowsnow says:

    I’m just gonna put it out there.
    I don’t recognize Saoirse Ronan, the actress in Brooklyn as opposed to this Saoirse that I see now. Is it the jawline? The eyes? I don’t know and if it’s surgery it makes me sad. I hope it’s just the transition from being in your late teens to early twenties when you loose your baby fat. I’m surprised no sees this so I guess it’s just some facial recognition problem I have when people go blonde?
    Colour me confused.

    • Fleur says:

      TBH, I also notice a difference as well, but I don’t think that difference is surgical. I think it’s weight loss. When she made Brooklyn, I think she was curvier than Hollywood’s “ideal” body type, certainly curvier than she is now (ridiculous standard; she looked beautiful). I think she still looks beautiful now, but I do think she’s lost about five or so pounds from her Brooklyn days and that changes her face, creating sharper angles. I remember the changes in my photos around university and a five to ten pound weight difference can really change your face at that age.

  13. Trixie says:

    Oh, citrusy – I was hoping for orange or bright yellow!! The dress is ok. Nothing exciting.
    And yes, Elizabeth Olson looked like she was going to the Oscars, and others looked like they were going to the beach. Odd!

    • HannahF says:

      They were going to the beach!! The awards were held in a tent erected on the beach immediately adjacent to the Santa Monica Pier.

  14. Lyla says:

    The spirit awards doesn’t take place in an airplane hanger. It’s actually a tent erected on a parking lot on the beach, next to the Santa Monica pier.

  15. Fleur says:

    I think photos of Greta Gerwig don’t do her justice. I saw the HR roundtable discussion with her and was struck by what an incredible, almost 40s era beauty she is, but that doesn’t seem to translate in her photos. I think she’s probably incredibly pretty in person.

  16. sean says:

    I think Saorsie’s dress was the right style and color. It was just too busy.