Kendall Jenner’s oversized Eudon Choi sweater-dress at NYFW: love it or hate it?

Kendall Jenner & Hailey Baldwin go grocery shopping while other models walk the runway for NYFW

Because New York Fashion Week is dumb this year, Kendall Jenner is one of the biggest “names” attending events and getting pap’d in and around events. I’m not even joking – as I was looking through so many of the NYFW photos, I couldn’t even scrounge up some excitement for anyone or anything. But then I came across these photos of Kendall hanging out with Hailey Baldwin on a grocery shopping trip.

Quite honestly, I love this sweater. I wouldn’t wear it like this – I would wear it with jeans and some wool clogs and that would be my favorite outfit for months and I would wear it to death. But seriously, is it just me or is this a really cute oversized crazy sweater? It’s apparently intended as a sweater dress, and it’s from Eudon Choi. I love an oversized sweater, to be honest. I used to have a huge J.Crew cableknit sweater in navy which I wore to death, and the fit was similar to this. God help me, but I hands-down love something Kendall Jenner is wearing.

Kendall Jenner & Hailey Baldwin go grocery shopping while other models walk the runway for NYFW

Here are some additional photos of Kendall out and about during NYFW. Here she is on a promotional run for her Adidas contract. I still think it’s kind of terrible that Kendall was hired to be one of the faces of a sportswear company. That being said, I would probably wear this tracksuit, just not all together, and I definitely wouldn’t wear it with black trouser socks and white open-toed kitten-heel shoes. My God.

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin leaving the Adidas Fashion Show

Kendall’s safari look was not just ugly, it was really unflattering too.

Kendall Jenner is spotted out shopping in Soho

In these photos, you can really see all of the sh-t she’s been doing to her face. Yikes. Is it just me or is her face morphing into her mother’s old face? Out of all the daughters, I think Kendall will end up looking the most like Kris Jenner. Also: chica cannot put together an outfit to save her life.

Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Joan Smalls, and Doutzen Kroes step out during NYFW

Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Joan Smalls, and Doutzen Kroes step out during NYFW

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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49 Responses to “Kendall Jenner’s oversized Eudon Choi sweater-dress at NYFW: love it or hate it?”

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  1. Sarah says:

    She doesn’t put together her outfits. She has a stylist for everything she wears, they put it on instagram.

    That said, the plaid dress is really cute. I think it’s from Alexa Chung’s line.

    • halah01 says:

      After the family got rid of Monica Rose I’m pretty sure Kendall started using Beyonce’s stylist Marni who does pretty out-there styling! I would wear that sweater in a heartbeat but nope to the granny heels and tights!

  2. Swack says:

    I like oversized sweaters but that one is too big. Has she walked any runways?

    • sunnydeereynolds says:

      She haven’t walked any runway yet. I don’t know if she has booked any gig for NYFW though. Seems like Gerber is the new ‘IT’ girl fashion world is hyping up right now like they used to hype up Kendall and Gigi. There was a photo of her and Baldwin though supporting Bella Hadid before or after a fashion show. Gigi also walked the runway with Bella.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      The sleeves make me feel suffocated. They are so long, and it is so bulky by the wrists, it seems it would make doing things with your hands extra awkward.

      I have been wearing a lot of long, chunky cardigans this winter. It’s super cold for us today (60 degrees), so I’m wearing a black and white one.

  3. Eliza says:

    Sweater and heels are very Twiggy

  4. Loopy says:

    Is Hailey Baldwin also a cat walk model?

  5. boredblond says:

    Oh I have sweater dresses this length..I call them ‘sweaters’

  6. MJC says:

    Love the sweater dress (and miss “old” JCrew…still have a wool roll neck from the 80’s. Cozy and well made).

    Is she walking any shows? As a “model” she should have known better than to mess with her face.

    • MellyMel says:

      No she hasn’t walked in any shows from what I’ve seen so far. It’s mostly been Kaia, Gigi and Bella as the “it” models.

  7. Beth says:

    Those are all bad outfits! I like baggy sweaters, but that looks like an blanket with sleeves

  8. Zip says:

    My god, that adidas tracksuit… It looks like some of those adidas track pants from the late 90s were thrown into a lawn mover and then sewn together.

  9. BendyWendy says:

    The sweater with better heels and tights (seriously, that brown tho…ick) would have been nice.

  10. ally says:

    Love the sweater but the shoes oh my god ewww why???

    oh and fck her for wearing fur

  11. Mar says:

    I just can’t take her seriously as a supermodel. I also can’t stand anything to do with this family so I guess I’m biased

  12. MI6 says:

    LOVE. Would wear. Every day.
    Hate the shoes, though.

    • Skoochy says:

      Same. I’m a jumper dress fetishist. I definitely have a problem for knitwear as dresses. The shoes need to be set on fire though.

  13. minx says:

    She’s another one who should have left her face alone.

    • psl says:

      I agree. Two years ago, she was so incredibly pretty to me. Her nose job was subtle, and her lip injections were minimal.
      Now she looks like more like Kylie – manufactured.

    • Bee says:

      Whatever she’s doing to her face lately, she needs to stop. She’s starting to look really odd, not just with the lip fillers, but in the eye area too. Is it possible she’s had a facelift, at her age?

  14. Tw says:

    She looks like a gd fool.

  15. AnnaKist says:

    Down here, we just call them “big jumpers”. Speaking of which, there was a huge kangaroo bounding around the park a few doors from my house this morning. The RSPCA had to use a tranquilliser gun in order to take it back to the bush. I live in a very built-up, suburban area, but we are very lucky to have gorgeous, protected green zones all around us, including a botanic gardens specialising in native plants. That’s likely where the ‘roo came from.

    Anyway, KJ’s sweater dress is still just a great big, wooly jumper that looks old and stretched out, and that would still look great with jeans and little boots. I’ve been saying for a long time how much she resembles her mother, and for her age, what she’s done to her face is really horrible and totally unnecessary. 🤢

    • madonami says:

      Comment winner! LOL. I was not expecting the “big jumper” segue to go into “yeah, so there was a giant kangaroo in the yard.”

  16. Astrid says:

    those are some ugly clothes

    • toDaze says:

      Fur is always ugly, I’m surprised there aren’t more comments. Plus, let’s put this “high fashion” on a normal sized body? Not so “edgy” without the youth/thinness. Yawn.

  17. anna says:

    Her bodyguard is hot.

  18. supersoft says:

    Uhm what happened to nice colors?! All the clothing looks put together like something from the Mid-Seventies Eastern Europe Non-Fashion Police.

  19. Aerohead21 says:

    The problem with the oversized sweater here is that it really looks like she bought one 8 sizes too big. If the shoulders were tailored more appropriately to her frame and then it was all still oversized, I think it would look much better. The neckline, the sleeves, the waistline, the length, can all stay oversized. It’s just those shoulders hanging down like that make it look like poor styling…and those tights. Ugh. Maybe some light wash bootcut jeans and some comfy tennis shoes or booties…those tights aren’t good styling.

  20. G says:

    I feel like all of her outfits are parodies for Clueless…. especially that last one with the plaid print dress and fur coat!!!

  21. Veronica Shields says:

    Love the sweater dress, hate the way she’s styled it. I’d have gone with some leather leggings and ankle boots. That would have brought some edge to the look.

    (At the least go for a different color tight? A pop of color would’ve done it some fashion good!)

  22. nikzilla says:

    Agree, I LOVE that sweater. Would wear it with leggings (not tights or stockings like she is) or skinny jeans.

  23. madonami says:

    Man, everything is so 90s right now. Which, honestly, as a 90s girl, I kind of love.

    I would totally wear this sweater. I would not wear it as Kendall is. I also would not wear it with jeans. I would wear it with winter shorts and tights. I used to (in the 90s) have the best pair of black wool shorts. They were pretty short shorts, but they were fairly thick wool and flared a bit, and this kind of sweater is exactly what they were for (with tights). They were long enough so you could see them under a sweater like this, so it didn’t look like you were going to flash someone if you twisted the wrong way, but short enough so that they didn’t add bulk or weight to the outfit. And not a skirt = obvi, you could move like a normal person and not worry about flashing like you would with a skirt of the same length.

    To me, this kind of sweater with jeans would be too much fabric, too heavy overall. Either leggings or the shorty winter shorts. This color would not be great on me, but I’d def wear it as mentioned in another color. I have medium olive skin and most browns/earth tones wash me right the hell out. So, cream, or a light grey, or a jewel tone.

    And yeah, her face is not her face. If I were one of the models who came up the legit way, this would piss me off. Both the easy access she had to this career, and that she did not really get into it with her own face. I mean, it’s one thing for an established model to tweak here and there, and quite another for someone to start out with a face that’s already completely different from their “real” face. Bella Hadid also has that same weird waxy (Botox?) look and looks like her face is not her face. You gotta wonder what all these women who started majorly messing with their faces at such young ages are going to look like down the road.

  24. Olive says:

    love the sweater, hate these tiny shades that are apparently back in style.

  25. Lucy says:

    That is a fantastic sweater, I must admit. That being said, I always wonder whether these girls even like any of all those outfits they wear for their pap-strolls.

  26. hogtowngooner says:

    She looks like Emily Ratajkowski (sp?)

  27. Clairej says:

    For a model who is meant to made clothes look inspirational she does a really crap job.

  28. yUPtime'sUP says:

    The “no pants” look gives me a minor stress response- like those jr high nightmares of being in school and becoming horrifyingly aware of a partially dressed situation with no escape. Then add the thick tights w/block heels and this is one giant fever dream!