Brandi Glanville is mad that Gerard Butler cringed about their 2011 hookup

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To promote his latest movie, Gerard Butler appeared on Watch What Happens Live. The big headline was that he would chose to make out with Jennifer Aniston rather than Angelina Jolie, if he was given the choice again (he had on-screen kisses with both women). But during the after-show, G-But took questions from callers and someone asked him about weird rumors he’s heard about himself. He was trying to think of one when Andy Cohen asked specifically about Brandi Glanville and that whole deal. In 2011, Brandi and G-But hooked up, which we learned because Brandi told the world. When G-But was asked about Brandi, he asked “who’s Brandi Glanville?” Because they slept together but he never got her last name. He eventually admitted that yes, they had hooked up, etc. Well, skip to the 3-minute mark to see the Brandi Glanville part:

I didn’t see a big deal with this – Butler is basically saying the same thing he said on Howard Stern years ago, that their hookup was brief and he never got Brandi’s last name and she never told him that she was on Real Housewives (which she was at that time). Brandi took to Twitter to clarify (you can see her tweets here, I’m not embedding them):

@TMZ Let’s set the record straight Gerard Butler hit on me at a party Asked for my phone number called me up the next day and asked me out so if he wants to cringe now he can f–k off

Gerard Butler did not no my last name or what I did that is true but he hit on me and asked me out end of story.Moving on

I’m sorry but when you meet someone that clearly doesn’t know who you are, are you suppose to be a dick and say bye I’m famous????

[From Brandi’s Twitter]

Watching the video, I don’t think Butler was cringing *at* Brandi, he was cringing because Andy Cohen was stirring the sh-t and trying to get some headlines with that old gossip. In any case, Brandi wants you to know that Gerard Butler hit on her AND that he had zero clue about who she was. And what are the rules for famous people? Should they tell people “hey, by the way, I’m a famous reality star and famous scorned ex-wife/tabloid queen, okay?”

Meanwhile, did you know that Brandi recently broke up with that guy she was dating? She announced that on Twitter too.

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12 Responses to “Brandi Glanville is mad that Gerard Butler cringed about their 2011 hookup”

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  1. HH says:

    Butler was not being rude about this. And to be honest, there would be NO story to ask questions about if Brandi had never divulged the original encounter. I agree that he was cringing because a decent person doesn’t want to be a kiss and tell individual and go on about their sexual encounters, especially random hookups.

  2. Valiantly Varnished says:

    They are BOTH cringe-inducing so whatever.

  3. Clare says:

    She’s obnoxious and I don’t know why people continue to give her airtime. Gross.

  4. khymera says:

    Gerard looks so bummy next to fifty in his suit.

  5. Mop top says:

    She just looks like a caricature of herself at this point.

  6. KBeth says:

    As sleazy as Butler’s reputation is I think Brandi was really kind of skanky for divulging she slept with him.
    Butler was the one showing discretion.

  7. Maryanne Dillard says:

    I cringe just looking at his face. When he opens his mouth and starts talking its even worse. Goofy looking old drunk!

  8. Cinderella says:

    He looks all kinds of messed up in this clip, as he probably was when he hooked up with Brandi.

  9. Ozogirl says:

    I’d probably want to forget her too. Funny story, but probably not to her.

  10. Margo S. says:

    She must give people around her headaches.

  11. Harryetcraig says:

    Brandi is just a washed up old drunk looking for attention.