Britney Spears hires a PI to get dirt on K-Fed


I’m sorry for the plethora of Britney/K-Fed stories today. It’s a slow gossip day, but you can always count on these two as the mainstays of internet/tabloid gossip. Anyway, it really doesn’t make sense that we’re seeing and hearing so much about Britney Spears’ crazy escapades and no one is pointing out all of K-Fed’s sordid past anymore. Seems the public has a very short memory [and I include myself, I haven’t been good about mentioning all of his partying, drug-using, douche-bagging ways]. So while I’m not at all on Team Britney, I think it’s only fair that K- hold himself to a decent standard in terms of personal behavior, and it’s good she’s hired a private investigator to get the dirt on K-Fed. Considering he’s using Israeli commandos, it’s safe to say he’s got a few PIs on Britney too.

“Britney Spears has reportedly hired a hotshot California private investigator to monitor her ex-husband as the couple begins its child custody battle.

“As Kevin Federline’s legal team builds its case by serving Spears’ friends and her aides with subpoenas to testify in the custody trial, Spears has commissioned Lisa Javoric to dig up dirt on her ex.

“Investigators from Javoric’s offices recently hit Las Vegas to watch Federline’s every move – as the rapper/dancer partied.

“In Touch Weekly reports, ‘The detective watched him intently as Kevin partied in public areas of the hotel. He made a note of everyone who went into his suite.’

“Spears hopes the information her investigator gathers will help her discredit Federline and win her full custody of sons Sean Preston and Jayden James.”

[From Starpulse]

K-Fed needs to be able to stand up to the same scrutiny he’s putting Britney under. It’s so hard to write about these two, because they both have such sketchy behavior. K-Fed’s was well documented in the past, and Britney’s is well documented in the present. But I don’t think he’s suddenly become a model citizen – he’s just become much less flamboyant and much more private. Which at least shows he has more common sense than Britney. But when you think back to all the terrible, jerkish stuff that was written about Federline, it really is sad to realize that he’s likely still a jerk, just a more private one, and all of this stuff about wanting what’s best for their kids could really just be about money for both of them.

Picture note by JayBird: Here’s Britney out shopping on Wednesday – sorry for the old images, Brit hasn’t done much lately. Header image of K-Fed partying at Tao last week.


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