Bethenny Frankel is creating a dating app, will she brand it under ‘Skinny Girl’?

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First of all, I have to give Bethenny Frankel credit for going to Puerto Rico following the devastation of hurricane Maria and providing supplies and needed relief. She even chartered four planes to do this. We know this because she posted to social media documenting the process, which raised awareness of the dire conditions there. She did a good thing which I wanted to acknowledge.

Bethenny, who has a beverage and snack line under the “Skinny Girl” label, just launched Skinny Girl jeans. That branding seems so dumb to me, like she’s only selling to thin women. Her market will be limited even if she offers all sizes, because average-sized women may feel excluded. The NY Post agrees and calls it “tone deaf” to sell clothes under that name, although they point out that the pants will be available in plus sizes. Plus, she included plus-sized women in the promotional group photos for the launch of the brand. She really should have considered a different name, but I digress.

Do you remember that Bethenny wrote a dating and relationship advice book? I remember because I covered it. While promoting book she said that women shouldn’t offer to pay on dates because “there’s nothing more emasculating than a woman pulling out her credit card.” Anyway now she wants to start her own dating app, because she’s single and using dating apps. As much as she bugs and seems unqualified for things, she does it anyway, which I have to give her credit for.

The Real Housewives of New York City star, 47, attended the launch of her Skinnygirl Jeans line in New York City on Tuesday night and revealed to PEOPLE she is on the search for love.

“I’m single and dating,” she says. “[I’m] utterly available.”

Frankel, who shares daughter Bryn Hoppy with her ex Jason Hoppy, says she is actively using dating apps to get back into the dating game, as well as naturally meeting people.

“I dabble,” she says. “I’m researching doing my own dating app so I have to test the waters.”

While Frankel wouldn’t mind falling in love again, she says she does enjoy her single life.

“The best part about being single is that the future is a fortune cookie,” the Bravo star explains. “We just don’t know.”

As for the worst part? “Dating is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get,” she says, paraphrasing Tom Hanks in film Forrest Gump.

[From People]

Celebrities have all sorts of apps that seem popular based on name recognition and access to their lives, but a dating app? Would it be under the Skinny Girl brand? That would be terrible on so many levels. Also, I would say that Bethenny’s dating problems are due to the fact that her picker is broken, but I would say that about anyone who dated her too.

Here are some photos from the Skinny Girl jeans launch. The logo looks just like her food and beverage logo with “jeans” underneath it.
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This is Bethenny in Aspen on New Year’s Eve day. What is up with that outfit?

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  1. Clare says:

    My guess is this clothing line is more a licencing deal than ‘her’ line. In terms of licencing the ‘Skinny Girl’ brand is likely worth far more than anything else Bethanny related they could come up with. Agree that the branding is dumb, but possibly the best option relating to her.

  2. burnsie says:

    She looks like Heidi Fleiss

  3. Juliette says:

    My friends and I tried her skinny girl margaritas and they are nasty. Tried everything to improve the flavour but nope, gross. No idea how it’s so popular.

  4. Bridget says:

    Who the hell would buy Skinny Girl jeans?

  5. Alix says:

    Major props for her efforts on behalf of Puerto Rico.

    But ugh, the whole “Skinny Girl” brand. Buying into — and profiting from — the idea that the women should take up as little physical space as possible. What a legacy.

  6. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    Notice how the greater preponderance of the plus size ladies are hidden in the back row…
    “You! Back there! Crouch down more! I need to see less of you!”

  7. OT Hush says:

    Who in their right mind would take dating advice from a homewrecker ???? I do applaud Bethanny’s Puerto Rico recovery charity and that’s probably the last nice thing I have to say about this non-eater.

  8. LittlefishMom says:

    Yes take dating advice from someone who’s divorce took seven years.

  9. Harryg says:

    Why does she think she’s an expert of everything? She’s the last person I’d take any kind of advice from! And the words “skinny girl” just make me think of someone malnourished and cranky and weak, or a skinned rodent.