Kerry Washington likes to ‘wear my natural texture’ because she has kids

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Kerry Washington will not talk about anything that she doesn’t want to talk about. I respect her for that, and I admire her control. She’s able to maintain her privacy and keep secrets in a confessional, tell-all, share-all era. But can I just say? I would like her even more if she allowed her self-control to slip a few times in interviews. I don’t need to know about her babies, but I’d like to know her thoughts about political stories of the day, and social issues and economic issues facing women and more. While she’s used her platform to talk about those kinds of things here and there, she never makes news because she never lets her self-control slip for even one second. She doesn’t want to offend, she doesn’t want to be known. I was reminded of all that as I read through her Allure interview, which was conducted the day after neo-Nazis marched in Charlottesville. She didn’t want to even talk about it. Some highlights:

Talking about moisturizer while neo-Nazis march: “I’m glad you said that… I have to dip in and dip out, because it suffocates me. Like, I become unable to function. So it’s a tricky balance between staying aware and also staying connected to a sense of hope and productivity and showing up for life.”

No one can look like Olivia Pope in real life: “There’s someone who follows me around all day long [on the set]. Like, literally follows me to make sure there’s not a single hair out of place. This is somebody’s full-time job. Then someone follows me around to add powder so that I never look shinier than I’m supposed to.”

There are even different concealers throughout the week: “Friday night’s concealer is very different than Tuesday afternoon’s concealer. They get thicker as the week goes on and you get more exhausted.”

Her natural hair: “I like to wear my natural texture, especially now because I have children and I want them to know that their hair is perfect as it is. They don’t have to change it or straighten it. They can, but they don’t have to.”

Her next projects:
“I’m working now on 24/7, this comedy about three women in the workplace, and Eva Longoria and I are two out of the three. We basically walked into Universal and acted it out for them, and they were like, ‘OK.’ ” And since she executive-produced the Anita Hill story Confirmation for HBO, she wants more of that. “It’s kind of like being the Olivia Pope of television. You get to change people’s lives and fix problems and be grounded and assertive and of service. So it really is a lot of things that I felt Olivia has taught me to do in pretend and then to apply those skills when I produce.”

[From Allure]

“I have to dip in and dip out, because it suffocates me. Like, I become unable to function.” I get that. I really do. We all have to cope and self-care the way we see fit. Some days, I can’t watch or read the news. Some days I just need to zone out on tennis and cooking shows and pretend the world isn’t burning. But also: she has an incredible platform to say something meaningful in what was then the immediate wake of white supremacist terrorism. She’s an African-American woman living and working and raising her family in America – it’s not her duty or her responsibility to speak about or to these issues, but I’m still sort of disappointed that her immediate instinct was to act like it wasn’t happening. Is that wrong? It’s probably wrong. I understand if you want to yell at me because I’m mildly disappointed with Kerry Washington. That’s what happens when you actually show some personality (cough, Kerry).

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  1. Enough Already says:

    Let her be herself and not a standard bearer. As a woc she can speak up or not. Culturally she is a minority and a female. There are no perfect victims.

    People always look to poc for struggle porn.

    • blogdis says:

      Actually Kerry does speak out and is known for her views on feminism racism and LBGT issues. Some basic research would have shown that , apparently what she is doing isn’t good enough because she is not doing it the way people like or on a pulpit 24/7?

      She often has a very balanced way of expressing herself which on some instances might even be more effective I also vividly remember for instance her speaking up on Emmy night about how she was having a hard time juxtaposing being the first black womlan nominated for a lead on a Tv in 40 years with what was happening to her people in Ferguson

      One of Kerry issues is that sometime ago she was engaged for almost 6 years to a David Moscow who apparently dragged his feet to actually marry her, she even was interviewed by some Bride magazine and had egg on her face when the wedding didn’t happen. She herself admitted that she regretted being so out there about her personal life earlier in her career and it is now a conscious decision of hers now to keep her private life … Well private

  2. Marmalazed says:

    I agree with above poster. A direct quote from the post about Rose McGowan, “no victim should feel required to tell their story, or tell every single piece of their story.”

  3. Michelle says:

    Really? She doesn’t have to act a certain way or speak up about something if she’s not comfortable with it. With everyone in the news who’s been scummy shouldn’t we focus on them and not her? You want to cover the interview fine go for it but calling her out for what you think she should do is a bit much. Why create issues or raise faux concern over this?

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Yes, this.
      Also, she was REALLY involved in the Obama campaigns. I volunteered at an event where she came out to speak in South LA and it was not glamorous. She put in a lot of effort and sweat and passion. I know that wasn’t the only event she went to. It troubles me to read things where people are acting like she isn’t doing enough. I don’t think we know the full extent of exactly what she is doing, but she is definitely civic minded and takes her responsibilities as a citizen seriously.

  4. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    It is not her job to speak up and out about these issues. If you actually read her interview you should see that she is aware that there is a problem and wants to work behind the scenes to help fix it. Producing projects that present non-white women in a positive light (hopefully), hiring people behind and in front of the camera. Not everyone wants or needs to use social media to make a change.

    She and Eva are doing exactly what needs to be done: creating more opportunities for us non-whites to shine in Hollywood. I still side eye Eva for Devious Maids but I guess everyone has to start somewhere.

    I hope 24/7 is not just an updated version of 9 to 5. That movie is a classic and just needs to be left alone. I say that now but will probably see it anyway just to support Kerry and anyone else in the film.

  5. detritus says:

    I love Kerry, she is wonderful in every way.

    She’s living her resistance, with her small statements about her hair, with her success, she doesn’t necessarily need to put words to it. Even if it would be nice.
    I imagine how tired I feel, as a woman. And then I imagine the layer of exhaustion from facing this as a PoC. I understand why she doesn’t want to speak out.

  6. tealily says:

    I get what you’re saying, Kaiser, because she’s a smart woman and I’m sure she has some interesting thoughts. But I also have some serious opinion fatigue. If she doesn’t want to share hers, I’m totally cool with that. She doesn’t have to.

  7. HH says:

    She does speak out. Just not constantly. When I think of someone that doesn’t want to speak out, I think of Ivanka Trump. Someone who’s ultimate goal is to be neutral and non-controversial, and likable.

    PS – I can’t stand those people.

  8. Ava Z says:

    I have to give credit to the kardashians who actually do take a stance on topics such as trans rights , trump , women’s right to choose , and racism ( though they sometimes appropriate). Heck there was even a storyline about Kim learning to braid north’s hair.

    I wish Charlize or Sandra discussed the complexities of raising African America babies while being white moms. Do they talk to their children about racism ?

    Kerry self control is all about remaining neutral to not harm her careee. I don’t know if I respect that.

    • NewKay says:

      Ava Z are you f’ing kidding me. You call the words that dribble out of the Kardashians fake lips ‘ a stand.’ You think they take a stand on racism. OMG you clearly don’t know what ‘a stand’ is or what racism looks like for that matter. The Kardashians are not advocates for anything other than themselves. They are ignorant and just because they lay down with black men and make black babies- that doesn’t give them some in depth understanding of racism or the horrors of daily micro- aggressions and over instances of racism plaguing America (as is CLEARLY evident by their consistent amen perisistent one deaf attitude).

      • Ava Z says:

        As a minority woman myself , yes I think those girls do actually take a stand. They visited planned parenthood on a recent episode and talked about a woman’s right to choose. They supported their trans step dad. Kim tried to learn how to braid norths hair.

        Tell me what Kerry’s thoughts on those issues are or Jennifer Aniston’s or Sandra bullocks.

      • New_Kay says:

        I will take Kerry Washington’s comment about being exhausted and needing a break from these issues any day over a Katrashian taking a half assed stand on something they know nothing about. Everything they do drips of self promotion. Even KK trying to learn how to style her daughters hair was an unbelievable belittling and self entitled act (The way in which she did it and the comments she made). I can’t with that family.

    • Casey _ says:

      Are you confused about who Kerry Washington is?

      “Remaining neutral?”

      Say what? Please stop watching KUWTk on E! And do some research or just read Kerry’s wiki.

      Kerry has long been a woman’s rights activist, WOC activist, and lgbtq activist – she is and has been very outspoken on all manner of issues and speaks to them regularly. Highly political she’s right with the Obamas, and on more than one occasion has worked on projects affecting our youth in tandem with them.

      Here’s her GLAAD speech from a couple years ago which raised the roof:

      Seriously, she doesn’t deserve this revisionist fictionalizing of what she’s about. How bizarre.

    • Enough Already says:

      You’re basically saying Kerry won’t tell us what she stands for but you’re more than happy to assign motivation to what you perceive as her silence. Yeah, that’s fair.

    • Milla says:

      KW does speak. She speaks like a normal woman, she’s not using current situation to become more famous. She’s not loud, cos she likes her privacy and loves her family.

      No one has to speak up. No has to do anything. But Kerry isn’t silent. She is just not building a life out of this. She is not Katy Perry or Madonna or Jesse Williams. She has a life and she puts her family first.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Um, clearly you don’t know a thing about Kerry.

      She was very involved in the Obama campaigns. She has been on shows like Bill Maher where she has been incredibly forceful about her thoughts on politics.

      That’s what drives me nuts about your post. She might not talk politics here, but she has before, many times, at length, and with power and knowledge. You are just so wrong.

  9. KC says:

    I don’t want to yell at you just offer my feedback as a black woman….

    I’m a foreign, black woman finding myself living in the US in some highly divisive and racially charged times. I’ve had many moments of wanting to end it all-move back home, return to another job overseas, yet the events of my personal life lead me to truly feel that right now this is where I’m supposed to be.

    That being said it is exhausting the conversations, events and actions that are currently going on in regards to race. I left the country to work in Europe/Asia for a few years just having begun to see how standards of beauty in this country were skewed and negatively portrayed black women and messed with their self-image, worth and identity (especially in regards to being overlooked as equal and viable potential as mates and their typical features being touted as attractive on anyone who ISNT black). I returned several years ago appalled and going through a culture shock at the prejudice and hatred towards black that I hadn’t previously observed so close to me. I now believe these things were always lying under the surface but more recently people have felt freedom to be more vocal about hate, bigotry, and prejudice in the face of what has felt like progress to many others (that’s a discussion for another day).

    It. Is. EXHAUSTING taking it all in, feeling that things have regressed, feeling your loved ones are unsafe, hearing the false narrative that you are less than because of your race, ethnicity, nationality AND gender. For many (I think similarly to what Zendaya expressed) it feels like it’s no longer an option to grin and bear it, keep your head down, play nice). That being said, as a minority, it’s deeply PAINFUL to share your thoughts and feelings to have others try to negate and dismiss them, justify wickedness, defend themselves when you’re not even attacking them but simply sharing your human heart and trying to connect with others. It’s so difficult finally truly getting and feeling what my black American sisters and brothers have previously, quietly alluded to and observing, hearing the ways they are responded to and received. Probably even more so now because I feel so much more a part of this because I see it for myself.

    I cannot take fault with Keri. She is married to a black man (who himself is probably trying to make sense of this as a foreigner), figure out how to be a positive role model to her kids (if not blacks and women as well), sort through the emotions of her own heart and keep her privacy and sanity as a celebrity. She is an actresss, not a political activist, not a social justice advocate. I take issue with the importance we give to and allow celebrities to have in our lives. We don’t truly know them. There are many everyday “common” people taking on these roles that we could look up to. If she doesn’t take that upon herself she is not required to.

    It’s hard enough when those in your sphere disappoint you with their revealed attitudes of bigotry and prejudices, how much harder must it be to be a public figure and open yourself up to deal with such a wide realm of criticism, backlash and contention with persons unknown who matter not one whit to her affairs as a wife and mother (which seems to matter to her most)? You do what you have to do to make it through these bleak, dark times. I hope she is communicating with those she loves and trust to help each other through. But Keri owes no one anything.

    • Sophia's Side eye says:

      Thank you for this comment, KC. It was beautiful. I feel your pain about a change that has happened here in the US. A turning toward hate and bigotry that I did not see when I was younger as a WOC, yet has apparently always been here. When I was young people who espoused hate and bigotry were shunned. Now everyone has a platform from which to spew their hate, and then you see that like attracts like, and it is ugly. I don’t blame any POC for doing what they need to to stay safe and protect themselves. There are too many people are out there waiting to deny a person their truth, and I’m not here for it.

  10. IlsaLund says:

    As a woc, I get and respect what Kerry is saying. You have to self protect to keep sane. This shit is thrown at you 24/7 and you have to close the door at times just for mental survival. The old expression “I get sick and tired of being sick and tired” is something every person of color can relate to.

  11. Funkster says:

    I’ve never posted before, but Kerry’s new nose has been bugging me. She’ll show her kids her natural hair but not her natural schnoz? Puh-lease.

    • Casey. _ says:

      New nose?

      Are you a trolll?

      I’ve watched Kerry on and off for the last 15 years. From her role in bio pic Ray, to Mr and Mrs Smith, and through seven years of Scandal including this most recent season…

      She has the same nose she always did.

      Wtf are you going on about? Lol

      • Sid says:

        No, Kerry got her nose done years ago. Watch the film Save The Last Dance and you will see her pre-surgery nose.

    • JA says:

      And I’m sure she holds her and everyones marriage in high regards as it’s a sacred relationship…ohhh wait didn’t she knowingly/willingly sleep with Chris rock who was married and she had a steady long time boyfriend. Puhleaze is right with this one. She might take a stand on some issues but her private life is messy as hell as is her definition of natural!

      • Sophia's Side eye says:

        That was just a rumor. No one knows who he cheated with, they only know he worked with Kerry. That’s not enough for me to believe it was her, he worked with others too.

  12. LC says:

    I agree with many of the posts on here. It’s not Kerry’s job to speak out ever time something happens. She specifically states why she’s not able to discuss what happened in further detail on that day. She wouldn’t be able to function. Black women do not have an obligation and should not put aside their mental health to hold anyone’s hand through a tragedy. Kerry speaks out about numerous issues all the time. As an actress she chooses roles that shine a light on important issues. She takes the additional step to carry on the conversation with her activism ( which she does not have to do). Didn’t she speak at the women’s march and was honored by GLAAD like 2 weeks ago? I’m also pretty sure she’s spoken about getting death threats for the abortion episode of Scandal as well as her support for democratic candidates. Black women are allowed days off. We’re not machines.

  13. Lucy says:

    I honestly cannot fault Kerry, or any other woman of color who may be in the same situation for that matter, for being this way. Her wanting to keep her sanity does not mean she has no personality.

  14. FF says:

    Seriously? She does speak up but she seems to know her physical and mental limits, especially with two children, and a full season show.

    She sounded exhausted when 45 got in, as so many did; I think everyone is pacing themselves as best they know how and using their voice accordingly.

    That said, second post I’ve read on this blog implying a woc needs to “do more”. What’s up?

  15. Mia says:

    No actually us black women don’t have to speak up or on more issues for you or anyone else for that matter. I think we have contributed quite a lot but it is a damn thankless job. I suggest you read Audre Lordes “The Uses of Anger”. There is a nice section on why black women do not have to do the work for others that is our whole existence if we do not want to.

  16. Jo says:

    As a WOC, it’s nice to see the amount of pushback, outcry, and rage coming from white people in regards to the racism, sexism, and bigotry that is being shoved down our throats. However, black folks have been treat poorly for centuries in this country. This newfound wokeness that many white people are feeling and experiencing is long overdue. We’ve been living it and exhausted by it long before 45 set up shop in the Oval Office. We’re not new to this!!!

  17. KLO says:

    What am I supposed to say about this article? I see no problem with anything she says. She acts like a well-balanced mature woman who knows where her priorities are.

    I know, in HW it is weird.

  18. Justine says:

    Personally speaking, I take the same approach in my work life. I reveal absolutely nothing meaningful about myself, and it drives co-workers absolutely bonkers. People are so nosey and are quick to give their input or form opinions about your life when they hear you open up a little. It doesn’t take much room to let people in and run away with whatever ideas, good or bad, they may have. It’s just easier to put up no go lines and never cross them with people you work with. For Kerry, the general public are the people she works with. I’m sure she reveals her true self to close friends and family.