Monica Lewinsky hangs out with Alan Cumming

Here’s a blast from the not-so-distant past – the former White House intern at the center of the Clinton impeachment case, Monica Lewinsky, 35, was photographed out in New York yesterday with Broadway star Alan Cumming. It’s hard to tell from the photos whether Alan and Monica just ran into each other and stopped for a chat or if they were hanging out the whole time.

We haven’t heard much about Monica and a quick glance at her Wikipedia page reminds me that I last saw her on The Tom Green show in 2000. She laid low for a couple years after the scandal with President Clinton and launched her own handmade fabric purse line without a lot of fanfare. Her purses don’t seem to be available anymore and it looks like she’s carrying someone else’s high end purse in these photos. In 2003 she briefly resurged as the host of a dating reality show on Fox called Mr. Personality. Monica then went on to earn her masters in social psychology from the London School of Economics in 2006.

I listened to most of the secret phone recordings between Monica and her turncoat former BFF, Linda Tripp, about ten years ago when they were available on It was a way to kill time while I was working at whichever now-defunct Internet company that employed me. Most of it was boring girl talk, and I remember that they talked about their hair a lot. Lewinsky still has great hair. She also has some awesome friends if she’s hanging out with Alan Cumming. He’s one of the most amusing people I’ve ever seen interviewed. Hope you’re doing well, Monica.

Photo credit: Hector Vallenilla,

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  1. Tazina says:

    Can you not leave this woman alone? It’s been over 10 years and she deserves some peace, not her photo on celebrity web sites.

  2. BiggieShortie says:

    Didn’t she rep Jenny Craig back in the day?
    Well, to be fair, she was blowing the president of the United States, so she’s fair game as a public figure. I mean, he wasn’t some unmarried Joe Blow, ya know, working at the grocery store in downtown Anonymous, USA.
    She pretty much brought the public on herself.

  3. Wif says:

    I LOVES ME some Alan Cumming!!!

  4. Liz says:

    <3 Alan Cumming.

  5. Anna says:

    Most random bit of news, EVER!

    I do hope he didn’t really hang out with her the whole time. I expect tons more class of Alan than that.

  6. nimble minx says:

    I LOVE Alan Cumming, too!

    he’s freakin’ hilarious.

    and what a random pairing…

  7. gg says:

    Alan Cumming is fabulous. Monica looks happy and healthy. It’s good to see them looking well.

  8. Dorothy says:

    I am jealous! i want to be Alan Cumming’s best friend!!! I would be a good friend…

  9. ash says:

    Tanica I don’t think she’s ripping on Monica, just sounds more like an update to me! ;)

    As for Alan, <3 him.

  10. Boom says:

    I like her. She can teach the ladies a thing or two about proper blow jobs – like Andy Dick’s character in Old School – Barry, Oral Sex Instructor…lol

  11. ! says:

    I feel a little sorry for her. There are worse things in this world than what she did, but she has to suffer a level of humiliation that no one should have to go through!

  12. wow says:

    Monica looks good. I’m glad she’s moved on.

  13. bob lawblaw (nony) says:

    Oh man, I think my favorite Alan Cumming flick has to be Josie and The Pussycats, he and Parker Posey rock my world.

    when he busts out his gut as white-ass-wally, oh man…so freaking hilarious.

  14. GimmeABreak says:

    She actually looks good. A bit heavy, but good. And FYI, she was the center of one, of not THE, biggest scandals in Pres. history. I’m afraid it will never go away. She’s like the Susan Boyle of blow jobs.

  15. Candi says:

    Wonder if they are friends,and if so,how they met?

    Wow,I gotta say this really grabbed my attention,as I haven’t seen or heard anything about Monica Lewinsky in several years.

    Still a pretty girl,but boy,has she really packed on the pounds.

  16. aham says:

    Yup. Hangs is the right word.

  17. yosafbridge says:

    I’m wondering how we’re still all talking about her weight? She looks like a normal average woman. I’m guessing between a 12 or 14. No bigger (probably smaller) than Jennifer Hudson or Queen Latifah. Everybody (including myself) rants and raves about how wonderful they are. She will always be a public figure because she was a part of history but that we make the weight of women an issue is backwards. I always thought she was a beautiful girl who made a dumb mistake much like most people do when they are in their early 20′s. The difference between my ill-advised hook ups when I was 21 and her’s is that her’s happened with the president.

  18. Trey says:

    His name sounds like it’s ripe for a Lewinsky joke… Yeah, he’s Cumming… all over her dress! Guess this one she can keep though!

  19. GimmeABreak says:

    Uh…I work in an upscale clothing store and most of our customers are her size. She doesn’t look like she’s seen a size 12 or a 14 in a LONG time. She’s rockin’ a 16 or 18 these days. Don’t let the black top fool ya.

    Having said that, she’s still very pretty. Always has been. Feel bad for her. Cuz I can tell you, at her age, pres. of the US….yeah, I’da done the same thing.

  20. tess says:

    this is a nice update. i hope ML is doing well with her life.

  21. 3243 says:

    I also hope Monica is doing well these days. And I do hope she has learned from her youthful mistakes.

    And I don’t care what anyone else says, Monica looks GOREGOUS.