People: Robert Pattinson & FKA Twigs ‘are definitely still together’… okay?

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Last week was a good week for “celebrity split drama,” with major breakups happening between Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, Elon Musk and Amber Heard, and seemingly Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs. Pratt and Faris are the only ones in that group who have really split for good, as it turns out. Amber and Elon’s “split” was more of a drama-queen session for attention, and they were back together by the end of last week. Out of all of those groups, the idea of a Sparkles-Twigs split hurt me the most, and I spent much of last week kind of depressed about the reports that they were almost done. On Friday, Twigs was even spotted in Ibiza with a French male model, and they looked especially friendly. But someone – who? – wants us to know that Sparkles and Twigs are still happening.

Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs are still going strong. Despite recent photos of the 29-year-old English singer touring Ibiza with French male model Brieuc Breitenstein, a source tells PEOPLE that the couple are “definitely still together.”

Twigs (née Tahliah Debrett Barnett) has been dating Pattinson, 31, since 2014. In late July, the actor made headlines when he told Howard Stern that they are “kind of” engaged after he proposed to the singer in early 2015. When asked by GQ if he was getting married in an interview for the September cover, Pattinson responded with a noncommittal “eh.”

Rumors of a split were heightened when the Twilight star was spotted having dinner in Los Angeles with Katy Perry and a group of friends earlier this month. A source close to Pattinson told PEOPLE the two were “just friends.” “They’re super cuddly always,” the insider said. “They’ve known each other forever.”

Twigs and Breitenstein also seemed close while sightseeing on the Spanish island, with the two talking closely at one point, Breitenstein resting his lips on her head.

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Much like the Elon-Amber story, I don’t really get why this sh-t is being dragged out so publicly. It seemed clear with Twigs’ photo-op with Brieuc Breitsenstein that she wanted to be seen with another man as reports swirled about Rob and Katy Perry. But I do think cooler heads prevailed over the weekend – Katy Perry is seemingly back with Orlando Bloom (gross) and Rob’s publicist (I’m assuming) wants us to know that Twigs & Sparkles are 4 Eva. Blah. I’m over this story. Either get married or break up, you two.

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  1. HappyXamp says:

    This makes me wonder if there wasn’t a fight. No one goes to this much trouble to say they’re still together if they were happy.

  2. Lulu says:

    I don’t think they’ll get married at this point. They seem to be barely hanging on by a thread so why would they?

  3. Connell says:

    I think they are slowly growing apart, and one of them wants the relationship more than the other.

  4. QueenB says:

    They probably have an open relationship. I would be very surprised to find out FKA Twigs was monogamous. Robert never had a problem going back to Kristen after her public tryst so he is not someone to judge a womans sexuality.

    • Anname says:

      Ah, I disagree. I think he had a big problem with Kristen’s infidelity, and that it eventually doomed the relationship. I think he was persuaded to try to reconcile with her because they still had the whole promotional tour for the last Twilight, and it would make it easier on everyone. They broke up for good soon after (he spent 3 months filming in Australia after Twi ended and they broke up within 2 months after that.

    • Snickers says:


      Open relationships are a lot like unicorns, people occasionally will bring them up for whatever their own reasons, without having actually seen a real one in the wild. Lol

      I think Pattinson was very hurt by what Stewart did, however i also think he’s a decent seemingly compassionate young man who loved her and made a conscious decision to not completely destroy her world and gang up on her as the world seemed to be poised to do and did to a certain extent. I think his reaction was tempered by the fact Stewart most likely at that point told him of her bisexuality and/or being lesbian – and let him know the cheating may have been due to the fact that she was struggling within/to come to terms with who she was and what she wanted, and that she was acting out or experimenting. Who knows? But he seemingly decided to stick with her and see her through it. His image was less important than seeing Stewart through that point in her life. That says a lot about his character and decency.

      Back to open Rs. Yea, no. It’s been my experience – and don’t take this personally, not saying this is where you’re coming from…but on gossip boards, open Rs are usually discussed surrounding relationships that some women have bitter resentment for. For whatever personal reasons it makes them feel better to imagine or fantasize that the love and commitment of certain high profile celebrated couples aren’t genuine, or authentic – that these couples can become enamoured of others outside of their seemingly chosen celebrated union and act on it, signifies that the relationship isn’t what is claimed and written about, and that possibility actually makes these women feel better about themselves and calms them down. Lol

      I’ve yet to hear anyone claim they actually had one of these open relationships, which leads me back to my point. If no one is claiming it openly, it doesn’t exist.

      Also a side point: because I’ve been familiar with some of these stories it always strikes me as humorous that the people they choose to gossip about possibly being in an open R, have always come across very possessive and/or traditionally committed to one person which further illustrates my point about envy in making up the open R stories or the equally ‘doing it for PR,’ nonsense. Lol

      • Lurker says:

        I’m poly, and I have a lot of friends who are poly. I am currently in a four year open relationship.

        There is a pretty big poly online community. Isn’t one of the Supernatural actors in an open/poly marriage? I know his wife wrote a book on poly relationships where she talked about their own open marriage.

        You must be extremely sheltered if you think there are no people openly talking about the fact they are in open relationships.

      • Snickers says:


        Good for you. Hope you’re happy and thanks for sharing.

        I’ll ignore your snark and defensive tone, because i think you’re honestly confused and don’t understand who I’m addressing. I mistakenly thought since we’re on a message board and discussing/gossiping about celebrities, people would understand that I’m talking about just those people.

        Just so we are clear: I’m more than aware that people inside and outside of show business are in every different kind of relationship there is, and spend time in the online and offline communities that support said relationships.

        Who on earth would deny that?

        However, we were talking about mostly a handful of high profiled celebrities that courtesy of the tabloids and gossip are sometimes rumored to be in “open relationships.” My point was that so far, none of the rumored couples nor anyone else in that celebrity category has come out to say they are (Will and Jada for example, have often been rumored but in fact they are on record denying it).

        I have not heard of the wife of an actor on Supernatural – i doubt he counts as ‘high profile’ or even medium profile.

        My point was not that they don’t exist in Hollywood, but if that’s something that is never acknowledged or claimed by the parties involved, and/or it’s explicitly denied – we can’t say that they are.

        I just recalled one that would be the most high profile and that’s the comedian Monique and her husband. Too lazy to Google right now though. But yea, that’s it.

  5. Maria F. says:

    maybe they were cooling down and it was a case of showing him what he could lose?

    it all seems much ado about nothing and yet, here I am posting about it….

  6. Nicole says:

    This is over we are just waiting for the strings to be cut. Let it go guys

  7. poop says:

    They don’t owe you anything? Get married or split up? Let them live!

  8. Chinoiserie says:

    What is gross about Orlando Blook and Katy Perry? Have I missed something about him?

  9. Alexa says:

    I think Rob tends to get into relationships with women who don’t like him as much as he likes them.

    • Dramaqueen says:

      Actually he seemed to be over her for a awhile now. And he was hanging out with Katy (at a restaurant and then in her house), with whom he’s most likely FWB, and it never happened even once while he was with twigs.

  10. Hikaru says:

    First Kristen makes him look like a doormat and now Twigs. Poor guy.

  11. FishBeard says:

    I’m assuming a PR stunt on his part. There were no rumors being spun until he made those gross dog molestation jokes on that talk show. But there’s nothing like relationship drama to distract people from controversy. No one is above playing the game for their own interests, and Twigs can do a lot better.

  12. Anname says:

    So a source tells E! that Rob and twigs are over. A different source tells People they are still together. Who to believe? Based on the fact they have only seen each other one time since June, and with the pics of twigs in Ibiza, I am thinking they are pretty much done. Rob’s new movie starts filming in a few days, so they won’t have any time together in the near future either. Unless they are having some sort of agreed-upon summer break (and no, I am not thinking open relationship), I don’t see how they aren’t broken up.

    • Deidra says:

      For now I believe E! because they basically put in words what the fans who follow them closely had been suspecting. They’re living separate lives now. I remember Rob going to London to her when he had 2-day breaks while filming The Lost city of Z, and suddenly he spends months in LA on his own seemingly just enjoying life.

    • mia girl says:

      Yeah, I think at best, they are on a “break”.

  13. Dramaqueen says:

    They haven’t been together in three months, he just finished promo and about to start filming for the next three months (he’s probably already on set). Unless they’re suddenly seen together or she visits him on set, I’m going with they’re pretty much done. I dunno about twigs but Robert was out and about a lot and honestly he looks happy and maybe relieved?

  14. Henny in my Hand says:

    She is gorgeous and seems super cool. Whether or not they’ve broken up, I hope to see more of her!

  15. Moonlightbaby says:

    Sparkles has a pattern – in the beginning he’s head over heels in love with someone, spends all the time with his lovelady, cute pics ensue and fans go aww, then he cools off, or maybe work goes in the way, and that’s where drama always starts, then it’s dragging and dragging, gossip heats up and for some unknown reason he can’t just announce break-up and stop speculation once and for good. At this point I wouldn’t bet my money on this couple to last.

  16. JJ says:

    So have we pretty much agreed that twigs pics were some orchestrated photo-op scheduled to come out on the day of his premiere?

  17. Malibu Stacy says:

    She really has the same look on her face in every single photo doesn’t she?….

  18. Kath Day says:

    Close your mouth girl! Her open mouth posing annoys me to no end. It’s so distracting. In her candid / pap shots she has her mouth closed. So this is in irksome

    • Snickers says:

      I remember angry women posting reams about Kstew’s open mouth too. Please let it go. This is the physiology of some people’s faces, their bone structure, teeth, mouth and lips. It’s their resting protruding upper lip. Sheesh. Obviously he digs it.

  19. Freya says:

    As much fun as it was while lasted I’m ready for Rob to move on. Curios to see who he dates next, I bet it’s gonna be someone interesting and unexpected in a good way again. Good luck to twigs too.

    • Snickers says:


      Maybe I’m rooting for them because of the awful weird racist creeps (both overt and covert) who came after her simply because she was *next* for Rob Pattinson and of African descent.
      The only thing ‘I’m ready for,’ is for them to do what they want, whatever that is. If it’s break-up I wish them well and hope they get over the heartbreak if there is any. if it’s get married and have kids and live in some little English country house – that’d be great their kids would be adorable.

      How can people personally root for a stranger to not be in a relationship, unless you have inside info that he or she are awful people and that the other person deserves better or something? Anything short of that just comes off as vaguely bizarre as if people are only your inanimate chess board pieces and not humans with real lives.

      • Freya says:

        I actually think he deserves better after her Ibiza strolling for papz while all his family and friends were supporting him in NYC. They’re either on bad terms now and she’s punching back for his Katy story or she’s a heartless person overall. A lot of so-called fans want them together because they got invested in their love story and they choose to turn a blind eye to the fact that it doesn’t look like a love story anymore. And I still said I wish her well.

    • Snickers says:


      Uh, if that were true (your Ibiza whatever)pretty sure he’d be done and not telling celebrity mouthpiece People magazine, they’re fine and definitely still together.

      I get you want them to be done- even read between the lines and got your anger in your first place wishing he’s move on- i just was curious about the pathology. Now that you’ve come out and proclaimed her alleged ‘pap stroll,’ as the reason for your bitter (and not his dinner date that got way more press which he knew would happen and don’t care) your comment makes more sense. So thank you.

      I still get the strong sense you were never for her or ‘them’ as a couple long before you saw an ambiguous pap pic a couple days ago.

      Maybe I’m wrong, but doubt it.