Daniel Radcliffe came to the aid of an injured mugging victim


Disclaimer – I would make Harry Potter comparisons in this post but since every other outlet is going that route, I’m going to break with the pack. I’ve expressed my love for Daniel Radcliffe before. I find him delightful in interviews and he seems gracious without it appearing phony. He doesn’t try to distance himself from the franchise that made him famous, even though he has done a lot of admirable work since. And if I needed any more assurance that my admiration was warranted, he recently came to the aid of a man who’d been mugged. This victim had his face cut and his expensive bag stolen in the attack. I feel really bad for him, which makes me feel worse that when I got to the detail about the assailants riding off on mopeds, the first thing I pictured was a scene out of Benny Hill.

The “Harry Potter” actor came to the aid of a man who was mugged on Friday, The Associated Press reports. 

The 50-something victim was reportedly walking down King’s Road in London’s Chelsea neighborhood, when two knife-wielding moped riders attacked him, slashing his face and stealing his Louis Vuitton bag.

Radcliffe was one of the first responders, tending to the man after the robbery.
Former police officer David Videcette was also on the scene and reportedly tried to apprehend the attackers before the two made an escape through multiple red lights. That’s when he recognized the British actor, who was consoling the victim. 

“It was a bit of the surreal moment, I said, ‘You’re Daniel Radcliffe’ and he replied, ‘I am,’” Videcette recalled to the Evening Standard. “He was a really nice bloke, a lot of stars wouldn’t have stopped to help.”

[From Huffington Post]

I’m imagining that moment when the other guy said, “You’re Daniel Radcliffe,” and Daniel responds, followed by the victim who said, “Yeah, and I’m bleeding!” Nothing but respect for Daniel here, it was the right thing to do and he did it. I once witnessed a bicycler get knocked down while I was across the street at a stoplight. The car that did it was turning and it’s possible they didn’t know they’d clipped a cyclist but they didn’t stop. The first person who got out to help was Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplane/Starship. When I made it to them, we got him off the bike and moved him to a step. Eventually a police car stopped and I left at that point but the only other people that stopped were people asking if she was, in fact, Grace Slick and then moved on.

Videcette is a former police officer who is now a crime writer. I assume he just stopped like Daniel did to help the guy. He is getting so much play on this because he was the one who gave Daniel credit publicly:

I don’t think Daniel was looking for any kind of PR bump but I’m glad Videcette gave him a shout out, mostly because it allows me to continue believing Daniel is a neat guy in real life. If I forget that, I can always ask his Harry Potter costume designer, Jany Temime who is as big a fan as I am. Jany said of Daniel, “Daniel is an incredible kid. He was preparing his exams at school, he was leading a film. He had such a [full plate] and he never complained. He was always so nice to everybody. He’s an incredible person. A really wonderful person.” So see – lovely gentleman. And now I am off to re-watch his episode of Extras which is, in my opinion, a f—king scream.



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  1. Ayra. says:

    Yeah, he’s always seemed like a really nice guy, very fun in interviews too. Most (if not all) of the ones from Harry Potter came out from the franchise pretty well.
    I wish him the best.

    • Jerusha says:

      I remember a Q& A he did with Vanity Fair a few years ago. He came across as smart, funny, down to earth and sane. Very likable.

  2. GiBee says:

    I watch this happen at least once a day, even in the not-terrible neighbourhoods. If you’re walking around in London, don’t have your phone out! If you’re walking on the sidewalk, keep your purse/handbag/bag on the side of your body away from the street.

    • Sixer says:

      Yes. Moped crime has been plaguing London for ages now, hasn’t it? Large responsibility for the increase in the latest crime figures. And worse still, with the acid getting in on the act.

  3. koko says:

    Before your a “star” , you’re a human being. Good on him.

  4. Scooch says:

    Just as an aside, David Lee Roth secretly became a volunteer paramedic in the early 2000′s in New York. He’s been on about 200 emergency calls and saved a few lives.

  5. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    He’s such a wonderful man, and I adore him, Emma, and Rupert for growing up to be kind and thoughtful. Wish it could be that way for all child stars.

  6. Skylark says:

    Nice one, Daniel. He’s a good egg.

  7. teacakes says:

    It gives me very real happiness that the Harry Potter kids all turned out so well-balanced as adults, and especially so for Daniel, who’s shaping up to be a very fine actor with serious range in his projects. I think part of it is just relief that being associated with a thing I love (the Harry Potter books) didn’t ruin these children’s lives, we all know the child star cautionary tales.

    He’s always come off as a very down-to-earth kind of person – I’m not surprised he stopped to help, though it must have been surreal for the victim.

    • astrid says:


    • Mei says:

      This!! I also really have to give kudos to the people at Warner Bros who realised it was incredibly important to support their child stars as well as they could and help them navigate the overwhelming attention, it really did work well.

  8. Amelia says:

    I also love Daniel…. seems like a sweetie. Will say he didn’t come out of HP totally unscathed, he has admitted he had a serious alcohol problem by the time it all ended and had to seek treatment. Overall I agree that this franchise seemed to protect the kids, unlike many others.

  9. JLo says:

    I saw Daniel Radcliff and my brain jumped to “injured Muggle victim.”

  10. serena says:

    Of course he did, he’s one of the nicest celebrities ever. Love him so much!

  11. Gemma13 says:

    I love this man. I love him because he seems so genuine, he’s funny, intelligent, humble, and caring. He is such a delight in interviews and just seeing him makes me smile. He also has made some really interesting choices in TV shows and movies. I highly recommend Horns for the cool plot and Swiss Army for the soundtrack and sweet story, and the liberal fart jokes….because I’m a child :)

  12. Mina says:

    I worked at a high end grocery store in London, he and his girlfriend are our regular customer. Really nice guy and very down to earth, he’s such an easy person to talk with and no attitude at all. We get so many snotty costumers and quite a few D-list stars with self entitlement issues but Daniel’s awesome. Much prefer him as customer than prince harry.