Kourtney Kardashian and her 23 year-old hook-up in France again: is this love?


Kourtney Kardashian and her 23-year old paramour, Younes Bendjima, are still going strong. At least they are when they’re together. There was some speculation that things had cooled off between these two after they returned from their Cannes make-out session but apparently, this isn’t the case. Kourt met up with Younes in St. Tropez for more sun-soaked and PDA-filled days. As for how serious these two are, word on the beach is: not really. They just hang out when it works with their schedules and neither is really looking for love right now.

As the long Fourth of July holiday continues, Kourtney Kardashian appears to be celebrating with Younes Bendjima in France.

On Sunday afternoon, the pair was spotted holding hands as they enjoyed a sweet stroll through St. Tropez. In fact, Kourtney couldn’t help but flash a smile while keeping it casual in black pants and a ripped white tank-top. Today, the duo was seen having fun on a pedal boat in the middle of the ocean.
The sighting comes more than a month after the pair was spotted packing on the PDA in Cannes. And with so much time in between public outings, some fans wondered if the relationship was cooling down.

According to a source, Younes has been traveling and working on his career while Kourtney hasn’t been wanting anything serious.

Instead, they’ve always planned on seeing each other again when they’re in the same place or when their schedules allow.

[From E! News]

Of course Kourt’s flashing a smile, she’s in St. Tropez with a hot guy – you have to be looking for ways to be miserable given that situation. I don’t have anything negative to say here. If Kourtney is truly taking this casually and having fun with Younes when her schedule allows, then good on her. Kourtney had indicated at the end of last season the Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she wanted to start dating and although I support her getting back out there, I’m glad to know she’s not rushing into anything. Unlike her ex, Scott Disick who’s aiming to have a young girlfriend in every port, Kourt just has the one boy-toy and both seem happy with the arrangement. Plus, Kourt’s tryst-destination game is amazing.

Other than trying to fit a little Younes-time into her schedule, Kourt is splitting her time between being pissed at Scott and detoxing to stay fit. Her ridiculously restrictive diet allows her an avocado smoothie, a morsel of chicken or fish and, “maybe some cauliflower rice or broccoli.” Wow, I got full just reading that. In addition, her detoxes insist she not eat breakfast for 14-16 hours after dinner and once a week she must fast for 24 hours, drinking only water or bone broth. Kourtney says that on her fast days, she tries to stay busy so she doesn’t have to think about the food she’s not eating. I guess this explains the day trips to visit Younes?



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  1. Plibersek says:

    Obsessed with her appearance much?

  2. nemera34 says:

    She has a great figure. And considering she is a mother of 3.. I applaud that. She has the best shape of all the sister.

    Nothing else to say.. I still don’t get why this family is still relevant or that people are interested in them. Everything is done for the camera flash.

  3. Neo says:

    If you can’t beat ‘em, take a page from their notebook, improve it, and do it way better than they ever could.

  4. LaBlah says:

    If being in that shape requires me to eat that little and that blandly I feel much better about a little jiggle. Keep it as tight as you like but you’re still going to age and die but you’ll be a miserable bore as well.

  5. Tanguerita says:

    Sounds like 16:8-intermittent fasting. It’s not unhealthy and good if one wants to lose some weight and keep it off, but detoxing is a pile of bull. No one needs detoxing. There is no such thing as detoxing. When will celebrities stop feeding into this nonsense?

    • Beckymae says:

      Yup, I follow the principals of 16:8 and it works really well for me. Stops me overeating for sure but I’ll still have a steak or burger, if you have a functioning liver, you do not need to ‘detox’

  6. RBC says:

    May not be love, but you can be sure Kris is thinking of potential storylines for KUWTK.

  7. salmah says:

    That diet is such bullsh*t. If she was eating that kind of calorie deficit daily she’d be anorexic. If she eats that a few days a week then the rest of the time she must be binging, or at the very least over-eating, to maintain the body weight, hair and skin condition she has, unless she has copious amounts of what’s listed in that diet plan, and even then it would be difficult. I’m a recovered/in remission anorexic and work in healthcare. This kind of “diet plan” is dangerous and we have so many patients who come in who are eating like this and none of them look like Kourtney Kardashian. They look ill, their bones are breaking, their skin has lost all tone and their hair is falling out. It will not get you the body of a celebrity. Orthorexia and anorexia are serious mental disorders with a high comorbidity factor. This kind of misinformation and push for these detoxes as being good for you is dangerous.

    Intermittent fasting may be a good tool as a “reset” after a period of overindulgence in people who are otherwise mentally/physically healthy or as a way of making sure that you make a set timetable to eat good nourishing food, and even then I’d still advise to approach with caution, but this isn’t really what she’s doing, imho.

    • Tanguerita says:

      You are right, it sounds like a combo of IF and calorie-restricted low-carb diet. It also sounds like a major pain in the a..s and is most certainly not healthy. That being said, it’s still healthier than any fad diet and detox that Goop has tried to sell to general public in the past few years.

  8. Dinma says:

    That diet is like my normal routine even without calling it a diet. Eat dinner by 8pm and since am not a breakfast person I eat by 11 or 12 noon the next day . Which is like 14hrs difference. Fasting for 24hrs will make me unproductive and then I will be thinking about food the whole time.

  9. Skins says:

    She looks so lame. Look at me Scott, look at me

  10. Naddie says:

    He looks like a teen who built up too early. Maybe the perception changes in person.

  11. Fiorucci says:

    He is really hot! Wow!

  12. Honey says:

    What the hell is that design on his shirt?

  13. Mary says:

    Sounds like an eating disorder to me! She is very uptight but she looks amazing.

    She is so desperAte. Obviously she will date anyone literally to try and make Scott jealous.

  14. minx says:

    The Slow One.

    • cherrypie says:

      hahahaha. I swear the comments here on CB have been cracking me up all morning! Im loving it

  15. buckley says:

    Does he shave his legs?

  16. Stacey says:

    Courtney is a tangle of insecurities, anxiety and indecision. The restrictive, fanatical dieting is just another way to try to control her world. And yes, “detoxing” is a complete b.s. idea. There is no such thing as “detoxing”. It’s right up there with vaginal steaming. But look, after decades of seeing Courtney grim, not smiling and having to listen to that awful, nasal voice, just seeing her actually smile and come out from under that miserable relationship she was in with alcoholic and serial philanderer Scott, looks like progress to me. So, you go, Courtney. And go as far away from your ridiculous family as possible, while you’re at it.