Janet Jackson and her ex Wissam begin divorce proceedings in London

Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana made their first appearance in London’s Royal Courts of Justice on Thursday to begin their divorce proceedings. The couple, who were married in 2012, did not interact with each other outside of the court building. They were in a private meeting with Justice Anna Pauffle for over six hours.

Wissam left the courthouse first, alone and reportedly looking “somber,” followed by Janet around 20 minutes later. An eyewitness told Entertainment Tonight that “Janet was in a great mood.” The source added, “She was happy and hugging and kissing her legal team as she left the court house…Janet had about seven people in her entourage including her brother Randi, her assistant and her legal team.”

The 51-year-old singer, currently gearing up to resume her Unbreakable tour, has managed to drop about 50 pounds since the birth of her son Eissa in January. ET’s source reported that “She looks great! There is definitely a noticeable weight loss. It looks like she is getting back in fighting form to start her tour.” Janet has been “training, dieting and eating clean,” but some of her weight loss could possibly be attributed to rumors that she’s “been under stress” since the split. But fortunately “She has the support of her family and has a crazy good legal team behind her.” Brothers Jackie and Jermaine are in London with Janet, and are looking forward to playing uncle to Eissa. On an appearance on ITV’s Loose Women on Friday, Jackie announced, “I haven’t seen him! While I’m here I’m going to see him. We’ve seen pictures.” Jermaine added, “I’ve heard him crying on the phone!”

Citing cultural differences, Janet announced the split with Wissam on social media, telling fans in a short video that “We are in court. And the rest is in God’s hands.” Janet stands to get a $200 million payout from the marriage. And, with reports that Janet disagreed with Wissam on raising Eissa, this could be a long legal battle. I do not envy her, but I hope the right decisions are made for Eissa’s well-being.

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24 Responses to “Janet Jackson and her ex Wissam begin divorce proceedings in London”

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  1. Idky says:

    Didn’t they discuss how they were going to raise their child prior to bringing him into the world?

    • Coco says:

      I’d hope so! Sometimes you can discuss and agree on something but it’s not until you see your partner in action that you can ever truly know how you feel about it.

    • SolitaryAngel says:

      IDKY, I’m sure they did; however, there is no way to discuss every situation. My ex and I had many many discussions about parenting our son before I got pregnant, and I thought we were on the same page–but it was the smaller things that happened in day-to-day life which made me realize we could not co-parent together. My ex turned into someone I didn’t know.

      • commonsense says:

        I can relate to you, I feel like you are talking about me because this is how it is for me too; from parenting a Son to my ex turning into someone I don’t know.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      Perhaps they did discuss how they were going to raise their child but they didn’t know at the time they were going to get divorced. I do envy Janet Jackson because getting a 200 million dollar payout is a fabulous settlement wow.

  2. Clare says:

    ‘ Janet stands to get a $200 million payout from the marriage’ – well that explains why the Jackon vultures are circling.

    I hope they can figure out whatever is best for the kid. And I hope she can stay far far away from her money grubbing family. Yeah yeah I know family is important – but these people have a history of being enormous leeches.

    • Brasileira says:

      Well, I think “stay far far away from her money grubbing family” is not going to be an easy task…. she’s a Jackson herself after all. The timing of the split is so…… convenient… for her… the Jackson in this equation!

  3. Babs says:

    They looked so good together. Sigh. Too bad they couldn’t work on their marriage while their son is so young.

  4. Helene says:

    Who knew marrying someone from a country practicing wahhabism would not work out?

    • Babs says:

      While I’m a big fan of Janet, I must say I toroughly side-eye the timing and the motivation of the split. It looks like she’s throwing him under the bus using islamophobic stereotypes. I mean if he’s been abusive just say it, and file. If he was not, cut the bs with the “cultural differences”, this ain’t cultural when you stayed together for years and married the guy.

      • I despise Islamaphobia but let’s not pretend that a) marital problems aren’t unique in the type of emotional turmoil they create and b) anytime within the past ten years would have been an apt time if JJ was just trying to fan the flames of religious hatred. It seems to be punching too low and off-center to go there, imo. A far more likely scenario is JJ put in the minimum time required to get her son and the payout.

      • Babs says:

        I’m not sure I properly get your post Erin, english is not my first language, so I hope my answer will make sense. I’m not accusing JJ of being islamophobic for the sake of it, I’m not accusing her of anything really. I’m just under the impression, seeing this divorce unfold, there’s a convenient focus about Wissam’s religion and nationality which allows JJ to escape uncomfortable questions about the timing of the separation and the whole fishiness of the Unbreakable era. A lot of people are on her side just because Wissam is muslim and so he must have abused her or distance her from her career, and so on. This makes me really uncomfortable. If it’s the case, she should say it straight, if it’s not the case, she shouldn’t allow that kind of talk about her kid’s father. IMO.

      • Clare says:

        A far more likely scenario is JJ put in the minimum time required to get her son and the payout.

        This x 100000

    • Ollie says:

      This guy was raised in London since he was a baby. As a teenie he started working for a fashion store in London. Imagine that, a 14 years old boy wants to work in a boutique and design cloths. How strict do you think his upbringing was?
      He still lives fulltime in the UK (where their son was born). He studied in the USA.

      There are many rumors about him. A fashion/luxus goods designer, over 40, never married, no children and suddendly he marries a 50+ Jackson…

      Janet needs the money badly so mybe they both got something out of this

  5. grabbyhands says:

    So she wasn’t worried about cultural differences when he fired one of his employees for reporting her rape?


  6. anonymous says:

    It Is sad when people are assuming the worse about him just because He is a muslim.

  7. Valois says:

    I really don’t get why anyone would be entitled to 200 million but I guess he agreed to sign the pre-nup.

  8. Kitty says:

    Come on guys we’re not speaking of any average people or relationship. Don’t forget Janet Jackson is no spring chicken and the relationship and having a baby was taking a big risk. I say way to go Janet.

  9. Jeesie says:

    I see she’s let her hideous family back into the fold.

    I hope he gets custody.

  10. Egla says:

    Fishy as hell I must say. I really don’t understand the fact that she had a baby and, giving her age, I may speculate that it was a big effort from her and her doctors, not naturally conceived AND then immediately after she divorces him. The baby was just borne and she was out of the door. I sense that an arrangement is involved there OR she played him for the money although I don’t really get it as she must have some of her own no??
    If they had big problems why go through the trouble to have a child with him. She could have that baby on her own and have no problems with the paternity and stuff a la Michael J.

  11. jferber says:

    I heard she stands to get 500 million. I kind of think it was all for the money, but of course I could be all wrong. Didn’t Janet participate in the harassment of two of Michael’s kids because of their inheritance? Who knows how much Janet has on her own and how much she really wants? Perhaps she’s just like the rest of her family and that’s why they’re there with her.