Brad Pitt did a bit as ‘the weatherman’ on ‘The Jim Jeffries Show’: eh or yay?

'War Machine' Premiere in Tokyo

Much like Johnny Depp’s barely-there promotional tour for Pirates of the Caribbean, I feel like Brad Pitt and his people were scared of putting in a TV-interview situation. From what I saw, Depp only sat down for one TV interview, with Ellen DeGeneres, and it did not go well. Brad didn’t even do that! Sure, Brad spoke to GQ Style. But when he stopped by The Late Show, he only did one (tedious) comedy bit with Stephen Colbert, as opposed to a sit-down interview. Well, Brad is still hustling (?) I guess, because he made a special appearance on the new Comedy Central show, The Jim Jeffries Show. The bit was about climate change.

Brad is acting as the weatherman, and he tells Jeffries that “Things are going to be getting warmer in this area here… And this area here,” motioning to all of Africa, Asia, North America and South America. Jeffries asks for future forecasts and Brad replies, “There is no future.”

While I know Brad cares about climate change and environmental issues, it might have been more effective for him to actually give an interview about how he feels, or make a statement about the Paris Accord in general, which is what Leo DiCaprio did. If Brad did this as some kind of cross-promotional bit to promote War Machine though… well, I feel like he might need a better publicist. It feels like Brad is trying to be “cool” like Matt Damon and it’s just not working.

'War Machine' Premiere in Tokyo

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  1. Sassback says:

    Any possibility that might be a seriously out-of-date reference to Taran Killam’s Brad Pitt doing the weather bit on SNL Weekend Update. It was a super long time ago.

  2. jenny says:

    He is great

  3. nemera77 says:

    He did a tiny thing in support of Jim Jeffries. I say Yay. Jim’s show was good. So nothing negative about it. He doesn’t take himself that seriously and I like that. I just hope that outfit he wore was not out of his personal closet. That would bother me.
    Regarding him saying more in an interview. He has talked about that too. He rather make his views know this way. If he did a big interview I’m sure there would be people upset about that too. I think he has been clear about what he feels. You can see it in the movies he does and projects he supports.

    • YepIsaidit says:

      He takes himself way too seriously. That’s why he does the little bits like this and tries to present himself the way he does. It’s not natural. It’s fake.

    • LadyT says:

      Supporting the premier of his friend’s show is a problem? Give it a rest.

  4. astrid says:

    I just finished War Machine and Allied and I’m not impressed with either.

  5. linda says:

    I liked it and I think that positioning great

  6. Mildred Pierce says:

    Overpromotion of the flop movie.

  7. Bug says:

    “I feel like he might need a better publicist. It feels like Brad is trying to be “cool” like Matt Damon and it’s just not working”: I completely agree.
    And why the total white, please, he looks like the icecream man, not the weatherman.

  8. Joannie says:

    War Machine = Flop

  9. YepIsaidit says:

    I have to say I’m actually surprised at the response Pitt is getting these days, it’s basically luke-warm. Odd because it seemed like everyone took his side in the divorce but it’s times like promotion when you can get a clear idea of how things worked out… It doesn’t seem like things worked out too good for him.

    Instead of taking this in and reevaluating his life he’s going to jump right into another movie. It too will flop.

  10. tee says:

    I’m not gonna rag too much on him he looks like he is going through some things. But I want to add that people don’t realize how much Angie helped him. She brought a lot to the table and he knows this and realized he took it for granted. I’m talking about career wise as well. The attention and chaos surrounding them as a couple was other worldly. He got too big for his britches as they say in the south.
    I know he misses his family and hope they can work through their issues and be co parents and friends again. Living close by may help the children situation. Hope Most of all hope he can be sober and spend more time with his children.
    He does need to work but he is doing too much and oversaturating himself. Allied was horrible and I don’t know who suggested his satire in WM. He was making a fool of himself running like that with that God awful face expression. Maybe he thought it was funny. I say just stick to producing until he finds something worthwhile like the WWZ 2 he and Fincher will do. Hope it is better than the first.

    • YepIsaidit says:

      His fans want to say we don’t know what’s really going on but we kind of do. Last week the paparazzi caught him and Pax Jolie-pitt visiting the same therapist. So, yeah, after all this time their children are still going to therapy for whatever he did to them. That’s what he’s “going through” -Therapy.

      • Pandy says:

        No shade on he and the kids getting therapy. Good for them. Seriously.

      • Ennie says:

        “Still going to therapy” a few months is nit that much, especially if tou are fighting long time issues, habits or addictions.
        No shade there. At all. I hope for the sake of the children that everybody works this out, especially the adults.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        Panda, of course not. No shade from me either, but it tells you where they’re at . The process is not over because what he did was severe.

        It’s funny because back when the whole thing was bigger news his fans were adamant that he would get custody and he did nothing wrong. All this time later and yeah it looks like the courts, therapist, lawyers disagree. Sad. Bigly sad.

        Ennie, 8 months is a long time. More than a few months.

  11. Sage says:

    He’s reinventing or rebranding himself. His publicist is doing him no favours because half the stuff they print on him and his interview in GQ really wasn’t needed.

    Most are team Brad so he should just cruise on the down low until he has custody and his divorce is finalized.

    The weather stint was lame but I do look forward to jeffries comedy show. His netflix specials were hilarious.

  12. LadyT says:

    Why keep talking about Depp and Pitt like they’re two of kind? Depp’s reputation and work ethic have been utterly appalling for years.
    I don’t think comparing the promotional effort into a 60M Netflix movie and a 250M Disney movie is reasonable either.

    • YepIsaidit says:

      Depp was accused of beating his wife and pitt accused of beating his kid. The boats aren’t that different. or are they?

  13. friend of says:

    I watched War Machine 3 times. I loved it. Way more than I loved By the Sea. But both were message movies. Brad is rich enough to do things because he wants to not because he is building his financial future. I’m glad to see him do easy silly things like weatherman and to get out and go to concerts. He has said he always loved music and of these recent years past, music has been missing in his life. The man has been in back to back relationships nearly his whole adult life. Its time for him to have some fun. And since he is still mending his relationship with his kids, the divorce is not final, and the custody arrangement is not settled. He has time for himself, finally, and I’m glad to see him finding the various aspects of himself as they currently exist. He has been in deep water, over his head in his relationship with angelina, apparently. Never being good enough father, husband, humanitarian to satisfy the relationship. Now he can sort it out, on the child front, and leave the relationship agnst behind. Its never good to try to be something you are not. I’m happy to see him exploring other aspects of himself. His silly side. That side has been stifled in his efforts toward relationship, it seems. Or, at least, now his being silly gives him pleasure. Expecting others to make you happy will always end in failure. No one can make you happy but you. Love Brad’s smile as he finds out who he is in this incarnation of himself. Life is all about change. Change is good. I watch to see who he will settle down with and as during this next chapter of his life.

    • Lady D says:

      “he has time for himself, finally” Damn kids taking up all his valuable time, eh?
      ‘he’s been in back to back relationships his whole life, it’s time for some fun’ None of his relationships were fun, none of them?
      “Never being good enough father, husband, humanitarian to satisfy the relationship….” ’cause he was always drunk. He admitted himself he’s been drinking daily since college.
      You make him sound like someone who has had no life of his own ever, when in fact he has been very selfish. All alcoholics are.

      • Cara says:

        Agree with Lady D. People are continuing to give Pitt a pass on his mistakes and transgressions. Please, he is an adult and he’s free to make his own decision in all matters in his personal life including getting married twice and having all six children with Jolie . Six underage kids. No one forced him to make these decisions. If he has had no time for himself or any fun then it’s on him. Before having all those children, am pretty sure he’s having fun partying and going to concerts blah blah with his first wife as both were single at the time being childless. As for him and the kids still having had to go through therapy now after eight months later then I guess there are still issues to work through for them as a family in order to be back together temporarily or permanently whichever works for them. Everyone has their own pace and progress to get to so it’s “normal”to see them still in therapy if needed.

        Drinking for more than 30 years or so will not go away with just a few months of therapy. It’s not a quick fix folks. It takes time to uncover all the reasons or excuses alcoholics use for their abuse. Then recovery can take place and real life begins for them including making smart choices in their life. This includes getting to know their family again and spending quality time with those matter to them and not drinking their life away.

        I wish both Pitt and Jolie the best in life as they move forward with their personal life so they can co parent their children successful. Both had invested so much of their personal time and life in this marriage so it’s worth their while to work on it again as co-parents for the kids sake if nothing else. They owe it to the children just as much as for themselves.

    • Shame on You says:

      “Life is all about change. Change is good. I watch to see who he will settle down with and as during this next chapter of his life.”

      Ma vergognati per quello che hai detto!! Un padre con sei figli!! Shame on you!!

      • friend of says:

        A father with six children who is being kept from them. When he has access to his children, I expect him to spend time with them. While he doesn’t, his time is his own. I do not want to see him pine away waiting for things to change. He has equal power here. No need to give up his power and cry quietly waiting for his ex to relent. She is not available to see him now for whatever reason. That should not keep him from shared custody of his children. When he has custody, he will, I expect, do his father role. While he doesn’t he needs to take care of his own needs.
        Nessuna vergogna qui

      • Lady D says:

        You’re blaming her again, because he doesn’t have custody of his kids? His actions are the reason they are all in therapy, his not hers. Do you know anything about living with an alcoholic? They are very very good at getting their needs met, while their world is in chaos. As for him ‘pining away waiting for things to change’ he’s out there collecting standing O’s, beaming away for cameras everywhere, and as far as his home life, things have changed and changed in an earth-shattering way, and like so many alcoholics he is the author of this change.

      • tee says:

        I agree LadyD. I can only imagine all these. years that woman has felt some kind hurt and maybe anger. All THE BLAME SHE HAS TAKEN OR TAKES BECAUSE OF HIM. The media, his fans, Jens fans. and those who hate her. No wonder she has those spiritual tats for protection. No one else protects her. This woman still can stand up with her head high through all that for a reason because she knows the truth. I can’t bear some of the cap I read about this coupling since 05. it is always the same pro Pitt.
        I hope she never goes back, they can coparent, but a judge and therapists have to believe him. Not the general public.

  14. tee says:

    Not interested in boring Pitt who is about to become less interesting since Angelina “DEPARTED” from him.
    I see that those studios are trying hard to bait Angelina because of the success of WWoman. I think she should go for it and I mean hard. She is only 42 and she should really think about how she could take back her reign. I know she wants to direct, that is all well and good, but she has this at her fingertips and should do it. Maleficent 2 is allright but it is not what made her a movie star. If she is reading any of these sites or her manager. GO for it all . Maybe FTKMF will do ok but really that isn’t what her fans want. They want to see her in front of the camera along with those who pretend to hate her. They love to watch her and this she should know.

  15. Cara says:

    I agree she needs to go back and make big commercial movies every so often if she wants studios to back up her indie projects. She’s not getting younger and action movies are not for old actors especially actresses. Take it now before they go to younger ones. With the baits that they are throwing out there for her then I guess HW still wants her despite those trashy tabloid stories about her career being dead with the divorce.

    • tee says:

      Yes cara.. we all knew that was totally dead when that hateful woman wrote such a terrible article about another woman. Probably like all the media during that time they were out to bury her but she has a little more power than they thought. It was influenced by people and Im not going to speculate but it was. Just look at how they are trying to elevate WW and bury the Universal Mummy. It isnt that bad they don’t want them to compete with their studios. Everything and everyone has an agenda. Lets hope she takes one or both Dark Phoenix and bride. We know she will doing Maleficent 2 so that is a plus. Cross fingers. I think this will suit her well. At least she can be sought after for these roles at the age of 42. I think she and Theron are the only two bad woman left that can carry roles like this and Theron will be 42 soon. Angie has had some health issues in the past few years but she can now move ahead and get a little weight on for these roles if necessary.