Freida Pinto: ‘Age & wealth’ don’t matter in a relationship if there’s love

Joe Scarborough

Freida Pinto is still promoting Guerrilla, the series about the race riots in Britain in the 1970s. Freida plays a fictional black-power activist in a story that reportedly marginalizes the contributions and stories of black women in the movement. We’ve talked about the issues – which are not Freida’s fault – several times. Freida covers the new issue of Red and once again, she’s talking around and not directly addressing the criticisms. I can’t decide if I think that’s a good move or not. Like, while she didn’t write the series, she did take the lead role and she’s the actor doing the most promotion for the series. She could really wade into the controversy and it could be a teachable moment for everybody involved. But she’s not doing that. Some highlights from Red:

On being friends with her ex Dev Patel: “At the end of the day he’s a fellow actor and my friend. I’ve seen the hard work he’s put in, and seeing it pay off [by winning the BAFTA] is the most beautiful thing. How could I not feel proud? He was fantastic in that film.”

On age gaps in relationships: “When you’re in a relationship, you’re in a relationship. You’re in it because you love the person. Things like age and wealth, none of it matters. You make it work, that’s it. People come and go and everyone teaches you something. You need to embrace the good and bad, the ugly and beautiful. I’m not a love guru. I don’t have any tips on how to keep a break-up friendly. Just be open and honest.”

On the current political climate: “I am opinionated about the things I believe in. Sometimes people who don’t like confrontation find it hard to be around me. What’s happening right now isn’t just political, it’s inhumane. It’s divisive. I have friends in the Muslim nations affected by the travel ban. This is not the US I came to. I was accepted after arriving from India and being in one film.”

How Guerrilla relates to today: “There’s Brexit, Black Lives Matter, Syria… The show feels very ‘of the moment.’”

Her image: “I am a good girl! But I am opinionated about the things I believe in. Sometimes people who don’t like confrontation find it hard to be around me. My rebellious side is there, but only when required.”

[From Red]

What she says about the current political climate seems very… I don’t know, obvious? Those kinds of statements are uncontroversial to me because I actually think she’s being generous towards the state of America these days. There’s been a shift and America is a dangerous place for people of color. But here’s what I want to discuss: the age thing? That seems… odd. “You’re in it because you love the person. Things like age and wealth, none of it matters.” That’s a slippery slope, because OF COURSE age and wealth matters. Most divorces happen because of money! And if you have a 20-year age gap with your partner, of course it affects your relationship.

Joe Scarborough

Photos courtesy of Red.

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  1. ell says:

    money matter, age not so much as long both people in the relationships are adults.

    i like her, she’s always been very outspoken politically, even before recent events.

  2. Cupcake says:

    Maybe age and wealth don’t matter to her in a relationship. She certainly can not speak for everyone.

  3. Micki says:

    Please, of course age and wealth do matter. They make you to whom you are.

  4. QueenB says:

    “Things like age and wealth, none of it matters” Sounds like she is dating an old, wealthy guy.

    Generally speaking those things dont have to matter to everyone but they will to most. They are also a sign of power. If one partner has most of the power its probably not going to work out.

    • Eleonor says:

      go to tell to Melania Trump !
      Seriously: age matters.
      I am 36 Boyfriend is 13 older than me.
      I have my own job and all the stuff, but there are differences, for example: he gets tired more faster than me. Even if he is fit, and healthy I cannot think about this on the long run.
      When I will be 50′s he will be 63., definetly yes age matters.
      And I was really surprised by all the side eye we get when we’re out in public, because I look younger than my age, and he is a really well looking 50yo man (grey hair and all…beautiful) so it seems I’m there for his money.

      • Nancy says:

        Who cares what other people think Eleanor. You may feel a bit self-conscious of the age difference and think people are looking when they’re not. It’s not that huge of an age gap. Just enjoy your life and your boyfriend. What’s meant to be will be. I bet you look great together, the only thing that matter is if you’re both happy and secure in your relationship.

      • Anna says:

        Nancy “not that huge of an age gap”? Would you say the same to a woman. Demi Moore was the “ultimate” cougar with only a 12 year age difference with ashton kutcher. That’s the biggest age difference with a man and woman in show business in YEARS. Yet we see so many men with women 20+ years younger. 13 years is a huge age difference.

    • emilybyrd says:

      Yes, I agree! Significant age and wealth differences between partners creates a power disparity. The only way I’ve found–and observed–that this can be overcome to establish a sound and healthy relationship is if both partners are unusually open, deeply caring of each other’s well-being, generous, and–most importantly–the one who has the power advantage doesn’t exploit it. Ever. From what I’ve seen, only a really special person can resist taking advantage of that power disparity. It’s tempting as hell.

  5. Nancy says:

    Words of a true romantic. Of course age and wealth matter, they alter or feed or negate a relationship. She defines herself as a good girl….she’s is 32 years old. Oh well, she’s not a bad person, I think she wants to be loved by all so chooses pretty generic answers. Could be worse.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Very very naive. Poor thing she has a lot to learn and unfortunately it will be learned the hard way.

  7. Cherise says:

    She has a very likeable face if that makes sense. Like if someone suggested she had done something not nice, we would be like “why you lying on Frieda?”

  8. Veronica says:

    Oh ho, I definitely disagree that those two things don’t matter. Money is power in most industrialized nations. That’s part of why women’s access to work outside the home is such a big deal – it gives us economic leverage. And age DEFINITELY matters where maturity and experience are concerned. It matters less as you get older and reach an age where everybody’s fairly self-assured and established, but otherwise, it can lead to a huge power discrepancy in a relationship. (What, you think the social trend of older man chasing after young women is just about sex?)

  9. Anna says:

    Age doesn’t matter? This sounds like something a middle aged man would say. Is this why I’m a 24 year old and have all the bordering middle age men falling over themselves to get to me? Men my age don’t want to settle down. I’ve had 3 relationships. One 3 years, another 2 and another 2 years. All with men 6 months younger than me. In all that time NO MENTION of plans further than a month away. Even planning holidays was stressful because I knew it was hard for them to commit to *insert eyeroll*. Yet men in their late 30s will joke about proposing to me at the bar and I honestly don’t think they were joking.

    So disgusting that men think its’s perfectly acceptable to hit on someone 10-20 years younger with reckless abandon. No moment spent thinking about the power imbalance financially, emotional immaturity of a 24 year old vs 39 year old, lack of life experiences (which I’m sure they prefer *eyeroll*.) etc. Why do men who want kids leave it to the last minute possible? I don’t want to settle down with a 40 year old. I want to settle down NOW with someone my own age. My dad was infertile at 40 and I have a few friends who were IVF babies because of their dads being old and infertile. Not due to any fault of their mothers.

    We have come so far in the last 10 years with the LGBT community yet with equality nothing seems to have changed in 10 years. I need that to change. it’s driving me crazy.

    Money and age in relationships DO matter.

  10. Disco Dancer says:

    Money and age in relationships do matter. “Age doesn’t matter”- yes that’s What a pedophile would say.

    Freida is a basic looking woman and now her thoughts also seem basic and empty too.