Elsa Pataky allegedly feels ‘insulted’ at being known as Mrs. Chris Hemsworth

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Remember when Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky lived in LA? I remember it well. We could hardly go one week without Elsa Pataky doing some kind of pap stroll, often with the kids. Often times, the pap strolls happened several times a week. Elsa generally came across as pretty thirsty, but also… she was the one promoting Chris’s films. Chris has always wanted to be seen as a super-serious actor which means he wasn’t always down for stunt-queening. Elsa is always down for it. Then after their twins boys were born, Chris made a big deal about how he missed Australia and LA was too full of paparazzi (paparazzi called by his wife) and so he was moving his family to Australia. I always thought… I wonder how long this is going to last, because Elsa isn’t going to be too happy if Chris forces her to hide away for too long. And now guess what? That’s just what some sources claim:

According to NW magazine, ‘tension is said to be brewing’ between Chris and his wife Elsa. The publication claims Spanish-born Elsa has ‘had enough of being stuck at home while her husband goes from strength-to-strength in his career.’

‘Elsa is a huge star in Spain, so it’s a bit insulting for her to now be known as just Mrs Chris Hemsworth,’ revealed an alleged insider. ‘If they lived in Spain it’d be a different story, Chris would be known as her hubby. Since they’ve settled in his homeland, she’s been lumped with this tag.’

While Elsa has slowly started to invest in her career in Australia, she has ‘taken time out’ to raise the couple’s children, daughter India and twin boys Sasha and Tristan. And the mother of three reportedly feels their brood is fine as it is now, while her superhero actor husband is ‘pushing for baby number four’.

‘Elsa’s putting her foot down,’ the insider claimed. ‘They got into a fight over it and she told him that she’s not a baby-making machine.’

The source added the blonde beauty places being a mother as her first priority however she also ‘needs something else in her life’.

During a recent interview to promote her new role as a L’OREAL Paris hair care ambassador, the stunning actress talked about building her profile in Australia.

‘I want… people to know me a little bit more than as Chris’s wife,’ she stated. ‘We live in Australia and I want to do things here and start working and for people to know me a little bit more than as Chris’ wife,’ she told Stellar magazine.

[From The Daily Mail]

The Daily Mail also has photos of Chris and Elsa looking like they’re having an argument – go here to see. Here’s my question… is Elsa a major star in Spain? Was she ever? I think she was, like, a B-list celebrity, for sure, mostly known for small parts in movies and for some modeling work and lifestyle branding stuff. But mostly, she’s known as Chris Hemsworth’s wife. She really thought that would be enough to give her a bigger step up as a celebrity/actress. But then Chris shut it down and moved the family back to Australia. I don’t know… I actually feel sorry for her a little bit. So she’s thirsty! That’s not a crime.

Elsa was in Spain last week, here are some photos:

Elsa Pataky presents the new 'Gioseppo' women collection

Elsa Pataky presents the new 'Gioseppo' women collection

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Nicole says:

    She was never huge and apparently she was known for her thirst (this coming from my friend from Spain). If you social climb to nab an A lister for the recognition…are we supposed to feel sorry for you now that no one (still) doesn’t know who you are?

  2. Jeesie says:

    Well she’s still ‘that woman who got Adrien Brody to buy her a tacky castle’ to me.

    • JellyBeans says:

      She’ll always be that to me too!

    • spidey says:

      She’s “look at me, look at me and my hunkie husband and perfect family” to me.

    • QQ says:

      Same, So REALLY If we can Move from THAT ( and them “Africa” set up pics.. Ghastly) to “Chris Cardboard’s Wife” Is still a Leap in the right direction… For her

      • Relli says:

        The Africa photo shoot is everything.

      • QQ says:

        LIIIISSSTTEEEENN closed eye in bliss at gracing the peon children with her beauty ( which PARTLY WAS THE SPIRIT OF THE GD CAPTION??) LIIIISSSSTTTEEEENNN

    • Nicole says:

      RIGHT? This isn’t new she’s a social climber

    • Paris says:

      I remember that awful photoshoot – Oscar winner Adrien Brody and his girlfriend Spanish actress Elsa Pataky. So cheesy …
      I still believe, that she forced him to participate in that photoshoot and to brag about her.
      She never was big in Spain, she is is pretty, but she is not Penélope Cruz. B… C? lister with couple of soap operas in her portfolio.
      Then she met Thor … Cha-Ching! I believe, that she thought it will help her. The status. But now she is not an actress, she only wife. I believe, that she is extremely jealous, but …

    • Susannah says:

      Thanks so much for mentioning it. I was intrigued as I didn’t realize Elsa and Adrien dated so I looked up the story and it’s hilarious! I can’t believe that I missed this: Adrien: [to Elsa, squeezing her hand] Do you remember when we were at a party in Cannes, and a woman sitting behind us told us, “Thank you for making me believe in love again”?
      All of these great quotes surrounded by weird poses in a castle, one where they’re both in a bathtub with no water! How did I ever miss this?!

      • Emma33 says:

        That photo shoot is the best thing ever…never fails. What must Adrian be thinking now?!

    • smh says:

      I gotta admit while women are asking for shoes and jewelry she asked for a castle and got it. Ladies, Know your worth! lol

    • Lolotte says:

      Well in France she’s known as the best thirsty climbing one !. She was a nobody when she began to date a french humorist quite famous in France, Michael Youn. She gained a little fame and michael able her to meet the famous of the world. Enter Adrian Brody.
      She dumped michael in no time for Adrian, as michael was left absolutely speechless seeing his then gf using him as a steppladder. The guy took the break bad then (weird right?) and took time to re jump…
      Then Elsa pataky , with a strand of surgery to become another face (Just google for a little laugh) went to take all what she could from Brody (Hey ho castle) then left him crying whan she had used his circle to meet … Chris Hemsworth. The rest is history and chris is lucky he doesn’t have much famous friends for her to jump on, so she settled.
      And now chick is mad beiing seen a ma’m hemsworth? Jeeez.
      So to clarifie to everyone, no she was not famous is Spain because she had to move to France to make a name by herself, but all she was able to land was not by herself but by the wealthier man she fooled to climb the ladder. I hope for their family that she does not put herself before the kids she have now and that she does not put her precious marriage at risk just to prove she’s an entertainer, wich she is not. She is a just a very good professional social climbing famous wife and she should stay this as she’s having the best she could dream of. Silly girl.

  3. Maya says:

    If you don’t want to be known as Mrs Hemsworth then freaking don’t promote yourself as Mrs Chris Hemsworth..

  4. ell says:

    ‘Elsa is a huge star in Spain’

    HAHAHAHA, this is so funny i actually guffawed. good one elsa, she’s as funny as ever.

    she made a career out of shacking up with hollywood dudes (remember when adrien brody bought her a castle and they were so cheesy? lmao), if she doesn’t want people thinking of her as chris’ wife she could like, get a job? or is that too radical?

  5. S says:

    Daily Mail pics seem to be one shot of Elsa making a weird face that could or could not be a grimace … so the “fight that broke them” seems like typical DM hyperbole.

    I do tend to think of her as “Thor’s wife,” which I admit might be even more dismissive than the “Chris’ wife” title she loathes, but, c’mon, I can’t be only one that has thought she was likely lucky to lock him down before his star rose. He is clearly the much bigger deal, career-wise, and really has been since day 1 … “big star in Spain” eye roll not withstanding.

    They’re both crazy good-looking, but the few things I’ve actually seen her in she’s been so unmemorable as to genuinely not realize it was her until I saw her name in the credits. Honestly, her best “work,” as far as I’ve seen, has been her gauzy, possibly-sponsored Instagram family pix, because her too-cute home life (adorable children, seemingly doting husband) is really what I, and I’d guess most folks, know her because of.

  6. JA says:

    Not familiar with her work but the thirst always shines through when I see articles/ pics of her. I think she should consider herself lucky for coming as far as she did…Mrs. Thor is not a bad thing! Own it and milk it, you’re never gonna be a star but hey some brand gigs and lifestyle websites aren’t too shabby. No sympathy needed or given

  7. Happy21 says:

    I just rolled my eyes so far back in my head I saw my brain…
    Good one Elsa.

  8. Tiffany says:

    I am trying to word this the best way I can, but what did she expect when her end game was just to continue upgrading partners.

  9. trollontheloose says:

    if she was that insulted she wouldn’t show at every premiere of her husband. If she was a huge star in Spain she would be booking movies left and right.. she dated celebrities bigger that her status and keeps posting all about her body and her husband. She is bound to be called Chris H’s wife. At the same time I just read an article on Prince Harry on the Daily and there goes this article about him meeting a terminal kid and in between 2 sentences of the illness and prince Harry they drop “(..) who is dating Meghan Markle”.. like a fly i the soup. Plainly weird. girlfriend of/boyfriend of …

  10. Kiki says:

    She is not a huge star in Spain.

    • spidey says:

      Perhaps she’s a huge star in her own head?

    • AnnaKist says:

      I saw her a couple of weeks ago on the (Australian) Today show. She’s very pretty, but very annoying. She did mention that there’s more to her than just being CH’s wife, and how she wants to do more of her own work. She gave me the irrits, what with her constant shaking and bobbing head, at times acting all coy and fluttering her lashes like a 14-year-old schoolgirl trying to get her crush’s attention. I’d never heard of her until I saw photos of her, heavily pregnant with the twins, not that that means much, because her hubby isn’t someone I care about.

  11. Mia4s says:

    Yeah all snark aside I wondered if this move might end up being a problem. As I recall too they’re in Byron Bay which is stunningly beautiful but a smaller town and a two hour-ish drive to the nearest big city (and probably an 8 hour drive to Sydney).

    I’m sure it sounded crazy romantic and like paradise at the time (see also all these Hollywood actresses moving to Paris for the culture! 🙄) but fairytales tend to have a shelf life. In reality she is pretty isolated from anywhere she had a legitimate or even illegitimate career. Plus it’s big city versus rural. Lots of issues.

    • Jeesie says:

      Even if she was in Sydney or Melbourne she’d struggle. There’s just not that much TV and film being made, and even less that calls for a Spanish actress with little talent.

      Pretty much the only way she’ll get acting work at home is if her husband does some acting here and demands a role for her. And I don’t really see his star continuing to shine bright once he’s no longer Thor, so there’s a time limit on how long he’ll be able to make demands like that.

    • CharlotteCharlotte says:

      They’ve started filming some pretty big movies, including Chris’s Thor: Ragnarok, down the road from us on the Gold Coast. It’s less than 3 hours driving time from Byron Bay, so it’s feasible that there are jobs for her here. If people want her.

  12. cr says:

    I like Chris but: “husband goes from strength-to-strength in his career”. Eh, not really, outside of the Marvel movies people don’t know him as Chris Hemsworth they know him as Thor. Not that he hasn’t tried, but nothing stuck so far.
    And her? Bless her heart.

    • swak says:

      Always chuckle when someone on here says “Bless her(his) heart” to a celeb. It’s like a death knoll.

  13. LaraK says:

    I think the problem is that she’s hit 40 and realizes she will not be a huge star.

    She is gorgeous but in the latest few photos you can see the lifts starting to show (how wrinkled is her cheek in the photo above! Cheeks don’t wrinkle until you are 70 OR until you start prematurely stretching the skin with surgery).

    NOT that 40 is old, but for women in Hollywood I’d say if you haven’t made it by 40 it’s not likely to happen. And it especially won’t happen if you want to be a bombshell.

    So I think she is having a midlife crisis.

    But girl, this was always the plan- marry well! I’d say you succeeded. Don’t rock the boat you chose for yourself!

    • Ann says:

      Do you think it is necessary to excessively scrutinize a woman for signs of aging?

      • Lucy says:

        I think Larak was phrasing it more as how Hollywood sees her and I agree. If you haven’t reached that level of A-list fame by her age then unfortunately it’s done really, women in the industry really have until like 33 to reach fame and then roles start to really dwindle and diminish.

      • LaraK says:

        Do I? Not necessarily.
        But I do think that she excessively scrutinizes HERSELF for signs of aging, as I imagine most women who live in the media do.
        Heck, I do it too!
        I’m not saying women should be judged on looks, but let’s not be oblivious. We are totally judged on looks and age.
        So I can totally imagine that seeing herself aging makes her question if she is where she wants to be, especially because her career is so tied to her looks.

      • Annetommy says:

        As someone a lot older than she is, no excessive scrutiny is needed to see the wrinkles in the second
        photo, which seem unusual for a young woman.

    • The Rickest Rick says:

      Now this is total baloney – I have those exact lines on my cheeks and have had no facial surgery, and I am a few years younger than her. All my life I have been a smiley smilerson – I don’t look good with straight face, anyway, but my natural inclination is to smile. (I also work a client/patient facing job so lots of smiling in work as well). That’s where I feel those lines have come from, and damn if they are not the sign of a happy life, at least that’s how I like to perceive it.

      She still sucks though.

      • LaraK says:

        I’m not referring to the vertical lines on the side of the mouth or the angular lines separating the cheeks from the nose. Those are normal and totally signs of laughter. Look at her cheeks next to her nose (the apples of the cheeks) – she has slack lines from loosened skin. Not saying Yiu can’t get that without surgery, but it would be difficult at best.

        Anyway, my point is that she is a beautiful woman, but I can imagine that outward signs of aging would make her question if she is where she wants to be in her life.

    • yep says:

      She is very thin, that seems to not cushion the aging process in the face. No big deal.

  14. bonobchick says:

    I knew her before she was Chris Hemsworth’s wife solely as Adrien Brody’s gf he bought a castle for. I don’t think I’ve seen Elsa Pataky in anything but the F&F movies.

    I love that floral dress she has on. HATE the shoes.

  15. Jazzie30 says:

    I’ll take on that title! Wooohoo! Mrs. Chris Hemsworth………

    • QueenElisabeth says:

      I know some girls who wouldn’t mind being a baby making machine for him

  16. Va Va Kaboom says:

    Even though she is a huge star in Spain, and I’m side-eyeing the hell out of that statement, she’d likely still get seen as “Chris’ wife” there too. He’s the face of a hugely popular international fandom, thats going to trump her thirsty career in Spain.

  17. Mary says:

    I didn’t even know she was a “star” in Spain until I read this.

    Here’s my question: Is Chris Hemsworth considered a star? He’s had some successful films, but not as a headliner. The Thor films were the lowest grossing of the stand-alone Marvel characters. He does well in comedic roles, but he wants to be a serious actor, so …

    I understand wanting to be more than a mother. I think all moms feel this way, But she’s going about it all wrong and it’s too late to try and garner sympathy for past actions.

  18. Marianne says:

    Well, I think its pretty rude to refer to someone as “Mrs whomever” but I cant blame people for only recognizing her through her husband. I consider myself a celebrity aficionado and yet if you asked me to name a movie she was in, I would struggle.

  19. Marion says:

    As far as I remember, she’s always been someone’s something.
    I first heard of her when she was (in France) Michael Youn’s girlfriend (talk about a score!), then that was Adrian Brody’s something, then Chris’s… Who’ll be next?

    • Naroula says:

      Yes. I also remember her from when she was dating Youn. I remember telling myself that she was too gorgeous for him. And then years later, she was dating Brody. Now onto Thor. Pretty impressive, hersocial climbing skills.

  20. Joannie says:

    She’s really pretty!

  21. Margo S. says:

    First off, that photo of them fighting is so funny because she’s totally winning the argument and she’s so much shorter then him lol.

    Secondly, I totally get where she’s coming from. After three kids you need to do something for you. Something you’re passionate about. I have three young kids & it’s daunting seeing everyone around enjoying their jobs. Not that I don’t enjoy being a parent, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Plus we can’t call in sick and don’t get pay checks! I feel you elsa.

  22. Loo says:

    I like Chris Hemsworth a lot and wish he were a star but he really isn’t. Nobody but Leo and Denzel can open just about anything so I’m not asking that of Hemsworth but if you can’t carry one movie outside of a franchise to at least 50mil domestically then I’m sorry but you aren’t a star. Ghostbusters is the only film of his outside of Marvel that has grossed over 100mil in the states and that was a flop.

  23. Elizabeth says:

    It’s so weird. She’s almost my age. She should be happy to have beautiful, healthy children, a doting husband that’s a great father and provider, and that she can have some celebrity as his wife and still make her own movies now and then. Why can’t people be happy with what they have? I left an abusive marriage to raise my high functioning autistic son on my own, and can’t even find a nice guy to date. She is seriously too whiney if this is an issue to her. Suck it up buttercup! 😂

  24. vespernite says:

    OK, OK, enough with her looks….she is, and has always been a thirsty, social climber. Now she climbed so high she is stuck in a tree and no one can see her. Boo hoo! Lady you are f$%^&ing THOR! Cry me a river! Now get back up that tree!

  25. HeatherAnn says:

    SPOILER for Fate of Furious- do not read my comment if you don’t want to get a spoiler on it. After I saw that movie, I thought, well, there goes Mrs. Thor’s one acting gig.

  26. A says:

    gurl just be happy you’ve nabbed the best Chris out there.

    • Mewsie says:

      Only height-wise.

      I would choose a life of facepalms caused by Chris Evans over an hour with Chris Hemsworth. Evans doesn’t have his shit together and is an absolute mess, but he seems… more alive?

  27. brincalhona says:

    If she prefers, we could call her Tacky Pataky. Where do you stop with surgery? The work on her face just makes her arms look like they are part of a different body.

  28. seesittellsit says:

    I would just love to leave my freakin’ desk job to be known as Mrs. Chris Hemsworth.

  29. detritus says:

    This is funny because you know her publicist told her the best of what she’s called.
    Probably with hushed tones and calming hand motions like when you expect a tantrum from a child.

    No way she’s cool with thirsty famewhore and tacky pataky, but not mrs arms hemsworth. This article is a humble brag and a brag brag.

  30. Jane says:

    Saw Elsa interviewed on Australian breakfast tv promoting her role for L’Oréal. Most of the interview was devoted to how big a star she was in Spain and Chris and the kids very little to L’Oréal is was tacked on the end when they realised time was running out.

  31. teacakes says:

    I doubt she was ever in the Ariadna Gil/Maribel Verdu/Penelope Cruz league.

    But I do have sympathy for her, thirst notwithstanding – I get someone’s need to have a life and identity outside of being X’s wife. Also, didn’t she and Thor hook up just around the time he was cast? Marvel wasn’t as much of a big deal then, especially for franchises not named Iron Man.

  32. mikajoe says:

    she is beautiful!

  33. S says:

    The irony of a woman who refers to her own husband as “Thor” on social media posts complaining about being ID’ed as “Mrs Chris Hemsworth” is … Kinda’ glorious.

  34. Zombie Hedgehog says:

    Off-topic, but she looks really beautiful in the photos.

  35. Space cow girl says:

    Omg is she serous? Like YOU ARE MARRIED TO CHRIS HEMSWORTH biotch. I never liked this woman, she just wants to be famous. I think many women would cut off their right boob to be In her position
    No pity for you Elsa Patalame

  36. LondonGal says:

    She’s very pretty is wagon, but why marry the dude shooting for the A-list and have kids without a discussion on who’s the primary care giver etc? She only seems to do editorials on fitness and lifestyle now. Plus, given her history, I think she did very well to score Hems.

  37. Lia says:

    He must be exhausted dealing with her ego all the time. I think a great many people wouldn’t even know who she was if she wasn’t married to him.