Princess Beatrice’s latest cause seems to be vaguely about ‘entrepreneurship’

The Duchess of York and her daughters, seen leaving Chucs restaurant in London

Here are some photos of the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, and Princess Eugiene and Princess Beatrice last night in London. They went out to dinner together at Chucs. Despite Fergie’s constant shadiness, she is genuinely close to her daughters and they all spend a lot of time together. Mostly, when I see photos of Fergie with her daughters, I feel a little bit sorry for Eugenie and Beatrice. They do they best they can, and I often think they are “blamed” for their parents’ failings.

Anyway, there’s not much to say here. From what I’ve heard, Fergie is actually living in Switzerland full-time now, but she comes to London for various events and such. Eugenie is living full-time in London now too, and she’s moving in to her own Kensington Palace pad, although hers is not as spacious and fancy as the Cambridges’ Apartment 1. As for Beatrice, she’s apparently splitting her time between England and America, that’s what she told Vogue Magazine a few days ago:

Princess Beatrice is one busy person. For starters, she works full-time and is a member of the British royal family. But the Princess, who lives in both New York City and London, somehow also finds time to work as an advocate on behalf of youth entrepreneurs. Late last week we caught up with Her Royal Highness while she was in town to speak at the Kairos Society’s annual Global Summit.

It was a gray day in New York City, but Princess Beatrice, with her red hair and smart trench coat, easily stood out from the crowds. “I got involved in Kairos through a really good friend of mine,” Princess Beatrice says, explaining that she is also very involved in Pitch@Palace, an organization run by her father, Prince Andrew. “You have to make it okay to empower young people, and say you have the support, the backing, the ear, and the platform in order to make that change. And I find that incredibly motivating.”

What else is at the root of Princess Beatrice’s interest in youth entrepreneurship? “I also have a foundation called Big Change, which works on education reform and supports entrepreneurs as well,” she says. “I think we are now living in a period where we need 21st-century education to support technology requirements, and we need to focus on getting young people the tools necessary in order to succeed.”

Entrepreneurship in the 21st century is an incredibly stimulating field to work in. “I think that what’s really exciting is that there’s no road map, really,” Princess Beatrice says. “You have so many people innovating—and I’m not just talking about disruptive technologies. Right now, I think there’s really a chance to take everything that we’ve learned and educate people to make them be the best that they can be.”

Inspiring words, but does Princess Beatrice ever get time to explore New York City? “I’m a big fan of the Soho House group,” she says, when asked about her favorite local spot. “It’s a good British brand that’s doing very well in the U.S.!” True, and therefore yet another example of entrepreneurial success.’’

[From Vogue]

Beatrice’s word du jour is “entrepreneurship,” much like Kate’s go-to word is “keen.” Beatrice actually reminded me a bit of Ivanka Trump here, in that no one really knows what Beatrice is actually doing and she sort of talks in circles. Beatrice’s current job is “business matchmaker,” which I still think is super-shady. She basically flits around and, like, “consults” and is a “brand ambassador” for a company.

The Duchess of York and her daughters, seen leaving Chucs restaurant in London

The Duchess of York and her daughters, seen leaving Chucs restaurant in London

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. QQ says:

    Is Entrepreneurship the Royals shorthand for what the Kardashians/Trumps Do? ( High Falluting Grifting) I Assume? or ?? …Im confused

    • Bridget says:

      She’s monetizing her biggest asset: her social connections. The way I’m reading it, she’s being paid to connect businesses to the entities that she has relationships with. It’s actually not a terrible idea – she did it for free for her ex boyfriend.

      • Missmarirose says:

        Yeah, she might as well. I remember when Sophie and Edward got in hot water for using their connections for their PR business. They got so much flak they ended up dumping the business and becoming full time royals.

    • lwilly says:

      I wish I had her job….oh wait I do. I sit in front of a computer and pretend to work for 4 of the 9 workday hours. lol

  2. Lucy says:

    Will and Kate always get dragged on here but the real useless royals are these two

    • shelley* says:

      I agree a total pair of Oxogen thieves, just like their parents.

      • lunchcoma says:

        They’re all pretty useless, with the exceptions of the Queen, Anne, and maybe Charles. This one pretends to work, Will and Kate pretend to be charitable, and it’s pretty clear most of all of their time is spent shopping and socializing.

    • INeedANap says:

      Yeah this whole profile sounds like an overly padded resume. Those chicks don’t do much. Then again, I find the entire British monarchy and aristocratic class system to be tacky and outdated.

    • Sarah says:

      I disagree. They aren’t supported by the taxpayers, so it is no one’s business what they do.
      I hate that these young women get dragged here and elsewhere so much. (and for those Harry/Meghan fans, this is what will be done to their kids if they ever have them.) Both Beatrice and Eugenie seem relatively balanced, at least TRY to work unlike Kate, seem to really respect their grandmother and the work she does, are said to want to work for the BRF, but aren’t allowed to do so, and aren’t supported by the taxpayers, so I wish people would give them a break. They are HARDLY Kardashians or Ivanka Trump.

  3. Starryfish says:

    Entrepreneurship is wonderful, but the problem with folks like Beatrice & Ivanka being the face of it, is that it’s so much easier to embrace entrepreneurship when you have a trust fund to fall back on and connections waiting to prop you up at every turn.

  4. HH says:

    They were pushed out as FT working royals, but at times it feels like they have the expectations of WK&H. It’s all a little odd. The work and charitable work that they do is enough for me, given the circumstances. If I ponied up my support as a working royal and was rejected, then I would take that and make the best. I would do charity work (which they do) and enjoy my life and the world (which they do).

    • lunchcoma says:

      I think the flack is because neither of their jobs seem real, which is sort of embarrassing. Pippa gets mocked for the same reason, and she’s not even a royal.

      • Sarah says:

        So what?? How many other rich people don’t work at all?? At least they try to work, and they have been said to want to work for the BRF. And they can at the least give a speech, unlike Kate, who still can’t.

  5. Megan says:

    If someone wants to pay you to be a “business matchmaker,” god speed.

  6. Do away with royal family

  7. duchesschicana says:

    I don’t see anything about her talking about her private job and Its not like her foundation is a new concept. Her foundation has been around for 6 years which of course she’s active it does supports the youth in various areas that in itself is a type of a ‘job”

    I remember when the rumor started that Bea was trying to get in the speaking circuit, everyone went crazy and thought she shouldn’t do that. Its like she has a job everyone complains either way .

    The thing is about her is, I don’t think Bea finds her purpose through an average job, it seems like she finds her purpose through her patronages and foundation which is not a bad thing.

  8. Megan says:

    To cut a long story short: They don’t do anything. They get vaguely involved with things via connections, go to occasional meetings where people who actually work for the company show them something and they nod along and sit through the meeting. Then they move on to something else. They visit the offices of their charities once in a while or attend a meeting or event on behalf of the charity. But neither of them actually does any work, in the real sense. They don’t sit at a desk and work from 9-5 like the rest of us.

    There are various members of the Royal family, like these two, who really have nothing much to do. They don’t work for money – there is plenty of that – but they can’t be seen to just be doing nothing all day and going on endless vacations as it makes the Royal family look like public-purse moochers. So they have to tell the press that they are doing things and are ‘extremely busy’, even if their activities are actually just exaggerated versions of what they actually do (basically nothing at all). It’s all for show to appease the British public.

  9. PrincessK says:

    People are so unnecessarily nasty about Bea and Eugenie….they are princesses for heavens sake, why do they need to work?