Did Marion Cotillard get lip injections or does she just have ‘pregnant lips’?

…or not to be…

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Last year, I found out that Marion Cotillard is on Instagram, and that still amuses me. Like, I would have thought that Marion is one of those celebrities who is completely against social media. I would have thought that she was simply too wacky and head-in-the-clouds to really engage with people on IG. But she actually posts a lot of stuff on IG, some of it selfies and work stuff, but she also posts about politics and slice-of-life stuff.

Anyway, Marion is working on a new movie called Rock’n Roll. She’s being directed by her partner Guillaume Canet. She posted photos from the set, which you can see in this post. After she posted these selfies, her fans started freaking out that she had gotten lip injections. Seriously! One commented: “NOOO NO NO NO she got her lips done?????? Is she trying to look like Angelina or some sh-t?” Which is sort of funny. Considering Marion is pregnant right now, I think A) she’s probably not injecting her lips with anything and B) she’s just one of those women whose lips get bigger when she’s preggo. In any case, Marion’s rep told Us Weekly that “the actress didn’t get any cosmetic enhancements and the photos were taken on set from when Cotillard was in character for Rock’N Roll, complete with a dark wig.” The wig is probably a factor too – the wig changes the way her face looks.

'Rock'n Roll' Premieres In Paris

…Rock'n'roll #rocknrolllefilm @guillaumecanetofficiel 🤣🤣🤣

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Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Instagram.

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  1. Shambles says:

    So pregnancy lips are definitely a thing, right? The pregnant women I’ve seen in real life never seem to have this affliction. But Beyoncé, Natalie Portman, and Marion all seem to.

    • Matomeda says:

      +1 super annoying. People just make up anything and others believe it, all the time! It makes me insane.

    • kay says:

      so very disappointed that “pregnancy lips” passed me by :( though i did have some interesting things happen with my nose…

      • Whyme says:

        Well postpartum depression passed me by but it does indeed exist, right? I had pregnancy lips and nose. My boobs did not grow at all. I even breastfed my son for 18 months and they did not grow. Everyone is different. Just because one person doesn’t get something doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t.

    • Marlene says:

      I get “pregnancy lips” when I accidentally eat fruit or vegetables I’m allergic to. According to my own observations it’s completely unrelated to any actual pregnancy.

      Anyway, so WTF if she had lip injections!? She’s 40+ years old, she can do what she wants. As long as she’s not selling something on false pretences.

    • Wren33 says:

      I know a number of women who did.

    • HeidiM says:

      I had Pregnancy Ass.

    • Seraphina says:

      Spot on! Mine never did that and neither did my friends’ lips. And what I do know is that all OBGYNs keep telling us how careful we as mothers should be as to what goes into our body. Both by eating and what is injectes in us. I think these women are very careless in not taking into account the baby that they carry. Get the injections afterward and say they inflated too all the pushing!!! ;)

    • sunny says:

      My mom is a retired ob nurse and midwife(holds both certifications) and pregnancy lips is definitely a thing for some weekend. My older sister could never hide her pregnancy’s until 12 weeks because my mom would take one look at that face and say” your face and lips look fuller. You’re pregnant aren’t you?”

      As to Marion though, I think it might be filler because her lips look like that have changed shape not just gotten fuller.

  2. Becks says:

    Very obvious lip filler, and it looks terrible. She’s so gorgeous, why would she mess up her face? 😯

    • tegteg says:

      Her over-the-top open mouth posing is annoying the crap out of me. Idk if there is such a thing as pregnancy lips – how am I only hearing about this in the last year? Whatever.

    • Chaucer says:

      They’re not actually fillers, they (pretty obvious I thought) prosthetics. If you look at the other photos in instagram, you can see the wig and the fake boobs, too.

    • Kitten says:

      It looks EXACTLY like resty injections. I mean, EXACTLY.

      But she’s pregnant…aren’t fillers a no-no during pregnancy?

    • Ayra. says:

      That’s injections for sure.

    • imqrious2 says:

      It looks more like an implant to me, rather than filler. She definitely has more protrusion in the philtrum.

  3. Whyme says:

    When I was pregnant I look like a bee stung my lips. And my nose. And my ankles. And my feet. It happens to some women. I really doubt she waited to be heavily pregnant and get lip injections. She already had nice lips to begin with. Non-story.

    • Eden75 says:


      I am unrecognizable when I am pregnant. I was travelling with the second one and had to speak to the airport security guys for almost a half hour to convince them it was me on my driver’s license and passport. My entire face looks completely different, almost from the start. I knew I was pregnant with the second one right away because the bridge of my nose had widened out so much within the first few weeks.

  4. Adriana says:

    Looks suspiciously like lip injections but I’m going to go for pregnant lips because I know she’s very into eating clean and organic, using organic clothing, etc., so I can’t imagine her injecting chemicals while pregnant.

    Beyonce also has bigger lips at the moment.

  5. MissMerry says:

    it looks like she used one of those lip sucker-plumpers, maybe for her character?

  6. Maya says:

    One of the most beautiful women in the world and thank god the “injections” are fake.

    I love her acting but she should stop acting in her partner’s movies – they are not that great.

  7. Swordspoint says:

    In the Instagram photos, they look like injections. But I would say pregnancy based on the middle non-Instagram photo. Maybe she’s just trying to do a “sexy” face in the Instagram ones? Ugh, either way.

    • KB says:

      She posted the photos with the “🤣” emoji. She’s not trying to be sexy, she’s wearing prosthetic lips and she thinks they’re funny!

      • Polly says:

        I agree KB. For a minute there I thought she had gone all kardashian on us but then I noticed the emojis.

  8. paolanqar says:

    omg what has she done to her beautiful face!
    I’d say it’s lipe injections because she has that ‘Futurama lip’ that looks puffy outside of the lip line and especially visible on both sides of the upper lip.
    Water retention doesn’t give you puffiness around the mouth but on the lips only and sometimes changes the shape of the nose too.
    It doesn’t even look like her anymore.

  9. LadyT says:

    Pregnancy puff is not solely localized in the lips. I’m shocked but it really, really looks like something artificial.
    Look at the curl on the lower edge of the top lip. That’s the giveaway for injections or possibly that suctioning type of temporary inflation.

  10. Coop says:

    Wait, guys! How are you not seeing that she’s had her lips ‘cupped’ for temporary inflation??? You can even see where the cup came off!

    Her taking all of those vapid selfies are her making fun of her characters vanity, and then also in turn being a little bit vain herself, even if she’s taking the photos in jest. But she’s French! She can pull it off!

  11. Nev says:

    JLO did as well if I remember correctly.

  12. detritus says:

    So, I noticed Natalie Portman’s lips were looking plumper too. Are pregnancy lips a thing? I want to believe!

    On the non-surgical front, a couple skincare lines have lip plumpers that actually do crazy lip plumping. I’m thinking Niod for one.

  13. Felicia says:

    She filmed this well before she was pregnant. It’s in the theaters now actually.
    The lips are either “cupped” as someone above mentioned, or she’s wearing prosthetic movie fake lips.

  14. slowsnow says:

    Maybe she had lips injections for her character?? She looks so different! It does not look like pregnant lips at all.
    I am, too, very suprised to see she is on Insta. and that she takes such silly pictures of herself, even if it is to promote a character.

  15. Lola says:

    the picture is from her movie “Rock’n'Roll” which was released a few weeks ago in France. The movie is a comedy about her hubsand who has been told that he is too old now to play “cool”characters, so he try to change, get plastic surgery …. anyway the pictures are from the end of the movie when they end up in a sort of baywatch tv show and she plays a bimbo. She was not pregnant when she shot the movie, so i think that the picture are from a year ago. so no, no surgery, just behind the scene picture from a movie.

  16. SBS says:

    The movie opened almost a month ago in France. It’s prosthetic lips, apparently her character gets plastic surgery in the film.

  17. astrid says:

    I’ve never heard of “pregnancy lips” before. Hormones and body changes happen during pregnancy (4 timer here) but I don’t ever remember my lips getting bigger – boobs, sure.

    • Whyme says:

      My boobs didn’t get bigger 😖 My nose, my lips, my ankles and my feet swelled. My stomach didn’t even really pop until my ninth month. I just looked like I had a huge spare tire around my waist lol. I went around with shirts that said knocked up because basically I just looked overweight.

    • Matomeda says:

      3x pregnant and no lip changes. No changes at all actually, other than my stomach.

  18. TOPgirl says:

    Her lips look unreal. It’s so obvious to any person with a slightly intelligent mind that her lips are abnormal in both photos. It’s not a shocker that famous celebs get their lips and ass done every month.
    I’ve never met a normal pregnant woman who’s lip swell up as big as her belly. LOL!

    • sparowiza says:

      these pics are very old, they are from her last movie Rock n roll that came out last month in France, Cotillard is well known for hating everything about plastic surgery and botox

  19. QQ says:

    Oh My Sister/Aunts totally had pregnancy lips.. and nose! .. That said that looks like them Horrible Kylie lips suck up thing Pouts of Makeup IG crap.. which looks extra painful

    • kay says:

      my niece attempted this at home. used a medicine pill bottle that was way bigger than her lip line and ended up with a circle bruise. luckily she has a great sense of humour and knows how to rock irony…so we laughed our asses off. she actually said she would try again, though. lol. i am glad this stuff wasn’t around when i was 14, and quite frankly wonder if i would have attempted this stuff or not.

  20. Kasia says:

    I do think pregnancy lips are a thing. I also think that Marion’s are probably the result of lip injections. They look horrid. She looks like someone who is halfway through the process of getting “Megan Fox lookalike surgery”

  21. Whitney says:

    She looks like Kat Dennings with that wig and in that first photo. :)

  22. sparowiza says:

    calm down people, these pics are at least 2 years old, there are from her movie Rock’n Roll that came out last month, and she had prosthetic lips and heavy makeup for her role.

    • Truthful says:

      Exactly her role is to be insecure and getting cosmetic surgery because her partner is being attracted to another women (Camille Pourcheresse ).

      The funny thing is her and guillaume Canet play “Marion” & “Guillaume” a couple of famous french actors facing a mid-life crisis!!!! (this is the actual story of the movie)

      So this is prosthetic lips fr the role she had them while filming. :)

  23. Dee says:

    These IG pics are IN character from the Rock n Roll film she did with Guillaume Canet. It’s been out for a month in France.
    She and Guillaume play themselves, movie stars who succomb to the plastic surgery pressure to stay young and plumped. These are prosthetics, NOT real ! :)

    • Truthful says:

      Yes exactly! and it’s a very funny !! and the promotion they did for the movie was hilarious!

  24. Redheadwriter says:

    Pregnancy lips are definitely a “thing.” I am able to spot a pregnancy based on lips alone before people have even announced their pregnancy! However, usually it happens in the later months. This, unfortunately, is lip injections. Really horrible looking ones.

  25. manta says:

    She’s not working on R&R, the film has been released weeks ago and she was not pregnant while filming.

    Isn’t it obvious they are prosthetics. As some posters above noted, she’s making fun of her character and Canet’s who succumbs to some botox guru and goes overboard.
    The fact that Canet IG those pictures with the tag “piqûre de guêpe” (bee sting) is a giant clue. He even includes the line “Marion, pourquoi t’as fait ça, t’es folle?” (Why did you do it,are you crazy?), a line that Cotillard character shouts at Canet in the movie. Another giant clue.

    Basically a buzz for their flick from 2 people who regularly prank each other on IG.

  26. hunter says:

    As a person who gets lip injections, I can say YES, those are lip injections.

    She looks like she is posting in a semi self-laughing manner like “ha ha yes I did this” because it will wear off anyway so who cares?

    ETA: Oh, I guess they are prosthetics, this I can also see – they don’t look mobile. Prosthetics could also be funnier for her character because they won’t really move.

  27. teacakes says:

    She’s preggo, I very much doubt she’s doing injectables.

    Those are definitely not natural though – they’re probably the result of that cupping or whatever. Her natural lips are perfect for her face, she’d be mad to fuck with that level of exquisiteness for some D-list trend.

  28. Dani says:

    Everything def swells while pregnant, but not so perfectly and sexily. I’m 32 weeks and my entire face is swollen, except I don’t have those kinda pregnancy lips. Fillers for sure.

  29. kimbers says:

    I have permanent preggos lips then. . .

    Is this the person the blind was talking about?

    I am too lazy to imdb her

    I dont know what she’s from?

  30. V says:

    Is this headline for real? The lips were done by cupping, for her film. In one of the IG photos she references the film title. Are we just at a point where nobody employs critical thinking or actually reading something in full before jumping to a conclusion? Seriously.

    • Coop says:

      I know! I commented above to defend Marion because it was so obvious she was making a joke with the lips & the pictures. I can’t believe some people didn’t pick up on that.

  31. khalissa says:

    It was a joke ;)

  32. Bubbles says:

    You can tell that these are prosthetics from a mile away. Calm down, everyone! You ladies crack me up.

  33. Mememe says:

    oh, I know about this movie, marion and her husband play themselves in the movie. it’s a comedy about celebrities, fame, fear of getting old, social media and narcissism, I think she is just joking and revealing something about her character in the movie, like getting lip injections to look younger in the movie. the joke’s on us!

  34. Debutante says:

    Oh yeah, she’s known for being a real joker ! HA !

  35. Lea says:

    It was a joke. These were prosthetic lips for the move Rock’n'Roll, which btw she is not working on right now since it’s currently in theaters here in France.
    I think she had some work done on her face – probably Botox and fillers, because her skin looks really smooth for someone who is 40+ years, and a bit frozen sometimes.

  36. courtney says:

    those are prosthetics for the movie and some people in their 40′s have smooth skin if they take care of themselves look at photos of Paul Newman Joanne Woodward at the Cannes film festival in 1973 she’s 43 and barely looks 30 granted she came from a long line of women that aged really well and her and Paul’s daughters have as well their oldest turns 58 next month and looks like she’s in her mid 40′s

  37. Veronica says:

    Lips, maybe not, but definitely pregnancy face. Look how cute and puffy her cheeks are right now!

    • sparow says:

      no, these pics are quite old (at least 2 years old) because they were taken during her last movie that was shot before Allied

  38. PettyRiperton says:

    Lip injections

    • alescpap says:

      lol no, she had fake lips for a movie; no way she would accept to have lip injection for a movie