K-Fed is going for the jugular


K-Fed means business. Or at least his lawyer does. Apparently serving Alli Sims and J.R. Rotem was just the first wave in the attack. He’s now going after Britney’s employees.

“Now that his rap career is as dead as his ex-wife’s brain cells, Kevin Federline is keeping busy by handing out subpoenas. The latest Britney Spears associate to be caught up in the couple’s court chaos is Damion Shippen, the singer’s former bodyguard/manny.

“Last night (Aug 13), Shippen was served two subpoenas by K-Fed’s lawyer, ordering him to testify in the contentious custody trial surrounding the couple’s two sons, Sean Preston, 23 months, and Jayden, 11 months, reports Us Weekly.

“A source tells the magazine that K-Fed is counting on Shippen to testify to Britney’s poor parenting, since he “is in a unique position having worked with Britney for a long time and has incredible knowledge of her parenting skills and comings and goings.”

“Shippen’s subpoena surprise comes just days after Spears’s childhood friend, Alli Sims, was also ordered to testify. According to the source, Spears can expect more of her loyal hanger-ons/enablers to be served.”

[From Dose.ca]

That presents quite the ethical dilemma. Mark Vincent Kaplan must really have something on Brittney if he believes he can get her employees to talk. Former paid friends are one thing, but current ones? Let’s hope they’d be honest no matter what, but let’s be real. Are you going to talk trash, on the record, about your current employer? One who’s a bit unstable and known to fire people on a whim? Unless you’re independently wealthy, probably not.

It seems that Britney’s younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, is also squarely on K-Fed’s side. That’s not much of a surprise, since her mother and the rest of her immediate family seem to be on his team. That’s the biggest reason I think there must be good reason why he should get custody of their sons. Britney’s family must be aware of issues unknown to the general public. I doubt K-Fed was able to dupe them into switching loyalties – I just don’t think he’s that skilled in subtly manipulating people’s emotions. Though he is known as the Svengali of the rap world.

“The battle lines are being drawn as Britney Spears and Kevin Federline prepare for what may be a nasty child custody war. Life & Style Weekly is now reporting that even her immediate family is now supporting Kevin. Brit’s sister, Jamie Lynn, is deeply frustrated and she is set to bail on Britney.

“The little sister is extremely upset that Britney hasn’t cleaned up her act since leaving rehab. On Aug. 9, “The Insider” says, she called her big sister to tell Brit she’d brought Kevin’s actions upon herself. “Jamie Lynn sobbed, ‘You wanted those babies, and look what you’re doing! I’m glad Kevin’s going to take them!’”

[From the National Ledger]

Who would have imagined that Britney’s life would have gotten worse and more trashtastic after she left K-Fed? Didn’t we all breathe a big sigh of relief when their split was announced? Her family was completely behind the split, in fact by some accounts they really forced the issue. Now they’re on K-Fed’s side? Does anyone else think they must know some pretty big – and pretty bad – details about Brit to turn on her like that? The sympathetic part of me hopes that this just forces her to get her act together, because I can’t imagine many things worse than losing custody of your kids. But I think she needs to reprioritize her life and see how truly lucky she is.

Picture note by JayBird: Here’s K-Fed with Britney’s mom, Lynne Spears, along with a picture of Brit out and about last week. [Star Magazine, print edition, August 20, 2007]. Header image of K-Fed looking extra cocky/douchey while hosting his birthday party at Pure in March. Image thanks to PR Photos.



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