Isabelle Huppert in a Chloe pantsuit at the Spirit Awards: pajama chic or comfortable?

I finally saw Elle yesterday. I’m so grateful a local theater screened it this weekend because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to see it ahead of the Oscars. I was the only person at that showing and so I took advantage of that to talk back to the screen at some of the awesome lines and shocking parts. Elle is a thriller yet it’s so entertainingly funny, with a cast of interesting characters, bizarre situations and just incredible moments. This was my favorite film among the four major categories. I’m really rooting for Huppert to win Best Actress tonight in an upset over odds-on favorite, Emma Stone. I don’t think that Stone’s turn in La La Land is Oscar-worthy, Huppert’s is.

That’s why I was so happy to see Huppert win Best Female Lead last night at the Spirit Awards. (Ruth Negga would have been my second choice but her character was so soft-spoken and determined.) Huppert was in a Chloe pantsuit with black and white check pants, a white blouse and a white jacket with brown and black piping. This resembles pajamas but at least she looks comfortable. Huppert also won best actress at the Cesar Awards, the French Oscars, a couple of days ago, where she wore a green Christian Dior gown. I would love it if she picked a fancy pantsuit for the Oscars, she so often wears pants, but she usually chooses gowns for more formal events so we’ll see.


Here’s Molly Shannon in a red cutout shoulder gown with a ruffle top. Molly won Best Supporting Actress for her work in Other People playing a cancer sufferer. She was adorable on stage and I’m including her acceptance video below. She got so excited to win and thanked everyone, then she talked about how movies “magnify the human comedy and tragedy and binds us as a kind of family together” which really resonated with me. At the end she did her Superstar move from SNL where she got on her knees and raised her hands. It was so cute and the crowd roared.



Aisha Tyler was in a pink Rochas sack gown with a dancer print. Her face pretty much says it all. This would get a contestant on Project Runway voted off in the first week.



Amanda Peet is committed to wearing very staid dresses on the red carpet and it’s like she never wants to pull focus, although sometimes her looks are so bad this is inevitable. She was in a black ribbed top with what look like little button pulls along the arms and they’re also down the front. The skirt had giant wheels of circular black and white flowers which look like a school project made with pipe cleaners or deconstructed hair scrunchies. She did look cool while presenting as she had on her black glasses.



Here’s the video of Molly Shannon winning Best Supporting Actress!

photos credit: WENN and FameFlynet

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  1. Sullivan says:

    I actually like what Amanda Peet is wearing, which is a rare occurrence. I do not like what Isabelle is wearing, but it suits her.

  2. Chaine says:

    Sorry, Isabelle, I am cringing. That is a Mee-maw outfit, bad.

    Can’t stand Molly Shannon. She is so full of herself. The dress is hideous on her. And she looks Botoxed to the max here.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      Omggg, what a dreadful outfit! I honestly can’t believe all the buzz about Huppert’s brave and innovative style-sense. There’s a big piece about it in the Sunday NYT today. I so do not GET it!

  3. lightpurple says:

    Why is Aisha wearing a hospital johnny?

  4. Shambles says:

    Molly Shannon!! Day is made.

  5. Janetdr says:

    Aisha is so beautiful and shapely. I hope she was comfortable at least in that baggy dress.

  6. Lama Bean says:

    Nothing about Aisha’s look is working. The dress is flat out awful. Her hair is awful. Her accessories are awful. Her makeup is awful. Wth?

  7. kri says:

    These outfits..oh, no. Nope. Except for Amanda of all people. Aiisha Tyler is so beautiful-I just don’t get her look here.

    • LadyT says:

      I would love to have Amanda’s look in my closet. Best I’ve ever seen her look. Aisha’s is wearing a hospital gown?

  8. Tig says:

    I am fine with Hubert’s outfit. Think she looks amazing for just getting off a plane! And yes, do realize she didn’t wear the outfit on the plane,etc. Its more the fact that airplane air isn’t kind to anyone, esp over 40s.
    Think Molly S looks great, and clearly, Aiesha made some stylist mad!

  9. Jayna says:

    I love love Amanda’s dress on her.

    Aisha, what the hell. It looks like a hospital gown in shiny fabric.

  10. jun says:

    well I think she deserves to win after the piano teacher, things to come, she’s such a graceful actress!

  11. jerkface says:

    I didn’t get pajamas from that at all. I got granny at the country club. Or Sonja Morgan when she turns 80.

  12. Minxx says:

    Love this outfit on Amanda, would totally wear it. The rest is meh.

  13. BlueSky says:

    I’m getting Isabelle Huppert confused with another actress, I can’t recall her name but I think her first name is Patricia????